Hotel Zeppelin Front Entrance

From the moment you walk through the doors of Hotel Zeppelin you are either going to love this place or hate the incredible hipster vibe. It's just that kind of place and frankly it works in a city that prides itself on creativity and re-imagining yesterday's cool as today's chic. I've stayed in several Hard Rock Hotels and while I've never had a bad experience - these guys have done it better with a more authentic vibe.

Updated Review (2024 Update to Original 2016 Post), Hotel Zeppelin opens new restaurant, PLS on Post:

The team renowned for Dirty Habit continues to impress with their venture, PLS on Post. This laid-back eatery has become a staple for those craving gourmet smash burgers with a creative flair, alongside an array of classic and innovative milkshakes, highball cocktails, beers, wines, and more. Embodying the spirit of San Francisco's 1960s counterculture, PLS on Post (an acronym for Peace Love Soul on Post) offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly modern.

Adhering to the core guiding principles of California cuisine, PLS on Post emphasizes the use of seasonal, locally sourced, and responsibly obtained ingredients. The menu showcases California cheeses in dishes like the Mission Smash, which features a tantalizing combination of pepper jack cheese, guacamole, and spicy poblano aioli, and the Korean Smash, a delightful mix of sharp cheddar, Korean cucumbers, and a unique gochujang barbecue glaze. Additionally, the menu thoughtfully includes vegetarian options, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Since its inception, PLS on Post has maintained its commitment to quality and innovation and evolved to reflect California's dynamic culinary landscape. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer, the experience at PLS on Post remains as compelling and enjoyable as ever.

We loved our stay at the hotel and can't wait to head back there again to try PLS on Post soon!


lobby bar

Hotel Zeppelin is different. Instead of ultra-luxury resort, this is clearly and urban boutique hotel in a reclaimed building. That means that floors might not be 100% level, they may squeak, walls may be thin, and the WiFi may not be stable due to various architectural issues - but that's part of the charm of a property like this. That doesn't mean that it isn't posh in its own way, it is. But it's a boutique hotel at the core.

gameroom hoops

In many ways, though, it epitomizes the spirit of working hard and playing hard in San Francisco's tech industry today. It addition to a hip lobby bar with craft spirits and an expert mixologist there is a huge game room in the basement complete with shuffleboard, mini-hoops, skee-ball, and huge TV's in front of comfy couches. This is a great way to welcome anyone to one of the greatest cities in California.


Up in our room, it is a chic minimalist retreat that was extremely comfortable and had ample desk space to get work done as well as a big TV and a great window looking out onto the street.

byrds concert poster

While decoration is minimal, what's there is meaningful such as this Byrds concert poster heralding their tour dates throughout the Bay Area. 

bathroom wallpaper

Inside the bathroom is another story as the walls are adorned with an amazing wallpaper featuring the names of well-known - and lesser-known rockers spanning the past 50 years. Forget checking Facebook on your phone while on the toilet - I had fun just reading the names, smiling, and humming their hits.

shuffle board

No matter if you come here for business or fun, Hotel Zeppelin San Francisco is a cool hotel in all senses of the word. It's located just a few blocks from Union Square, the Theater District, and a quick Lyft ride from pretty much anywhere you might want to go in the city. Plus, the staff are super friendly and were extremely accommodating when I asked for an early check-in.