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Ice Bug Boots Review

It would have been easy to simply bang out a few hundred words about how nice these boots looked and felt five minutes after opening the box and trying them on for the first time. However, it was clear that what Ice Bug sent me wasn't those kind of shoes. They pretty much begged to get out and explore ... so I honored their request! Since September, these boots have climbed sandstone mesas in San Diego, hiked through Germany's Black Forest and explored the prairies of North Dakota as well as the mountains of Idaho and deserts of California. 

Icebug is a Swedish company that focuses on designing footwear that offers the best grip and technology possible. Whether it's hiking, running, or walking, they have a pretty great selection of products for every lifestyle.

That's not to say these are these Icebug boots are the perfect shoes but they just fit my lifestyle and are comfortable as an "everyday" shoe as much as they are capable of providing support and protection when traversing uneven terrain. My only complaint is that I wish the soles were more soft and cushioned like a sneaker - or hard like a true hiking boot. Instead, what you get is something that is somewhat thin and flexible. However, I believe that this is designed that way on purpose since the result is you feel connected to the uneven terrain and that ultimately provides better stability as you walk through it.

ice bug boots product shot

One of the most unique features of these shoes that I discovered during the review is BUGweb. This is a rubber unit with six carbide tipped studs that goes over the soles to provide extra traction in ice and snow. Sadly I wasn't able to test it out during this extended review, but for those of you in colder climates, this is sure to be an incredible feature.

ice bug north dakota

However, despite not being able to test it on ice - I was able to confirm that they keep your feet warm and your ankles sturdy while still looking great. 

The boots are not 100% waterproof but the leather is designed to be dense enough that rain and puddles won't soak your feet under normal wear. 

black forest hiking too

Ultimately, I love these Icebug boots because unlike other pairs that I have, these are still light enough to wear as everyday shoes as well. This means that while traveling, I only need to take one pair. Likewise, despite the fact that they are leather with a fleece lining that was GREAT at keeping my feet warm in Germany, they aren't too warm to wear when exploring the desert.

While the name is a bit confusing - Icebug Now2 M BUGweb RB9x - here's the link so you can buy them directly from the manufacturer without having to say that at retail :)