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Landon Donovan

Thanks to Neutrogena (Landon Donovan is a spokesperson for them), we got the opportunity to ask some questions from this incredible athlete and MLS star. 

He also answered some additional questions off camera ...

What is your advice for parents?

My advice is very easy for parents – let your kid have fun. Encourage them to be athletic, encourage them to be outside playing, but don’t force them to do anything. For me, I just had fun. I was allowed to do whatever I want. If I didn’t want to play soccer, nobody cared – my parents were fine with it. If you can do the same for your kid, they are going to find on their own what they love – and if they love it, they’re going to do it more which is going to make them better. There’s plenty of time when they’re older to teach them more about different sports and more about things they should be learning. For now, let them be a kid and let them have fun

Why do you think it’s so important to take care of yourself, especially now that you’re a new dad?

I agree that taking care of yourself is important to be a good parent. If I’m not eating well, hydrating well, taking care of myself – how can I be in the best shape to take care of my son or my children one day? So that’s more important to me now than it was even as a player. And it was very important to me as a player since that was my livelihood. Now it’s that I need to be the best shape that I can be to take care of my son.

That means eating well, hydrating well, taking care of my body, being aware of what’s going in my body, outside my body. And that means protecting myself from any dangers there might be – I even drive differently now. I am taking care of everything in my life in a different way knowing my son is depending on me for survival and I need to be able to provide that for him

What is your skincare routine like now?

Years ago I could care less about skincare routines and I was a typical early 20s, young man, who thought they were invincible and didn’t need to do anything to take care of their body. Soon after that I started realizing that mid to late 20s – if I eat poorly, I am going to feel bad; if I don’t moisturize, my skin is going to start looking bad and I will start getting wrinkles; if I don’t hydrate, I am going to feel bad or not play well. So for me now, my skincare routine is pretty basic but important to me. So I moisturize every night and every morning. I use Neutrogena Mens Triple Protect Lotion with SPF 20. When I wake up in the morning I put it on. What I love about it is that it actually has SPF in it so I feel good knowing I am protected. I always wear sunscreen when I go out outside, I take care of myself in that way. I just make sure I am protected and healthy – as healthy as I can be.