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luxury bachelor party ideas including a wine tasting road trip

Planning a bachelor party is an honor, but it’d be wrong to say that there isn’t some pressure attached to it. If you’re going to give your friend a send-off as they walk into married life, then you need to make sure that it’s a party to remember! So the first thing you need to do is to aim big and sometimes that means you gotta look at ideas that are out of this world. Here's some of our top luxury bachelor party ideas that are perfect for the groom that has everything.

Since this is going to be a bit of a production and not all of a guys friends might be ready for something extravagant it is important that you pick the right guys ... and also prepare them for what's to come. If money is an issue for some of the guests then have others chip in so that nobody important feels left out.


Living the High Life and Get There in Style

This is one of the last times that your friend is going to be out there and free to live life as a single person. So make sure that they go out in style!  Look for things like penthouse suites, private charter flights, VIP clubs, bottle service, butlers, and limousines instead of taxis! There are many destinations where you can plan a luxury bachelor party like this and luckily you can even scale it according to your budget by making it a quick overnight trip or a longer weekend adventure.


Get Down and Dirty Living Your Baja Racing Dreams

Imagine heading down to Baja, Mexico and racing along the beach, eating tacos, and enjoying ice cold beer at the end of the day while watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. There are a couple options we recommend here including Wide Open Baja as well as Legends Rally (better for those guys that don't drive manual transmission since the vehicles here are all RZRs)


Salmon Fishing In Alaska

At first glance, a fishing trip might not seem like a luxury bachelor party idea. Alaskan fishing lodges have taken things to a whole new level though. Some now have five-star resorts, world-famous chefs and remote landscapes where you need to fly in to get there. 


Deer Hunting in Hawaii

While you can go hunting in Montana or Pennsylvania - for the ultimate luxury experience, how about bachelor party adventure planned around deer hunting in Hawaii instead! Lanai, Hawaii is the #1 population of free range Axis deer in the world. This 90,000 acre Hawaiian island is home to not only some of the most amazing deer found anywhere on earth ... but you have some of the world's best golf courses, beaches, and resorts here too. In fact, there's even organized hunting packages that combine all of these into one awesome experience starting with a stay at the Four Seasons Lanai.


Wine Tasting Road Trips

While the cliche is that wine is for bachelorette parties, while guys only want beer and whiskey - that's not always true. While you can absolutely plan a brewery road trip too, there's an element of luxury and refinement that can only be found with wine. Plan your bachelor party road trip around a famous wine region like Napa or Sonoma, or make it even more special by visiting Ensenada Mexico and exploring the Guadalupe Valley wine region. 



Luxury Bachelor Party Planning Tips

You might want to keep everything a secret from the bachelor, but really, this is easier said than done. You’re going to have to give away some crucial information (as in, “bring golf clubs”), if only to check with them that it’s what they really want. And in any case, once they’ve arrived, they’ll know the general outline of the weekend and what to expect. But that doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any surprises whatsoever! There’s also room to add something unexpected. For example, do they have an old friend who they haven’t seen in years, who might be able to make it? Or do they have a quirky interest that you can somehow incorporate into the weekend? Anything like this will work towards making an awesome weekend even more awesome.

You’re the organizer of the event, but it’s important that you don’t stress over every detail. Parties are always better if people go with the flow and get into the swing of things! So be you. If you put good people together, throw in some activities and a platform upon which to have a great time, then good things will happen. Everyone’s going to be ready and willing to have a good time, so don’t stress.

Make the proper preparations, and you’ll give your friend a fitting send-off, and a weekend that they’re going to remember for the rest of their life.

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