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reasons why it takes a woman so long to get dressed

It takes women a long time to get ready. It’s not just because they are vain, it’s because they put in the effort to make themselves look their best. Frankly some of you guys can probably learn something from that perspective. Women take care of what they wear and how they feel, which is something that many men don’t do as much. When you look good on the outside, you feel good about yourself and your confidence skyrockets. If we want people to be more confident we need to start by making them feel better about how they look and that starts with making sure we take care of ourselves first before expecting others to do this for us or judging those who spend hours getting ready before going out at night. We all deserve beauty so let's give it!

A woman can spend hours getting ready to go out at night, because she's taken the time to take care of herself. She doesn't put in this effort for anyone or anything - she puts it in so that she feels good about herself and her confidence soars. When people seek beauty both inside and outside, they are more confident!


Aside from all the steps it takes to get ready for an evening's adventure, women have many other activities which may take longer than what a man has to do to prepare himself (think: manicure, hair styling & drying hair).

Let's take a look at some aspects of women's fashion that make this process even more complicated.

Shoes, Heels and More!

Adding a nice pair of heels to your attire can quickly elevate your appearance and make you appear more put-together. Your footwear choice may make or ruin your ensemble. As a result, it stands to reason that the better your shoes look, the better you'll appear. And a superb pair of shoes can transform nearly any dress into something spectacular.

It makes no difference if you wear boots, platform sandals, stiletto heels, kitten heels, chunky heels, or anything else. Simply put on some. Wear heels with thin jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and other outfits. Simply select clothing that is comfy and that you can stroll into, since this will boost your confidence.


Belts Are More Than Just Holding Up Her Pants

Using a belt to make an outfit more fitting and attractive, especially when wearing FLOWY DRESSES, is so simple and stylish. If you're going to wear a belt, make sure it's notched at the narrowest area of your waist. This will draw attention to that region and make the dress appear more attractive.

A belt will not only make your clothing more form-fitting, but it will also give it a unique twist, especially if you choose something other than a simple black belt.


Layering With Jackets and Other Garments

Sometimes the finishing touch is all that's lacking from your ensemble. A jacket may help you complete your style and add a personal touch to your ensemble. Jackets come in a range of colors and materials, making them appropriate for a number of occasions.


Hair Accessories!

Spending some additional time on your hairstyle is usually a fantastic way to add some flare to an outfit. Hair accessories appear to be all over the place these days, so you'll have plenty of alternatives. Bows, barrettes, hair scarves, and even a beautiful cap are all options. By the way, the hat trick is especially useful during the colder months or if you're having a terrible hair day.

You can even attempt that new hairdo you've been thinking about if hair accessories aren't your thing. I'm sure I've saved a lot of things. Sometimes the greatest way to spice up your look is to play with your hair rather than your clothes. So go ahead and give it a go!

P.s. If you are looking for a good way to keep all your accessories organized, considering purchasing a jewelry box.


Rings ... Can't Forget the Rings!

You may accessorize with plastic and ceramic rings instead of gold and other expensive metals. These alternatives come in a range of hues, allowing customers to discover products that complement their personal taste. They're also more robust than jewelry rings and easy to keep clean. You can even purchase a mood ring that changes color based on how the owner is feeling.

Or, if you prefer more of a classic look, we suggest you look for some amethyst rings.

Beyond all these aspects of women's fashion that have to be balanced to create the ideal look, it doesn't help that many pieces of her wardrobe are overly complex. From buckles and straps and zippers that are impossible to reach to skirts and dresses that are so tight that it is impossible to just simply throw on like a pair of men's jeans ... fashion is literally working against theme.

Many women blame men for expecting them to look a certain way but we're not sure that's a fair assessment. What do you guys think?