Plan a Perfect Bachelor Party

There are many rites of passage in a man’s life that require intricate planning. That first date, your high school prom, the first road trip with friends, the wedding proposal, and the last road trip with friends. Nestled in there is one of the most important things a man can be called on to do for a friend: being the best man. Being a best man involves much more than standing by your best mate as he says his vows and then making a funny speech about how he met his wife. You are also responsible for the groom’s last weekend of freedom: the bachelor party.

Think Outside The Box

Many grooms opt for the classic bachelor party such as the cliche strip club or a table at a local nightclub to celebrate their friend's departure from the single life. While this is a great tradition, there are other ways to make the event amazing. The best option is to plan one last guys weekend where there's nothing to worry about besides cementing those bonds of brotherhood. While there are plenty of destinations inside the US, there are many awesome venues south of the border that aren't that expensive when you consider all the costs involved. This is your opportunity to make a weekend a memories that will last a lifetime. Venues like the Welk Timeshares at Cabo San Lucas are great out of the way resorts that cater to events like a bachelor party. And with Cabo’s location right on the tip of the Baja, you’re looking at great weather, sandy beaches and tons of things to do for the weekend.

If you choose to stay in the states, there are a lot of getaways there as well. While Vegas is a tried and true option for a bachelor party and has been made famous in tons of movies, thinking outside of the box can make you the hero of the event. Plan a hunting or fishing trip for your soon-to-be married friend and head up north to Alaska. You can stay at a great resort that’s only a short hop from Seattle and pull up a ton of different types of fish. Head farther north and you can take a hunting trip for game you’ll never find in the lower 48.

Cater to the Groom's Interests

Picking a great resort is only the beginning. Next, you've got to consider what to do and how. For instance, will this be a guys weekend golf adventure from dawn to dusk or are you going to do a bunch of different things including golf, fish, party, etc. Remember, this is all about the groom, so make sure to pick activities that he will enjoy.

Think About Once In a Lifetime Activities

This bachelor party is (hopefully!) celebrating a once in a lifetime event, so this is your opportunity to include a bucket list activity. Think of things such as swimming with sharks or fishing for black marlin or maybe simply planning a tequila tasting with an incredibly rare tequila to top things off. While any guys can go off an adventure, this is a bachelor party and it's time to step things up!

Be Respectful of the Bride

While there's always a tendency to be "boys behaving badly" and have one last night of "freedom", remember that he's going to be getting married soon. Having to hide something from his new wife is not the best way to start a marriage, so it's important to be respectiful of her wishes too. Every couple draws the line somewhere differently, but it's important that you don't push things past that line.

Footing The Bill

You might think that trips like this are expensive, but they are much more affordable than you realize. When you pair planning in advance with the money-saving option of a timeshare, you can really make your dollar stretch. When you’re going someplace like Cabo for a bachelor party, you’re not going to spend a lot of time in the room, so you can afford to look at all the options for your lodging. As reported by USA Today, timeshare rentals are an easy way to afford all the amenities at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent hotel. Just make sure you plan ahead so you can get a place when you need it.

No matter what your choice, planning the ultimate bachelor party is a heady responsibility. Making sure that your best friend is going to have the sendoff of a lifetime with his friends is important. After all, he’s going to start on the next leg of his life’s journey in the next week or so. So start planning and getting together with the wedding party as soon as you know you’re the best man. With some careful planning, you can make sure that this bachelor party will be one that all future bachelor parties are measured against.