Carroll Valley Golf at Liberty Mountain

Are you looking for a place where guys can go to get away from all the stresses of home life - spouses, children, weekend projects etc? How about visiting a place not to far away, a place where you can sleep in, play a round of golf or two, take a nap, eat wings, drink beer and enjoy a night of poker or billiards, all while enjoying a big game on the TV.

That's exactly what Carroll Valley Resort offers and it is located in the small Pennsylvania town of Carroll Valley, just outside of Gettysburg.

For years, the Carroll Valley Resort has been a retreat for guys of all interests and ages. Just an hour or two from Baltimore and Washington, D.C., this is a great getaway for men, all year round.


Carroll Valley Resort features two golf courses, hotel, tavern, smoking lounge and is at the foot of one of the most popular ski resorts in South Eastern Pennsylvania. The Tavern also features beer and wing specials, and twice a week they hold World Tavern Poker Tour Texas Hold'em tournaments.

What ever it is you are looking for there is a good chance that Carroll Valley has it. In the summer, it’s golf, wings and beer. In the winter, it’s skiing and, well, wings and beer. Maybe a cup of coffee (Irish?).   It’s truly a man’s getaway.

Not far up the road is Gettysburg, a destination that draws nearly 3 million people every year. Without the women and children in tow, men can spend hours atop Little Round Top or hiking the field of Pickett’s Charge.