Sporting Vacation ideas including whitewater rafting and more.

If you want to plan a holiday for next year with your family or your friends and you are sick of the same hotel resorts, there are lots of different options you can choose from. You could buy a villa and have a private pool, go to a romantic log cabin or simply camp in the woods. But for the sporty ones out there, there are options for sporting holidays which will blow you away. If you’ve never heard of a sporting holiday before, here are some of the different types you can try out this year.

Tennis Vacations

If you fancy yourself the next Andy Murray and you love being on the court, there are a ton of tennis holidays out there which are ideal for you. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a pro or simply fancy something different for a few days: there are loads of great tennis holiday options which can take you to the Mediterranean, Asia and many other places to practice this sport. Just make sure you get physical therapy afterwards because it can be a difficult game!

Golf Vacations

One of the most obvious types of sporting holiday has to be golf because there are luxury golf courses almost everywhere in the world. If you can get yourself into a hotel with a golf course outside you’ll be set for a whole week on the green putting balls into the holes and it can be super relaxing. Between games you can visit the hotel bar and go for a swim and this can really be just what you need after a stressful few months at work.

Cycling Vacations

If you love being outdoors but walking is a little too slow for your liking, you can take a Tory if many popular tourist destinations by bike. This can include cycling through the streets of Paris, along the French Riviera and into those small quaint villages. Cycling can be super relaxing and it allows you to cover a lot more distance than you would it you were to simply walk everywhere for a week.

Mountain Biking Holidays

For those of you who love biking to the extreme, you can take a cycling holiday one step further and bring your mountain bike to go off terrain. Mountain biking is for the brave and it can be pretty scary but also incredibly exhilarating and fun at the same time. You can spend your days riding over peaks and seeing some of the most stunning views you’ve ever seen. Make sure you don’t forget to bring your camera along because you’ll definitely need it!

Hiking Expeditions

For those of you who enjoy bringing a picnic and having a stroll in the great outdoors, a good idea for a holiday has to be a hiking one. If you wake up early every morning and set off into the countryside you’ll be able to enjoy so many stunning walks and views along the way. You can stop at any time you want to have a snack and enjoy the fresh air and it can be a really great exercise for your heart.


Rock Climbing Vacations

While not for everyone, going out and capturing your own food is something that brings out a certain primal thrill in most men. While some are driven by a love of guns others of us simply enjoy spending time exploring nature and learning about how the ecosystem works while enjoying some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Adventure and Wilderness Survival Getaways

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Bear Grylls then this type of holiday is ideal for you. You’ll be able to spend your days hiking up new environments and seeing a host of amazing wildlife and you’ll be exploring the kinds of places you’ve only ever seen on TV before this. It can be truly amazing and one of the most eye opening things you do in your life.


If you think you are in need of some fitness motivation and you need to lose a few pounds then a bootcamp holiday could be the ideal choice for you. This is a good one to try with a friend because you can both spur each other on and give each other the motivation you need to eat fit once and for all and lose those stubborn pounds. During the holiday you’ll be on a healthy diet and workout regime and it can be a good way to change the way you live for the better.

Climbing Vacations

For those of you who are like mountain goats at heart and spend every waking day climbing things, this sort of holiday is the ideal one for you to try out this year. You’ll be able to join a group of other climbers and spend pretty much a whole week finding exciting places to climb up and dangerous places to explore. It’s ideal for adrenaline junkies and will be an experience you never forget.


Yoga Retreats

Ok, so clearly yoga isn't at the top of mind for most guys. However, yoga is good for the soul and for the body too, and if you find yourself stressed out way more than you should be, yoga could be the answer for you. Even though most people consider yoga a more feminie pursuit the reality is that millions of guys around the world enjoy it too!

Yoga retreats will often be done on islands or near the beach and you’ll be able to spend a whole week practicing yoga, trying or relaxation techniques and getting to know people who have come here for the same reason as you. It can be a great idea for a couples holiday because it is relaxing and will allow you to spend time together somewhere without the stresses of real life for a while. By the end of the week you’ll be so relaxed you can hardly get in the plane.