Scotland Golf Tour Stag Party

With so many men touring the country, visiting the top stag party locations in major cities such as London and Manchester; maybe it is time that we broadened our horizons and embarked on something altogether new and refreshing.


Picture yourself then, rolling through some of the most beautiful and iconic scenery that Britain has to offer with your very best buds; only to play on some of the most worthy courses in Scotland and then to be treated to some of its finest liquor. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well here are some of the most prestigious courses (out of the 556) that Scotland has to offer ...

mussleburghMusselburgh Old Links

Just a fifteen minute drive from the very center of Edinburgh lays the oldest golf course in the world; so aged that Mary Queen of Scots is reputed to have played on the course way back in 1567.

Now a publicly owned course administered by East Lothian Council, the course is a quick one, with only nine holes and a par of thirty-four; excellent if you or members of your party fancy exploring the pubs and taverns of Edinburgh. Green Fees for 2012/2013 vary with full adults being expected to pay £12.40 during the week and £13.40 for the weekend; a great and cheap way of spending two hours!




Auchterarder Golf Club

Heading Northward in our journey around Scotland is the world renowned Auchterarder Golf Club found in the Perth and Tayside region of the country; just south of the Highlands. Being a short thirty minutes North East of Stirling and forty minutes North West of Dunfermline, the course is merrily positioned near some of the most historic cities in Scotland. Scheduled to host the Ryder Cup in 2014, the club boasts a ‘short but tricky’ course with an attractive woodland stretch from the 6th right through to the 16th. With a par of 69, a day round costs £30 whilst a weekend one will cost you each £35 per round.



Cruden Bay Golf Club

Designed by legendary designer, Tim Morris in 1899, it is claimed that golf was played at the club from as early as 1791. One of the most acclaimed golf courses in Scotland, found on one of the most Easterly tips of the country, you will find yourself playing with one of the most beautiful views of the North Sea. Also, just off the first three holes is the ruins of Slains Castle; the reputed inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Just thirty eight minutes away from Aberdeen (home of 114 pubs), the course costs around £70 during the week for a round and £75 at weekends; though slightly more expensive than most, it is in fairness the 61st best golf course in the world.




Castle Stuart Golf Links

From one prestigious club to another, Castle Stuart Golf Club is a mere seventeen mile journey to the city of Inverness, one of the most sporting cities in the entirety of the United Kingdom.

With a par of 72, the links are home to the Barclays Scottish Open Championship as well as being one of the most important links in the Highlands of Scotland. With lodging available both at the courses farmhouse and castle lodge; Caste Stuart if anything, is possibly one of the most exciting courses on this list. From July to October, a single round will cost £150 and £125 from November to July. If you wish to play a full 36, a ticket will cost £225.

Fort William Golf Club


Residing just below Britain’s highest mountain, the Fort William Golf Club assures you some of the most amazing views anywhere in the golfing world. With a par of 72, the course is slightly harder than most though is assured to set the men from the boys. Established in 1976 it is certainly one of the youngest courses on the list though it is a fierce and tempting challenge that will be enjoyed by all levels of players. With course fees of £25 per round during the week and £30 fees during the weekend, the club is certainly worth a visit, if only for the beautiful views that it provides.

Hilton Park Golf Club


Comprised of two courses, the club is the only one in the area with 36 holes, which is brilliant if you want to finish off your golfing journey with a bang! Established in 1927, the course is just off the Highland Gateway and is a total of 600 feet above sea level. With both courses designed by legendary golfer, James Braid you’ll be assured that you’re not only playing on golfing history, but also golfing prestige. Expect to pay £35 for a round during weekdays and £45 for weekends; being on the very outskirts of Glasgow and just less than ten miles from the very center, the club affords you much time to get back into the center and get pished.

Total miles: 445

Total time traveling: 11 hours over 6 days

Estimated fuel cost: £90

Estimated course cost per person during week and summer: £322