Copenhagen waterfront

Copenhagen, Denmark is a city that is perfect for a guys trip. There are plenty of things for men to do in the city, from enjoying some delicious food to checking out the local nightlife scene. In this blog post, we will take a look at 10 things that men will love to do when visiting Copenhagen.

For centuries, Copenhagen established itself as the center of the Danish empire. Today, as the capital of Denmark, it is an exciting intersection of the area’s rich history and modern innovations. This is a clean, beautiful, and scenic city with plenty of friendly locals to help you feel at home.

If you are in need of reliable advice on getting around the area after scouting for a good place to stay in Copenhagen, here’s an overview of the city’s top sights and activities.

History Culture

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and what a place it is! The city is incredibly clean and organized. You can walk everywhere without feeling unsafe, even at night. If you enjoy good food, then Copenhagen will definitely not disappoint you. There are plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants to choose from, as well as more casual dining options. When it comes to nightlife, Copenhagen has a lot to offer as well. There are bars and clubs for every type of person, so you are sure to find somewhere that you will enjoy spending your time.

It also has a rich history of great men from merchants and kings to the infamous vikings. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the top ten things men will love to do in Copenhagen:


This cluster of palaces was originally built for Danish nobles but when the royal palace burned in 1794 became the new home of the Danish Royal Family. This is a great place to visit to explore Danish royal history as well as watching the guards march through the streets from their barracks.

Canal Tour

You cannot leave Copenhagen without cruising around the city’s canals! A guided canal tour gives you the opportunity to take in all the sights of the city while learning about the local past, as well as the role of the canals themselves in the progress of the area. 

Most guided canal tours will include stops at Copenhagen’s most attractive sights, such as the Copenhagen Opera House and the Christiansborg Palace. Prepare 100 DKK for the tour, or avail of the Copenhagen card to get one for free.

Kastellet Christianshavn Citadel

This preserved star fortress is designed in the shape of a pentagram and is the only remaining example of the fortress that once surrounded the city to protect Copenhagen from invasion by sea. This site still houses various military activities and hosts concerts in the warmer months.

Viking History 

From the Norse influences in all parts of this city, the legacy left by the infamous Vikings is clear. Today there are plenty of places where you can explore this heritage in and around Copenhagen. Some of our topic picks include:

The Viking Ship Museum (Roskilde) - explore a collection of restored and replica Nordic vessels including a reconstructed Viking long ship.

Trelleborg Viking Fortress - there are other remains of Viking fortresses in the area around Copenhagen but this one in Trelleborg is the best preserved. Constructed around 980 AD it is a great opportunity to walk in the footsteps of these powerful warriors.

 The Viking Village in Alberstlund - Vikings were more than just savage warriors they also had villages and families. This restored Viking village features replica houses based on history records that you can roam through and get a better understanding for what life was like in a Viking society.

Arts And Food

As you would expect from a city built on commerce and trade with a diverse set of cultures from around the world, Copenhagen has a phenomenal collection of art as well as an extraordinary culinary scene.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

The Hans Christian Andersen Museum features the life of the author and all of his children’s tales. Andersen was the author of classics like The Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid, and The Ugly Duckling. 

You may think that this stop is for the young at heart, but don’t be fooled. The original stories are shorter and have a more somber plot. It’s interesting to see how different the Disneyfied versions are from the original stories. Ready to change your entire outlook on some of your favorite children’s stories? Then prepare 60 DKK for admission, and 40 DKK for any children who are accompanying you.

Danish National Gallery

With over 9,000 paintings in its collection, the Danish National Gallery is home to an impressive variation of art pieces. This massive gallery collects works from the 14th century to the present day. 

It’s definitely a stop-over for artists and art enthusiasts alike. You are free to peruse their collection of art, which includes works by Matisse, Munch, Rembrandt, and Picasso. Admission to the Danish National Gallery is 120 DKK and is free for guests under the age of 18. 

National Museum

Have you always been interested in Vikings and Nordic history? If so, then the National Museum is a must-see. This establishment first opened in 1807 and details more than 14,000 years of history in Denmark. It’s got tons of amazing artifacts dating from the Viking era.

As of writing, admission to the National Museum is 100 DKK. This is Denmark’s largest museum for cultural history, so don’t miss this trip!

Food Tours

While Copenhagen is a remarkably progressive and modern city, it also has a deep history full of rich traditions. While you can visit the restaurants here on your own and have an extraordinary experience - taking an organized food tour will help you find hidden gems and explore regions like the Kødbyen foodie district, one of the trendiest parts of the city for foodies.


As you'd expect from any notable European capital, Copenhagen features a large variety of formal gardens, parks, and other natural areas to explore.

King’s Garden / Rosenborg Garden

Are you looking for something that’s straight out of a fairytale? The King’s Garden is the country’s oldest royal garden and is located right beside Rosenborg Palace. These lovely gardens are a perfect location for picnics in the summer when all of the flowerbeds are in bloom.

Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli Gardens are a popular tourist hotspot and the perfect place for a little festivity. It’s affectionately dubbed the Winter Wonderland of the city and is conveniently located in the city center.

If you do decide to visit, make sure to go for a ride on the wooden roller coaster, one of the oldest and most known rides in the area. After that, walk through the exotic gardens and take a look at the restaurants and shops. To really get into the vibe, it is recommended that you get a glass of gløgg (mulled wine).

Kastellet Park

Kastellet Park is a public park and home to Europe’s one of best-preserved fortresses, the Kastellet fortress. This citadel remains an active military installation to this day. The area boasts of a carefully cultivated garden, plenty of trees, and ponds surrounding the area. 

This is a popular spot for locals as well. One popular activity is to walk along the ramparts. It’s one of the best places in Copenhagen for picnics.

The Local Nightlife

Is it finally time to unwind after a long day exploring Copenhagen? The city center has tons of clubs, pubs, and lounges to fulfill any traveler’s drinking needs. The nightlife starts getting lively around 1 am and goes on until very late.

If you are looking for some mature entertainment, Vesterbro or Copenhagen V is the city’s infamous red light district. Aside from the original red light district itself, this area also has lots of bars, restaurants, and designer stores. Foodies will also appreciate the area’s own food street, the Værnedamsvej.

Copenhagen Is A Great Destination For Men To Visit!

Copenhagen is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you are interested in art, history, nature, food, or nightlife - the city has something to offer. Guys will love exploring all of the different areas and indulging in some of the local traditions and flavors. Whether you are visiting for a short guys weekend getaway, lads holiday, or a bachelor party / stag do, Copenhagen is a city with plenty of things for men to see and do.