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fixing a flat tire

Picture this; you are a college graduate in your mid-20s with a great STEM degree finally on your own, driving, and living the life you always wanted. The only problem? You don’t know how to do your laundry. You can’t boil rice or eggs to save your life, and your personal life is in shambles.

As a young adult man, you should always strive to be the best version of yourself. Equipped with a certain “guy” skillset, you can navigate any curveballs thrown your way.

Check out these 12 essential guy skills that every college dude should learn before they graduate:

Learn to Do Laundry

Nothing stinks more than a pile of sweaty, dirty laundry, and for the ladies, nothing is surer to turn them off. Laundry is a necessary chore, and knowing how to wash and press your clothes properly will keep you looking sharp and presentable. Don't be that guy who throws every dirty piece of cloth to the corner and expects it to clean itself magically.

The best way to do this in college is just to DIY. Avoid procrastination and set aside a day or two to do your laundry. Have a laundry basket in the corner of your room to keep the dirty clothes instead of leaving them on the floor.

Lift and Move Heavy Loads

You never know when your Superman skills are going to come in handy. You might meet a distressed damsel trying to swing a couch around or get rid of some heavy junk. Either way, you want to be fully prepared to at least push the load, even if not lifting it.

If your mind is willing but your muscles aren’t, the best way to build strength is simply to hit the gym or the racetrack. Start exercising before the pot belly gets to you and suddenly, you’re in middle life crisis.

Be Flexible

Life can throw unexpected curveballs at you. Being adaptable and flexible in your plans and attitudes can help you handle unforeseen circumstances without going ape sh*t.

Learn to take a breather immediately after you receive bad or disappointing news, and quickly let go of things that make you angry or sad. If it didn't happen this time, try again next time, and don't give up. This is one of the most essential skills that 100% of guys need to learn before they transition to the adult world.

How To Ask For Help

If you’re going through a turbulent time and just need some rest, that is totally ok. Too many men realize the value of reaching out and asking for help after it's too late. For instance, if you need help editing a report there are many options you can seek out from a reliable writing company. Similarly, if you need mental health support or just need a hand moving something ... reach out and ask a friend or look for a service to help.

Learn to Replace a Flat Tire

Learning how to drive is one thing (some guys procrastinate on this too, tsk, tsk), but it's equally important to know how to change a flat tire. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the road with your beautiful date just because you can’t change a tire, do you?

Aside from that, all guys need to learn how to get their hands dirty. There’s no better way to do that and get in touch with your macho self than learning how to change a tire.

Unclogging the Toilet or Shower Drain

No one likes clogged sinks or shower drains. They are slimy, messy, and disgusting, and can leave your bathroom looking less than appealing.

Learning how to unclog drainage pipes is a major asset that every man and future husband needs to learn. It will also save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in future plumbing costs. Warren Buffet would be proud of the foresight.

Learn to Throw Down a Meal

We’re not just talking basic stuff like boiling some rice or noodles. You need to learn how to cook food that you and your guests can enjoy without any gag reflexes. Sometimes, you’ve just got to ditch the microwave and the takeout and cook for yourself like your parents used to.

This is also a great way to spend your time more productively, gain some focus, and save money due to how much you’ll save from not eating out.

Learn to Use Tools Needed For DIY Projects

Being able to use basic tools like hammers, nails, screwdrivers, saws, and chisels can be a timesaver when you need to fix something quickly. You don’t need to be an expert here or trained in some ancient mystic technique.

You just need to drive a hammer properly without squishing the life out of your fingers. Or take something apart without utterly destroying it to smithereens.

Learn to Live on a Tight Budget and Drive a Bargain

Most college guys feel like they are completely broke during college and that once they get that great new job, then financial problems will be over. Unfortunately, that's just not the case. There's a silver lining underneath the days of scrounging and burning rubber. You can learn how to budget at the bottom of Marslaw’s pyramid, live on the bare minimum without too many constraints, and save what little you have.

You will also learn how to drive a bargain, a skill that every guy who doesn't want to be ripped off needs to learn.

Wrapping Up

These are essential life skills that every guy should have, wit and humor notwithstanding. Mastering these 10 hacks will make you a more responsible human being capable of owning your mistakes and decisions. It will make you pleasant to live with or be around, and more importantly, to date and create life-long partnerships with.

They will also help you to be prepared for most of the regular curveballs that life may throw your way as a guy. You will be more independent and as the wise say, “you ain’t gotta get ready if you stay ready”. Gentlemen, it's time to roll up your sleeves and start learning!