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Luxor Las Vegas at Night

It's tough today for guys - we are told to still be bastions of masculinity, defenders of our families, and all those typically masculine roles we've always been responsible for. Unfortunately, but at almost every intersection we are also told we are to loud, too destructive, too fat, not caring enough etc. Today we are expected to be all the manly stuff, but without the testosterone fueled activities that go along with that. As a result, I feel like a lot of guys are lost but it doesn't have to be that way. Think about it this way. If you plan your life the way you would a trip to Vegas then that's really all you need to think about and the rest will just fall together.

Be the Man You Want to Be

Vegas is an amazing city. Sure, you can go there as Joe from Topeka but that's so boring and you aren't going to have as much fun. Instead, this is a city where you can invent yourself and either be Manuel from Miami or you can be JOE! from Topeka. That is to say that if you are shy and timid at home, this is the place to go and stretch your wings. Try that caviar, talk to that hot girl at the bar (but don't do anything stupid!), throw some money down on the tables, or even just get that massage you've always dreamed of.

Dress and Groom For The Part

Unfortunately, it isn't just good enough to be "that man", you've got to look and smell good too. While you are probably thinking about a good hair cut and a close shave, plus the right cologne - oral health is important too. I usually carry around a small travel sized bottle of Listerine because frankly you never know when you will need it. At home, I have a big one that I use to fill that up. 


Of all the things that people are going to be looking at, your smile is the one they will see most. Aren't you glad you used Listerine before going out?

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Seek Out Rewards

In Vegas, rewarding opportunities are everywhere. At home though, we often times spend way too much time on boring activities that have no reward besides being done. Stop those! 

Not everything is going to give you a prize, but seek out opportunities that are rewarding - personally, professionally, monetarily. It's amazing how much "winning" can help boost your confidence. 

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Have Fun

In between those opportunities to be rewarded, it's essential that you focus on having fun. I've spent way too much time doing stupid shit where I've felt like I wasted my time. That's not good if you are trying to be a confident man. For me personally, I find that I am driven to do great stuff and when I have fun, my product is 10 times greater than if it's simply something I'm obligated to create.

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Surround Yourself With Awesome Friends

In Vegas, if you are alone then it's likely you are going to just hang out and do nothing. When you have some friends with you though, that comradery helps foster new ideas and opportunities. From going out and trying a new type of food to dancing at the club or even just trying a new table game. It's all about confidence and you need to keep that in mind when you go home too.

Remember - people love going to Vegas since it's an opportunity to show off their confidence. The trick is to make sure you take some of that home with you!