There are a lot of ways a father and son can enjoy a guys weekend getaway. Let's look beyond activities like watching TV or playing pool in the basement. This is time that you can spend together learning, sharing, and building memories, so let's make it count. Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions to help you out.

Go Play Paintball

Nothing keeps your testosterone pumping on a guys weekend quite like sports. And no, we’re not talking about familiar ball games such as soccer or shooting hoops. If you want an activity that’s chock full of action and excitement, then paintball is the way to go.

Depending on the relationship you and your son (or your father) have, this can be an opportunity to blow off steam by being on opposing teams. Or you can work together as a pair and score points as a pair by staying on the same side. Think of it as more like Call of Duty, the only difference being it’s real life. And instead of virtual bullets, you’ll be capping your friends with pellets, so it’s combat that’s friendly and offers a great way to kill time. However, paintball gear doesn’t come cheap, unless of course you have enough to spend on a new hobby. The only thing to do now is to find a great paintball park in your area.  

Visit an Escape Room

This is one fad that’s sweeping the country as we speak. It involves a group people locked inside a room together. The only way out is to solve a series of related puzzles and find clues that will lead to an escape key. For a dad and his son, this is a perfect team activity that’s also mentally stimulating. Escape rooms are ideal for a father and son guys getaway since while some require physical tasks, most focus on creativity. I find that the best escape rooms are those with a theme. Whether you want to be a detective in the 1930s or a captured Marine in a North Vietnamese prison camp, you can bet that there’s an interesting theme that suits the squad.

Escape rooms have really matured over the past couple years. If you’re in the Atlanta area, check out these themed Breakout escape rooms. They offer an exciting way to spend the weekend in the city.

Catch Dinner While Fishing Together

Are you and your dad more at peace in the great outdoors than an urban environment? Cool!

Nothing can beat fly-fishing as an activity for nature-lovers looking for a weekend getaway. This is an opportunity for you guys to practice skills that transcend time and society while accomplishing a task together. Think about how Ernest Hemingway would spend his time catching fish in Bimini. You can follow this masculine tradition by searching for the best fishing locations within and around your area. The Great Lakes, for one, are highly suggested for bass fishing.

Take a Drive ... Just For The Heck of It!

Have a full tank in your new off-roader? Seems like you’re ready for a long drive out of town. Going on a road trip gives you a much needed relief from the hustle and bustle of the big city. You can roll down the windows and feel the fresh country air as you speed along the highway.  You can then rest at a spot to watch the sunset, have a few beers, and reminisce.