It was a hot and humid day while driving back to Michigan from San Diego this past summer and I'd passed mile after mile of Route 66 attractions without taking a moment to stop for a break. I was on a mission to deliver a car-load of booze across country and keep it as temperature controlled as I could. In a way I felt a bit like a smuggler in one of those space games I used to play ... Then I discovered that I was going to be driving right by the world famous Uranus Fudge Factory ... I knew I had to stop. If for nothing else, I figured it was worth a laugh to tell Heather and Jim that I stopped to get some fresh fudge from Uranus. What I didn't expect to find was that this a surprisingly comprehensive destination filled with all sorts of double entendre, dirty jokes, and "family" fun.

rude poster jokes

I say "family" fun because frankly I think most of the jokes here will elicit laughs and smiles by the younger ones - trust me - they understand poop. However, for us older ones certain jokes have a different meaning. 

A Quick History Of Uranus Missouri

Uranus, Missouri, is not an official town but a vibrant tourist attraction situated in rural Pulaski County along the historic Route 66. It is known for its quirky and playful atmosphere, which is largely the creation of Louie Keen, who refers to himself as the "Mayor of Uranus"​​​​. The place boasts over ten attractions, including the Uranus Fudge Factory and General Store, which is one of several tourist spots that add to the unique charm of this destination​​.

Louie Keen is described as having a great imagination and a unique sense of humor, with a particular fondness for outer space themes, which are evident throughout the attractions in Uranus. His motto, "If you want to be famous, you have to show off Uranus," reflects the tongue-in-cheek humor that Uranus is known for​​​​. The Uranus Fudge Factory and General Store even expanded by opening a second location in Anderson, Indiana, on April 1, 2022​​. For those of you who don't know - this truck is also the host to one of my favorite automotive events, the "Little Indy" held the night before the big show at IMS.

worlds largest belt buckle

In addition to its fudge factory, Uranus is home to the world's largest belt buckle, which appeared in 2017 and was officially recognized by the Genius Worlds Record. This quirky landmark measures 13 feet 4.45 inches wide and 10 feet 1.44 inches high​​.

The playful spirit of Uranus extends to its events and activities. For instance, the Uranus Pickers, a band, made their debut in Uranus and were well received, reflecting the town's eclectic and entertaining offerings​​.

The history of Uranus, Missouri, is a testament to American roadside charm and entrepreneurial spirit, as it has transformed a spot along a historic highway into a family destination full of humor, nostalgia, and the unexpected.

uranus fudge factory

Exploring Fort Uranus

While having the ladies inside the gift ship and Fudge Factory make off-colored and fun jokes about "getting your fudge packed" in Uranus might be the initial draw, I also ended up picking up some similarly "rude" Missouri wine and other snacks before doing a quick run through "Fort Uranus".

This is a shockingly fun destination to stop at and one that I wish I'd been able to visit and shut the car off but I didn't want to risk the car heating up and cooking the wine or now melting the fudge that I'd just spent too much money buying.

 sideshow museum

Uranus Sideshow Museum Exhibits

Still buzzing from the adrenaline of Fort Uranus? Don't forego the Uranus Sideshow Museum. Here, you'll encounter a range of strange yet educational displays. The museum, rich with curiosity and wonder, is a spectacle that defies the ordinary. You'll find yourself feeling at home as you unravel the mysteries of the sideshow domain.

  1. Live Animals and Animal Oddities: Be ready to be astonished by the live animals they have, including a two-headed turtle and other unique animal anomalies. It's an opportunity to marvel at nature's most unusual creations in all their splendor.
  2. Famous Performers: Interact with artifacts from well-known performers of the past. These displays narrate the lives of remarkable individuals who've left an indelible imprint on the entertainment domain, and by extension, on Uranus.
  3. Magic Shop: A visit isn't complete without a stop at the magic shop. It's filled with tricks, gags, and novelty items that will reawaken your inner child or perhaps spark a new appreciation for magic.

The Uranus Sideshow Museum is exactly what it sounds like and what you'd expect it to be - part gift shop and part paid exhibit that will leave you wondering why you just spent money to be tricked into something that wasn't exactly what it purported to be but it's well worth the money to see something you won't see anywhere else.

uranus zoological park

If you want to save money though, go next door and you can see some free oddities such as the "Baby Rattlers" or put your head in some "wanted posters" or a visit to the Uranus Zoological park and take a photo to take home with you :)

uranus pickers

Other Out Of This World Adventures To Explore At Uranus

After experiencing the unique beauty of the Uranus Sideshow Museum, it's time to enjoy the other exciting adventures that Uranus has to offer.

  1. Escape Uranus: This destination offers a captivating and interactive journey. Each room is full of unique puzzles and clues that challenge your problem-solving abilities. You'll enjoy trying to beat the clock and escape.
  2. Uranus Axehole: This adventure merges amusement and skill. The indoor axe throwing facility provides a unique spin on traditional outdoor activities. It's safe, thrilling, and a perfect way to unwind.
  3. Unique Souvenirs at the Fudge Factory General Store: This isn't just another souvenir shop. You can discover gifts that are as unique as Uranus itself, including themed tees and freshly made fudge.

These engaging exhibits and activities are more than just entertainment – they're experiences that craft enduring memories. Whether you're a lover of mind puzzles, exhilarating sports, or unique souvenirs, Uranus has the ideal adventure ready for you. Don't hesitate, enjoy everything that Uranus has to offer!

fort uranus

If You Can't Take A Joke - Don't Come Here

On the other hand, if you are with a group of guys - the next couple hours of your road trip will be filled with dirty jokes, laughter, and a desire to come back again. This is one of those rare roadside attractions that hits hard and no matter how much crap you bought it in the gift shops ... somehow it feels like the stop was justified.

Located 14400 State Highway Z St. Robert, MO 65584