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REO Speedwagon at San Diego County Fair

I am a huge fan of classic rock and have enjoyed a number of REO Speedwagon, Styx, Journey etc. concerts. These are always fun to attend but usually there isn't really anything new. 

Earlier this week though, at the Del Mar / San Diego County Fair, REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin announces he has something special for us ... a new song that they have been working on. Having understood that often times these are not really unique to us but more unique to the concert series I didn't pay much attention until he kept adding more detail and then ultimately (as you will see in the video below) he actually had the sheet music brought on stage. 

That though elicited a combination of laughter and applause as he then noted that he didn't have his glasses so he wouldn't be able to read the notes anyhow!

From the brief intro Kevin provided (unfortunately I didn't capture the whole thing), the new song "Whipping Boy" is based on their own experiences on the road and seems pretty cool.  Will be interesting to see when and where this ends up and if maybe there is another REO Speedwagon album in the works.

Overall, this was an awesome concert and for a group of guys in their 60's it is absolutely impressive that they are able to kick so much ass still.


So what do you think? 

Ready to see where they are playing next, visit the official REO Speedwagon website for tour dates.