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This document created by: James Hills & Man Tripping

Date: February 2010


This document is designed to help writers who are interesting in writing for Man Tripping to confirm that they understand the content areas and policies of the site. Additionally, this document should serve to outline publishing rights and ownership rights to content submitted to Man Tripping.

Man Tripping Overview:

Man Tripping is a travel website and online community designed to showcase awesome destinations, events, and products related to men’s travel, mancations, and guys weekend activities.

Potential Article Topics Desired:

  • Hotels, lodging, spas, restaurants, etc. that have unique attributes specifically appealing to a group of men. For instance, a hotel with in-room martini bar, a sports theme, a poker room etc.
  • Events, destinations, and tours that would be worth a group of guys traveling to or using as an “excuse” for a mancation.
  • Products that men can enjoy as part of the ultimate guys weekend or mancation. This includes things like alcohol, cigars, gadgets (travel related), cars, clothing, and books.
  • Tips and advice relating to travel or how to budget for, justify, plan a mancation.
  • Stories about an awesome mancation or guys weekend.

Potential Article Topics to Be Avoided:

  • Anything illegal
  • Anything immoral (this includes strip clubs, drug use etc.)
  • Product and destination reviews that don’t involve some aspect of men’s travel.

In addition, we prefer to receive contributions that are original, please disclose to Man Tripping if the submission has been previously published elsewhere.



Product Reviews, FAM Trips, and “Perks” Policy Overview:

As a freelancer for Man Tripping, you will be eligible for perks such as items to review, FAM trips, and party invitations only if you are a regular contributor. Perks are not payment. The more often that you contribute, the more likely it is that I’ll think of you when I receive an opportunity to assign.

The definition of “regular contributor” will be enforced on a case-by-case basis, but in general, I would like to see a minimum contribution of at least one article per month.

The following policies apply to any content (including social media, article submissions, etc.) generated on behalf of Man Tripping. If you are a freelance writer in general and have produced an article that you are simply looking for a publishing outlet for an article already written, you are free to submit that article to us – but any “perks” received must be disclosed, as should the contact info for the subject should we receive any inquiries.

For writers where Man Tripping serves as your primary outlet, or when you are offered or request assistance from a PR representative for an article you are writing on behalf of Man Tripping, the following applies:

Product Review Policy:

  • Product review opportunities that you receive on behalf of Man Tripping must be approved before accepting them.
  • Do not ASK for products unless they are offered, without asking Man Tripping first.
  • When reviewing products valued over $100, you should offer to return the sample and advise the PR representative that they should provide proper, pre-paid, shipping materials for you to return the sample in.
  • You must provide Man Tripping with the full contact information for any PR representative that sends you review samples.
  • Any article produced that included the receipt of review products must be disclosed in the article, per FTC guidelines.

FAM Trip Policy:

For the purposes here, FAM Trip is defined as any travel, free dinner, free ski tickets, free greens fees, free hotel stay etc. We will periodically offer our writers opportunities or assignments to cover places. When we do, the following guidelines apply:

  • Any FAM Trip opportunities that you receive must be approved before accepting them.
  • Do not ASK for FAM Trips, unless they are offered, without asking Man Tripping first.
  • When asking, you should request a “Media Rate” first.
  • You must provide Man Tripping with the full contact information for any PR representative that offers you a FAM Trip.
  • Any article produced that included the receipt of a FAM Trip must be disclosed in the article, per FTC guidelines.
  • While participating in any FAM Trip, it is expected that you represent yourself and Man Tripping in a professional manner. This includes using professional language, wearing professional clothing, and refraining from excessive consumption of alcohol. Additionally, we expect those representing Man Tripping to avoid any illegal or immoral behavior. This includes drug use and sexual harassment.
  • If you receive an invitation to a party or event on behalf of your relationship with Man Tripping, you must disclose that to Man Tripping.

Rights and Responsibilities:

The following serves to outline your rights and responsibilities as a freelance contributor to Man Tripping:

  • As a freelance writer for Man Tripping, you will not receive any monetary compensation.
  • Additionally, for insurance, employment, or any other purposes, you should not be considered an employee, shareholder, or other legally binding relationship.
  • Man Tripping retains the right to edit any submitted article.
  • You DO retain ownership rights to any content that you submit to Man Tripping. This includes your right to sell or submit the article to other publications.
  • Any article that we print will be properly credited with a link to your Man Tripping profile.
  • You agree to grant Man Tripping a non-revocable license to re-print, resell, and / or transfer this license to any potential future owner in perpetuity.



Confirmation of Agreement:


I agree to the conditions above.


Name: __________________________________

Date:  ___________________________________

Email: ___________________________________