Travel ideas for mancations, guys weekends, and romantic getaways
  • Eight Travel Tips to Make Your Guys Weekend Awesome

    Summer is here and  I am sure you are dreaming about doing with your friends. Whatever your travel plans are this summer though, it's important to make sure you have your stuff in order. Otherwise, what should be a once in a lifetime trip, could quickly turn into something memorable for lesser reasons. Shaving is a lot like traveling if you think about it, while anyone can do either, when you do it right it's great experience. However, if you have the wrong tools or bad technique it is no fun!

  • Breckenridge, Colorado's Iconic Ski Town Is Waiting For You

    While others may be going to the flashier resorts, locals know that the historic mining town of Breckenridge, Colorado is where it's at for year-round excitement. Nestled deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, approximately two hours from Denver, it is home to Breckenridge Ski Resort as well as Colorado's largest historic district.

  • Awesome Fantasy Suites & Themed Adult Hotel Rooms For Couples Looking For Fun

    Traditionally, our wives and girlfriends sit and wait for us to pick a hotel that they want for Valentine's Day - but why can't we turn the tables and do things differently? We scoured the internet looking for epic hotel ideas that will inspire romance this Valentine's Day in a completely different manner than the typical 4-star resort with breakfast in bed!

    Each of these motels caters to fantasies or have themed rooms that will make your Valentine's Day that much more fun compared to a eewwey gooey, boring romantic night at a typical hotel with red roses and chocolates.

  • Exploring Off-Strip Vegas Adventures for an Ultimate Guys Weekend

    The first few times you come to Vegas, all you can think of overwhelming majesty of the strip. It's a fantastic wonderland of lights, sounds, and sights that you simply can't find anywhere else on earth. After a few visits though, that starts to get more and more shallow and you begin to wonder what lies beyond. The fact is, Vegas is a huge city with more than just the strip to explore. Unfortunately for you and I though, from the moment you land in the airport - everything is designed to pull you and your wallet into one of the gigantic strip resorts.

  • Killington Resort Is New England's Finest Mega Ski Mountain

    New England has hundreds of ski areas ranging from small mom and pop mountains with a single lift to huge mega resorts like Killington where you'll find not just some of the finest ski runs in the region but tons of other winter activities. Since Killington ski resorts in Vermont have long been touted as the best places to ski on the east coast of the United States. There are a large variety of trails ranging in skill from beginner to expert. They have a double black diamond trail for experienced skiers and one trail is over six miles long for those desiring another type of challenge.

  • Awesome Winter Activities in Montana

    Montana is an extreme state where legends are made by men brave and determined enough to explore the vast open spaces. For those seeking winter adventure there this year, you won't be disappointed (unless you are looking for smog-choked highways and long lift lines!)

    One of the beauties of a state as open and free as Montana is that activities you wouldn't (or couldn't) consider elsewhere suddenly become possible if you are brave enough. For instance, many people enjoy parasailing and thousands more people enjoy backcountry skiing - so how about combining them?

  • Amsterdam's History Meets Modern Luxury at Hotel Pulitzer

    As an American, it isn't often that I visit a building more than 200 years old, so when I had the opportunity to visit Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam and discovered that the buildings dated back to a collection of 25 restored homes dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, I was super excited for the experience. 

  • How To Spend a Winter Weekend in Amsterdam

    Northern Europe is cold and damp during the winter but that doesn't mean people hole up inside their lofts until summer. In fact, it appeared to be quite the opposite when I visited last month during our Viking River Cruise. The people of Amsterdam are among the most liberal in Europe, so I suppose it shouldn't be surprising that their zest for life transcends weather. For those visiting the city though, that translates into potentially lower prices and fewer crowds compared to spring and summer. It also presents some unique experiences such as touring the light festival that is held in December and January.

  • Winter Activities Too Good to Spoil With a Cough

    Winter is here and for many of us that means cold and flu season but even if you are lucky enough to avoid the worst symptoms, most of us will get a nasty cough. Unfortunately, while feeling nasty on the inside or having achy joints feels bad to you - a cough alerts everyone around you that someone is sick. This can severely limit your enjoyment of winter activities, but it doesn't have to. 

  • 11 Things Golf Fans Need to See At the World Golf Hall of Fame

    There are "Hall of Fame" museums for virtually every sport and pastime out there, but based on our recent tour of the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, Florida - this is one that every golf fan MUST visit at least once. What I loved about it is that our group ran the spectrum from "golf experts" to "novices" (me), yet everyone learned something new and all of us had a great time exploring the history of this amazing sport. For me personally, I think it also changed my impressions of golf and opened my eyes for just how much history and diversity have influenced this sport once limited to rich white guys in Scotland.

  • Taking the Long Road Home from Vegas With the Ford Flex

    Anyone that's ever done the drive home from Las Vegas to Southern California after a weekend getaway can tell you how terrible the traffic is. This normally 4-5 hour trip can instead become 8-9+ hours of bumper to bumper rush hour traffic where you are forced to be at 100% attention on roads that would normally compel you to look around and enjoy the drive. So, instead of fighting that fight a few weeks ago, I decided to take the long way home and discovered a fantastic road trip that was a lot of fun to drive in the 2017 Flex that Ford gave to us for the trip.

  • What To Expect on Your First Viking River Cruise

    I've enjoyed my share of ocean cruises on a few different lines to different hot and cold destinations so I consider myself a pretty experienced cruiser. However, despite this I found river cruising a completely unique and wonderful experience that I wish more people would consider. After being hosted on an amazing experience by Viking River Cruises, I wanted to share my thoughts so you can better understand the experience.

  • Cultural Adventures and Modern Excitement in Estonia

    Are you planning your next lads holiday to Europe but you're looking for something new and unique that your other friends haven't already explored? Estonia might be what you are looking for. This former Soviet republic is located just across the Baltic Sea from Sweden and has an intriguing mixture of modern adventure and historic charm and traditions that are all packed into a relatively small territory.

  • Tips For Planning a Dog Friendly Las Vegas Vacation

    At first glance, Las Vegas isn't the most dog friendly destination. It's a city teeming with people and mega resort hotels with seemingly endless hallways that let's face it... your dog might not make it down before they have an accident. Luckily for those of us who love to travel with our dogs, some Vegas hotels are starting to work to accommodate dogs and some even welcome them with open arms like we discovered while visiting Delano where we received a media rate and free concierge services for Niki Belle.

  • How To Plan The Ultimate Bachelor Party Mancation

    There are many rites of passage in a man’s life that require intricate planning. That first date, your high school prom, the first road trip with friends, the wedding proposal, and the last road trip with friends. Nestled in there is one of the most important things a man can be called on to do for a friend: being the best man. Being a best man involves much more than standing by your best mate as he says his vows and then making a funny speech about how he met his wife. You are also responsible for the groom’s last weekend of freedom: the bachelor party.

  • Sweetwater County Wyoming Has Great Options for Mountain Bikers

    Adventure-seekers looking for some singletrack that not everyone else has discovered yet will want to check out Sweetwater County in Southwest Wyoming. Home to the towns of Green River and Rocks Springs – and surrounded by 10,500 square miles of high desert country – Sweetwater County is a perfect place to blaze a trail on a hard tail or full-suspension bike.

  • Bold Vacation Ideas For the Bravest Men On Earth

    This has been one heck of a year, but let's make 2017 even more exciting by getting ready to make some bold vacation ideas. If there's one thing that we've all learned this year is that things can change suddenly, so now is your chance to seize the moment and make bold choices to see some amazing sites that will challenge your physical, mental, and emotional limits. This is time to MAN UP and take life by the horns instead of sitting behind memes on Facebook. Are you bold enough?

  • Exploring Cappadocia Turkey

    Turkey is a tourist magnet, and with good reason. It has everything: sun, sea, great hotels, and rich culture. It's no wonder so many people want to spend their time off there. If you're planning on going for yourself, you should place Cappadocia on your list of places to visit, especially if you enjoy the more adventurous holiday activities.

  • A Guys Weekend in Savannah and Tybee Island Georgia

    As you know, we were down in Savannah a few months ago and had a blast!

    Savannah is sort of like a mini-New Orleans (and I mean that in a good way... btw I love New Orleans for guys trips too... even outside of Mardi Gras season).

  • The Pearl Hotel - San Diego's Hip Retro Motel And Bar

    San Diego has more diversity in hotels than nearly any other city of its size. There are ultra-luxury hotels as well as small boutique hotels and then there's The Pearl Hotel. I've driven by this location dozens of times and didn't realize it was even there since it's one of those places that is literally hidden in plain site. However, after staying there a few weeks ago as part of our Beercation with Travelocity I can't believe I've missed this hidden gem.

  • Tips To Plan an Amazing Beercation

    I'm guessing most of you guys love beer, I do too! Luckily, I've been blessed with numerous opportunities to visit some of the best beer cities in the country and in fact I live in San Diego - which is at the top of most lists of places for beer lovers to visit. However, these beercations are more than just hopping in the car and drinking. To make the most of your time and money it's important to plan ahead. This is your opportunity to try new things, expand your boundaries, and bond with your buddies around an awesome shared experience.

  • Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Travel Insurance

    Most people - especially those of us who are younger - don't think about travel insurance much. Personally, when I travel domestically, I assume other layers of protection will cover me including car insurance, health insurance, and credit card protection. However, for larger trips such as going on a cruise during the winter while living in Chicago I chose to get travel insurance. In those situations, my primary consideration was having inclement weather causing delays and missing the boat or that a hurricane might impact the cruise itself.  With our trip next week where we'll be sailing with Viking Cruises the situation was a bit different. The chance of a blizzard in San Diego or a hurricane in Switzerland causing us not to reach our boat would be pretty unlikely. I WAS going to roll the odds since I perceived the risk to be low. After all, spending a few hundred dollars to insure the trip didn't seemnecessary.

  • Explore The Snowy Side of New Mexico at Taos Ski Valley

    Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Taos Ski Valley combines a distinct European ambiance with local Spanish and Native American flair. Known as a powder lover’s paradise, this resort in New Mexico offers 1,294 acres of ski terrain. Since Taos Ski Valley doesn’t get overrun with traffic, powder stashes can remain untouched for hours. This makes for exceptional powder days.

  • Castillo de San Marcos Where Golf History and Military History Meet

    Military history sites make for one of my favorite places to explore on a guys weekend. It's even better when combined with golf, fishing, craft beer and palm-tree-lined beaches like they are in St Augustine Florida! Castillo de San Marcos is located just outside the "old city" and is the oldest masonry fortification in the continental United States. Only Castillo San Felipe del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico is older. However, you might not realize that it was also the site of the first golf course in Florida!

  • You Can Live Like a Rock Star At Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

    While there is no shortage of party palaces on Mexico's eastern shores, the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya is way beyond your standard Mexico resort. It's the perfect place to live like a rock star as you escape from reality. For those precious few days, the resort and it's staff will take you to new levels of luxury by blending experiences for mind, body and soul. As a guest of the resort you are pampered by shamans, spa attendants, bartenders, chefs and pretty much everyone else you meet since their only goal is to make you forget you have to return home in a few days.

  • Tips To Prepare for Fall Hunting Season in Montana

    Hunting can be a great way to take a break from busy city life and a chance to explore the quiet and beauties of nature. It's a great way to help you "Purge" and let go of unwanted feelings, memories, or conditions, typically giving you a sense of cathartic release. While there are many places across the country where you can do that, few are as picturesque and rugged as spending a few autumn days in Montana.

  • I Chose Wisely When I Visted Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth

    It's motto is "where legend meets history" and people there describe it as "classic Florida roadside attraction meets real world archaeological site". Whichever way you choose to view it, the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park is absolutely worth visiting when you Saint Augustine. During our initial drive-by on the tourist trolley, I wasn't sure what I was going to find there since it seemed like a classic tourist trap but honestly it did a great job of bringing the nearly 500-year history of America's oldest city to life in a way I didn't quite expect.

  • World's Coolest Places to Ski This Winter

    Nothing beats that cool crisp feeling of exhilaration as you cruise down the slopes with the wind rushing past your ears. Skiing is one of those sports that simply can't be appreciated till you get to the top of a snow covered mountain and look out over the terrain realizing that few people will ever have the opportunity to share this same view that you have right now. It takes a bold person to participate in a sport where most people will travel long distances and wait in long lines - just for those fleeting moments of absolute freedom powered by nothing more than gravity pulling you to the bottom of the slope. With winter quickly approaching, here are some of my picks for the coolest places to ski this winter!

  • Aurora Bubble Sled Camping In the Arctic Under the Northern Lights

    Ever dream of sleeping under the Northern Lights? Unfortunately that will never be a possibility for most of us since it is DAMN COLD. Even with someone to snuggle up with, it's something that hasn't been a reality until recently because it requires organization and planning. We love what Off the Map Travel is offering now with their Aurora Bubble Sleds!

  • Make the West Wild Again on Mancation in Ogden Utah

    Despite the banter on Facebook right now, we've generally become a more civilized society but there's a reason why people still look back at the "Wild West" in a romantic sort of way. Luckily for us, the Wild West isn't completely dead... it still exists in pockets around the country like Ogden Utah.

  • Soak Up the Mountain Life in Idaho's Burgdorf Hot Springs

    Southwest Idaho has several hot springs that range from fully modern facilities resembling a suburban swim club... and then there's the more rustic variety. Burgdorf Hot Springs certainly falls into the later but it is one of the coolest hot springs experiences that I've seen in my travels!

  • 11 Places In the United States Where You Can Ride a Steam Train

    Steam trains have a special place in my heart - as they do with millions of other guys and even some women too! These are giant hulking marvels of engineering represented the pinnacle of technology in their day but are still amazing to experience. In the age we live in where we covet silent, clean, smooth, and safe modes of transportation these great locomotives bring us back to a day when none of that was required - just getting the job done and opening up new opportunities to expand and profit.

  • Awesome RV Mancation Trip Ideas

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine.

    Nationwide provided me with information regarding its blog post.

    When vacationing in an RV, you don't have to worry about where you're going to stay and adding those costs into your trip. In many cases, if you plan on a mancation involving the great outdoors, you'll be able to stay closer to nature when you bring along an RV.

  • Fall Guys Weekend Ideas In Southwestern Idaho

    Idaho was the last of the lower 48 states for me to visit and I'm not really sure why I waited this long. I think it's mostly because unlike some states there isn't that "one big thing" that draws you away from your normal travel patterns and compels you to explore. That's one of the great things about being a blogger though since you get invited to visit places that you might otherwise never go. Now that I've been to Idaho I can't wait to go back!

  • Getting Back to Nature with Wandervans Campervans

    When you travel in the US, there are typically two options - hotels and camping. In other parts of the world, campervans are a popular option but until recently they haven't really been embraced in the United States. Luckily, that's changing as it offers a very cool alternative for those looking for a "back to nature" experience but still want to retain the warmth of comfort of a nice soft bed.

  • BBQ, Blues, and Elvis on a Memphis Mancation

    When most folks think of a guys weekend in Tennessee the first city that comes to mind is probably Nashville, but there is another great city that is located along the Mississippi River just west of there that holds a wide range of awesome opportunities for your next guys weekend.

  • Wild and Wonderful West Virginia "Mountain Man" Mancation Ideas

    Whether desiring to get away with a group of male friends or family members, West Virginia offers a wealth of possibilities for the ideal mancation. Spectacular locations and views provide many different adventure options. Whether desiring home-cooking, fast-food or exotic dishes, cuisine choices also abound.

  • Baltimore Guys Weekend Ideas Worthy of the History Books

    Baltimore has the unfortunate fate of being in the shadow of Washington DC but that doesn't mean there's nothing here. In fact, this is a great city for guys to visit and explore history, sports, craft beer, and of course seafood!

  • Atlanta Guys Weekend Ideas From City to the Country

    Atlanta is easily one of the most interesting cities of the American South, at least for guys. The downtown area is home to more than 500,000 residents, and the larger Atlanta metro area boasts a diverse population of more than five million; this demographic pretty much guarantees that people will always find cool things to do and discover.

  • Snoozapalooza Means More Bacon and Late Checkout

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Holiday Inn Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

    What could be better than Holiday Inn Express's legendary pancake printer, cinnamon rolls and all you can eat bacon? How about being given the opportunity to enjoy them longer! That's right, now 'till December 18 they are celebrating Snoozapalooza with late breakfast and checkout 'til Noon! Holiday Inn Express is already one of my favorite places to stay when I travel so I was super excited to check it out by experiencing it in person during a weekend getaway to the Holiday Inn Express in La Jolla, California.

  • Five Reasons Why La Jolla Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Holiday Inn Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

    There's something special about taking a weekend getaway. It's the perfect way to rest and recharge so you can face Monday with a renewed sense of purpose. For me, La Jolla is the perfect weekend getaway. There's no shortage of beach towns all along Southern California Coast, but La Jolla is special. I guess that's why thousands of tourists flock here every summer! Thankfully they're gone but the town is still a great place for a weekend getaway or staycation.

  • Extreme Winter Activities You Probably Didn't Know Existed

    Winter is on its way, and that means likely some snow along with it. While many people try to hibernate indoors during the Winter, you don't have to be one of them. There are plenty of activities that you can do outside during the colder months, and they range from simple to quite crazy. If you're tired of the standard sledding down hills in your town, or building snowmen, here are some fun activities that you can consider trying out this upcoming Winter to add some excitement to those months.

  • Explore a the Secrets of the Winchester Mystery House

    The Winchester Mystery House is an excellent spot for a weekend getaway with the boys. The house is the former home of Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester fortune after the tragic death of her husband and child. The enigmatic widow is rumored to have had a connection to the paranormal, and there are tales of ghostly beings walking the halls late at night.

  • Do You Dare Spend the Night in a Haunted West Virginia Penitentiary?

    If you want to experience one of the toughest prisons ever built without becoming a permanent resident, then it’s time to visit the West Virginia Penitentiary. Located in Moundsville, this castellated Gothic style prison was home to some of the worst criminals the state ever produced. Since its closing in 1995, it’s been a tourist attraction for people all around the world.

  • You Might Meet a Ghost When You Visit These Real Haunted Houses

    People have always been obsessed with the unexplained and the paranormal. The U.S. is home to hundreds of eerie and equally tragic haunted places. Planning a mancation sometime soon? Make yours unique and exciting by making it a haunting holiday! Check out these five amazing haunted places!

  • We Hear That The Stanley Hotel Gets Shining Reviews

    If you're traveling to the Colorado area, there is one hotel stay that every man must make at least once in his life. Tucked away between large mountains and lush trees sits the elegant Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Within the walls of the Stanley Hotel, you will find a wide range of amenities to make any stay just right.

  • Educational Father and Son Weekend Getaways

    It's always a little sad to see summer come to an end. But just because summer is over and the kids are back in school does not mean you can't still have great weekend vacations and quality family time. Think outside the box and take your child some place memorable. Here are five ideas for educational weekend getaways that your children will be sure to talk about for weeks to come.

  • Four Easy Off Road Trails To Explore In The Anza Borrego Desert

    There isn't much more manly than facing the elements and exploring the world beyond the confines of the paved roads. Unfortunately, unless you are with an instructor or first experience it as a passenger, this can be a challenging task that you might not feel comfortable exploring. However, there are trails in Southern California's Anzo Borrego Desert that are perfect for learning the basics of off road adventure.

  • A Manly Stay At Block Island's The National Hotel

    If you are traveling with your buddies anywhere in the New England Region, a stay at the National Hotel should definitely be in the cards. Located on Black Island, the hotel itself is situated directly on the bay, with ready boat access right out the back of the property. Spring and summer bring green grass and amazingly great weather, so almost any outdoor activity is waiting for traveling parties of any size to take part in.

  • 15 Fall Getaway Ideas For Guys

    Fall is almost here and it's time to head out for one last warm weather adventure before the snow and sleet set in. Luckily, there are tons of great opportunities out there to have some fun even though it's a bit colder and the days are starting to get short again.

  • Oregon's Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

    The essential elements of any great golf mancation fluctuate depending upon the particular trip. Sometimes you’re looking for a little relaxation. Other times it’s heart-pounding excitement.

    If you can find some opportunities to enjoy a little golf, some fine Scotch, and a good cigar, then you've probably got the recipe for a perfect guys’ weekend. That’s probably why the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is an unqualified hit with guys everywhere.

  • 5 Ways To Have the Ultimate Detroit Guys Weekend

    For more than 10 years I've been to "Detroit" to visit my wife's family but a few months ago I realized that I've never actually been to "Detroit". Like many cities in the rust belt, this is one of those cities where the people who live there have abandoned the city itself and now live in collar cities. Luckily though, like Cleveland, Detroit is making a comeback and there is a surprising amount of opportunities to plan an awesome guys weekend exploring Motor City!

  • Dangerous Places Where You Need To Always Check the Weather

    Travel can be adventure but the trick is figuring out how to manage the risk so that you have a great time but avoid disaster. In some locations, severe weather can occur almost without warning - and other places the risk is omnipresent. Unfortunately, some of the most exciting places to visit can also be the most dangerous. That doesn't mean you should avoid them, simply take precautions and make the most of them while staying safe.

  • Wales: The Land of Castles, Golf, Trains, Beer, and Welsh Rarebit!

    While the UK in general might not be the manliest place in Europe, Wales would certainly qualify. After all, this is a land of more than 600 castles, steam trains, beer, golf, and a fiercely independent people. In fact, while it is a relatively small part of the overall United Kingdom, this nation is so important as to even give the title Prince of Wales to the heir apparent to the British Monarchy.

  • Annual Reno Air Show and Air Race

    For the ultimate thrill, you can't beat the annual Reno Air Races. While Red Bull's air races might get more exposure, this is where men and machine come together for some of the fastest most exciting racing action ever experienced. 

  • A Bold One Night Romantic Escape to San Francisco

    Not all travel needs to be planned and sometimes the best escapes are the ones where you fly by the seat of your pants and boldly go somewhere and then figure out what to do. That's sorta what happened last week for Heather and I when we visited San Francisco. We were invited for a quick media launch event, but decided to fly in early and leave late the next day so we could see some sights and figure out if this was a destination that we wanted to come back to and spend more time in the future.

  • Rock and Roll in The City By the Bay at Hotel Zeppelin San Fancisco

    From the moment you walk through the doors of Hotel Zeppelin you are either going to love this place or hate the incredible hipster vibe. It's just that kind of place and frankly it works in a city that prides itself on creativity and re-imagining yesterday's cool as today's chic. I've stayed in several Hard Rock Hotels and while I've never had a bad experience - Viceroy Hotel Group has done it better.

  • Chicago's Kimpton Hotels are Great for Mancations

    Kimpton Hotels is a relatively new brand, but it is certainly a great choice if you are planning your guys weekend. After all, the point of a guys weekend is doing something special, so why stay at the average business hotel when you come to Chicago? Instead, why not try a super stylish boutique hotel like one of the ones that Kimpton runs - Hotel Monaco, Hotel Allegro, and Hotel Burnham.

  • Staybridge Suites Torrance - Pet Friendly and Great for Getaways

    When planning your next beach vacation, you might have your heart set on a hotel by the water but here's an alternative - Staybridge Suites. During our #MenWhoBlog trip earlier this year, we stayed here and it was the perfect home base for an awesome guys getaway in Torrance, California.

  • Step Back Through Toyota History at their Museum in Torrance

    While Detroit may be known as "Motor City", Los Angeles is absolutely a Car Kingdom with the US Headquarters for numerous Asian manufactures including Mazda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, and Honda. Because of this, it shouldn't be surprising that there are some amazing automotive museums in Southern California that chronicle this perspective of automotive history. We recently got invited to visit the Toyota USA Automobile Museum in Torrance and I learned a lot about the impact that Toyota had on the American industry as well as just how integrated Toyota is in the US industry and how it got there.

  • A Romantic Escape to a Private Casita In The Desert

    To many people, the desert is an inhospitable wasteland but to me it is an open canvas just waiting to be explored. Lucky for me, this romantic ideal is shared by others as well! For many years, vacationers have made the journey to the desert so they can bake in the hot dry sun and relax in the pool, play golf, and generally escape reality for a few days. With La Casa Del Zorro, Heather and I had the chance to spend four nights at the resort with the first two being just us (and Niki Belle) in one of their casitas with a private pool. 

  • Five Fall Destinations For A Father And Son Guys Getaway

    Summer is almost over and the kids are headed back to school, but don't worry - travel season never really ends! Fall offers a ton of great opportunities for a father and son to get out and spend time together too. This is your opportunity to share stories, pass down important life skills and bond while creating new memories that will last a lifetime. Just imagine the thrill you'll share as you fly down the side a mountain in Idaho while you regain the joy of being young again and he conquers his own fear and doubt.

  • Exploring Borrego Springs California

    I live in paradise so sometimes it's difficult to really think about where I want to go on a summer vacation since everyone seems to want to come here to San Diego. However, last spring I had the opportunity to explore a really unique Southern California desert community called Borrego Springs. In particular, there's a fantastic resort there that I've had my eye on called La Casa del Zorro and since it's summer they have some amazing deals on their casitas with private pools.

  • Fishing in Charlotte Harbor and the Florida Gulf Islands

    There’s an off the beaten track, very special place in Florida that provides endless opportunities for every type of fishing imaginable: surfcasting; fly-fishing in salt water and freshwater; back-bay fishing; kayak fishing and of course, deep sea fishing.

    This secret spot is Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands, on Florida’s Southwest Gulf Coast, one of the state’s premiere fishing destinations.  The beaches and barrier islands of Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands have been attracting anglers since the Calusa Indians populated the salt marshes more than 1,500 years ago. Halfway between Sarasota and Fort Myers, this collection of former fishing villages has evolved into nine charming, low-rise coastal communities and four barrier islands clustered around the state’s second largest harbor.

    Today, 84 percent of Charlotte Harbor’s 830-mile shoreline remains protected from development to preserve this haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Best Massachusetts Mancation Ideas

    Massachusetts may be difficult to spell, but it is not difficult to find some great options for the ultimate guys weekend or a fantastic mancation. Few states have as rich of a mixture of terrains and opportunities packed into such a small place. For instance, imagine starting in Boston with a pub crawl, followed by a bike tour through gorgeous countryside, kite surfing on the cape and then wrap it all up with a deep see fishing expedition, and a historic reenactment! Just don't forget a classic New England-style clam bake for dinner!

  • Tips for Staying Safe When Traveling Abroad

    Even for the experienced traveler, visiting a foreign country can be a daunting task. However, this is also one of the most exciting opportunities to push your boundaries and experience new sights, sounds and flavors. Don't worry though, with a little common sense and some important resources you are almost guaranteed to have a fabulous and safe time. While some places are typically more safe than others, in today's world even the most modern of western countries can unfortunately experience dangerous situations and then of course, weather and human error also can wreak havoc on your travel plans.

  • Insider Tips from a Former Las Vegas Concierge

    Vegas can be a tricky place if you don't know what you are doing. I know my first few visits weren't nearly as fun as those that followed since I began to learn my way around but I'm in awe of Las Vegas Concierges. There is so much stuff going on in this city that is constantly changing and yet they seem to know everything about it as it happens.

  • San Jose Guys Weekend Ideas

    All too often we look at "big cities" as the places we want to visit and ignore the  smaller towns and suburbs that orbit those population centers. That's often the case with San Jose as well since people typically say "I want to visit San Francisco" and ignore this great destination south of the bay.

  • A Dog Friendly Romantic Getaway at the Park Hyatt Aviara

    The words "pet friendly" seems to mean a lot of different things to different people in the resort industry. At the Park Hyatt Aviara is that they mean that dogs are welcome guests - like any other part of your family. This is our second time visiting and on both times all three of us were received warmly and with a sense that they were genuinely happy to see Heather, Niki and I walking through the lobby. This is a special feeling since it can be difficult to spend time together away from home without worrying about someone taking care of her.

  • Nine Things I Didn't Expect To Find In Torrance

    Torrance California... it's probably not at the top of your list of tourist spots to visit this summer but maybe it should be. Honestly, going into this trip all I cared about was hanging out with my friends for a few days and I knew that at least I'd have a good time with them. After all, what could an industrial town just south of LAX and bordered by some of the most notorious neighborhoods possibly offer me?

  • Brazos River Lodge: An Outdoorsman Retreat in New Mexico

    In advance of the September hunting season, Brazos River Lodge is offering the ultimate outdoorsman’s getaway for all skill levels with private, world-class trophy elk hunting opportunities led by expert guides and upscale lodge accommodations situated on nearly 5,000 acres of pristine Northern New Mexico wilderness. Brazos is now offering two all-inclusive hunting packages for groups of up to five guests that deliver the ultimate outdoor adventure.

  • Technology to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure While Traveling

    Are you planning a summer vacation this year? If you are, I'm sure one of the things you are worried about is keeping your house safe and secure. As you know, I'm a huge fan of smart home technology and so when I got the chance to check out some of the latest products from August Home it reminded me that while technology is important there are other things that are important things to remember too.

  • Sample The Flavors Of China and Beyond in Taiwan

    Taiwan's slogan is "The Heart of Asia". There's a reason for that. It's situated pretty much dead center between China, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and it has a little bit of all of that culture. Taiwan is literally The Heart of Asia, and it shows when you visit. If you are a foodie, this is a great place to visit so you can sample the best flavors from the region without worrying about visas, finding a new hotel, or taking extra flights. Coming up in August though is an awesome opportunity to explore the region even more at the 2016 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition.

  • Exploring Unspoiled Beauty and Natural Adventures in Logan Utah

    Like many parts of the Southwest, Utah is a very diverse state. While you might most commonly associate it with dry, hot deserts - visitors will be surprised to find majestic mountains and cool rivers full of fish to catch up north. Logan Utah is one such place, located about an hour and a half north of Salt Lake City and about 20 miles south of the Idaho border. 

  • Good Sam Is Here to Help Make Your RV Trip Less Stressful

    You may have "the auto club" or maybe your car even came with a manufacturer provided service, but what about that RV you've been eyeing? You need someone to help back that up too and you can't afford to have someone look at your flat, shrug, and mutter "well that sucks" as he packs up the tow truck and drives away. Good Sam Roadside Assistance helps travelers stay safe while driving their autos and RVs. Now is a great time to check out this service, as they currently have their Summer Sizzler event going on.

  • Exploring the Smirnoff House and Electric Daisy Carnival 2016

    Thanks to Smirnoff I had an amazing opportunity earlier this month. I got to go to the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas, where I was exposed to a lot of new things and perhaps most importantly discovering a new side to the brand as well as people I had previously dismissed as "those silly club kids".

  • Charleston South Carolina Should Be Next On Your List to Explore!

    Charelston is an amazing place to visit and every time I do, I wonder why I don't live there. Over 4 million people a year vacation in Charleston, SC. It's not surprising, then, that 3 consecutive years in a row Charleston was named the number one tourist destination in the United States. By combining not just beaches and golf but incredible historic sites, amazing food, beer, and even spirits, this is a place that you should consider for your next guys getaway!

  • I Survived Electric Daisy Carnival!

    Bring Out the Bold - that's the rally call for LISTERINE and so I would encourage all of you to try something new this summer. To lead by example, I did something I've wanted to do for a while but is completely outside my normal routine. I attended the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas. For those of you who know me well, it might come as a surprise that I would attend an EDM festival like this and probably more so that I had an amazing time. That's part of the fun of being BOLD though!

  • Colorado "Dudeventure" Package at Vail

    I seem to spend a lot of time in the desert during the summer, but this guys weekend package in Colorado's Rocky Mountains looks like a great way to cool off and have fun!

  • Five Southwest Road Trip Destinations to Cool Off This Summer

    It's getting hot and if you are in the Southwest United States, it's going to get a lot hotter over the next few months. I just drove back from Las Vegas and as we drove through Baker, CA the thermometer on the car hit 116 degrees! That got me thinking about ideas for places to go visit later this summer to avoid the heat and cool off for a few days. 

  • It's Time to Take a Baja Brocation Guys Getaway!

    Isn’t now the perfect time for a dudes-only vacation? Imagine sun-washed beaches, beautiful bikini-clad women, and adrenaline pumping adventure. Baja California, a free and sovereign state in Mexico, features diverse geography for a vacation that truly has it all: beautiful beaches, desert bike trails, tree-covered mountains, and remote islands. Whether it’s beer-fueled fun, you’re after or relaxation to recharge your batteries, there’s no place like Baja. 

  • Golf, Seafood, and Beachfront Bonfires at Semiahmoo Resort

    Located directly south of the Canadian border, less than an hour from Vancouver is one of the most beautiful resorts that I've stayed at recently. It has that classic charm and natural beauty that money simply can't replicate and would almost distract from. Sitting at the end of a spit of land overlooking the water on three sides is a 212-room resort with a beautiful stone-lined beach and fantastic restaurants featuring imaginative menus filled with local seafood and northwestern delicacies and just minutes away are two of the top golf courses in Washington State!

  • Cruising With Holland America Line's Maasdam to Canada

    For the past few years I've watched Holland America ships sit in port here in San Diego but I've never actually pulled the trigger and cruised with them till last month when they invited us to sail with them. While the experience is dramatically different from warm-weather cruising in the Caribbean and Mexico, I found a lot of stuff to like about cruising on the Holland America Line Maasdam. 

  • Father and Son Mancation Travel Ideas in Heber Valley

    Utah is a great state for adventures and that includes family friendly travel - especially activities to help fathers and sons bond together. Heber Valley, located just 15 minutes from Park City and less than an hour from Salt Lake City offers tons of exciting opportunities including: Hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, opportunities to explore history and of course all sorts of winter recreation too.

  • Exploring North Dakota's Beer & Wine Trail

    North Dakota is a natural wonderland filled with tons of great natural as well as urban adventures to discover. After a long day exploring history sites and museums, I can't think of much better than relaxing a pint of local craft beer. Luckily, I can do that in North Dakota! It's no surprise that as one of the top wheat producers that they are experiencing a boom in micro-breweries as well. Along with small-scale wineries and a handful of distilleries, this is a region that you won't want to miss.

  • We Visited Bristol for a Preview of Pilot Flying J #BattleAtBristol

    Pilot Flying J invited me to the NASCAR spring race at Bristol Motor Speedway so we could learn more about the Pilot Flying J #BattleAtBristol. The cool thing about this is we were granted some pretty cool access to things things most NASCAR fans dream of! We were also able to meet Michael Annett, the driver of the #46 Pilot Flying J car. Not only that but we got to watch the race from his pit box!

  • Enjoy a Four States View from Your Balcony at Far View Lodge

    I've been lucky to stay at some of the nicest hotels in the country recently. Each of them competes to deliver an extraordinary experience with softer sheets, better amenities, and cutting edge technology. Unfortunately for them, it's sometimes simply the location that serves to blow guests away and that's what I experienced during a recent visit to the Far View Lodge at Mesa Verde in Colorado. 

  • Giant Sculptures, Unique Culture, and Awesome Food in Santa Fe

    They say that New Mexico is the "Land of Enchantment" and as it's capital city, you'd sort of expect to have a dynamic and unique place filled with enchantment. Guess what? It is! While I expected to find plenty of fine art galleries and good food I was surprised by just how much fun the city was and that there were other elements that drew me in and make me dream of returning again soon. For instance, along side world-class artisans and galleries of fine art - you'll also find giant sculptures of robots and dinosaurs.

  • Father - Daughter Day Together at Disneyland

    Thank you Pull-Ups® for inviting me and my daughter on an exciting and fun day to the Disneyland® Resort in Southern California for the Pull-Ups® #PottyPartnership launch party. This was truly the highlight of her young life. We had the opportunity to spend a day together at Disneyland® Resort in Southern California and try out the new Pull-Ups® Training Pants, plus she got the opportunity to meet tons of her favorite characters! This event was not only fun, but the activities for the kids were educational and designed to reinforce their unique Potty Personalities. My daughter’s results were part "Owl" part "Squirrel". Thank you Walmart for helping make this happen.

  • Exploring Colossal Cave Mountain Park in Arizona

    It’s not every day that you get to experience something truly different in life. You know, a moment you’ll never forget because of how surreal it was? I was lucky enough to find one of these gem moments recently on a trip to Arizona’s Colossal Cave Mountain Park, roughly 40 minutes southeast of Tucson. If I told you to imagine being taken on a journey through crystal laden chasms deep in the earth then later hiking though forest rich with saguaro cactus, you might be asking what planet I’m talking about. But with such an adventure being very real, I’ll share with you why Colossal Cave Mountain Park is worth a visit and why I’ll be going back again soon.

  • JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort

    When it comes to planning your guys weekend or mancation, the hotel is almost as important as the destination. This is going to be your home base for a few days and it will generally set the tone for the rest of your adventure. While I'm of the thought that different groups of guys can pretty much make anywhere work, the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country is one of my favorites since it offers pretty much everything you'd need for the perfect escape with your friends.

  • San Diego Gaslamp Marriott - Padres Baseball (and more)

    With summer here, it's time for baseball and in San Diego you can't get much closer to the action than the San Diego Gaslamp Marriott. The hotel graciously offered us a couple nights so we could experience the ultimate San Diego guys weekend. In addition to an awesome location right next to the stadium, there's an awesome rooftop lounge on the 22nd floor that's close enough to throw the first pitch.

  • Utah Mancation Ideas in Capitol Reef Country

    Three years ago I had a chance to do a road trip from Chicago to San Diego and passed through a magical area of absolute desolation and natural wonder. Unlike many other natural areas of the country, this was a land of stunning rock formations and wide open spaces where you could really "get away" from it all.

  • Australian Mancation Adventure: Golf, F1, Wine, and Beaches in Melbourne

    When it comes to mancation in Australia, Melbourne is surely a great choice of destination for all those men who are looking forward to have some fun with their friends. Melbourne has an urban setting, luxury hotels offering upscale amenities, great outdoor activity opportunities and even unique golf settings. Here are some top ideas for your next mancation in Melbourne.

  • Make The Bold Choice to Explore The United States

    This is the year I'm going to finally visit all 50 states (except maybe Alaska). As I have looked at this country over the past nearly 40 years, it amazes me how many astounding opportunities there are to explore it. From "barren" deserts to lush jungles, there is something for every style of vacation. The choice is yours, but while some may look at exotic foreign lands as being a "bold choice", I think it's even more bold to explore your home and get a better appreciation for what it means to be an American.

  • Exploring The Park in Las Vegas

    The Park, a subsidiary of MGM Resorts International opened last week, bringing with it a more relaxed, tree-lined and sculpture shaded escape from the normal hustle and bustle of the Vegas Strip. The Park was designed with an open air patio environment allowing visitors to enjoy a more relaxed version of the classic Las Vegas.

  • Living Like a King In an Aria Sky Suite Penthouse

    Vegas has a lot of great hotel rooms and one of the finest hotels on the strip is Aria. It has everything needed for an awesome Vegas experience including great bars, fantastic food, wonderful staff and a center-strip location that is close to all the action. Things got a bit better this week though with the launch of the T-Mobile Arena and The Park entertainment district right next door. While I was expecting to have an awesome time, my mind was blown away when I received word that their PR Team had not just given me a room here but actually a Sky Suite Penthouse Room! 

  • Exploring The Majestic, Weird and Wonderful California Desert

    While most people think about the coastal California cities Los Angles, San Francisco and San Diego, the reality is that this state is enormous and most of it is really only accessible by driving. A few weeks ago, we packed up our cars and joined 9 other bloggers on a once in a lifetime adventure exploring the deserts of California. From majestic Joshua trees to weird art, post apocalyptic scenery, wonderful weather, fun roads, and amazing people, this was a trip that I recommend trying for anyone who agrees that Driving Matters!

  • How to Plan An Epic Camping Trip This Summer

    A camping trip can be an amazing experience mentally as well as physically. When done properly, it can be an exercise in enjoying the beauty of nature, the company of the people who are with you and a chance to bond as men.  Done poorly and it can be a complete nightmare filled with cranky people and a general feeling of "when is this going to be over". Here are some tips to make sure your next outdoor adventure is a blast and not a bust.

  • Hotel Del Coronado Review

    The Hotel Del Coronado is a famous and lavish resort in San Diego, several years ago I had the chance to stay at the resort, but I recently returned with friends to check out their Roast - beach bonfire and s'mores experience. "The Del" is a classic hotel that deserves to be part of your San Diego experience, no matter where you happen to be staying or who you are with. It somehow manages to combine the charm of a century old resort with modern amenities and a sense of gracious charm that is often lacking from today's newer beach resorts.

  • Stunning Caribbean Islands You Should Visit This Year

    For many people, the Caribbean is an exotic land that is as a place for only the rich and famous. But it doesn't have to be that way and today there are many affordable ways to explore this beautiful part of the world, it's exotic islands and amazing food and friendly people. For me personally, cruising is one of my favorite ways to do this since I get a "sampler" of different islands so I know where I want to come back to in the future. Ironically, I started this way but now I really enjoy the experience of cruising itself since I never get bored and get to see somewhere new each and every day!

  • 15 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Road Trip

    With the weather warming up, a bunch of you are about to hit the open road for Spring Break and even more of you will be planning family vacation trips this year. While you are going to be saving money almost immediately by avoiding air travel, that's just the beginning. As someone who has been enjoying road trips since I was a little kid, I've learned quite a lot about this subject and look forward to sharing my best advice with you!

  • Minnesota Mancation Ideas

    Minnesota is gearing up to welcome sports fans who will be heading to the land of 10,000 lakes later this year to check out the NFL's newest sports complex housing the Minnesota Vikings but there's tons more fun to explore in the state for those ready to explore the north woods!

  • Five Things I'm Going to Enjoy More Of With Fuel Rewards Savings

    I love saving money and despite the fact that gas in general is cheaper today than it was a few months ago - you can always save more! That's why I love Fuel Rewards from Shell since you can save everytime you fill up and new members get 25 cents per gallon as a signup bonus!

  • Captain Obvious is Running for President!

    Captain Obvious is running for President and we think it's about time that we finally see a highly qualified candidate that understands the important issues that face today's traveler. 

  • Tour the Jack Daniels Distillery

    For those of you that find yourself anywhere near the Lynchburg, Tennessee area, I highly recommend swinging by the Jack Daniel's distillery and taking a tour. Even those who might not be bourbon drinkers (or drinkers at all), will enjoy learning about the rich history of the area. Jack Daniel's has become iconic in American culture and the tour is great for those who might not know anything about the man or for those that do, it will just fuel your fascination.

  • You've Asked, so Here it is: The Story of Why & How I Became a Blogger ...

    This is a question I get on a pretty regular basis after I tell people what I do now. However, it seems that I have never really shared the story publicly about what motivated me to start not just this site but blogging in general. When I look back at my history along with stories from other great including Danica Patrick, Steve Nashe, Emmitt Smith and Emmanuel Sanders, I realize that just like with my start it was about passion for doing something and that lead to a drive to ignore people saying you couldn't do it. That's at the core of my story and the realization that even small things can be mighty!

  • So You Want To Travel Around the World?

    Back when I was younger, I had several opportunities to travel to different parts of the world. I took some and ignored others. However, this experience made an impact on my life that ultimately stoked the flames that ultimately lead to this site. At the time, I was limited to work trips and spring break type adventures. For you guys today though, there's even more opportunity and one of those includes the Great Global Adventure by AXA where you can win a chance to travel around the world on someone else's dime!

  • Learn a New Language This Year With Babbel

    Learning a new language can be a challenge for many of us and I'm certainly among that group. That's why I was excited when I was contacted by Babbel to check out their language system. There's no time like the beginning of the year to make the resolution to do new things and that makes it a great time to learn a new language. 

  • Carnival Sunshine Cruise Review

    Last fall I had the chance to take an 8-day Southern Caribbean Cruise with Carnival as part of one of our #MenWhoBlog cruises. This was the first time I've had a chance to really enjoy a cruise with a bunch of my guy friends as well as my wife so it was a bit of a different experience. Similarly, this was the longest cruise I've taken to date - and while it has been completely overhauled a couple years ago I was a bit nervous that it would feel dated. Luckily all those fears were unfounded and we had an amazing time that confirmed my premise that a group of guys can have an amazing time sailing together for a Carnival Cruise Mancation!

  • Seven Things to Do in Bonaire On a Port Day During Your Cruise

    Way south in the Caribbean Sea are a couple islands that don't get as much love as their northern sisters but for those willing to take the trek south, there's a world of awesome and unique things waiting for you. Last fall, we visited Bonaire during a port day on the Carnival Sunshine. Here's some of the cool things that await you on your next visit.

  • Grand Turk Is Now My Favorite Port For a Beach Day

    I've been privileged to visit a lot of ports during my cruises but I love Grand Turk! Developed a few years ago as a port for Carnival, the port is probably the perfect "beach day" port and my favorite in all of the Caribbean!

  • VIP Shooting Experience at The Range 702 in Las Vegas

    When it comes to visiting Las Vegas, you can't help but be drawn into the glitz and uber luxury resorts of the strip or the quirky fun of downtown but there's a lot more to this city than gambling resorts. Luckily, I'm here to help you explore that "other side" of Las Vegas and we're kicked it off with a visit to The Range 702, Las Vegas's largest indoor shooting range!

  • Party Like an Egyptian at Luxor Las Vegas

    Having opened in 1993, Luxor is one of the icons of the Las Vegas strip and kicked off a decades long building boom of new mega resorts. While the strip offers a lot of unique opportunities - this is you only shot to sleep in a pyramid! While considerably smaller than the "Great Pyramid" of Giza (230 meters per side vs 183 meters), Kufu's designers didn't think to add a 120,000 sq ft casino, Carrot Top, Criss Angel Believe or "Fantsy" topless revue, so we're willing to accept that it's a bit smaller.

  • Silvercar Is About to Change The Way You Rent Your Next Car

    Silvercar is a brand spanking new car rental company that is taking the country by storm and doing so with a great product and fantastic customer service. Just like how Uber and Lyft transformed a dreaded necessity into a pleasure, Silvercar has the potential to do the same for the car rental industry. However, I was a bit skeptical - what was the trick here? Luckily a rep from Silvercar reached out to me and invited me to test it out the next time I had a trip where I needed a car. So I took her up on the offer during a recent trip to Chicago and will likely be returning again as a paying customer!

  • Living the Luxury Lifestyle at Viceroy Snowmass - Aspen

    I joke sometimes that I could "move into this place", but rarely could I actually do just that - till now. During our trip to Aspen for the 2016 Kia Optima launch this fall we stayed at a magnificent resort that redefined the word "luxury hotel" in my mind. The Viceroy Snowmass took an extraordinary amount of care when it designed these rooms and I'm sure even royalty from around the world that visit here probably say "wow this is nice!".

  • Beautifully Bizzarre California History Lessons at Mono Lake

    No matter how many photos or words I write, it won't do Mono Lake justice. This is a strange part of the country that is a beautiful and exotic natural wonder that you simply have to visit to understand. As a young boy growing up in California I recall science lessons in school talking about Mono Lake and the impact that man can have on nature. However it took a visit to the lake last fall to fully appreciate the landscape.

  • Beer Pong, Bowling and Burgers at Harrah's Reno

    Las Vegas may be the king for people all around the world, but there's another city in Nevada that is the Prince... or at least the Duke. While Las Vegas has virtually no redeeming qualities outside of being hot as hell, Reno is located close enough to the ski resorts around Lake Tahoe and a major airport that this could be your basecamp to launch an awesome Reno / Tahoe mancation adventure.

  • Three Types of Awesome Baseball Vacation Adventures

    Our culture has graduated from man caves to mancations, and many guys are tying in their bro travel to sports. But it's gone far beyond a double header or a weekend snagging two NASCAR series at the same track. Now it's multiple events at multiple venues, and baseball has proven to be a perfect sport for it.

  • Exploring Carnival Sunshine: SportsSquare

    Earlier this month I spent eight days in the middle of the Caribbean Sea with some of my friends exploring Carnival Sunshine. This ship is literally packed with activities and entertainment in every nook and cranny, but one area that seemed to be consistently drawing us back for more is SportsSquare. During the course of the week, we gathered here to play (mini) golf, shoot pool, play chess, corn hole, basketball, dodgeball, and shuffleboard with one of the best views you can ever ask for of the ocean as it passed by 14 decks below us.

  • 5 Things For Guys To Do in El Salvador

    El Salvador is a country that I knew little about when I was asked to attend a trip on behalf of James. When I embark on an adventure to an unfamiliar destination, I tend to not do any research because I do not want to have any preconceived notions about where I am going.

    I arrived in El Salvador knowing only that the country was known for surfing and had suffered from a devastating civil war - not exactly a lot to go on. What would this country have to offer in the way of tourism? Would it be FUN? Would I feel safe? What on earth is would there be to do there? The answers to these questions surprised me; I did have fun, I felt very safe (full disclosure, we spent most of our time in the country, with police escorts), and there were so many things to do in El Salvador that I am planning a trip back in the very near future because I simply did not have enough time to do it all in the four days I spent there with the Ministry of Tourism!

  • I Had a Ball During My Stay at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

    When I visit Disney World, one of my favorite parts is their resort hotels. While this is considered an afterthought at many attractions, Disney takes as much care and planning with where you sleep as they do with how you spend your day. Luckily, while there are some incredibly expensive hotel options at Disney World there are also plenty that are affordable and just as fun. A couple years ago I stayed at Pop Century and this year I decided to check out Disney's All Star Sports Resort during a quick stop at the park.

  • 15 Things I Can't Wait to Explore on Carnival Sunshine

    In less than a week I'll be getting on Carnival Sunshine along with a group of other male bloggers. Before any cruise though, I always love to do research to prepare but this one's a bit different since not only is it the "newest" ship in the Carnival fleet but it's an experiment of sorts with some new venues that aren't available on any other ship. Plus, while Heather is joining me on this trip as part of a romantic getaway, it's also a mancation at sea with some of my best friends.

    So, stay tuned to our adventure using #MWBcarnival on Twitter and Instagram. We're setting sail on November 13 and headed to Aruba, Bonaire, and Grand Turk before heading back to Port Canaveral on Florida's "Space Coast".

  • All Aboard! V&T Railroad to Virginia City, Nevada

    Allllllll aboard! It's time to take a journey into the past and explore a time when the west was barely settled and riches were sitting just below the surface of the earth simply waiting for someone to uncover them. During this time, one of the greatest mining booms in the United States happened in Virginia City, site of the 1859 Comstock Lode.

    That discovery instantly turned men into millionaires and the city exploded from just a handful of miners to 25,000 residents. With that explosive growth and the city's remote location at 6,200 feet elevation on the side of a mountain, a railway was needed. While the V&T railway isn't the exact same as what once serviced the city, it is a great way for guests to reach Virginia City from Carson City today and it provides a better perspective on Virginia City's history than simply driving up the twisty turny roads.

  • Temecula Wine Country Half Marathon

    So do you like wine?  I think most adults enjoy a glass or two of fine vino at dinners or social events.  Its a nice way to unwind and relax from the day's stresses add a little music and now its a party.  What if you could do a little run at a great destination and then enjoy a great Wine+Music Festival?  Well next month on 21 Nov 2015 you have the opportunity to do just that!  

  • Father and Son Adventure Awaits in Gulf County Florida

    Kids grow up fast, but those moments that you and your son spend together may be memories that last a lifetime and can turn into yearly traditions. From shark fishing to dolphin watching and showing your son how to cast a net to gather shrimp there are a ton of opportunities for you to spend some meaningful time together in Gulf County.

  • A great weekend with NASCAR and Crown Royal

    NASCAR is an great American past-time that allows fans an up close and personal view of their favorite cars, drivers, teams and the owners!  Recently I was invited to a weekend with Crown Royal and NASCAR at the Jeff Kyle Brickyard 400 and had a once in lifetime experience with 11 other bloggers.  Our weekend started with a fun filled evening at the fabulous Georgia Reese's in downtown Indianapolis for whiskey tasting and a delicious dinner.  Our tasting of the Crown Royal blends and dinner was hosted by Master of Whiskey, Stephen Wilson.  This small quaint event was the meet and greet with the Crown Royal PR staff, and us bloggers.  While we were chatting and enjoying the ambiance, we learned about the uniqueness of the Crown Royal blends and how they differ from Irish whiskeys and American whiskeys.  

  • A Look at a New Lodging Concept: Intra-Day Stay Hotels

    As our society evolves, we are moving away from the old-style booking in advance as business, socializing and personal time have become more fluid. People are wanting more immediate satisfaction, compared to carefully planning weeks or months in advance. This is why same day hotels booking offered by HotelsByDay and other companies that are mutually beneficial for hotels and guests, is skyrocketing in popularity in New York, considering the fast life and lack of time. 

    Think about it this way - sometimes you just need to book a room for a quick meeting or to clean up before a business meeting and other times you might need a place for a quick nap after an international flight. This is where these hotels come in super handy since you really don't need the whole night and don't want to pay for it either!

  • We've Found Your New Home Base: Basecamp Hotel Tahoe

    South Lake Tahoe is an interesting mixture of high-rise casino resorts, modern ski condos in the Heavenly Village, and old independent motels. There's a relatively new player in the market now and that's Basecamp Hotel. The hotel has taken over the bones of a classic motel, renovated the crap out of it and has even built some all-new buildings too. It's an interesting boutique hotel that somehow actually creates the feeling that you're part of a community when you stay there.

  • A Visit to Washington State's Columbia Crest Winery

    Columbia Crest winery has been in operation for just over 30 years and in that time it has helped transform the Columbia River area of Washington State into one of the top wine producers in the world. It's a little strange maybe that when you think of the West Coast and wine, it's typically California and specifically Napa, Sonoma, or even Santa Barbara area. No one told these guys though, but through scientific research winemakers here discovered that the soils and environmental conditions had world class potential.

  • Our Epic Disney California Adventure

    A few weeks ago I shared with you that I was going to be heading up to Disney California Adventure to explore it from an adult perspective and thanks to Choice Hotels we had a great hotel to stay at that was affordable and very close to the park. NOTE: our stay was complimentary but normal rates start at about $109, a price I found extremely reasonable.

  • Hotel Secrets You Need to Know To Have a Great Stay

    I stay in a lot of hotels. For better or worse it's the way I roll these days and while some are better than others - they all fundamentally work the same way. So, let's look at some of the tips and tricks to help make sure you have an awesome experience on your next trip.

  • It's Important to Connect With Real Face Time - Not Just Social Media

    There is no shortage of amazing places to visit, but when planning your guys weekend, it should be obvious that it's about more than just the destination. In reality, planning a guys weekend is about just that -- the guys. Choice Hotels agrees and has invited me to join one of my friends recently for our own "California Adventure". While Disneyland might not be the typical destination for a guys weekend, it's an opportunity to hang out with a good friend of mine and get an "insider view" of one of the greatest theme parks in the world.

  • River Rock Casino Resort for an Awesome Vancouver Guys Getaway

    River Rock Casino Resort is the perfect Vancouver hotel to host a men’s getaway. Not only does it offer five star accommodations, entertainment, a casino, and more, it’s also located close to all of the other action Vancouver has to offer. Which means that whether you want to play a game of craps, or see the city, you’re all set at River Rock Casino Resort. It's also close to the airport so it's super easy to fly into.

    In fact, I think the unique thing about Vancouver is that it offers a dual opportunity for a guys getaway. On one side it's a fantastic destination on it's own. On the other side, Vancouver is the perfect gateway to all the exciting adventures that await visitors in the mountains, rivers, and forests of British Columbia.

  • Awesome Themed Hotel Suites You'll Love To Take Your Wife

    Staying at a hotel room is always a great excuse to switch up your romantic side and try something new. While we've looked at some exciting and alluring adult themed hotel rooms in the past, that's not the full story. Luckily, for those of you who want to walk on the wild side without actually crossing over and living out your caveman fantasy these rooms should be perfect for you!

  • Football, Food & Fun On Barcelona City Breaks

    Right now, FC Barcelona is the best football team in the world just behind Real Madrid. No team in the major European leagues scores more goals than Barca, it has the most accurate passers in the League and it's home to a certain trio with the names Messi, Neymar and Suarez. While you're in the capital of Catalonia, your ideal Barcelona city breaks should include watching a match, or at least taking a tour around the Camp Nou stadium, going out for good food and beer then getting up the next day to see what else this winning city has to offer.

  • Give Back To Nature As You Live With Big Cats

    With the talk of Cecil the Lion recently, the fate of big cats has become even more a topic of discussion. You love cats, big and small. It’s why you volunteer at the local humane society, donate to animal charities, and enjoy the company of a few in your own home. Your love for these furry felines also brings you to read certain distressing news articles about the threatened existence of the larger cats calling Earth their home. If you’ve ever wondered how you could help these cats, then you have a unique opportunity to do so just a mouse click away. A volunteer holiday in South Africa allows you to work side-by-side with the world’s largest cats and make a difference in their lives.

  • Three Suite Options for a Guys Weekend In Downtown Vegas

    Up until this year when it finally came true, I'd always dreamed about one day having a suite in Vegas and living like a high-roller. On the strip this can put you back thousands of dollars per night. Sure there are some incredible options but without an unlimited amount of money, I'd rather save my money for food, drinks, and entertainment. Downtown Las Vegas is a different story and I had the opportunity to check out three different suites that are all awesome options if you are planning a guys weekend or a bachelor party in Vegas.

  • Playing Vintage Vegas Slots in Downtown Las Vegas at the D

    If there's one thing that I miss from the first few times I visited Las Vegas many years ago it is the sound of coins plunking down out of the machine. Sure, today's modern slots have beeps and buzzers that signify that you won, but it's just not the same thing. Similarly, there's a sense of satisfaction walking around with a big heavy bucket full of quarters after a successful win that sadly has left this town. That's true except for a couple places that have clung to the past such as The D Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.

  • It's Back to College Football Season - Here's Our Favorite Stadiums

    It's that time of year again when the kids are packing up their stuff and getting ready to head back to school. For the rest of us, we can still enjoy the cool weather and return of football season that is right around the corner. With that in mind, here's our list of favorite college football stadiums around the country.

  • Giant Thermometers and Alien Jerky - Yup, You're In Baker!

    It gets hot in the desert and sometimes people go a little crazy. It's ok - craziness leads to innovation and new ideas... or at least some cool road-side attractions. That's the case in Baker, California - about halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. As someone who drives this route regularly but never stops, it was fun to spend a bit of time checking things out here last weekend.

  • Five Awesome Reasons to Visit North Dakota This Year

    North Dakota is one of those states that somehow most of pass by for the others around it. Maybe it's not fair, but this northern state is bordered by some of the most incredible landmarks imaginable so many of us have simply ignored it. However, upon looking more deeply at the opportunities offered in the area I'm not sure anymore why that was my perspective. From some of the best fishing in the country to cowboy ranches where you can live out your Wild West dreams, this state has a lot to offer!

  • The LARK - Bozeman Boutique Hotel and Montana Adventure Basecamp!

    When most people think of Montana it's most likely a picture of a tent or lodge that probably pops into mind, so I was shocked when I got word about this chic modern hotel located in Bozeman that would be the perfect home base for an awesome guys weekend or mancation without worrying about losing the fun of having running water and cable :)

  • NASCAR and the Crown Royal Jeff Kyle Brickyard 400

    This weekend the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with be hosting the Crown Royal Jeff Kyle Brickyard 400.  I will be heading to the IMS to provide you with behind the scenes access from Pit Row to Victory Lane!  This year Crown Royal held a contest to find a Hero to name the race after.  The winner this year is Jeff Kyle, SGT USMC (Ret). This is the 9th time Crown Royal has awarded naming rights to a NASCAR race to an adult fan.  Talk about a unique experience, this will be Jeff's first NASCAR race and he is the namesake!  

  • Free and Nearly Free Ways To Spend the Night When You Can't Afford a Hotel

    It might be common sense to make sure you have a hotel reservation before arriving in a city, but unfortunately that can't always be the case. Personally, I've had to sleep in bus stations and airports when I was younger but I never really thought about it much. However, last week I met a guy wandering around the streets of San Diego looking for a hotel room without any luck (it was Comic Con and there simply were no rooms available).

  • 20 Awesome Places to Go Camping This Year

    Summer's halfway over, but that doesn't mean you can't still plan an awesome adventure out in the wild full of campfire songs, beers, and tall tales. The following are some of my favorite spots to go camping this year, where are your favorite places?

  • 500 Ways to Experience Indy

    Well maybe not 500 ways in this article, but you might be surprised to learn there are easily 500 great experiences awaiting you in Indianapolis. Certainly experience no. 1 is the Indianapolis 500 race weekend.

  • Kia Turbocharged Guys Weekend in Milwaukee Wisconsin

    There are many places that I am sure you dream of when it comes to planning your next guys weekend, but I bet Milwaukee isn't one of them. It should be though! This city located just north of Chicago has everything that you could possibly want for the ultimate guys weekend. That made it the perfect spot for four awesome bloggers to come together for an epic adventure sponsored by Kia and featuring the Optima, Sorento, and of course - the Kia Racing team. 

  • Six Ways to Make Your Summer Getaway an Epic Adventure

    With Fourth of July behind us, it's time to focus on the remaining weeks of summer. How will you be spending these hot summer afternoons? From looking good to doing awesome things, it's up to you to make the right decisions and turn a "good idea" into an "Epic Adventure". Your first stop to get ready should be a visit to Giant Eagle to pick up your Schick hydro razors and other items to make sure that you look as good as the vacation plans you are about to execute!

  • Best Places In America to See Bald Eagles

    Hunting isn't the only excuse to pack up your backpack and head off into the woods with a few of your friends for a guys weekend. Sometimes it is great to simply enjoy nature by observing one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The American Bald Eagle is thankfully coming back strong thanks to conservation efforts across the country. Few birds match America's majestic bald eagle for inspiring awe. Winter is prime viewing season for these incredible raptors, which often are more visible against the backdrop of the season's sparse landscape. Head to a national wildlife refuge to try to spot an eagle on your own or, better still, head to one of these refuges for an organized tour!

    Having seen these amazing birds in the wild, it is an experience that every man should see since these birds are as beautiful and graceful as they are amazing predators and they make amazing photography subjects too, so read on to see if there is a location near you...

  • Pools, Parties, and Cocktails at The Cromwell Vegas

    Each time I go to Vegas it's a different experience and that's an amazing testament to the diversity of entertainment options available in that city. This time, I had a chance to check out two of the newest resorts on the strip - The Cromwell, and The Linq. Over the past few years, these properties have both gone through some significant changes but it seems that Caesars has finally got a concept that works.

  • Celebrity Xpedition - New Volcanoes and Reforestation Project at Galapagos

    The awesome folks at Celebrity wrote us to share some great news with you about a cruise onboard Celebrity Xpedition, Celebrity's mega-yacht sailing the Galapagos Islands year-round. Recently, our guests onboard Celebrity Xpedition were part of the major Ecuadorian national effort to break a world record along with tens-of-thousands.

  • The Best of Lanzarote for an Awesome Lad's Holiday

    There are many options for sunny holiday breaks in Europe but there are few places you can go that still have the local and seemingly undeveloped feel of Lanzarote in the Canary Island. What was once considered a booming surf and sun vacation spot 80km off the coast of western Africa has staved off many developers thanks to a famous local artist named César Manrique. The island currently holds UNESCO preservation status, which has the fortunate consequence of maintaining an island full of stunning landscapes.

  • Find the Best Ski and Snow on Earth By Helicopter

    Yeah, it's the summertime here in the northern hemisphere, but that doesn't mean we can't start thinking about those awesome ski experiences that are waiting for us just a few months away! Sometimes, to find the best ski conditions, you'll have to leave behind what you know and embrace what you don’t. Choosing to forego your annual trip to a ski lodge is the first step; considering taking a helicopter ride to the peak of a mountain is the next. Heli-skiing lets you safely explore uncharted territories and chase adventure down the side of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Live Like a VIP with Travel Deals from Groupon Coupons at Caesars Palace

    You all know Groupon for those awesome daily deals, but now they are jumping in to the affiliate space with coupon codes for a bunch of different sites that will help you save on travel this summer. From Las Vegas deals to flights and car rentals, you're certain to find something here to help save some money on your next trip.

  • A Quick Stop at Buffalo Bill's Casino Resort in Primm Valley Nevada

    As you drive on I-15 from Las Vegas to Southern California, you will find a cluster of hotels, a "fashion outlet" and a California Lottery store. Each time I drive by, I've wondered what they were like but I've never actually stopped till this past weekend. Frankly, I'm still not sure why people would stop there instead of going all the way into Vegas or back home to Los Angles, Orange County, or San Diego. Despite that, here's what we found inside :)

  • ABCs of Abalone Package at Little River Inn on California's Mendocino Coast

    Abalone is a delicacy that not many people get to taste and even fewer people get to experience diving for, so here's your chance! Bonus, it's all based out of a family-owned inn located on the Mendocino Coast (just north of San Francisco). 

    The Little River Inn, is offering this one-of-a-kind aquatic adventure to its guests in June 2015. The Little River Inn has partnered with Triton X, a top spearfishing and freedive outfitter, to offer a two-day Abalone diving experience during Northern California Coast’s peak Abalone Season, with its ABCs OF ABALONE package, offered exclusively June 24 through June 26, 2015. There are a limited amount of spots available to participants, and reservations are being taken now.

  • 10+ Awesome Resort Pools to Get Your Party On This Summer

    From lazy rivers to swim-up bars there is no shortage of amazing places to get your swim on this summer. Here's a few of our favorite hotel and resort pools from around the world!

  • Want to Win an Epic 30 Day Global Tour of the Silk Road from Hangzhou?

    Who hasn't dreamed of visiting China? It's probably that crazy long flight or maybe it's just the cost that has been causing you to put this once-in-a-lifetime trip off. Today, I'm here to offer you an opportunity to avoid both of those issues and win an incredible trip starting in Hangzhou, China and ending up in New York as you trace the path of the famous silk road. Make sure you enter by June 11 though as that's when the "auditions" end.

    Ok, so you still have one long plane ride :)

  • How to Travel Without Leaving Your Living Room

    Sure, they've probably been saying that ever since the first TV signals started being broadcast almost 100 years ago but today it is really getting scary close. Forget HD, today the story is all about UHD or "Ultra High Definition" TV. These new Samsung SUHD 4K screens have 8.3 million pixels and up to FOUR TIMES the resolution of the 1080p TV you probably have in your living room right now. With this high of a resolution, the TV screen really is beginning to approach the point where it is like looking out a window. In fact, the resolution is so incredible that Royal Caribbean is installing 4k screens in their inside staterooms to serve as windows! From what we hear, these "Virtual Balconies" are so convincing that it is "almost as good" as having a real balcony.

    The good news is that you can get this for your house now too!

  • Two Things I Hate About (Nearly Every) "Smart" Phone While Traveling!

    They are here to stay and while they have gotten faster, smaller, and more connected than ever before, it seems like they still suffer from some of the things that they always have - short battery life and that you are forced to trade off between "rugged" and "sexy". With all the advances in technology, surely the brilliant engineers can apply themselves to fixing these two issues instead of simply adding more features.

  • Five Romantic Getaway Destinations I Love to Visit

    One of the few nice things about traveling for business is being able to rack up some serious reward points that I can figure out how to spend on my own. While the idea of using them to head off on a guys weekend with the boys is appealing, it's important to also take care of the homefront and spend some time with the wife as well. 

  • Cool Guy Trip Ideas for a Father and Son To Do Together

    With Father's Day coming up - but really any time of year - it's important to think about some cool ideas to do together as a father and son. While some of these ideas are better for dads to take their kids, and some are better for adult relationships - one thing is constant. That universal constant is that these are trips that will provide an opportunity for a father and son to bond outside of the normal day-to-day experience. Conversations will happen, skills will be learned, hugs will be had and at the end of the experience both parties will have had an incredible experience that only the two of them share.

    So - are you ready to check out some super cool Father and Son guys trip ideas?

  • Clear Lounge "Underwater Bar" - Yet Another Reason to Visit Cozumel!

    At one point in time I dreaded visiting Cozumel - it was just boring unless you wanted to sit at a bar and drink all day. Over the years though, I've started to appreciate this Mexican tourist island for what it is. Now there is another attraction that just opened up and may actually be worth spending some of our tourist dollars for the sheer oddity of it. It's as if the owners thought, "hey, Cozumel offers some great opportunities for diving and it offers some great opportunities for drinking - so why not combine the two in a safe and fun way?"

  • San Diego's Bacon and Barrels Festival 2015

    Once again, the the San Diego Bacon and Barrels Festival was one of the best food and drink festivals in San Diego

    The thing I love about this festival is that it has a GREAT balance of food (bacon-based!) along with not just beer, but beer, wine, and craft spirits from all over the West Coast. Plus there is great music and fun people to enjoy it with!

  • Hotel Sidi Driss - You Can Stay in Luke Skywalker's Tatooine Home

    If you have never dreamed of exploring the landscape of Tatooine then you can just stop reading right now! For the rest of you, I was amazed today to find out that not only was this not "just a movie set" but you can actually stay at the location of the Lars Moisture Farm. Today, it is known as Hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata, Tunisia and is open for guests to spend the night.

    While Tunisia probably isn't at the top of your list of mancation destinations, I think you'll agree that this is an exception.

  • A Hudson Valley "Beercation" Guys Weekend

    You've heard of a mancation, a guycation, a staycation, but now there is a BEERCATION! New York's Hudson Valley is one of the hottest craft beer areas in the country right now and I think this package offered by the Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast sounds like a great way to explore it safely and in style.

  • Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station Presents "Colorado Curated" Guys Weekend Package

    The Crawford Hotel, Denver’s newest independent luxury hotel located inside the revitalized Denver Union Station, has partnered with two of the Mile High State’s top independent wine and spirits makers - Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey and Infinite Monkey Theorem - to offer exclusive new “Colorado Curated” packages.

    Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is one of the first whiskeys made in Colorado since Prohibition ended. Master Distiller Rob Dietrich sources primarily local Colorado malted barley for fermentation and distillation, and the spirit is then cut with Rocky Mountain water.

  • San Diego Tacos and Tequila Festival

    San Diego's "festival" season is in full swing this month and between beer festivals it's great to try something different. The San Diego Tacos and Tequila Festival helped celebrate two of the other great things about San Diego, while raising some great money for the Front Burner Fund, which provides assistance back of house restaurant staff for health care costs and emergency medical needs.

    The 2015 festival included 12 mixologists drawing from some of San Diego's best bars and 15 different food vendors (mostly tacos, but also cupcakes and ice cream). 

  • 5 Ways Guys (Unintentionally) Sabotage Their Mancations

    You've finally found a weekend when you and all of your buddies can get away to the lake for some R & R, away from the endless honey-do lists and invitations to brunch. The cooler’s stocked, there’s gas in the truck, and the boat’s ready to go. It should be an amazing week, with nothing to do but land that large mouth that you just know is lurking somewhere out in the lake. Except that the trip is a disaster and you come home more stressed than when you left — and bummed that it didn’t even come close to meeting your expectations.

  • Five Awesome Apps To Make Travel More Fun

    There’s never been a better time to travel and with your smartphone in hand, the world is literally at your finger tips.

    As well as the great transport links now on offer, technology is making globe-hopping easier than ever. If you've got insatiable wanderlust and love the jet-setting lifestyle, you can take advantage of an array of smartphone apps that take the hassle out of planning holidays. Here are five of our favorites.

  • Whiskey, Whitewater & Woods at Beaver Creek’s Westin Riverfront

    Give dad the ultimate Colorado weekend this Father's Day – two rounds of Vail Valley golf, an exciting whitewater rafting trip and a bottle of locally made whiskey - with the new Whiskey, Whitewater & Woods package from the award-winning Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain.

  • Exploring Tijuana on a Taco Tour with Turista Libre

    Tijuana (and most of Mexico) has gotten a bad reputation over the past few years for being a violent war zone that is unsafe for tourists. In a way though that makes it sort of intriguing when paired with the fact that it is rapidly becoming known as a foodie destination. My friends that I asked in San Diego though were mixed on their opinions, but everything was put in perspective when I spoke with two guys from Tijuana. I told them that I used to live in Chicago and their reaction was, "Woah! That place isn't safe!" Their reaction was shocking to me. However it's understandable, because like us they relied on media stories, rumors, and exaggeration and got the wrong impression about a place they've never been. This is a really important lesson to consider, because the only way to really see what a place is really like is to actually go visit, explore, and experience it for yourself.

    That's exactly what we did - in a safe, controlled way, led by Derrik Chinn of Turista Libre for a tour of three taco restaurants and an ice cream parlor in Tijuana.

  • San Diego's Rhythm and Brews Beer Festival

    It constantly amazes me just how many craft beers there are here in San Diego and virtually every weekend there is a beef festival celebrating this fantastic beverage. However, as much as I love seeing the same breweries all the time it's always fantastic to sample some new ones that I haven't tried before. You wouldn't believe it unless you lived here in San Diego, but there are SO MANY breweries here that even 20-30 min north of downtown is a whole other world. It was those North County breweries that made this event special for me and I look forward to exploring more of them individually over the next several months.

  • The LINQ Hotel & Casino Has an Awesome Pool on the Las Vegas Strip

    The LINQ is one of the hottest new properties on the strip, so when we heard about their new pool opening, we got excited!

    The new LINQ Pool Deck is exclusive to LINQ Hotel & Casino guests 21 and over, The LINQ Pool provides a cooling escape with spectacular views of the High Roller observation wheel and the LINQ Promenade. This center-strip destination features two pools, a 32-seat center bar lined with four plasma televisions and full of signature cocktails, draught beer, frozen drinks and poolside dining options from Nook Express. The main pool boasts a wet deck with lily pad daybeds available for rent, while the second pool is accessed from a standalone elevated deck with tables available for rent as well.

  • The D Hotel - A Fremont Street Vegas Experience Imported from Detroit

    It's the tale of two cities in Vegas right now - while "The Strip" has gone full tilt towards high-end luxury and has literally stripped all the quirky stuff that used to be "Vegas", the downtown area has seen a resurgence. I've always been a fan of the Fremont Street area for it's cheap drinks an colorful people, but it has never EVER been a place that I would recommend staying. That seems to be changing now though with the opening of The D Hotel and the renovation of The Golden Gate by entrepreneurs Derek and Greg Stevens.

  • Exploring the Hip and Cool Toronto Nightlife and Bar Scene

    Every metropolis has the things which make it specific. If we talk about Toronto, the biggest Canadian city, there are numerous things which can be seen and experienced. Toronto is the Canadian capital of culture, technology and entertainment and truly a world-class city that you should consider visiting. From sports teams like Maple Leafs, Raptors and The Toronto Blue Jays, to the Hockey Hall of Fame, as well as fishing, kyaking, and sailing on the lake. There are tons of great activities for guys in this city just over the border.

  • Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog While Traveling This Year

    My wife and I don't have kids - so our dog, Niki Belle, is our fur baby and child in probably more ways than a couple in a similar position might understand. When we first got her, we nervously prayed that she would be ok with doing road trips and were blessed that she indeed did not get car sick and was happy to curl up and relax or sit and look out the window. As anyone knows though, that's only part of the equation when it comes to taking care of your dog on the road. 

  • 10 Awesome On-Strip Vegas Ideas For Your Ultimate Guys Weekend

    Last month I was joined by a group of other male bloggers to explore the best that the strip has to offer. This was a heck of a weekend that was filled with amazing experiences that I can't wait to do again. While every Vegas guys weekend is going to be different but here are our top 10 things to do on the strip.

  • BOSTON, Styx, Lionel Richie & Heart Join Carnival Live!

    OMG guys - I am a HUGE FAN of the Carnival Live program and it just keeps getting better. As you know, last year we joined Carnival for Styx, followed by Jewel and both were amazing experiences. Now, they are adding The Band Perry, BOSTON, Lionel Richie, and Heart to their already awesome lineup. that has included Journey, Styx, Rascal Flatts, Little Big Town, and Smokey Robinson earlier this year.

  • California Dreamin' - Five Vacation Ideas that Could Be Afternoon Excursions if You Lived in San Diego

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of California Association of REALTORS® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

    California is a great place to visit, we all know that. Despite the high cost of living, there are a lot of things that other people plan their vacations around that are quick afternoon excursions for those of us who live in San Diego. By owning a house here in San Diego you can live the California Dreamin' lifestyle that otherwise you'd have to simply visit. Even renting doesn't give you the freedom to fully enjoy everything since your money is going to build someone else's dream and not your own.

  • Bachelor Party Idea: Group Outing to a Shooting Range

    The classic bachelor party idea is certainly strippers or a sexy restaurant like Hooters or Tilted Kilt. However, one idea that is a blast for you and the guys would be to go to a shooting range. Shooting ranges can be found in pretty much any area around the country. While most shooting ranges offer "rental" guns, we think it would make a great present for the groom if the guys chipped in and bought him an awesome gun to fire off at the range. 

  • I Found the Caribbean's Best Rum! It's Seven Fathoms Under the Ocean!

    Visitors to the Cayman Islands usually focus on sites like "Hell" or "Stingray City" but last fall when I visited this amazing little island we did things a bit different. Instead of the normal tourist spots, we went to a distillery, made new friends, drank some world class spirits, and then almost missed the last tender back to our ship. Luckily we didn't miss our ship, but if we had - this would have been TOTALLY worth it!

    Cayman Spirits has been distilling spirits since 2008 from a tiny shack in Georgetown Grand Cayman but in 2013, they moved into a fantastic new facility just outside of town with 5,000 square feet of space to offer tours, a tasting room, and production capacity to meet worldwide demand.

  • San Diego Brewers Presents Guild Rhythm & Brews on Saturday, April 25

    It's that time of year again! Since it's perpetual spring time here in San Diego, what this means is that it's Beer Festival Season and you don't want to miss this festival featuring 100+ craft brews served up from more than 60 breweries, while listening to seven different musical performances that are guaranteed to keep you rocking all afternoon!

    We'll be covering the 4th Annual Rhythm and Brews Festival later this month but wanted to give you a preview in the mean time. If you'll be there, let us know - we look forward to meeting up with you there...

  • 2015 La Jolla Concours d'Elegance

    If you haven't been before, this classic motor car extravaganza weekend gathers over 300 of the most elite car collections from around the world atop the bluffs of La Jolla Cove at the Ellen Browning Scripps Park. La Jolla means "The Jewel" in Spanish and we couldn't think of a more fitting place to experience these incredible vehicles than outdoor, overlooking the Pacific Ocean while surrounded by some of the most luxurious real estate in the world. While we know that there will be some amazing classic cars and modern luxury as well as sports cars, it's always a thrill to walk by something you've never seen before. 

  • How to Spend an Awesome Guys Weekend (or longer) in Seattle!

    Seattle is the perfect Mancation destination. It's also a great place for a quick guys weekend. Whether you want to catch a few games and knock back a few with the guys, or you want to trek through the city to visit the many museums and Pike Place Market, there is something for everyone in the Emerald City. The bevvy of transportation options alone makes it one city that is easy to get around, no matter where you want to go. So, why Seattle?

  • A California Couple's Heavenly Weekend in Tahoe

    After recently spending the majority of a week in South Lake Tahoe, CA enjoying winter activities with family and friends, I find this quote below very fitting and can relate the experience we had at Heavenly Mountain Resort with the most simplistic interpretation. All the activities, amenities, and natural beauty that Heavenly Mountain Resort and surroundings have to offer is specifically designed to be an exceptional playground for adults and kids to experience and enjoy on a regular basis. Heavenly Mountain Resort will keep you coming back. It truly is a little bit of heaven on earth!

  • A Perfect Getaway in Carlsbad, CA with Kia Sorento and the Kia Classic

    You don't always need to travel somewhere far to have the perfect romantic getaway. Sometimes, you will find something great right in your backyard that is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. That's what happened for Heather and I last weekend when I got a last minute invitation to be Kia's guest at the Kia Classic in Carlsbad, California. While this happened to only be 30 minutes from home it was the perfect getaway and since the Park Hyatt Aviara is pet friendly it made things that much better!

  • Great American Road Trips That You Need To Do At Least Once!

    A few months ago we got a chance to test drive the "not a minivan" Kia Sedona and while it was fun to drive around the streets of Dana Point, I couldn't help but feel that where it would really shine would be on a long road trip.  Between the peppy engine, comfortable seats, great complement of electronic gadget, and some bad-ass passenger seats that recline almost like International First Class airline seats this is the car that you would want to drive if you were wanting to see America with your best friends.

  • A VIP Las Vegas Guys Weekend At Aria

    I now know what it means to be a Vegas VIP - it is an experience unlike any other I've ever had the opportunity to experience and the best part was that I got to share it with 6 of my best friends and fellow bloggers!

    We did a LOT of stuff in just three days, but this is the city where excess is normal and you can always recover once you get home. Our home base for the weekend was Aria but we also explored Mandalay Bay, Mirage, and Bellagio. 

  • Five Days in Fiji On A Father and Son Mancation

    Fiji for a mancation with kids? You've got to be joking! Right? - no, seriously, why not pick this amazing South Pacific Island for a Father-Son Getaway to teach important life skills such as fishing, hiking, rowing, and have some good wholesome fun enjoying 5-star service, fine food, and maybe even a sports massage on the beach.

    Kids grow up fast, so this is a great opportunity to spend time together on an adventure that you will both remember fondly for the rest of your life. 

  • 10+ Awesome Mancation Ideas in North Dakota!

    North Dakota isn't the easiest state to get to, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing to do there.

    In fact, if the great outdoors is what you are looking for, North Dakota has that in spades - fishing, hiking, camping, hunting and the authentic "Wild West" experience too!

  • 10 Easy Ways to Travel More Green This Year

    Travel isn't always the most "green" of activities. The very definition of it typically involves spending tremendous resources to get there - by car, airplane, or ship - and once you get there how often do you consider the environmental impact of the water consumed to keep that green so beautiful or where the wrapper from your burger will go once you toss it in the trash. This isn't meant to be a "downer" article, but simply an opportunity for us to look at some of the easy things we can do to travel more green this year.

  • Burgers, Beers, and Basketball at MGM Grand Las Vegas Guys Weekend!

    The MGM Grand Las Vegas is the second largest hotel in the world by number of rooms and since it opened up in 1993, the hotel has transformed from the loose theme based on the Wizard of Oz into what I found last week - an AMAZINGLY COOL sports and entertainment themed experience that was about as awesome as you could possibly get for a Vegas guys weekend. It could have been that we happened to be there during the PAC 12 Championship basketball games and the contagious excitement from thousands of excited fans, alums, and players but I suspect that with their aggressive sports entertainment schedule including PBR, MMA, Boxing, and others that this vibe is not unique to the days we visited.

  • There's More than BBQ in Austin for a Guys Weekend!

    If you would like to spend some time away from the real world and hang out with your good guy friends, Austin, Texas is an ideal destination. There are plenty of fun and manly things to do in this Live Music Capital. There are plenty of ways for all of you to discover this city and what it has to offer to both its residents and tourists alike. The historic culture, delectable restaurants, and live music are all good enough reasons to come to Austin. However, there are even more fun-filled things that you and the guys can enjoy during your trip.

  • Six Ways To Celebrate #PiDay With MGM Resorts in Vegas

    Each year it seems like Pi Day gets more and more elaborate as marketing folks, social media geeks, and the media respond to this mathematical occurrence of 3/14 or 3.14. That's the number Pi for those of you who don't remember high school geometry!

    Anyhow, this year we are in Vegas for the #MenWhoBlogLVtrip with MGM Resorts and they have shared with us six ways that they are celebrating Pi Day across their various resorts. I'm looking forward to the Truffle Pizza Pie at FIVE50, what's your favorite?

  • Head South for a Brazilian Mancation

    Looking for an exotic destination for your next mancation? How about a place that is the fifth largest country in the world, has some of the most amazing beaches, friendly people, great food, and a fantastic sporting culture?

    That's Brazil in a nutshell and it should absolutely be on your radar if you are looking for someplace outside of the US to visit this year.

  • Considering a Caribbean Cruise Wedding or Renewal? MSC Updates Wedding Program

    Are you considering a destination wedding or vow renewal? The options are getting better and MSC Divina is making waves in the Caribbean wedding scene!

    Couples sailing aboard the ultramodern MSC Divina, one of MSC Cruises’ most elegant ships, can now legally say “I Do,” with the cruise line’s enhanced wedding offerings.

  • Wisconsin Mancation Ideas - More than Just Beer and Cheese!

    Wisconsin welcomes travelers of all kinds, including those looking to experience an amazing mancation. From a weekend on the lake with the boys to seven days of rugged outdoor activities, Wisconsin offers four seasons of unbeatable fun. So whether you take a plane, train or car ride to get here, just know when you visit the cheesehead state, you’re sure to find Wisconsin fun.

  • Unlock the perfect Florida Keys Mancation

    The Florida Keys are one of America’s best kept mancation secrets seemingly tucked away into the southeastern corner. For the guys that chose this destination, a  weekend of fishing, bar-hopping, historic sites, and outdoor fun awaits on this stretch of sun, sand, and sinful fun.

    The Florida Keys are composed of five major islands amongst dozens of smaller ones so there is something for everyone  and every style of getaway to be found here!

  • China Airlines New Non-Stop Flights from the West Coast

    It's getting easier and easier to accomplish the dream of flying to Asia. One of the airlines that is working to make this happen for us is China Airlines. The company contacted me recently so that I could help share with you some of the cool features of their new 777-300ER planes such as the Family Couch, as well as improved ambient lighting and more.

  • Date Night at The Headquarters in San Diego

    Most of you guys are going to be spending tons of money this Valentine's Day on roses and romantic dinners, but for those of you in San Diego, I've got an alternative Valentine's Day Idea! Why not make it a full date night experience with a great dinner, gelato, and then grab some cheese and chocolates to share together back home. Alternatively, you can skip the restaurant entirely and make a great picnic on the grass in the park next door. Whatever your preference, this is a great San Diego date night spot!

    Heather and I tested it out earlier this week to see if we could do a date night for under $100 and we were pretty successful, follow along as we celebrate Valentine's Day early courtesy of The Headquarters!

  • In the Delta or the Mountains Here are our Favorite Arkansas Mancation Ideas!

    Arkansas is one of those states that sometimes can be forgotten about unless you live right next to it, but the deeper I looked it actually offers quite a few different opportunities across it's relatively diverse landscape - from the Delta to the Mountains!

    From canoeing down the Buffalo National River or taking a ride on "The Screamer" to taking a bike tour through back roads and touring Civil War Battlefields, Road Houses, and BBQ joints, there's something for everyone in, "The Natural State"!

  • Escape The Heat of the Lower 48 at Waterfall Resort in Alaska this Summer!

    Near Ketchikan, just a 90-minute flight from Seattle, Waterfall Resort offers all-inclusive amenities that translate into the trip of a lifetime for novice and experienced anglers alike.

    Set in the pristine Alaskan wilderness, the resort’s expert guides help guests reel in more than 20 varieties of fish during daily excursions at legendary fishing spots. This unparalleled experience combined with breathtaking wildlife viewings, four-star service and historic setting on 52 oceanfront acres on Prince of Wales Island, creates an unforgettable atmosphere that belongs on every fisherman’s bucket list in 2015.

  • Scottish Island Hopping Adventures You Won't Want to Miss

    Why should island-hopping be confined to the Greek or even Caribbean Islands, when Scotland, one of the world's great destinations for adventure, has such beautiful isles?

    The more remote the island, the more beautiful the landscape, and this year Wilderness Scotland introduces a trio of wild island-hopping adventures that would be difficult to do without the tour operator's expertise.

    The new journeys include exploring the four islands which hug the western coastline off the beautiful Argyll Peninsula; a journey to the little-known southern Hebrides including the abandoned island of Mingulay; and a new road cycling trip, ideal for virgin cycle tourers, that explores the Inner Hebridean islands of Arran, Jura and whisky-soaked Islay. A highlight of two of the trips is a voyage to the spectacular Corryvreckan whirlpool – the third largest in the world.

  • Carnival Vista Pictures, New Features and Cruise Details

    We've been waiting for this since the moment the ship was hinted at a couple years ago but now it's just a year away and Carnival just unveiled a ton of new details including the SkyRide - a pedal-powered attraction to take you around the top of the boat more than a 150 feet up in the air!

  • 10 Awesome Iowa Mancation Ideas

    Iowa? Seriously? Yes! Honestly this quiet midwestern state known for corn more than anything else is probably not high on your list of places to go for your next mancation.

    It wasn't for me either, but a cross country road trip last year from Chicago to San Diego caused me to take a moment to reconsider Iowa and all the stuff that it does offer for a group of guys looking for an adventure.

  • Our Favorite Top 10 Hotel Pools Worth Planning a Trip to Visit

    Almost all hotels and resorts have pools, but in the ever competitive travel market, there are few resorts that take the concept of a resort pool a step further with extreme opulence or features you never even considered. The following are our top ten favorite ultimate hotel swimming pools.

  • Man Francisco? Awesome Guys Weekend Ideas in San Francisco!

    San Francisco — the birthplace of the fortune cookie, the place where not a single bank failed during the Great Depression, and the city that was once part of Mexico until the Mexican-American War of 1848.

    Yes, over 800,000 people call this wonderful city home. And why wouldn't they? Average temperatures rarely dip below 45 and rarely peak above 70, which means you can do just about anything you want all year long.

    You and your buddies can easily take off for the weekend (or the week) and take in some of the following experiences.

  • Five Mancation and Boys Weekend Ideas to Celebrate A Man's Greatest Life Events

    The possibilities seem endless when it comes to planning mancations and boys weekends. Beer festivals, epic Hawaiian adventures, hiking the Grand Canyon – you name it, we can do it. So when it comes to celebrating a buddy's last hurrah as a single man or a buddy's major promotion, why settle for your typical mancation?

    Big life events call for extreme adventures, and nothing can provide grand vacations like Mother Nature herself. So if you are on the market for a wild mancation, consider one of the following grand outdoor adventures.

  • Legendary Movie Mancations That You Can Try Too

    Mancations are special - it's an opportunity to bring your guy friends together to help solve problems in your life and lend support. What often happens as well as that you get some great memories and build stronger bonds between you and your friends.

    That's what these movies are about. While some may be more raunchy than others, at the end it's all about coming together and improving our lives.

  • Introducing TripTogether, Never Worry about Traveling Alone Again

    I've got a problem - and my guess is that some of you guys do too sometimes. I'm jonesing for a kick ass guys trip somewhere abroad but unfortunately my guy friends are all busy or broke, so what to do? Normally the answer is that the trip is canceled or we just go back and forth to find something that works for everyone. Now though, with I have a third option - do a guys’ trip with some new friends!

  • Swimming with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios Jamaica

    When most people visit Ocho Rios they probably think of Dunns River Falls but on a recent trip we had the opportunity to check out another attraction - Dolphin Cove where I had the opportunity to not just see the dolphins perform but got up close and personal with one of them (even got a kiss!). 

  • 10 Ideas for an Awesome San Diego Guys Weekend

    San Diego is an awesome town that is sometimes forgotten about or dismissed as simply a surf town, but what I have discovered over the past year is that there is an incredible amount of awesome things to do here beyond the beach including touring some of the almost 100 craft breweries, exploring vineyards in nearby Temecula and Romona, as well as visiting the Zoo, touring historic military ships and some of the best burgers and tacos in the country.

  • Margaritaville Island Hotel to Open in Pigeon Forge this Spring

    The new Margaritaville Island Hotel located in Pigeon Forge on The Island, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex, has opened phase one of the hotel with 55 guestrooms and suites. The grand opening of the 132-room property and event space will be in January 2015. The vacation destination hotel is in the heart of everything the area has to offer and minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park known for its extraordinary beauty, breathtaking views, and abundance of outdoor activities.

  • Residence Inn Arlington Courthouse Review

    Washington DC and Northern Virginia have lots of great stuff for the perfect guys weekend or mancation including great professional sports teams, history, amazing bars, celebrities, great restaurants, and there's great shopping as well. Unfortunately, as with any major city hotels can be super expensive and while chic and cool, that can cut into your budget for doing other stuff. On a recent trip to explore DC, we decided to stay in Arlington, Virginia - just across the river from the district in the Residence Inn Courthouse where we found it to be an awesome place to stay with a group of guys.

  • Once in a Lifetime Norway Cruises with Hurtigruten Cruises

    By now you know that I am a HUGE fan of cruising but frankly my experience has been limited to the shores of the United States and the Caribbean and we're sailing in mostly warm waters and tropical breezes. However there is a whole other world of cruising that I haven't yet been able to explore but can’t wait to do so at some point in the future - Once in a Lifetime Adventures.

  • Jewel Carnival Live Concert Experience

    Most of you probably remember Jewel from the mid/late 90s - yeah, that’s Alaskan folk singer-songwriter and many of you probably even still are aware of her for some of her later music but what I didn't realize until this week was how utterly amazing she is in concert. Jewel is a true artist and that means you are going to see and hear things you weren't expecting such as yodeling, opera, and requests by the audience that were so obscure (even to her) that she had to flip through a book the size of an encyclopedia to get the lyrics.

  • The Marble Arch Hotel In London

    Picking a hotel in Europe is tough for many Americans because the landscape is dominated by smaller boutique hotels instead of the mega chain brands you are all familiar with and frankly not everything is up to the same standards that most Americans expect. However, there are some absolute gems to be found if you do your research, suck as the Marble Arch Hotel by Montcalm.

  • Exploring The Manly Side of Hawaiian Vacations

    Hawaiian Airlines has been flying to Hawaii for 85 years this year and so who better to talk with to get insight into what and why should you plan your next mancation to these sun drenched and wave swept islands! From Luaus to surfing there are plenty of things to do but there's a lot more to it than that. Kaipo Kauka, a flight attendant from Hawaiian Airlines took the time to answer some of our questions.

    He was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and has been a flight attendant with Hawaiian Airlines for nearly seven years. When he’s not flying, he enjoys surfing, DJ-ing at parties, and spending time with his girlfriend and two kids.

  • Unique and Weird Shops in London to get That Ultimate Guys Gift

    Holy Cow! Christmas is just around the corner but instead of shopping for the same old crap from a mass retailer, why not take a trip to London and explore some amazing shops stocked to the rafters with awesome gift ideas for guys. Heck - this would make a great excuse to stock up on some swag for yourself too!

  • Six Romantic Ways to Enjoy London with Your Lover

    It's fall and almost winter - while these may not be the most romantic of seasons, it's still a great time to visit London and explore this amazing city.  London isn't known as a romantic city like it's sister across the channel is but when you peek beneath the rigid British facade you'll discover that this city is every bit as romantic as New York or Paris.

  • Thank You American Airlines for Making Flying a Bit Better One Person at a Time

    Let's face it - air travel sucks these days. That's true on all the major carriers. They are forced to offer prices at ridiculously low rates compared to costs and as a result have engineered the most complicated system of boarding the aircraft possible, a convoluted system of redeeming air miles that almost makes you question your loyalty, baggage policies and fees that defy logic, and seats jammed together so tightly that they must have a relationship with a knee surgeon.  Frankly, that stress makes it way into the psyche of the staff who have to deal with frustrated customers on a daily basis.

    American Airlines is no different. If you look at my Twitter stream over the past month you'll see that they have caused significant levels of stress due to canceled flights, extended delays due to mechanical problems, and overcrowded flights etc. but overall the one reason I continue flying with them is that their staff tend to always go above and beyond what is asked to make things just a bit better.

  • Winging it in Washington with the W Hotel Washington DC

    Washington DC is a special town - it's where I grew up and later after I returned, it's where I met my wife. The city has no shortage of awesome hotels, expensive hotels, cheap hotels, and hotels that are just "good enough". One thing though that I always love is checking into a W Hotel. They aren't always the biggest rooms or the fanciest rooms but Starwood Hotels has always done something special with these properties to make them hip, fun, and welcoming when you enter the door. That's absolutely true for the W Hotel Washington DC as well. What's interesting here is how Starwood has taken a nearly 100 year old hotel (opened in 1918 as Hotel Washington) and added ultra modern styling to it in a way that works well.

    I had the chance to visit here as part of the Dodge Charger press trip but I can't wait to come back again for a longer stay!

  • Interview with Allan Karl, of WorldRider & Author of FORKS

    A few weeks ago at the San Diego Travel Festival, I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of great people, but one person in particular stood out for his awesome tales of adventure, entrepreneurism, and frankly he's just a cool fellow blogger. Allan Karl - better known as WorldRider set off on a journey around the world... inspired by Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan and Phileas Fogg but he did so on the back of his motorcycle - a single cylinder BMW F650GS Dakar.

  • We Sailed Away with Styx & Carnival Live and it was Awesome

    In a market that is nearly saturated but at the same time working feverishly to expand its reach, the cruise lines are in a fight to find a way to fill their ships and bring in new cruisers. While other lines are building ever bigger boats with features unheard of at sea, Carnival decided to focus on entertainment and creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are surprisingly affordable. Earlier this month we had the opportunity to spend a week on the brand new Carnival Breeze and experience it for ourselves.

    Unlike "themed cruises" the band isn't actually on the ship during the voyage, so that means that you can still have a "normal" cruise experience but on concert night things turn up a notch. On this cruise, we started in Miami followed by stops in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, and then during our stop at Cozumel, Mexico the band loaded their equipment on the ship and we stayed in port till about 1 a.m.

  • Six Steps to Plan an Awesome Mancation

    When planning a mancation, most guys think that all they have to do is to pick a location and time to go there. But you can transform an ordinary mancation or guys weekend into a perfect vacation with the guys by spending a little time thinking, planning, and preparing for the adventure.

  • Five Awesome Days Exploring Oklahoma

    When met with the proposition of an all-male vacation, most guys go to Las Vegas, or maybe Cooperstown, New York for a visit to the baseball hall of fame. Me? When met with the idea that me and my three best friends from college could get away from our daily lives for five days, we decided to explore our own backyard here in Oklahoma. While we don't live in what anyone would mistake for a tourist hotbed, there are indeed some pretty awesome things to do in our neck of the woods. So, after kicking around a few ideas, we decided to maximize our time and get the most out of our money by loading up the car, and hitting the open road right here in our home state.  What we did next was actually some of the best vacationing I've ever been a part of.

  • Live like a Rock Star When You Charter the Ohana Super Yacht

    Dreaming of a Caribbean cruise but don't want to be bothered having to step around the "regular people" littered across the deck of a cruise ship? Maybe it's time to check out a private yacht rental such as the Ohana - the "star" of Bravo's reality TV series "Below Deck"!

  • Live Like a Celebrity at $7,500 per Night in Miami's South Beach

    The economy might suck for some but if you want to live like a rockstar then times have never been better! Check out this amazing suite at the Hilton Bentley in Miami's South Beach neighborhood that goes for between $2,700- $7500/ night!

  • Five Reasons to Visit a Dude Ranch This Fall

    Summer is over but that doesn't mean your dreams of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for the wide open range has passed you by. Thanks to the Dude Ranchers' Association we have five reasons why the fall is a great time to plan a dude ranch mancation!

  • 10 Extreme Flying, Driving and Sailing Experiences You Need to Do

    Extreme experiences like these we found, allow you to escape from your daily grind and be something awesome - even for just a few days.

    They are also perfect as a father's day or birthday gift and of course - any of these would make an incredible bachelor party idea too!

    Don't worry if you drive a minivan to work and you sip your light beer during the week, every so often it's time to take that next step and grab the wheel of something bad ass that you can brag to your friends about. That's what this list is all about!

    Are you ready?



  • Five Reasons to visit Carmel California for a Guys Weekend

    If you aren't familiar with Carmel California, I bet you are familiar with it's cousins of Pebble Beach and Monterey. Don't worry though, there's a lot to offer in Carmel itself including a great beach, great food, unparalleled driving experiences in Big Sur, sports, and of course it is one of the most dog friendly cities in America. Oh yeah and many celebrities call Carmel home so don't be surprised if you see them walking around town including Brad Pitt and former mayor of Carmel, Clint Eastwood. 

  • A Romantic Escape to the Carmel Country Inn

    Last month, Heather and I set forth to escape the summer heat in San Diego and head north to Carmel-by-the-Sea, located just south of San Francisco. Our host on this trip was the absolutely beautiful Carmel Country Inn, a bed and breakfast that offered us a 2 bedroom suite.

  • Fun, Friends, and High Spirits at San Diego Spirits Festival!

    You've been to beer fests and wine festivals but there aren't that many spirits festivals that are open to the public unfortunately. If you are a fan of spirits and craft cocktails it seems that you're passion is best explored at a bar buying expensive cocktails and new liquors only to find out that you made an expensive mistake and are forced to either finish or let it go to waste.

    The San Diego Spirits Festival on the other hand offers new as well as seasoned fans a chance to explore spirits brand new to the market as well as celebrate with friends over tasters of familiar friends like Don Julio, Stoli, and Woodford Reserve. 

  • Salmon Fishing Adventures in Alaska

    Who said that taking a cruise is the only way to enjoy the coastline of Alaska? For the ultimate adventure, we highly recommend looking into an Alaskan salmon fishing expedition!

    From rustic camping to luxury lodges there is something for almost every budget in Alaska. One of the most popular lodges is the Waterfall Resort, which was original founded as a cannery in 1912. Today, that historic cannery has been fully renovated into an all-inclusive resort that has hosted more than 50,000 guests! It is located on Prince of Wales Island, adjacent to the Alaskan Inside Passage, a spot know to generations of native american fishermen.

    Of course, if your idea of a fishing adventure is to be able to come back to the lodge and get a massage and five-star dinner there are those options in Alaska too. If that's more your style, check out the Alyeska Resort where amenities include a full spa, business center, even a sushi bar!

    Typically, the best time to visit Alaska for a fishing adventure is May through October, but different types of salmon have different peaks throughout that time period.

  • Camping in Yellowstone National Park

    Yellowstone National Park has some of the most awe-inspiring landscape in the entire world. From geysers that shoot water hundreds of feet into the air as well as rainbow hued pools of boiling water and even cold mountain streams that run through lush grasslands where elk, bison, and other animals feed. While there are plenty of lodges such as the grand Yellowstone lodge, to get the full back to nature experience we recommend checking into one of the park's 12 campgrounds

    Be aware though, we aren't the only ones that think this is a great summer camping idea, so make sure to make reservations early. This is especially true if you are looking to make reservations during the summer.

    Of the 12 campgrounds in Yellowstone, 5 are operated by Xanterra Parks and REsorts with 1,700+ sites and take reservations. However the National Park Service operates 7 that are first-come, first-served basis those spots are often filled by 11 a.m., so plan to arrive early to get a good spot!

    If lodges are more your style, there are more than 2,000 rooms available in the park as well.

  • Hiking and Camping in Olympic National Park

    With terrain ranging from rugged windswept seashore to temperate rainforest where ancient trees grow and even jagged mountains with stunning views, Olympic National Park in Washington state has something for everyone. Don't forget your rain coat though - while you won't find any tropical vegetation, the rainforest here gets an average of 150 inches of precipitation each year and up on Hurricane Ridge they get as much as 10 feet of snow during the winter months.

    From a quick guys weekend getaway to a longer hiking mancation, this is a spot that shouldn't be ignored!


    Photo Credit: "Lake Crescent spring" by Adbar - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Hanging out at Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tour in San Diego

    There's no shortage of awesome beer festivals in San Diego and since we have some of the most talented brewers in the world it is never boring to see the same cast of characters week after week.

    However, it is always exciting to see something different and that's exactly what Sierra Nevada delivered with their Beer Camp Across America tour this summer.

  • The Centurion Lounge at DFW

    Do you fly often? Sick of grabbing crappy overpriced airport food before jumping back on another flight? Yeah... me too! Airport lounges have evolved over the years from the old days when you got some complimentary orange juice and maybe a stale cinnamon roll. 

    A couple weeks ago I was privileged to be invited to visit the new The Centurion Lounge at the Dallas Fort Worth airport and what I found was pretty impressive.

  • Awesome Alabama Mancation Ideas

    Alabama has no shortage of great mancation ideas, from white sand beaches on the Gulf Shores to motorsports in the north, gold panning and auto factories in the center, and some great historic sites sprinkled throughout the state.

    While Alabama might not be the first state that comes to mind when planning your next vacation here are some ideas that could change that for you!

  • 15 Extreme Mountain Hiking Videos

    Are you planning a hike this summer? It is a great time to head off into the mountains in search of adventure!

    Before you do though, check out these amazing "extreme" hikes we collected from around the world.

  • 15 Best Places to Surf in the World

    Thinking about planning a surf mancation this year to tap into some of the gnarliest waves that mother nature can throw at you? Check out our list of the best places in the world to surf.

  • 10 Amazing Mancation Ideas

    Summer is almost here and that means it is time to start planning your next mancation adventure.

    From Germany to Hawaii and all places in between, we searched our archives for the most amazing ideas and picked these ten mancation ideas as the ultimate. The important thing for all of these ideas is that it is something awesome that will spark legendary stories to impress the guys that didn't go, for years to come. 

    So, let's get started...

  • Norwegian Cruise Line Introduces new Destination Themed Cocktails

    Norwegian Cruise Line has been giving Carnival a run for its money recently with two great new ships and now a series of drinks based on their favorite destinations around the world. Created by Gabriel Orta of the Miami-based Bar Lab Cocktails this new series features unique drinks on different ships and highlights fresh local ingredients.

    This includes guests on the Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Dawn where they can enjoy a traditional Dark and Stormy featuring Bermuda's favorite son, Gosling's Rum and ginger beer or the Breakaway Mai Tai below.

    While we can't think of much better than cruising on some of the world's best ships we think it might be easier to follow these recipes rather than setting off on months of travel :)



  • Want to Win a Trip to San Diego?

    Baseball season is finally here and so it's time to welcome the boys of summer back home from their spring training camps in Arizona and Florida.

    To make things even better, the San Diego CVB is offering a contest where you can win air fare, hotel and tickets to a Padres game! Check out some photos from our visit to Petco Park on Sunday...


  • Explore The Secrets of Tequila at CasaMagna Puerto Vallarta

    Just in case you needed another excuse to play in the sun down in Puerto Vallarta, the CasaMagna Marriott sends word that they have launched a new tequila appreciation program titled Secretos de la Familia and they are one of the few resorts in the world where agave azul is actually grown on the grounds and used for making their very own tequila.

    According to the General Manager, the resort boasts an enormous library of this spirit including 114 tequilas regularly available by the glass and a Tequila Sommelier who hosts regular tasting classes for the guests.

  • Wrigley Field South - Cubs Park in Mesa AZ

    While the Cubs are the perennial underdogs, having not won a World Series in over 100 years, their home in Chicago is one of the most iconic sports stadiums in the whole world. In previous years, the Cubs have played at Hohokam Stadium, shared with the Oakland A's but this year they opened up the season at their very own stadium "Cubs Park", affectionately referred to as "Wrigley Field South".

    As someone who has enjoyed numerous games at Wrigley I can say that even though it is someone that should be on the bucket list for any sorts fan, the park is an absolute dump. From obstructed views to cramped bathrooms and nets installed to keep concrete from falling on people's heads it is one of those places that should probably just be shut down - if it wasn't for the antique charm and sense of history that radiates from every square inch of the facility.

  • Guys Weekend at Talking Stick Resort & Casino

    Scottsdale Arizona is a fantastic destination for a mancation and while we visited here for Cactus League Spring Training - especially since it is right next to Salt River Fields, it is a solid year-round destination.

    There is obviously no shortage of world-class resorts in Scottsdale, Arizona and so it might be tough to decide which one will be the perfect spot for your next mancation.

    Talking stick is a 4 diamond casino resort that has an on-property golf course, walking distance to the latest Top Golf location, an entertainment venue with acts ranging from Rob Thomas and Collective Soul to Dennis Miller and Tim Allen. It is also home to the Arizona State Poker Championship and if that isn't enough - even cool enough that even NFL Players want to take their buddies here for a round of golf as I found out during a twitter conversation with Philadelphia Eagles veteran,Mark McMillian.

  • A Guys Guide to Having A Fun Guys Weekend in New Orleans

    Of all the cities in the United States, it's hard to find a better mancation or guys weekend destination than New Orleans.

    The Big Easy – which deserves its nick-name, by the way – boasts some of the best restaurants, music clubs and bars in the world, all in a fun, eccentric, party atmosphere.

    Guys who like fishing and golf will be amazed at the opportunities for outdoor recreation during the day.

    There's so much to do, you and your buddies might have to make the New Orleans trip an annual ritual.

  • Cactus League Spring Training Guide

    It's that time of year again - after a long hard winter the "boys of summer" are getting warmed up again in Arizona and Florida. If you have ever dreamed of experiencing professional baseball up-close then this should be on your bucket list.

    Known as the Cactus League for it's home base in the greater Phoenix area, and for almost 60 years it has played host to a number of teams at various venues with Scottsdale pretty much a perfect center point between all of them.

    With these teams spread out across 10 different stadiums it is critical to pick a "home base" since if you are making this pilgrimage you are probably going to see more than one game each day so you want to stay somewhere that is easy access to everything.

  • 10 Amazing Natural Places You Must Visit in California

    California is an amazing state with astonishing natural beauty that is sometimes overshadowed by the urban centers of San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. To experience the true majesty of California though you need to pack up the car and go exploring! 

    The following are a few of our favorite natural places that you MUST visit...

  • Escape the Cold with a visit to Miami's Jazz in the Gardens

    Need an excuse to visit South Florida this spring?

    No, I didn't think so but here's something to think about... Jazz in the Gardens starts March 14 and features host D.L. Hughley and a cast of other celebrities including: LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx, Trey Songz, Kelly Rowland, Anthony Hamilton, Stanley Clarke, Rachelle Farrell and Boney James.

  • Awesome Romantic Hotels She'll Love

    Looking for that perfect hotel to make her swoon? The folks over at Expedia's UK office worked with some of the top travel bloggers in the world to compile a list of the best hotels for a romantic getaway.

    While I can't provide a roundup of all the hotels they included, here are a few that I think you'll want to check out.

  • A Day Aboard Costa Deliziosa

    As a cruise ship junkie I was thrilled for the opportunity to spend even a few hours aboard a ship that normally doesn't operate in the United States. Costa Crociere is an Italian cruise line that while the first to operate in the Caribbean is now working to rise to the attention of the North American travel market. The Costa Deliziosa in particular does an annual around the world tour and that's why she happened to stop in San Diego and give us the opportunity to check her out.

  • Carnival Miracle Cruise Review

    While Caribbean cruising may be king, the west coast of Mexico also offers some exciting opportunities for fun as well. To explore these, we boarded the Carnival Miracle and set off on a seven-day journey with our review starting in Los Angeles (Long Beach) and included two days in Cabo San Lucas and Puerta Vallarta before heading home.

  • Trivia, Archetypes, and Lessons we can Learn from Hollywood Roadtrips

    Sure, it's winter right now but that doesn't mean that we can't think about planning our road trips for when the weather gets better. The folks over at have prepared this infographic with trival, archetypes, and lessons that we can learn from Hollywood's most famous road trip movies.


  • Ten Awesome Ski Resorts to Visit This Winter

    top-ski-resorts-headerWinter is here, snow is starting to pile up around the world so it is time to start thinking about where you are going this year! Will it be the local ski resort a couple miles away or will it be a world-class ski resort at some exotic place in Europe?

    Either way, these images should help inspire you to get in the ski mood if you aren't already!






  • Mancation and Lads Holiday Ideas In Nice France

    header-image-nice-logo Visiting the "South of France" is sort of the epitome of the ultimate romantic getaway, but what about a getaway with the guys? Recently we had the chance to meet with some folks from the France Tourism Development Agency and we were impressed by just how much stuff there is to do year round in Nice and within a quick drive of downtown.

    Just like a trip to Vegas, your Nice lads holiday can be a fantasy time where you can pretend to be a part of the "Rich and Famous" from driving a super car, staying in some of the world best hotels, and sipping some of France's finest wines from the back of a chartered yacht as it rocks gently in the warm blue waters of the Mediteranean Sea.

  • A Food Tour of Ensenada Mexico

    header-image-ensenada-logoThis was my first time visiting the west coast of Mexico so I wasn't really sure what to expect - and frankly all you hear these days about the Pacific coast is about how dangerous it is. While that may be true in spots, during a recent tour of Ensenada Mexico I found it a very fun and unusual, with more to do than a frankly was expecting.

    Unlike the Caribbean cruise ports I am used to, Ensenada is a real town with people that lead real lives and aren't just there to look pretty and offer excursions to rich American tourists. However there is some of that too, though it was more like visiting a regular city vs a sanitized "made for tourists" experience.

  • Golden Princess Pacific Coastal Cruise Review

    There's more to cruising than the big three - (Carnival, Royal, and NCL) and I have been wanting to try Princess for quite a while, but never had the opportunity. Last month, we took a quick weekend escape out of Los Angeles on the Golden Princess and finally got to experience what it means to "Escape Completely".

    The Golden Princess is a grand class ship, measuring 109,000 gross tons and carrying 2,600 passengers (double occupancy) plus 1,100 crew members.

    Princess launched Golden in 2001, but retrofitted the ship in 2009.

  • Gamefishing on The Nile

    header-image-logoThink safaris are just elephants and lions? Think again! Premier Safaris is now offering Fishing Safaris in Uganda on the River Nile!

    This could be the experience of a lifetime as you fish from the boat or shore for Nile Perch, Tigerfish, and more.

  • The Great Horror Campout

    header-image-logoIt's almost halloween but that doesn't mean that horror season is almost over. In fact, one of the coolest and freakiest events I have ever come across is still a few months away!

    The Great Horror Campout is held every year in the Los Angeles State Historic Park and it certainly takes "camping" to a completely new level!

  • JW Marriott Denver Metro Man’s Getaway

    header-jw-marriot-denver-logoEvery man deserves some good old fashioned guy bonding time and Denver is a great spot for that. With a great airport, and plenty of fresh air and year-round sports activity it is hard to go wrong here.

    What you may not know is that Denver itself is a world class city prepared to entertain gentlemen that have moved beyond cheap draft beer and hot dogs. Instead, the JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek is inviting men who have moved on from those days to indulge in a vacation replete with smooth whiskey and a decadent dinner with their new Metro Man’s Getaway.

  • 5 Man-tastic Features Aboard the Norwegian Breakaway

    norwegian breakaway reviewNorwegian Cruise Lines is known for their vibrant entertainment, plentiful activities/dining options, and energetic atmosphere, and the Norwegian Breakaway offers the best of each. After attending a 2-Day Pre-Inaugural cruise onboard the Breakaway last week, I can confidently say that this ship caters to the manlier side of cruising very well.

    Read on for our review of some great mancation features on Norwegian Breakaway!

  • Summer Thrills at Big Bear Adventure Park

    Big Bear is more than just a winter escape in Southern California! Check out the Snow Summit Adventure Park, introducing Ziplining and Mountain Bike Park. Snow Summit Adventure Park Introduces Ziplining and Mountain Bike Park

  • The Coolest European Stag Party Destinations

    london-stag-party-headerIf you've recently done the big proposal and got a ‘yes’ then congratulations, and prepare to get planning a memorable bachelor party! It’s a given that the last weekend of single life should be an epic affair, but where to head for the expected weekend of fun booze and memories?

    Here are the top choices in Europe, picked for their cool-factor, great value and activities:

  • Myrtle Beach Mancation Tour

    myrtle beach mancationWhen someone says they are going to Myrtle Beach, I automatically think Golf. Wow, was I wrong. Myrtle Beach has so much more to offer than I ever thought.  Between paddle boarding, NASCAR, craft beer, sushi, steaks, and shooting lessons, Myrtle Beach is a great place for a mancation.

    It is also certainly a lot more than just a great golf destination!

  • Maison Dupuy French Quarter Hotel

    header-imageMaison Dupuy is located in New Orleans' French Quarter, just a two blocks away from Bourbon Street and walking distance to pretty much any place you might want to visit in the French Quarter.

    While it is the newest hotel to be built in the French Quarter (1973), it manages to convey a classic elegance that its much older neighbors do - without some of the weirdness of uneven floors and crooked windows that come from being housed in buildings that are in some cases hundreds of years old.

  • Jazz Brunch at Court of Two Sisters

    header-imageWhile many people associate New Orleans with some of the best parties in the world, the other "Must Do" in New Orleans is brunch. While there is no shortage of great places where you can gorge on delicious traditional brunch foods, I would like to heartily recomend stopping by Court of Two Sisters.

    Between the gorgeous courtyard, tons of great food (traditional breakfast as well as cajun and southern staples like crawfish, jambalaya, and collards), there is something for everyone! Plus they have some of the friendliest staff in town.

  • Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Ship Infographic

    breakaway-headerAre you in New York and looking for an excuse to escape to the islands for a few days of R&R? Norwegian Cruise Lines' new ship, Breakaway promises to deliver some fantastic new opportunities.

  • Experience Carnevale at Venetian and Palazzo

    venetian-hotel-headerThe Venetian and the Palazzo Las Vegas are set to launch a huge festival, inspired by the Carnevale festivals of Italy.

    Events include: Mixology experiences, Cooking Schools, Sammy Hagar Beach Bum Rum Weekend with BBQ by Emeril Lagasse, George Clooney's Casamigos Tequila Weekend, Red Bull Extreme Weekend, and Ping Pong Challenge Weekend.

  • Review of the Parking Spot at Chicago O'Hare

    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Parking Spot. All opinions are 100% mine.

    The Parking SpotThere is no shortage of ways to get to travel to the airport - you can take a cab, bribe a friend to drive you, or drive your own car and park in the official airport parking lots. Over the past few years, a new option has emerged - off-site airport parking. The Parking Spot is one such vendor that I had a chance to try out a couple weeks ago for this review.

  • Jack Binion's Steak House at Horseshoe Casino Hammond

    header-imageThere are TONS of steak houses in Chicago and many of them are quite excellent so sometimes the differentiating factor is simply the "total package".

    As such, when I had the chance to check out the new menu at Jack Binion's Steak House inside the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana(a short drive south of Chicago) I was excited for the opportunity.

  • Carnival Elation Pictures

    Photos and Pictures of Carnival Elation

  • Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Review

    header-image-fotsAs you know, I am a huge fan of Carnival and had a bad experience initially with Royal Caribbean. Since that time, we learned that we cruising we wanted to give them another shot!

    So, for this trip review, we decided to try the Freedom of the Seas. It isn't the newest or largest ship in Royal's fleet but it certainly had some fun "Designed for Wow" features that others simply don't, so let's start exploring.

  • Sandals Montego Bay Review

    header-imageHeather and I had a wonderful time at Sandals Montego Bay and heartily recommend it to anyone looking for an escape to one of the most fantastic islands in the Caribbean.

    Some times it is tough to select an all inclusive as EVERYTHING can look fantastic from a tourism brochure or website. That's why it is tough to pick a resort sometimes.

    However, I am THRILLED to say that Sandals is still awesome, even almost ten years after we stayed in their sister property in Ocho Rios for our honeymoon.

  • Mancation like Obama at Floridian Golf and Yacht Club

    header-imageSometimes we all need a mancation, and apparently being the President of the United States is no exception.

    This week, Obama spent a few days away from Michelle and the kids golfing at the Floridian Golf and Yacht Club with pros like Tiger Woods and others. How does that compare to your latest golf mancation?



  • Annual Guys Trip to Jackson Hole

    header-imageAbout 19 years ago, a group of high school buddies and I started taking ski trips, and for the past 10 years or so, our guys ski trip has grown into an annual event that most of us never miss.

    Over the years, a few new guys have been added to the ski trip; a friend from college, and one guy who married his way into the group – his wife is a good friend of ours from high school. She’s never been invited on the trip, but he makes the trip every year.

  • Gulf Shores Alabama Golf Mancation

    New Orleans and Florida's West Coast aren't the only mancation destinations awaiting you on the Gulf Coast!

    Gulf Shores, Alabama also offers a variety of great opportunities for the ultimate mancation as well, including Golf, Seafood, and Fishing!

  • Man Cruise Destinations Part 2: Australia and New Zealand

    header-imageWe’re back with installment three of the Man Cruise Series, this time with a little shrimp on the barbie. The man-stination that we’re going to focus on today is Australia / New Zealand.

     When putting together a manly list of destinations, it is imperative to include Australia and New Zealand. Your Man Cruise to Australia and New Zealand could include an array of man-sational activities like brewery tours and sailing.

  • Keep the Bachelor Dream Alive on Your Next Vacation

    header-imageIf you are travelling around the world, sometimes it helps to keep your accommodation options open, rather than be confined to the dullish monotony of a hotel room. Here is a guide to the best bachelor pads from around the world.

  • The 30A Songwriters Festival is a place for musicians, as well as fans

    30A Song Writers FestivalIf you’re a songwriter then the 30A Festival is for you.  Likewise, if you’re a fan of quality music and songs, then the 30A festival is for you. 

    The 30A Songwriters Festival is not, as some would interpret from the name, exclusively for songwriters.  It’s more of a 3 day party that happens Jannuary 18-20 along the South Walton Beach area in Florida.  

  • Daytona Preseason Thunder starts the 2013 Sprint Cup Series

    header-image-daytona-thunderTo some guys the start of a new year means the high speed thrills of NASCAR.  Sprint Cup fans all have their favorite race, to some it’s The Daytona 500 others may like The Brickyard, but it all starts in Florida

    About a month prior to the big race in Daytona Preseason Thunder happens at the Daytona International Speedway from January 10-12.

  • A Rockers Weekend in London

    header-imageLondon doesn’t have to be about glitz, glam and culture. The bustling city offers a whole host of other options for those looking for something a little different.

    Whether you’re planning a break with your mates this side of Christmas, or fancy a couple of days away with your other half, there are plenty of attractions to experience.

  • Winter Sled Dog Package at Triple Creek Ranch

    header-imageChampion dog sled racer, Jessie Royer, will begin training and selecting her 2013 Iditarod dog team at Triple Creek Ranch along with the help of resort guests this winter. Royer, who competed in Iditarod as a top finishing woman from 2008 – 2011, will return for the 2013 race.

    To prepare, she will instruct Triple Creek Ranch guests on the basics of harnessing, hitching and steering a sled dog team.

  • Man Cruise Man-stinations Part 2: Alaska

    header-imageWelcome back to part 2 of  the Man Cruise Series, and get ready for the tundra, men. The first man-stination that we’re focusing on is Alaska.

  • Best Accommodations for your Australian Adventure

    Babes, beaches, and barbecues: is there any destination more perfectly equipped for a guys' weekend away than Australia? Spend your days surfing the awesome waves and your nights hobnobbing with some of the world's most notorious party people. When the party ends, however, you'll need a refuge to sleep off all of the sunshine and nightlife adventures until you are ready to do it all over again. There are numerous accommodation options for visitors to Australia, from hostels to self-catering apartments, each of which has its pros and cons.

  • Introducing FlipKey Vacation Rentals

    header-imageYou guys may be familiar with TripAdvisor, but they now have a new site - FlipKey that can help you locate vacation rentals for your next mancation. They recently asked me to check out their selection of vacation rentals in Honolulu so I said SURE! 

    After all, if I can't visit the warm sun drenched beaches for real, I might as well live vicariously.

  • Hanalei Bay Resort in Hawaii

    header-imagePlanning a Hawaiian Mancation and looking to avoid the big mega resorts and enjoy a secluded beach but still be close to all the action including golf, swimming, sailing, hiking etc?

    We came across the Hanalei Bay Resort today and it looks awesome.

  • Grow Your Business and Take More Mancations!

    header-imageWhile my "real job" these days is in the corporate world, when I started Man Tripping, I was self employed - running my own business.

    One of the challenges that I and other small biz owners faced is that it is difficult to get honest help to grow your business - one of my friends suggested today that I check out a directory that makes it easy to find a business coach called, so I decided to take a look.

  • A Romantic Day at Walt Disney World!

    header-imageDisney might not be the first place you think of for romance, but surprisingly it was a fantastic romantic escape for Heather and I recently. Between "Dark Rides", "Thrill Rides", nostalgia, and just plain fun - Disney World can truly be the "Magic Kingdom" for your relationship!

  • Disney's Pop Century Resort Review

    header-imageOn a recent trip to visit Disney World, I was AMAZED by all the different options for lodging - from cheap hotels just outside of the gates to MEGA LUXE Disney resorts like Grand Floridian. I knew that we wanted to stay at an official Disney resort so we could get in early, stay late, and more importantly I wanted to be able to forget about my car, traffic, and finding a parking space.

    Though I was initially concerned about spending $100+ a night for what was essentially a motel I decided that it couldn't hurt to try it once.  That's how I ended up at Disney's Pop Century Resort and it was a great experience!

  • Five Luxurious Ways to See Australia

    In the mind of many, touring the country of Australia means a lack of comfort and rest.

    It is a common misconception that traveling throughout the continent means many sleepless nights on trains, jostling around in SUVs, and becoming caked with dirty and grime.

  • Park Shore Waikiki Announces New Hike/Surf Adventure Package

    header-imageLooking for a Hawiian Hiking / Surfing adventure for your next guys weekend?

    The guys over at Park Shore Waikiki have a new package just for you!

  • Mancation Adventures in Africa

    Are you one of those individuals, whose weekends are spent taming a rapid, climbing a mountain, wriggling through a cave or leaping off a cliff? It is very likely then that when it comes to choosing a foreign holiday you would be seeking destinations that are as action packed and adrenalin fuelled as they come.

    If you see yourself manhandling a Land Rover out of a ditch or pitching a tent in the middle of the wilderness look no further than Africa.

  • Great Things to do in London That Require a Suit!

    header-imageLondon is a fabulous place and it is not an everyday occurrence when we are given to the opportunity to swan around one of the most fashionable and extravagant cities on the planet; neither is it when we are given the opportunity to do so dressed like Don Draper or Frank Sinatra.

  • Stag Party Idea: Scotland Golf Course Tour

    header-imageWith so many stagmen touring the country, visiting the top party locations in major cities such as London and Manchester; maybe it is time that we broadened our horizons and embarked on something altogether new and refreshing.


  • Mancation ideas in Myrtle Beach

    header-imageLocated just south of the North Carolina / South Carolina border, Myrtle Beach is a fantastic place to visit and between golf, surfing, fishing, and munching on seafood there is something for everyone.

    The folks at Visit Myrtle Beach sent this list of "hot things to do besides golf", so I wanted to share it with you guys.

  • The Key Ingredients to Boston: Malt, Hops and Fenway

    header-imageBeing in Boston without going to Fenway Park is like traveling to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower – except worse. The home of the Red Sox and oldest ballpark in America is a holy mecca for baseball fans.

    But every man who has discovered the ingenious formula of baseball and beer knows that going to a game is only a part of the night out.

  • Fishing, Hiking, Biking in Montrose Colorado!

    header-imageThe folks at Montrose Colorado sent us some info about Guys getaways in their neck of the woods.

    In addition to hiking and fishing, this includes the upcoming USA Pro Challenge bike race from Durango to Denver.

  • Kensington VIP Tours: 2012 F1 Austin Grand Prix

    header-imageFuel Your Need For Speed With Kensington’s VIP Tours To The 2012 F1 Austin Grand Prix at the New Circuit of the Americas! When I While I am a NASCAR fan first, and quickly becoming an Indy fan as well, this year the excitement and technical wonder of F1 racing has started to pique my interest as well.

    While F1 is the "Champagne and Caviar" to NASCAR's Coors Light and Chicken Wings, this package from Kensington should keep you in VIP style as you watch some of the most advanced machines on earth race around one of the newest tracks in the world and certainly one of the most exciting recent additions to the American motor-sports scene.

  • Man-Up in Montana

    header-imageThe Mountain Sky Guest Ranch sends word about their new mancation package - Man-Up in Montana. This is your chance to grab your pals and head off to hike the rugged mountains, fish the fantastic trout streams, and ride horses like the great cowboys that you may have only read about or seen in movies.

  • Manly Emergency Supplies for your Next Camping Trip

    header-imageWe don't always think about what might happen if something goes wrong on that back-woods hunting or fishing trip, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared.While 9 times out of 10 you will return from your adventure safe sound and with a belly full of the "Three B's" (Beer, Beef, and Bourbon), you never know what might happen when camping and that's where these items can come in handy.

    The following items aren't just smart, they are also a manly way to stay alive in a pinch!

  • Father-Son Mancation - Monterey Motorsport Weekend

    header-imageKensington Tours sends us quiete possibly the most amazing (and WAY over the top) mancation package I have ever laid my eyes on.

    This is a magical, once-in-a-lifetime Monterrey Motorsport weekend in sunny California. From the Concourse D'Elegance on the sacred greens of Pebble Beach to the Rolex Monterrey Motorsports Reunion at the famed Laguna Seca Track, this is the fully loaded adventure that Dad's dreams are made of.

  • 20 Fun Things to do in Virginia this Summer

    header-imageSummer is one of the most exciting times to visit Virginia.

    Road trip adventures, beach front fun, mountaintop cabins and lazy days on the water are just some of the many reasons to make Virginia their summer vacation spot. Virginia has just created a list of 20 ideas for cool summer getaways for guys looking to explore Virginia.

  • Colorado Mancation Adventure Package from The Westin Westminster

    header-imageExplore Colorado's many extraordinary outdoor gems this summer with the new Colorado Adventure Package from The Westin Westminster.

    In partnership with Boulder's Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, the hotel is now offering three unique half-day adventures that explore Colorado's exceptional hiking, biking and rock climbing while also providing an in-depth understanding of the area's geography, history, wildlife and vegetation.

  • Road Trip Review: Kia Rio SX 5-door

    header-imageWhat do you think of when you hear the name Kia? Is it small, crappy, econobox? In the past, you may have been correct - but no longer! Kia has asked me to test drive some of their latest creations and they started me out with the fun and sporty 2013 Rio 5-door for a road trip review.

    While this car is undoubtedly intended to zip around town vs a 3-4 hour road trip, it felt comfortable on the drive from Chicago to Indianapolis. Possibly more importantly, the car looks great!

  • Carnival Glory Review - Boston 7-Day

    header-imageHaving cruised a few times in the Caribbean we wanted to do something new. A tour of New England and Maritime Canada, seemed like a great idea to explore a different area and show my wife some of the places I visited when I was younger. We had fun, the Carnival Glory is a great ship, but we learned a couple important things that will help guide us on future cruises 1) Sometimes the first trip on an itinerary is a bit rough 2) the "total cost" of a Caribbean cruise can be MUCH CHEAPER than other destinations 3) Sometimes you just need to be able to make your own fun when mother nature doesn't cooperate.

    Next year (2013), Carnival is set to bring the Glory back to Boston, but with Funship 2.0 Upgrades, and hopefully our cruise helped both Carnival and the various ports iron out any kinks that we experienced.

  • Road Trip Review: 2013 Nissan Altima

    header-imageWhat do you take when you start with a great all-around great suburban family car, toss in a bit of style, and then take Nissan's determination to make it the best car in the segment? I call it the new 2013 Altima. With an industry leading 38 mpg, chic modern styling, super comfortable seats, and a peppy engine tied to a silky smooth CVT transmission, this car is perfect for picking up clients, taking your daughter to her piano recital, OR zooming down the road with the buddies on a road trip!

    As you may remember from our last road trip review of the Altima, we loved the car - and our only main complaint was that the 4 cylinder engine wasn't peppy enough for us to call it "fun". With this review, Nissan outfitted us with a 3.5 L V6 with 270-hp instead. That immediately eliminated that issue for us and there was much rejoicing!

  • Shores Resort Daytona, Coke Zero Race Package

    header-coke-zero-nascar-logoDaytona is one of my all-time favorite destinations for a mancation or even just a quick guys weekend. The Shores Resort is one of my favorite places there as well, and now it is even better with a Coke Zero, NASCAR Race Package.

  • Three Awesome European Stag Weekend Destinations

    header-the-stag-companyChoosing a destination for your stag weekend is probably the most important decision to make when planning your stag do abroad. Get it right and prepare to be toasted all weekend long for your excellent foresight and planning skills – get it wrong and be ready to incur the wrath of your fellow stag do revellers.

    Here, we’ll take a look at three top European stag party destinations that should be under consideration for any self-respecting group.


  • Scallop Season at Plantation on Crystal River

    header-crystal-riverWhile you might be more thinking about a fishing trip for your next guys weekend, how about trying scalloping instead? In addition to that, Plantation on Crystal River is located right in the middle of manatee central as well as having a fantastic golf course. 

    What more could you ask for?

  • Best Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2012

    Looking for a great Mothers Day Gift? We decided to round up some of our favorites and other gifts for moms that we have seen floating around the internet.

  • Introducing Bud Light, Lime-a-Rita

    bud-light-lime-a-rita-can-headerHappy Cinco de Mayo! Whether you are reading this today (May 5) or sometime else, Bud Lite Lime-a-Rita is designed to bring the spirit of this Mexican-American holiday to your party - without the fuss of multiple ingredients and a blender.

    The question is, what does it taste like?

  • Carnival Breeze: New Sushi and BBQ Restaurants!

    carnival-breeze-headerDining is a highlight of the Carnival vacation experience and the 130,000-ton Carnival Breezewill feature a huge array of culinary choices when it enters service June 3.

    Two new offerings will include Bonsai Sushi, the line’s first full-service sushi restaurant, and an open-air barbecue venue called Fat Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ.

  • Lads Camping Weekends from PitchUp

    logo-headerUK Travel and camping site PitchUp is a guide to more than 5,000 UK and Ireland holiday parks, campsites, and more. While most of you likely think of camping as something to do in the United States, the UK and Ireland has a fantastic selection of camping opportunities as well!

  • So You’ve Been Invited to Go Fishing – What Do You Bring?

    what-to-take-fishing-headerIf you’ve never been before, there’s no shame in getting advice from a veteran, be that friends with whom you’ll be fishing or the grizzled expert at your local Cabela’s.

    Don’t waste money on the shiniest thing you can find. Take some time to learn about the gear you’re going to buy, and make sure that you’re taking any salesman’s advice with a grain of salt.



  • Carnival Glory to Return to Boston in 2013 with 2.0 Upgrades

    carnival-glory-headerIn June, Man Tripping will be sailing on Carnival Glory to check out this fantastic sounding itinerary. From whale watching, to deep sea fishing, and don't forget brewery tours, this itinerary is shaping up to be a fantastic mancation cruise! Now, in 2013 it will return to Boston with the full Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades it will be even better!

    Carnival Glory to Undergo Extensive Renovation, adding a Variety of ‘Fun Ship 2.0’ Dining, Bar and Entertainment Choices in Preparation for 2013 Cruise Season

  • Ever Wanted to Drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini?

    header-imageLast week I had what might be a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I got to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo and my other writer drove a Ferrari California. Together, these cars cost almost half a million dollars.

    But they were AMAZING. This opportunity was brought to us by Imagine Lifestyles, and while their core business is luxury rentals (cars, yachts, aircraft, property) they also host this Ultimate Driving Experience periodically in different cities.

  • Our Indy 500 2011 Experience

    indy-500-headerThis isn't quite a "Fathers and Sons" trip, but last year I was invited to join my Father-In-Law and his friend on their annual trip to the mecca of motor-sports, the Indianapolis 500. While I am for the most part a NASCAR fan I have become attached to the spirit of auto racing in general, so I had a fantastic time.

    Additionally, I am proud to say that I survived a flea-bag motel so bad that even the roaches didn't stay there, a thunderstorm that started while we were sitting atop a metal bleacher, and the hundreds of thousands of people who descend upon the Indianapolis Motor Speedway each year.

  • Preparing for the Indianapolis 500

    indy-500-headerWhile not for everyone, attending a world-class sporting event is an awesome excuse to round up the guys and head off on an adventure. Visiting the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one such opportunity and certainly one that EVERY race fan should attend at least once in their lives.

  • Man-Friendly Holidays


    So many holiday sites are dedicated to families, couples, backpackers and women, but what about the average bloke? He’s not what you’d call well represented in the travel market. However, there is a growing market for male-only holidays.

    Man-friendly holiday destinations go beyond Las Vegas and Eastern Europe’s capitals. There are hundreds of locations across the globe that cater well to the average man’s needs. Here are our three top picks.

  • Mancations and Lads Holidays on Lanzarote

    lanzarote-headerThe small Canary Island of Lanzaroteis big on natural wonders and unique man-made attractions. Making this an ideal destination for groups that are keen to combine soaking up the sun with a spot of serious sightseeing. Lanzarote is a four hour flight from the UK, with plenty of cheap returns available with budget operators such as easyJet and Ryanair. But it´s a world away in terms of weather and scenery, boasting temperatures that rarely fall below 20 degrees Celsius, even in the depths of winter and a landscape that resembles something out of a science fiction movie.

  • Mancationing in Egypt's Beach Resorts

    Egypt isn’t just about the crumbling ruins sprawled out across the deserts, there is plenty more than crumbling going on there. Some of the world’s most bucket-list worthy dives and water sports are in Egypt’s Red Sea, and the modern beach resorts themselves are more than enough reason to head there for your lads holiday to Egypt. 

  • TradeWinds Resort Now Features JetLev Jet Pack Rides!

    tradewinds-mancationWhat's better than a trip to an awesome beach resort? How about a ride on a jet pack??

    One of our most favorite beach resorts, TradeWinds in St. Pete Beach just got even better...

    (Read our Review of TradeWinds Sand Piper and Island Grand.)

  • Golden Gate - Vegas' Original Casino Undergoes Re-Construction

    golden-gate-logo-250Founded in 1906 on poker chips, whiskey and wild women, the Golden Gate – Las Vegas’ original casino – is undergoing its first major expansion in 50 years. A hangout for Frank, Sammy and Dean during the Rat Pack era, the landmark property in downtown Las Vegas will keep its authentic Vegas vibe while adding a spectacular 35,000-square-foot, five-story luxury tower with 16 hotel suites, including two penthouses that will encompass the entire 5th floor.

  • Michael Douglas and Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament at Atlantis

    headerimagePARADISE ISLAND, BAHAMAS (February 29, 2012) – Atlantis, Paradise Island, will play host to the 11th Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament (MD&F), May 25-27, 2012 at the 18-hole, par 72 championship Ocean Club Golf Course.

    Co-hosting the tournament with Michael Douglas will be Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman, on behalf of PLAN!T NOW (P!N), the disaster preparedness non-profit which has granted over $100,000 in scholarships to students impacted by severe weather events. Proceeds from the televised golf tournament featuring four teams of celebrity golfers will equally benefit P!N and The Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF), the leading Hollywood charity providing health, financial and social services to the entertainment community. Kenny Chesney, longtime PLAN!T NOW advocate, will contribute to the fundraising efforts with a LIVE Benefit concert on Saturday, May 26 at Atlantis. This special intimate performance will be before Chesney kicks off his summer tour in June 2012. Since its inception, MD&F has raised over ten million dollars for MPTF.

  • Sharks, Fish Sandwiches, and Water Slide Races at Atlantis Resort

    headerimageIf you live in the United States, it is highly likely that you have seen the commercials for Atlantis - pictured as this gleaming Las Vegas-style resort emerging from powdered sugar Bahamian sands, with a gorgeous couple (or maybe a family) enjoying their stay there.

    What you don't see is that Atlantis is also a great spot for a group of guys to go for a long weekend, or even just for the day, since it is super convenient to the port of Nassau. That is how I got to experience the spectacle that is Atlantis Resort, during our cruise on Carnival Ecstasy, and I had a BLAST!

  • Beach Party Destinations For an Awesome Lads Holiday

    No longer satisfied with party on home ground, there is a growing group of travelers that prefer to hit up clubs, parties and festivals around the world. Just as there are fashion capitals that fuel fashion tourism and nature centers that ignite our passion to explore the great outdoors there are places around the world that attract the best of the best in terms of DJs, clubs and loyal fans. Whatever style of music you’re into there is a party destination for you. Here are three of the world’s best.

  • TripAdvisor Names Daytona Beach One of America’s Top Beach Destinations


    Daytona Beach has been named one of America's top beach destinations by TripAdvisor. The popular resort area's 23 miles of beaches was ranked sixth in TripAdvisor's top 10 listing of Travelers' Choice Award-winning U.S. Beach Destinations.

    As you may remember, we visited Dayton a couple years ago on our "Daytona: The Original Mancation" trip and made some FANTASTIC friends there, so this award is no surprise to us!

  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal Orlando Resort Reopens

    spiderman-openingPress Release:

    The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal Orlando Resort – one of the world’s most popular theme park experiences – is now even better. Mind-blowingly better.


    The attraction reopens today with all-new 4K digital high-definition animation, a new highly-sophisticated Infitec 3-D projection system, a new music score and new high-tech 3-D glasses so that guests can experience the improvements the way the attraction’s creators envisioned.  The attraction’s sets, audio system and lighting have also been upgraded.

  • TripAdvisor names Daytona Beach Named One of America’s Top Beach Destinations


    Daytona Beach has been named one of America's top beach destinations by TripAdvisor. The popular resort area's 23 miles of beaches was ranked sixth in TripAdvisor's top 10 listing of Travelers' Choice Award-winning U.S. Beach Destinations.

    As you may remember, we visited Dayton a couple years ago on our "Daytona: The Original Mancation" trip and made some FANTASTIC friends there, so this award is no surprise to us!

  • Discover France Brings E-Bike Rentals To Guided / Self-Guided Cycling Tours Of Loire, Provence, Languedoc Regions

    An innovative French touring company, Discover France, is taking the pain out of the gain when cycling up inclines. Guests now may partake of a new adventure travel trend, using hybrid electric bicycles with easy-to-charge battery motors.

  • The Great Race: 100 Classic Cars, 2,300 Miles

    classic-car-raceTRAVERSE CITY, MI – On June 23, as many as 100 classic automobiles will drive past the starting flag in Traverse City for The Great Race, a nine-day 2,300-mile road rally that will take them through Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio before ending in Henry Ford’s hometown of Dearborn on July 1.

  • Living the Entourage Lifestyle in LA

    entourage-headerCome hang out in LA, Entourage style, where work and play are one and the same. Here, bloody steaks taste better on white table clothes and the beautiful people enjoy a bit of debauchery on the dance floor...

    To experience a slice of the Entourage pie, you will have to flash a bit of cash. This guide will help you plot your own DIY tour to follow Vince and the boys around LA for an authentic taste of the Hollywood lifestyle. Splurge on the best LA steak one day then chomp on cheap pastrami the next. Oh the sweet life...

  • Original Hooters Reopens in Clearwater, Florida

    The first ever Hooters celebrated its reopening this week after a complete remodel in Clearwater, Florida. The Hooters at 2800 Gulf to Bay Blvd. is the restaurant that launched the iconic American brand, which today boasts more than 480 locations in 44 states and 27 countries worldwide. Though completely updated and remodeled, the Original Hooters still maintains the same "delightfully tacky, yet unrefined" historic charm and appeal as it did when it first opened on October 4, 1983.

  • Three Awesome European Cities for a Memorable Mancation

    Ever considered heading to Europe for a mancation? There's an array of fantastic cities that offer just the right blend of culture and the opportunity for guys of all ages to really relax and enjoy themselves.

  • Places to Stay in Cleveland after your Visit to the Market

    muse-clevelandIn the previous piece we shared insight into Cleveland's FAMOUS West Side Market, but most hotels and other places to stay wouldn't really do you any good if you wanted to make your own meal or experience the full impact. So, if you are a foodie, or just love awesome fresh food and want to stay in Cleveland, here are some tips provided by our awesome friends at Positively Cleveland.

  • A Visit to Cleveland's West Side Market

    cleveland-west-side-market-logoAs if Beer and Sports weren't a good enough reason to visit Cleveland, the culinary scene there is actually pretty decent these days too. As a bit of a foodie myself, I am also always open to checking out unique places to get fresh, superior quality products.

    Unfortunately on this trip I wasn't able to actually purchase anything except the sausages since I was staying at a hotel, but don't worry! In our next piece we'll share with you some spots in Cleveland where you can stay and cook up an awesome meal after your visit to the market.

  • 8-Day Self Guided Bike Tour of Europe

    Press Release:

    8-Day Self-Guided Cycling Tour from Pure Adventures Encompasses Four Corners of Central Europe

    Tour Itinerary Showcases Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic To Reveal Secrets of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

    SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Feb. 2, 2012 – European travel company Pure Adventures, a division of Discover France Adventures, announces new "4 Corners of Central Europe" 8-day self-guided cycling tours revealing Old Europe that was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Hapsburg dynasty.

    Cyclists exploring at their own pace the intersections of Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic are armed with maps, lodging, breakfast daily, luggage transfers, local emergency support, cell phone rental (for local calls only), orientation, riding routes and cue sheets, suggestions for visitation and dining, bike delivery, pickup, fitting, and fully equipped bicycle rental for the duration with GPS device for navigation (one per group or couple).

    The self-guided per person double occupancy rate is 1290 Euros; a single supplement is 350 Euros. For those more comfortable with a guide, special escorted tour departures are July 15-20 and Aug. 26-Sept. 2, 2012. Custom guided tours can be arranged for a minimum of four guests. The price is slightly higher per person at 1940 Euros based on double occupancy, inclusive of everything on the self-guided program plus a guide, support van, and some guided visits at selected sites. See:

    "These four countries represent some of the best historic cycling in Central Europe," said Loren Siekman, Discover France director, who added that mornings may reveal a UNESCO heritage site with time in the afternoon for a castle visit or winery.

    Accommodations are three-star guest houses and small hotels. Some meals are taken in the hotel or just a short walk away. Accommodations include a private bathroom and a variety of other amenities. Local guides and experts are available by phone to assist during a self-guided trip with any kind of emergency and breakdown (except flats). Maps provided are accurate, topographical maps by national map publishers such as the Czech Tourist Club (Czech Republic) and VKU Harmanec (Slovakia). The scales of all maps are 1:50 000 or 1:75 000.

    Travel includes the Lednice-Valtice area, a composed landscape created by the Liechtenstein family, dotted with follies, ponds and chateaux. The powerful Esterhazy family settled in Austria's Eisenstadt and Hungary's Fertöd where they employed the famous composer Joseph Haydn. Lake Neusiedl is a highlight in the lowlands of Burgenland, ideal for leisurely biking, birdwatching and refreshing swims. This tour, with the exquisite wines of Burgenland and the hearty cuisine of Hungary, blends easy cycling with a mix of architecture and nature preserves.

    About Pure Adventures

    Pure Adventures is an outgrowth of the success of Discover France Adventures, in its 18th year in 2012. Discover France Adventures has been organizing bicycle tours and hiking tours in France since 1994 and has offices in the US and France. Discover France is a pioneer in bringing self guided cycling and hiking and now multisport adventures to a broader market outside of Europe. Discover France Adventures and Pure Adventures award-winning tours are "competitively priced yet high quality with substantial support," reports Loren Siekman, Discover France director, "a unique combination that makes a Europe adventure more easily accessible to more people."

    Visit and for all the details or contact them by phone at 800.960.2221 or by email at [email protected]


  • Carnival Ecstasy Review

    carnival-ecstasy-bowWhat's better - new mega boats or the smaller, older ships like the Carnival Ecstasy? While I can't answer the first part, I can say that the Ecstasy is an extremely fine ship and was as clean and polished as the much newer Carnival Victory that we sailed on a few months ago. This trip was Heather and I's "test" to see if we "really liked cruising" and I have to say that the Ecstasy and her staff passed with flying colors - Heather and I even executed our "future cruise" deposit, so now we are committed to sailing again!

    This cruise wasn't fancy, wasn't long, and wasn't expensive. It was however a perfect post holiday romantic retreat.

  • Breweries, BBQ, and Baseball, a St Louis Mancation!

    beers-cheersWhen planning your next mancation, you may consider places where you can drink beer, watch sports, and generally hang out with the guys. What if I told you there was a hidden gem located in the middle of the United States that is just PERFECT for a mancation?

    Would you guess that I am talking about St. Louis? With more than 20 breweries in town, professional sports teams, casinos, and great BBQ, St. Louis should be at the top of your list this year!

  • The Best Pubs in Cumbria England

    Cumbria is home to some of the best British pubs in existence. Full stop. Those Cumbrians certainly know how to brew beer and make you feel welcome, but alcohol and atmosphere are subjective things, so we’ll take a look at a few of what we think are the best ones and you can decide whether or not you agree if you ever pay a visit to England’s most spectacular place.

  • 3 Top Places in the World to Enjoy a Manly Golf Weekend

    slovakiaSport plays a big part in most mancations - and for many of you, heading off for a round of golf IS the mancation. If you and the guys are not talking about it, you’re probably watching it together or playing it together.

    Golf remains a popular hobby for many groups of friends and associates and it is also a great excuse to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The following golf destinations are perfect if you want to spend some quality man time together and enjoy a round or two of golf... 

  • Climbing The Highest Peaks in the UK

    The UK is not even close to having any of the highest peaks in the world, but it is still an absolutely superb place for climbing. Scottish Highlands, Lake District and Peak District holidays will not disappoint any traveling climber, but, if you’re planning a climbing trip to the UK, what exactly are the best and highest peaks to tackle in the UK?

  • Ultimate Stag Weekend in Edinburgh Scotland

    Guest Post from a Man Tripping reader: Getting married last year enabled me to go on an epic stag do to Edinburgh that will long in the memory. Why? Check out the itinerary to see what me and my three closest buddies got up to in the Scottish capital, where he stayed in one of many spacious Edinburgh cottages ideal for small groups.

  • London City’s Greatest Gentlemanly Jaunts

    If you’re thinking about a trip over to the UK, then you’ve got to squeeze London in. Better still, spend five days or a week here if you can in one of the oodles of fantastic city apartments London has to offer. And, of course, London’s got to be done in the utmost style, so we’ve compiled a list of the top five things to do for a great gentlemanly jaunt around one of the coolest and classiest cities in the world. And, of course, we’ve suggested a couple of swanky central London apartments for you to stay at while you’re there, too…

  • Manly Stuff To Do In The UK

    If you’re planning a vacation away with the guys, then you should look no further than the UK. The country is teeming with testosterone and will not disappoint on any level. We take a look here at some of the best things for blokes to do in Britain – there really is something for everyone.

  • Low-Down on the Ultimate Northumberland Man Trip

    My friends in the UK tell me that the English county of Northumberland is a popular destination for stag parties and groups of guys looking for thrills and spills aplenty. While our friends in the UK may already know the best places to stay, others should visit Northumberland cottages can provide an ideal base for a few days for a bunch of blokes, so with the accommodation sorted, all you’ve got to worry about is sorting out the entertainment.

    Fear not, though, as here at Man Tripping we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things to do.

  • Montana Fishing Lodges Round-Up

    montana-fly-fishing-forrestersThinking about heading out into the wilderness for some Montana fly fishing? The Montana Office of Tourism was nice enough to help us out with a list of some of their favorite fly fishing lodges.

    I strongly encourage you to click on the links to check out the individual lodges. If you are anything like me, you will instantly want to whip out your checkbook and start making plans!

  • A Break For The Boys - On a Budget

    air-ticketsAnother summer comes around and the credit crunch is still weighing heavy on our shoudlers - broad and rugged as they may be. But in spite of recent cutbacks and the increasing costs of living, we still feel we are owed our annual summer pilgrimage with the boys, so it’s time to start thinking creatively and find ways to get the man-cations we crave without upsetting our finances for the rest of the year. 

  • Turtle Beach Resort Review - Barbados

    On my recent cruise on the Carnival Victory, one of my favorite stops was visiting the island of Barbados and the opportunity to check out the fantastic Turtle Beach Resort. 

    One of the tricky things about finding a good resort is finding a good balence between great staff, activities, and amenties. I have to say that I was super impressed by the island of Barbados, and I would recomend Turtle Beach Resort for a great mancation - or for our UK readers, a Lads Holiday! (Barbados is apparently very popular with UK vacationers and has regularly scheduled direct flights from London).

  • Carnival Victory Review

    victory-review-headerCruising is one of the least tapped into mancation opportunities, but in reality to provides a great opportunity to party all day, see exciting sites, eat great food, and try things you maybe haven't tried in the past. We sailed on the Carnival Victory out of San Juan earlier this month and were absolutely impressed by what Carnival has to offer!

    With steak every night on the menu, some of the best beaches in the world, a bar around every corner, a chance to explore a new local beer and rum each day, and the opportunity to watch sports outdoors on a giant screen while waiters bring drinks right to you... can life get any better? 

  • InterContinental Tampa “Touchdown in Tampa” Package

    tampa-intercontinentalA couple years ago I had the opportunity to check out the InterContinental during my tour of the Tampa area.

    While I heartily recomend checking it out at ANY TIME, this Touchdown in Tampa package might give you that added incentive.

  • A Southern Delaware Guys Weekend

    dogfishSouthern Delaware may not be the first place you think of when planning a mancation with your buddies, but you'd be remiss in not giving this location some serious consideration. Its central location makes it an easily accessible for from Washington, DC, New York, Philadelphia, or Norfolk, but feels like a world away.

    It offers a wide range of outdoor and action packed activities for adventure seekers, an active nightlife for the pub crawlers, and historic attraction for the culturally minded.

  • Norwegian Epic Mancation Review Guide

    norwegian-epicHere we bring you a cruise ship guide to the best getaways for the perfect Cruise Mancation. The first ship we will focus on in this series is the NCL Norwegian Epic.

    The Norwegian Epic is perfectly equipped to cater for a Mancation and here is why.

  • Delaware Wine and Ale Trail

    delaware-wine-ale-trailOnce again, it is time to start solidifying plans for that well-deserved annual getaway with the guys, and the Delaware Wine and Ale Trail awaits your thirst!

    The promise of leaving behind the intricacies of day-to-life for a few days with our buds is one of the things that keep us going throughout the year. So let's get going and see what's brewing in the tiny, but mighty East Coast state of Delaware!

  • Magaluf, Majorca Lads Holiday

    lads-holiday-bannana-boatThe mancation is known as the lads holiday in Britain, a ritual that is followed by many teens and young adults around England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

    Legions of men from the UK head out to Europe on their summer holidays in search of the essentials of a lads holiday, sun, sea, music, a few drinks and a selection of women from all over Europe.

  • Pinehurst Golf Resort Mancations

    Pinehurst is one of the single best destinations in all of North America for a guys-only getaway. Founded in 1895, the course has played host to many historic events in its nearly 120 years of existence.

    Three separate hotels and a bevy of villas and condos await visitors, who have immediate and access to eight top-notch golf courses. The entire area takes up a little over four square miles.


  • Man Tripping in Sioux Falls

    stogeez-headerSioux Falls, the largest city in South Dakota, is quite the surprise. Not only are the people extremely friendly and the downtown bustling, but the city boasts a long list of manly activities that will keep a group of guys happy for a weekend getaway. Here are three not-to-miss favorites.

  • Mo Auto Racing In the Show-Me State!

    springfield-racewayCan you hear it? Can you smell it? Do you have the need . . . the need for speed? Well, you’re in luck; summer is auto racing season in Missouri. There are no wimpy little motors here. Real race cars don’t have motors, they have engines—big, powerful engines that push with the force of hundreds of horses, creating a roar that can be heard miles away.

  • A Visit to the Firefly Distillery

    firefly-vodka-bannerI am a big fan of Bourbon and have had a chance to visit a few bourbon distilleries, but on a recent trip to South Carolina I had the good fortune to visit the Firefly Vodka Distillery on Wadmalaw Island. Set in the back woods, surrounded by salt marsh and swamps and protected by alligators, the Firefly Distillery is a destination not to be missed on your next visit to coastal Couth Carolina.

  • A Grand, Rapid Guys Weekend in Grand Rapids

    downtown grand rapidsPerhaps best known for its multitude of office furniture manufacturers, Grand Rapids, Michigan, might not readily come to mind as an exciting and compelling destination for weekend getaway. For despite the huge money that's been sunk into a ton of new construction in a city with a beautifully historic core, I haven't really noticed that the city has done a fantastic job of promoting itself, at least into the Chicago area.
  • "Rock and Roll" Days Inn Chicago Review

    days-inn-signA few weeks ago we had an opportunity to check out a unique property in Chicago, the "Rock and Roll" Days Inn. While typically Days Inn might not be your first choice for a guys weekend, this one is actually worth a look. Though the "Rock and Roll" aspect is more historical than part of today's decor (bummer).


  • Mountain Biking in Colorado - Part 2

    mt-bike-rampHere is Part 2 of the Mountain Biking Trip to Colorado. Did you miss Rob's first part? Here's how the mountain bike adventure started out...

  • Mountain Biking In Colorado

    mt-bike-rampIt was a cold, frostbitten morning in central Indiana. It was a dark and extremely early, 4:30am to be exact. It was time to get it on. It was time to pack up and get on the road.

  • Three Wonderful, Western Winter Wonderlands

    big-sky-montanaThe best winter vacations include macho outdoor activities, and America’s wild West is the perfect place to take part in the fun.

  • Rock and Roll Days Inn Chicago

    days-inn-chicago-exteriorWhat would you say if I told you that I found the ultimate mancation hotel in Chicago - and it was a Days Inn. Wait, what? Did I just recommend that you consider staying at a Days Inn, rather than a swanky downtown hotel like the Trump?

    Yes, yes I did. This hotel has a rock and roll heritage, gangsters stayed here in the roaring 20's, it is walking distance to Wrigley Field, there are tons of bars and music halls nearby, and they even have a spa for men right next door!

  • The Palazzo Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

    Vegas may be one of those places that is overwhelming when you try to figure out where to go for the ultimate mancation. We had the opportunity recently to explore a fantastic choice that we heartily recomend you consider as well, The Palazzo.

    In addition to being a great casino hotel, The Palazzo is also home to Lagassi Stadium, which may well be the pinacle of perfection when it comes to sports bars!

  • Park City and the St. Regis in Deer Valley

    Winter weather can snarl many a vacation plan, but for those seeking out snowy conditions Park City, Utah can offer a blast of fun. The mountain town features three ski slopes to choose from including the famous Deer Valley. Its location less than an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City International Airport makes it a popular spot thanks to cheaper flights compared to some of the other famous mountain destinations.

  • Guys Only Adventures in Australia

    manly-australiaSo you’ve found yourselves flights to Australia. You have organized your travel insurance and your emergency first aid kit. You are equipped with tents, hiking boots and insect repellent.

    Or possibly the most recent guidebooks on culture and cafés in Sydney. Now it’s time to decide the details of your guys-only vacation down under.


  • Get Out to Holiday Bowl and More! Great Father & Son stuff in San Diego

    holiday-bowlSan Diego is a popular vacation destination come wintertime, but did you know that it is also a great place to head for a Father-Son getaway too? San Diego is famous for its beautiful beaches, temperate weather, as well as many attractions like the World Famous Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World and Legoland.

    However, there are plenty of activities that any father and son can enjoy in America’s Finest City. Here five San Diego holiday activities to consider for a Father-Son getaway to San Diego.

  • Golf, Fishing, and Hiking on a Palmdale California Guys Weekend

    DevilsPunchbowlRocks250x250pxIt’s been a long, arduous week at work. Your boss was complaining that you did not do the task he never informed you of in the first place, your clients have been calling you up all week demanding better results, and that stack of papers on your desk does not look like it will be getting any smaller in the near future. Fortunately, I have just the remedy for you: a weekend in Palmdale with just the guys. So call up your buddies and leave the wife at home, because this is dudes’ day out.
  • Germany Pub Crawl with Thirsty Swagman

    These days, the term macation gets thrown around more than a baseball at a Yankee’s stadium. Mancations have been a growing trend among close mates over the past decade, whether it be a fishing or camping trip with the lads, a bachelor’s weekend away before a big wedding or just a simple annual catch-up to avoid losing touch with your childhood besties.

  • River Surfing on Germany's Isar River

    german-river-surfing-1Munich, Germany is known for its beer. This year was no exception as millions of visitors flocked to Munich for the 200th Anniversary of Oktoberfest.  If you are able to drag your self away from the frenzy and excitement of beer tents and dirndls, Munich has another Mancation worthy attraction – Surfing!

  • Top 5 Caribbean Snorkeling Sites

    Are you dreaming of a Caribbean vacation and snorkeling in warm, turquoise-blue waters? We’ve got a list of the top 5 snorkeling spots in the Caribbean. And, if you’re a budget-minded traveler, you’ll be interested to know that renting a timeshare is the smart way to save money on accommodations.

  • Day 4 and 5 Tour Around Lake Michigan

    Hello Mantrippers! I have two days to cover tonight. We start with Day where we pick up leaving Boyne Mountain and heading South toward Glen Arbor. On our way we made our way through much of the wine country in the peninsulas surrounding Traverse City. Of note we both enjoyed having lunch at Black Star Farms and Winery in Suttons Bay. The on site restaurant is a fantastic find. Why? They are locally known for having the best pizza around and the locals are right. Upon entering you are greeted by smiling faces and a warm décor. The open kitchen is great to watch your lunch being made, and for us, having pizza we got to see them use the open faced brick pizza oven. Our lunch tasted great, our pizza had a great; not too thin, not too thick crust, fresh ingredients and a fresh tomato sauce. While speaking with the owner we were enlightened by the fact that they are forging ahead with a popular trend in food right now called “farm to table”. In short, everything is organic, fresh from the farm and direct to the restaurant either trough on site farming or through farmers markets. I would encourage if you would like more information you can find the great publication “edible” or can go online to their website at and see if your city has its’ representative publication. The magazine is a guide to “farm to table” providing recipes, articles and a guide to local restaurants. We were truly ecstatic to have stopped in to Black Star Farms and learn of how they are making food sustainability and the preservation of local farming a priority. You must stop by and visit if you are in the area or go online to learn more.

    After the nice tour of the wine country we continued south to our final destination of our Day 4 trip which was The Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor. The resort steals your attention as you enter and are greeted by all the fall color from the abundance of foliage and trees that canopied the entire resort. Before checking in to the room we took a trip to the backside of the resort where you find sand dunes lining the Lake Michigan shoreline where the waves were crashing in. Lining up and down the roads of the resort are condos, houses and bungalows which are rentals, owners or timeshares. It was truly a magnificent resort to just sight see through. You definitely feel you are one with nature, which was further satisfied by the deer we saw right outside our room when we were checking in. The resort room was very comfortable and rustic and our back door opened to a nice patio staring out into the wilderness. As we settled in we ate at Nonna’s one of 5 restaurants on site including a convenience store. Nonna’s was an upscale Italian eatery offering a full menu and wonderful desserts. In the morning as we looked for breakfast we found a great buffet offered at CQ’s next to Cavanaugh’s Convenience store. After breakfast we went up to check out the spa before we left. The notable thing here is it sits at the top of the resort overlooking the dunes and the lake. So picture yourself enjoying that massage while you listen to the wave’s crash into the shore. It was truly a magical place high up in the hills beneath all the splendid colors. The resort also offers golf, skiing and a fitness center.

    Today as we began Day 5, we mostly had a traveling day as we made way to the South again towards our weekend play destination of Saugatuck and Douglass along Hwy 31 and 2. Entering into the cities’ you can not help but notice the small town charm of these twin cities that skirt the lake. Looking out as you drive in you are caught by the ships docked in the bays, the restaurants and shops that line the lake and streets, and the overall small town ambience of the people walking up and down the streets or sitting on one of the many benches around town enjoying the views or each others’ conversations. We make our way further in and check in to our home for the next two nights; the Northern Lights Condos. After checking in and making our way into our front door we are greeted with a very elegant condo. The furnishings include two King size beds in two bedrooms with separate baths, fully stocked gourmet kitchen, washer/dryer, patio and a large living room complete with fireplace. The furnishings are all well kept and the space is very clean, we both were quite impressed. We settled in and then decided to take a quick tour of the area before dinner. Our first stop was at the most well known beach here the Oval Beach. What we found is one of the best lake and dune views we have seen on our trip. It is also the best place to visit an absolutely gorgeous sunset as again you can hear the waves crashing and feel the mist hitting in your face. It was a wonderful end to the light of day before we headed to dinner. For dinner we ventured out of town a bit to the town of Holland, Michigan just north of our current stay. Holland is a Dutch settled city and has many influences from some architecture, to flora, to restaurants and bars. Our dinner in fact took us to the New Holland Brewing Company, a local microbrewery and college hang out it turns out. The place was rocking with a local band and seemed to be a favorite of the local college crowd from Hope College. Our crew had some sandwiches and our favorite mantripper James Hills had a microbrew sampler he will blog of separately. It was a nice place to go and hang out and felt very trendy for the area.

    We have had a good two days and look forward to our weekend. We plan on doing some shopping in Saugatuck and Douglass, finding some more “good eats”, and maybe will have a little alternative fun as well! Stay tuned. Good night mantrippers, only two more days of our Lake Michigan Circle tour before I head back to the Big “D” in Texas.

  • A Romantic Weekend in South West Michigan

    Just a couple hours east of Chicago and almost the same distance from Detroit lies a wonder area just waiting for couples planning a romantic weekend. South West Michigan is a destination that continues to impress both Heather and I. Initially, it was the wine trail and the beach that drew us, but now we have grown to love exploring the little coastal towns like Saugatuck, Douglas, and St. Joseph.

  • Day 3 Trip Around Lake Michigan - Boyne

    Another day in the book Mantrippers. Today we made our way out of Manistique, East down Hwy 2 toward the Mackinaw Bridge crossing into Lower Michigan. As you approach into the Mackinaw area we were fortunate to cross through the beautiful town of Harbor Springs. This is a picturesque little “harbor” town complete with sailing boats, boutique shops, restaurants, and steep climbing hills that lead you to beautiful overlooks of the whole town and the lake. Leaving out of Harbor Springs we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge and decided to take some country roads to our next destination of Boyne Falls.

    Our little side trip to the country took us out Hwy 81 toward Hwy 119 that skirts the lake taking you back toward Hwy 41. Here you will criss cross the farm land and windy hills through some of the best autumn color we have seen on our trip. Pulling over we had many photo ops of perfect Fall landscapes of yellows and oranges while the leaves float through the wind on their way to there final resting on the roads. It was a great peaceful drive and I highly recommend taking the time out of your route to go through the country.

    Finally back on our main route down Hwy 41 we find ourselves heading into Boyne Falls, Michigan where we arrive at our much needed resort location of Boyne Mountain Lodge and Spa. Driving up you are struck by the grandeur of the main lodge and the currently barren ski slopes stretching into the clouds. Walking into the lodge to check in you are greeted by a giant sculpted bear letting you know this is a place you will feel like you are getting away from it all. The interior is warmly lavish with hardwoods and ornate and antique type furniture complete with a large fireplace and a private library. We were greeted warmly by the staff; however since we were early our room was not quite ready. We took the opportunity to have lunch at Everett’s lounge, one of the many restaurants on property.  Food was great and the service was fast and friendly. After lunch we were warmly greeted by our host Erin who was kind enough to give us a brief tour of the resort. We finished and went to check into our room. Upon entering; the room is spacious and I enjoyed that there were two sinks and a large bathroom. My only issue would have been the colors. I thought the lime green and pinkish hues of the wall paint did not quite match the hardwood trim in the room. But all in all it is a nice spacious and comfortable room.

    From here we had a very fun and relaxing afternoon and evening. Our first venture was Zip Lining which is done here through the resort. We were all gathered in the suit up room with our 9 other participants and were put through our harnessing and safety instructions. It was quick yet efficient and all the instructors were very patient if you had questions. With the session completed we were shuttled into the van and up the 620ft road to the top of the mountain to start our decent. After some more initial instructions we began and I have to admit this is one of the most entertaining things I have done. While it is not end of life daring it is very enjoying and you do experience some “rush” as you blaze through the treetops at speeds up to 25-30mph suspended through the air. What was a nice side excursion was the mild hiking involved from step off point to point. We were able to enjoy all the great autumn colors as the leaves fell which made even more enjoyable when you were zipping from tree to tree. The whole trip takes about 2 hours depending on your group size. An added program for Halloween was mentioned called “Zip of Terror” running October 29th through the 30th where “zipping” will take place in darkness, with the only light coming from the glow sticks carried by “creatures” roaming the woods while you go from point to point. It’s original and sounds like a scary good time. If you live in the area or will be driving through, I would highly recommend trying it out and let us know how it is.

    I separated from my Chick Vacation traveling partner and headed to the Solace Spa for a much needed reflexology session. The spa is nice and very welcoming and warm and I was treated elegantly. They have a great relaxation room which you can enjoy before and after, with complimentary fragranced water and assortments of herbal teas, all the while you can relax with soothing new age tunes playing in the background. My session was nice, my therapist was very accommodating and professional and the session completed with fresh fruit and more time in the relaxation room. The locker rooms are well furnished and complete with steam room/sauna and whirlpool. Prices at the Solace Spa are reasonable and comparable to most resort spas.

    I met back up with my partner and we enjoyed dinner at one of the other resort restaurants called the Trophy Room. It was a much laid back and rustic pizza style joint. All the tables, chairs and barstools were made of solid wood and the décor outlined the history of the resort through old photos which were quite informative and entertaining to look through while we were waiting on dinner. The food was simple yet good. My counterpart had a calzone and I had a wonderful stuffed chicken. They make all of their own bread here at the Trophy Room which made the fresh hot breadsticks that came out very very appealing. In fact some made it back to the room for later. The Trophy Room also features a Boyne original brew called Everett’s Ale. The ale is a darker amber beer and had the flavor of a malty caramel flavor. The beer finished very smooth and paired well with both of our meals. If you are a brew fanatic, probably worth the trip in to give it drink.

    Finishing dinner we took in one more things to finish our day off right. We jumped in the outdoor HEATED pool and spa. I can say that it is quite an experience, and very relaxing, to sit in the warm pool in the night air, the steam pouring off of you while you stare up into the stars and forget reflect on your day. It was a great ending to a great day. There are many more things that can be done at Boyne Mountain. They have many conference and convention facilities and can host your events for business or family. During winter months of course skiing is King in these parts and Boyne offers varying difficulties skiing fun. Further when the weather is nice, enjoy golfing at one of two championship courses. During the summer and weekend currently, you and your family can enjoy “Avalanche Bay” which is their HUGE indoor water park. If all of this was not enough there is always hiking, chair lift rides, 18 hole disc golf, tennis, mountain biking, horse drawn rides and even ice skating! Whew!!! There is so much to do here and the staff has been so great. I highly recommend taking a trip up here, whether it’s romantic, the family, your business, or maybe just you need time for you, Boyne Mountain here in Boyne Falls has everything you will need to enjoy your stay. Happy Trails!!!!

  • Day 2 Trip Around Lake Michigan

    Greetings Mantrippers from our evening stop here in Manistique, MI in the UP. We had mostly a traveling day today but I will recap some of our highlights. We started our day where we left off yesterday in Fish Creek, Door County. We did not have time to visit the downtown but took the time to visit the White Gull Inn for what Good Morning America described as “America’s Best Breakfast”. This “Best” dish was Cherry Cream Cheese stuffed French Toast you would surely enjoy if you like cherries and do not mind an extra sweet start to your day. The Inn was extremely warm in décor and the staff was very polite. It really got going around 9:00am as the wait was starting to build, so best bets is to get there around 8am.

    Leaving Fish Creek we drove south into the town of Carlsville to see Cookie the Cow whose home is found at Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy. Cookie is essentially the 15ft high mascot of the farm whom provides much of the dairy used by Land o’ Lakes. It was a unique stop, unfortunately it was closed so we were unable to dive into anything further, but an interesting stop if you are fond of or work in agriculture or food production.

    From here we were back on the road and headed toward Green Bay to our next stop in Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. Upon arriving in to town I was surprised at the location of the stadium. I assumed it would be next to the downtown or shoreline, but in fact was in a residential and business district. While I felt it took away from some of it’s appeal, the stadium itself in truth reflected the city it represents. The exterior was simple brick façade and looked very industrial, which represents the blue collar working environment that was paramount driving through the city. I really liked the tailgating portion of the parking lot which was complete with very posh covered buildings with refreshments, seating and what appeared to be entertainment capability. In all, was not one of the more extraordinary stadiums I have seen but is certainly a must see for the die hard NFL fan.

    Leaving Green Bay we made our way north to our next destination of Escanaba, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula(UP). Entering into the area around Escanaba it is evident this is a huge fishing area. Tackle and Bait shops are abundant up and down HWY 41 and Hwy 2 east of Escanaba. One will also find boat sales and many hole in the wall motels such as the Sallmar Motel we stopped at. Looking inside you can see this would be an ideal location for you and your buddies to come up for your fishing trip as it provided ample space for up to 12 of your friends and complete with outdoor grill and kitchen inside for cooking up the fish you caught that day. While it was dated and a bit run down, it is very affordable and the staff was really present. We did not end up staying here and continued our journey up to Manistique where we have ended tonight at the Comfort Inn. Our hotel tonight is a nice chain venue and is located fantastically directly across the road from the edge of Lake Michigan. It is an ideal place to stay with many restaurants next door or down the street for breakfast the next day.

  • 1st day Trip Around Lake Michigan

    Hello fellow mantripper’s. We have begun our Lake Michigan Circle trip and it has been a full day of travel and had a couple stops along our way. Our first stop brought us to Kenosha and a little diner called Frank’s, as seen on Diner’s Drive In’s and Dive’s from Food Network. I can tell you it was a complete dive of a diner and I loved it and why you should check it out. From the moment you pull up you can smell the greasy goodness emanating from the side of the small old building. Walking up you enter the small door and up the stairs to the sliding door and you enter into what a traditional diner should be. What hits you first is the smell of the grill sizzling of hash browns with varieties of porky goodness! Then you begin to look around and take in the small layout of booths and barstools and your eyes are drawn by your ears to the sounds of the cook yelling orders to her bread man and then calling to the servers when the orders are up. There is also the uniqueness of candor of the conversations of the regulars that undoubtedly visit daily. I really enjoyed this quaint and characteristic diner. We sat directly behind the grill and watched as our cook, and she was the only cook, fly through orders with flipping skills unmatched by few. It was real entertainment just to watch her run the grill and worth the trip in self. The food was great, we had traditional eggs, I had a Puffer omelet and all was really good. If you are going through Kenosha you need to stop here. Friendly and entertaining staff (the cook), good food and a fun environment. My only recommendation is to sit behind the grill.

    As we made our way north along I-94 we were greeted by increasing colors of auburn and orange redness on our approach to Door Counties front door of Sturgeon Bay. We hit Hwy 42/57 in Sturgeon Bay and stopped by the must see Door County Visitors Bureau. They have every brochure you would need including food, arts, lodging and daytrips. But most importantly-MAPS! We then continued our way slightly North and off County Road WD to Cave Point County Park. The website indicated you will “hear the coast before you see it”, and they were right. Upon walking up through the canopy of orange leaves you hear the tide hitting the bluffs with tremendous force. We made our way to the shoreline and were met with surprisingly steep and rocky bluffs. The lakeshore was crashing into the sides of the shore and it made for a nice relaxing atmosphere after our lengthy drive. We spent about 20 minutes walking up and down the shoreline listening to the bluffs sing their song and enjoying the crisp air. Be cautious though, there are many areas that are slippery and if you have Fido along, be sure to have him on a leash. If he gets to nosy there are places he could get himself and you in trouble.

    After the nice relaxing stroll we were back in the car and further north into the heart of Door County. Again the colors continued to impress as yellows turned more to brighter orange and dark reds. If you are a nature lover and looking to do foliage road trips this would be the place to be. Some of the Birch trees have already gone to sleep for the winter but most others are right now in Peek or possibly even slightly past. But overall today the colors have been amazing. The sun is beginning to set and we look west to see the sky filling with ruby and purple colors of the day drawing to a close in full Autumn splendor. It was now time to look for a place to eat. After some discussion and are craving for some BEER!, we end up in a town South of Fish Creek on Hwy 42 to Egg Harbor. Our restaurant of choice was Shipwrecked Brew Pub and Restaurant. It’s a small microbrewery offering 6 different brews and a decent menu of salads, sandwiches and your normal entrée fare. We tried the 6 Brew Sampler which consisted of 2 light beers, 1 cherry wheat, the seasonal pumpkin and a coffee infused peninsula porter. In all, none really impressed; light beers were average, the cherry lacked cherry’ness, the peninsula porter was a bit strong but tolerable, and the pumpkin would probably stand out as very drinkable of the lot. Our food was good; we had smoked chicken salad and a pulled pork sandwich and both were served quickly and by very friendly staff. I will say that I took a splurge and spent $3 for a bread plate that came with local olive oil and balsamic vinegar which was a highpoint of the evening. Both tasted of high quality, very fruity olive oil and the balsamic was ultra sweet and ultra smooth. Shipwrecked is the only microbrewery in the Door County region and I would say for the true brew lovers its worth the trip for the tasting and experience, but you probably will not find anything extraordinary worked about the brews. Of note Shipwrecked also houses an inn with quite reasonable rates starting around $59 even in peak season.

    After dinner we drive back up 42 to our final destination of Fish Creek to our home for the evening at Parkwood Lodge. Rolling into town I will tell you Fish Creek has a very busy nightlife. The small business lined streets were packed with cars and people walking up and down visiting shops, restaurants and bars. There is everything from Mexican, American and Swedish restaurants to Art galleries, Antique shops and Clothing Boutiques. I was so taken aback by all of the charm this town of Fish Creek has to offer. We are hoping to get out early tomorrow morning to dive into this town and explore what more it has to offer. Arriving into Parkwood Lodge we are greeted by a quaint tree lined two story lodge. We arrive into the lodge office and are greeted warmly by our office attendants. We were checked in quickly and I was impressed with how much information they offered us such as restaurant ideas and points of interests. They recommended but we were unable to attend a local theater production of “Guys and Does” about a Guy and a Deer and the folly of making fun of “northerners”. I am sure it would have been fun, but it highlights a point that there is a thriving art vibe going on here in Door County. In any event, we got our keys and proceeded to our room. We walked in and were pleasantly surprised with how clean everything was. Of note we noticed that it appears there is fresh paint, newer carpet, new headboards and even the windows were clean so we could see the great colors. One uniqueness is that the sink and mirror are in the bedroom/living space and the bathroom is simply that along with the shower. A little awkward but workable. However, the water was hot and the linens are clean so overall we are pleased. The facilities are decent offering a game room, pool and whirlpool spa, sundeck and tennis courts and access to snowmobile and skiing trails when available weather hits. I would say I am pleased with our first nights accommodations and is typical of a good lodge stay and is very comparable to the nicer state park lodges I have enjoyed in Ohio State parks.

    So our day draws to a close and we are turning in. Tomorrow will find us exploring some more of Fish Creek and Door County and then back to the open road on our way North toward Escanaba, Michigan. Special thanks today to John at the Door County CVB for all of his help and recommendations. He has been an invaluable asset to our trip and would highly recommend giving him a call before you make your own trip to this quaint and charming peninsula in a world of its’ own. Good night Mantrippers!

  • Spirit of Aloha Catamaran at Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu

    spirit-of-aloha-hiltonThe Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu offers a new experience for guests looking for a unique adventure now that the Spirit of Aloha catamaran is taking sail again.

    There's the popular lunch snorkel cruise, which goes for 2.5 hours at 10:30 a.m., or the sunset cocktail cruises. A weekly Friday night fireworks cruise is especially popular.

  • Ryder Cup brings attention and growth to the United Kingdom’s Welsh shore

    For the golf fan, almost nothing can beet the experience of watching a major tournament in person - not through the TV. The Ryder Cup is coming up next month and this would be a great opportunity to see some of the best golfers in the world.

  • Fairmont Southhampton and Hamilton Princess in Bermuda are Ok

    Hey guys, you probably heard about Hurricane Igor earlier this week, but fret no more - The Fairmont Southhampton and The Fairmont Hamilton Princess are back to business as usual! We'll have more info about these two awesome resorts later this week as we are having dinner with two of the Chefs, so stay tuned!

  • Preparing for the Lake Michigan Road Trip

    michigan-circle-tourWe are getting ready for the Lake Michigan Road Trip.

    This time, we will be doing a combined trip, between Chick Vacations and Man Tripping - yes, this means it isn't technically a mancation, but our Man Tripping writer, Nick has told me he is prepared to assert his man card and make sure that we bring you the best that coastal Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana have to offer!


    Help us Plan our Itinerary:

    Right now our road trip includes:

    Oct. 10: Start in Chicago

    Oct. 11: Driving to Milwaukee and Sheboygan - staying in Door County, WI

    Oct. 12: Driving north and east through the UP (Upper Peninsula) - staying in Escanaba, MI

    Oct. 13: Exploring the UP - staying in Mackinaw, MI

    Oct. 14: Drive south and through Northern Michigan towns including Traverse City - staying in Leland, MI (Fish Town)

    Oct. 15: Staying in Saugatuck, MI

    Oct. 16: Return to Chicago

    Sponsors are welcome for the following categories:

    Food / Snacks, Gas (cash or gas cards), Lodging, Gadgets, Transportation, and Admission to Attractions.

    We will be blogging daily, tweeting constantly, updating Facebook, and uploading video to our YouTube channel througout the trip.

    Help us plan our itinerary by leaving a comment below, tweet us, share it on our facebook page, or email us: [email protected]

  • Seven Adrenalin Pumping Extreme Adventures In Australia

    Heart pounding and adrenalin flowing is what could the plan for the day when visiting seven of Australia’s most exciting adventures. From doing a nosedives in a stunt plane to swimming with sharks, there are adventures abound on  land, sea or air.

  • Munich Oktoberfest Guys Weekend with Ludus Tours

    How does European culture, the world’s largest party, world class food, girls in dirndls and the best beer you have ever tasted sound? Welcome to A Guys weekend at Oktoberfest in Munich.This is an experience of a lifetime and Ludus Tours looks forward to helping make it the best experience possible.

  • Creole Nature Trail Open and Thriving

    Despite the BP oil spill earlier this summer, the coastal lands of the gulf are thriving and welcoming visitors looking for outdoor adventure. One such spot is the Creole Nature Trail, where you will find plenty to do, including fishing, golfing, hiking, bird watching, and hunting.

  • Cleveland Mancation - Beer, Sports, and Manly Food

    Cleveland is a great town - yes, it is also the "mistake on the lake" and the place where a river caught fire years ago. Don't let that deter you though, this town really has a TON of stuff for an ultimate guys weekend or mancation. While my wife is from Cleveland and I drive by / through the area on a fairly regular basis, I really had no idea exactly how much cool stuff for guys this town has - and we touched only a small part of it during our tour hosted by Positively Cleveland.

  • Indy Racing Experience: My Ride With Arie

    Just imagine being given a ride in an Indy racing car by a guy who’s won two Indy 500s.

    We arrived at Chicagoland Speedway at 12:30 p.m. and I went to the Credentials trailer.  I showed my picture ID and was handed three pages of legal paperwork and various waivers of liability to read and sign. I was already wondering if maybe I was in for more of a thrill than I bargained for.

  • Casa Noble - Tequila Tasting with Jose Hermosillo

    We've looked at rums, whiskies, and even vodka over the past few months, but one fantastic spirit has escaped us. That of course, is tequila. Part of my reluctance to embrace tequila was that my familiarity with it was shaped primarily by experiences during college and spring break type situations where tequila was cheap, plentiful and tasted like shit.

  • Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay Review

    Fresh back from a stay at Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay, I have mixed reviews. The Preferred Club has all the foundations for a wonderful, romantic get-away, but the newly opened resort is still a bit rough.

    Our first impression was WOW! My husband and I were greeted immediately from our taxi with warm hospitality. We were whisked away from the main entrance via golf-cart to registration, offered a glass of bubbly and a cold towel to refresh ourselves. By the time we were led to our swim-out Jr. suite, we really felt like VIPs.

  • Downtown Inn - Asheville, NC

    Sometimes in life, you can find hidden gems that have horrible reviews on Tripadvisor, but are actually a fantastic place to stay. Downtown Inn in Asheville, NC is one of those places!

  • Asheville North Carolina - Beer, Music, and Fantastic Food

    Biltmore may be what draws many people to Asheville, NC, but it certainly isn't the only thing down here. Asheville itself is a fantastic destination for guys looking for a fun and unique way to spend a few days - drinking craft brews, listening to fantastic music, and eating some of the country's best food. Seriously, if the beer isn't enough reason to visit, the cuisine certainly is!

  • Looking for a Dog Friendly Midwest Resort?

    One thing that sucks about mancations is that most destinations simply aren't dog friendly. Now you can take a mancation and bring man's best friend with you when visiting the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. Northern Michigan is one of our favorite destinations and now it has only gotten better!

  • Birdwatching at Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia

    Bird Watching isn't just for the girls! The Anse Chastanet resort is now offering special birdwatching events to help budding ornithologists and just plain old bird enthusiasts another look at these gorgeous islands. While not birdwatching, St. Lucia offers tons of other cool activities like Jungle Biking, SCUBA Diving, Zip Line / Canopy Tours and more.

  • Villa Milagro - Mexican Mancation Villa Rental

    Tired of the same old resort scene and looking to take your next Mexican mancation to the next level? How about trying a vacation villa rental instead? Villa Milagro writes in with some info about their newest Rental in Troncones Mexico - located on the Mexican Riviera, just north of Ixtapa.

  • Tips for Renting a Car for a Road Trip

    mustang-trunk-spacePlanning for a road trip as part of a mancation can be a long and arduous process. There’s the deciding where to go, sorting out a hotel for the area, and a rental car should you need one.

    Car rental can be one of the most important aspects of planning a road trip, especially if you are heading abroad to embark on yours. Here are a few things you should bear in mind if you’re thinking of hiring a car as part of your trip.

  • Kensington Antarctica Adventure Mancation

    It's the middle of summer for most of you, but Kensington Antarctica has a great idea for a way to cool down - way down! While most Antarctica expeditions consist primarily of just a couple hours (or less) while your ship sits within eye shot, Kensington Antarctica offers you a chance to go ice climbing, abseiling into crevasses, go 4-wheeling on the ice to a science base, and even fly all the way to the South Pole.

    Plus it leaves from Cape Town, so you can check out World Cup sites or go golfing before heading off on your adventure!

    Honestly guys, I think Antarctica is going to be closed to tourism by the time I finally save up the money to visit, but if you have the cash, this is a great opportunity! Send photos back please :)

  • Kitano New York Hotel Labor Day Urban BBQ Mancation

    Who said the south is the only place for great BBQ? Certainly not the people at The Kitano New York Hotel! They have put together an awesome sounding series of rooftop BBQ packages for almost any taste - from the Original Tar Beach experience to Brazilian Churrasco, or even the classic New England Clam Bake.

    This is really targetted at something larger than your typical mancation (25 person min.) but if you have a bunch of college buddies an are looking for something cool, this might be just the thing!

  • It's Minor League Baseball Week in Massachusetts

    The Red Sox aren't the only game in town - Massachusetts (a relatively small state) actually is host to four minor league teams. For baseball fans, this might be just the excuse you are looking for to head over to the Bay State and spend a week going from one team to the next. Plus there are loads of other wicked fun stuff to do while visiting, including visiting microbreweries, biking, fishing charters, and certainly you should grab a lobster dinner and sip some steaming hot New England clam chowder too!

  • Mississippi - the Land of Elvis and Great Golf Bargins?

    Mississippi might not be first on your list when it comes to planning a golf mancation, but Visit Mississippi sent in some information about an awesome Elvis Celebration and a list of some of their great golf courses at bargain prices and I think it deserves another shot!

  • Norwegian Epic - A Cutting Edge Cruise Ship

    Ok, by now you probably already have heard how big the Norwegian Epic is and the fact that they even will bring a guitar to your room so you can jam out on board (into your headset of course). But did you know that they are also breaking down the old boring cruise ship image by injecting tons of new technology in other areas as well. This even includes bringing the casino right into your stateroom for games like slots and video poker.

  • Eight Tips for Road Tripping

    buffalo-trace-visitor-centerGetting ready for a last minute summer road trip this year? Ryan O'Reilly, author of the travel novel, Snapshot and To Nourish and Consume shares some tips to ensure a great mancation road trip!

    Now is the season for road tripping. That glorious season when doors fling open, car engines start and people disappear into the backwater of the country. At the moment, a couple of friends and I are embarked on one such adventure. As I write this, I am seated at a picnic table somewhere on the side of highway 16 in South Dakota.

  • Cape Town's Steenberg Hotel’s Golf Academy Package

    World Cup is over but that doesn't mean that South African doesn't offer lots more fun stuff for guys to experience! If your regular golf trips to South Carolina or Florida are getting old, why not try South Africa next year?

  • Outdoor Adventures, Wine, and History: Biltmore Mancation

    Biltmore Estate is more than just stuff for the girls. In fact, this place is a hidden gem for those of us seeking some outdoor adventure while exploring how the "other half" lived. Even better is that it is located in one of the BEST mancation destination in the United States - Asheville, NC.

  • NASCAR for Fathers Day at Infineon Raceway

    Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend Father's Day this year? How about taking dad to a NASCAR race - or if you have kids, take them. If you are on the West Coast, you might consider a visit to the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma. The course is one of only four tracks in the Sprint Cup circut that is not oval, so this makes it an even more unique experience.

  • Triple Creek Ranch Renovates Guest Cabins

    Looking for a rustic yet refined mancation in Montana? The Triple Creek Ranch has just finished renovating their guest cabins. With 250 wines in their cellar, an Orvis approved fly-fising resort, and plenty of land available for hiking and seeing wildlife this might be a great spot to check out.

  • Hawaii's Equus Hotel offers Polo Package

    Most guests to Hawaii probably are thinking about beaches, flowers, and volcanoes, but the Equus Hotel in Waikiki Beach is promoting its equestrian theme with  Complimentary Polo Tickets and the Option to Take an Oceanside Horseback Ride or Polo Lesson on Oahu's North Shore. If this sounds like a fun Hawiian mancation then check it out...

  • Boyd Mountain Cabins Review in Haywood County

    Last month, Heather and I had a chance to visit Haywood County, NC and stayed at Boyd Mountain Cabins. For those of you who have never heard of Haywood County, it is located in North Carolina's Smoky Mountains, just off of I-40 and only a few hours from all the major cities of the South East. It is also a very easy drive from most places in the Midwest. The collection of seven different cabins plucked from locations all over North Carolina, have been restored, refined, and brought up to date will all the modern conveniences you would expect for a romantic weekend together - including a full kitchen, heat and central air, comfortable beds, rocking chairs on the porches and more.

    This isn't a "luxury cabin rental", but it had everything we were looking for. If you are looking to get away from it all by relaxing in the middle of North Carolina's Smoky Mountains, there aren't many better ways to do it!

  • The Abbey Resort on Geneva Lake

    On the far end of Geneva Lake from Lake Geneva, WI lies a fantastic little resort that is emerging as one of the top romantic destinations in South Eastern Wisconsin. The Abbey Resort has just gone through a huge renovation and re-branding and is one of our favorite places for a romantic weekend escape.

  • Man Friendly Bed and Breakfasts from

    the B and B market is very eager to promote the great diversity of opportunities that await guys chosing the B&B route over a traditional hotel. sends in a few suggestions that are outside what you might typically expect from a Bed and Breakfast experience.

  • Doing Good, African Travel Volunteer Opportunities

    For most Man Tripping readers, your idea of an awesome mancation destination is probably somewhere in the United States, possibly backpacking through Europe, or maybe a motorcycle tour across Australia. How about heading to Africa and helping people?

    Man Tripping reader Bernard Pollack from Border Jumpers sends in his thought about some positive mancation ideas in Africa.

  • Summer Fun in Traverse City Michigan

    Traverse City and Northern Michigan are PACKED with awesome stuf in the summer. Don't believe me, check out a brief sampling of some of the activities coming up in Traverse City in the next few months.

  • A Haywood County North Carolina Mancation

    boyd-mountain-cabinsTucked away in the Smoky Mountains of south western, North Carolina is a fantastic mancation destination just waiting for you to explore it.

    Haywood County is located just south of Asheville and has pretty much everything for a fantastic mancation - great fly fishing, awesome mountain roads that are perfect for driving a bike or a car, great food, awesome hiking trails, a casino, and even a chance to test your luck while gemstone mining.


  • Wildlife and Culture Safaris in India

    I am sure you are familiar with the concept of an African Safari, but now you can do a safari in India too. You'll get a chance to tour India and see Bengal tigers as wel as visit cultural sites like New Delhi, Udaipur, and the Taj Mahal. If this sounds like a fun excuse for a mancation in India you should visit Rothschild Safaris.

  • Three Cheers for Beer, Bed, and Breakfast Packages

    Bed and Breakfast owners are continuing their effort to expand beyond the flowery doilies and ultra feminine days of the past. sends in a great list of B&B's that all offer beer and / or brewing experiences. If you are looking for an excuse to try a Bed and Breakfast there is something in here for you!

  • Westport Missouri Civil War Battlefield Tours

    When most people think of touring Civil War battlefields, they think of the south and Mid-Atlantic, but the war made its way out west to Missouri too. As I learned last week, there are a lot of things that Missouri offers for a great guys weekend - stay tuned for more!

  • Explore the World of Harry Potter for Fathers Day

    Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend time with your son this year and you just aren't into golf or camping. How about a cultural father and son mancation to the UK? Visit England sends word of some cool ways to explore the world of Harry Potter, including Oxford University, Goathland Station, and more.

  • More than Just the Beaches in Traverse City

    Traverse City is a great area to visit in the summer if you are looking for an escape from the heat of a Midwestern summer. With cool water, great people, and plenty to do, Northern Michigan should be on your mancation radar. Traverse City CVB writes in to let us know that there is more to TC than just the beach now.

  • Kentucky Summer Fun for Fathers and Sons

    As fathers day approaches, it is time to share some fun father and son activities for that ultimate male bonding experience. Kentucky is one of our favorite states to visit and they sent us some cool activities that would make a great family friendly guys weekend this summer.

  • Sun Valley Rhythm and Ride Bike and Music Festival

    Bikes, Music, and some of the best scenery in the country await guys at the upcoming Rhythm and Ride festival coming up next month in Sun Valley, Idaho. (oh yeah, and Sun Valley boasts a ton of micro-breweries too!)

  • Carnival Now Sails to Alaska from Seattle

    The Alaskan cruise market is heating up now that Carnival has moved in. Starting this summer, Carnival will be joining Princess and Holland America to offer cruises from Seattle to ports in Alaska. If you are looking for an Alaskan mancation but don't want to rough it in the wilderness, a cruise might be just the thing. Don't worry though, with their "Just for Alaska" menu you will still be able to enjoy fresh Alaskan fish and other native ingredients.

  • Free Fathers Day Golf at Keystone Resort

    Looking for the perfect Father’s Day getaway? Treat Dad to some free golf at Keystone Resort in Colorado (60 miles west of Denver). With the “Stay and Play” package, families can stay at the Keystone Lodge & Spa and receive two rounds of golf at the renowned championship Ranch Course completely free of charge.

  • The Oxford Hotel LoDo Baseball & Beyond package

    Baseball and Beer! These two things go together like almost nothing else.

    It's even better though when you combine them by bringing a bunch of guys together in a historic hotel in Denver, the home of dozens of microbreweries, great steak houses, and of course, the Forney Museum of Transportation.

  • A Gentleman's Mancation with a Butler Picnic at The Lanesborough

    While it is fun to be a neanderthal and focus on fishing, hunting, drinking beer, and playing poker, the other side of having a great experience with the guys is to celebrate being a man in style.

    If you are looking for an elegant, refined, and unique mancation, The Lanesborough hotel in London, UK might be the place for you. Not only is The Lanesborough one of the finest hotels in Europe, you can take this luxury experience a step further with a Butler Picnic this summer.

    Follow it up with a visit to Sartoriani for a suit and a night sipping scotch at Albannach and you can complete the ultimate London mancation experience!

  • Celebrate Mountain Biking at the Fat Tire Festival

    Looking for an excuse to visit South Dakota?

    If so and if you like mountain biking, film festivals, and music, the Fat Tire Festival may be just the thing for you.

  • Stay and Play Golf Package at The Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village

    Florida is one of our favorite destinations and I can't wait to make it down to St. Augustine for golf, history, and spending time on the beach. Oh yeah and did you know that the World Golf Hall of Fame is there too?

    The Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village has just completed a massive renovation and is ready to welcome guests with a new Stay and Play Golf Package at only $279 per room (based on two golfers).

  • Pit Master BBQ Weekend at The Abbey Resort

    As you may know, The Abbey is one of our favorite resorts in the midwest. Fantastic people, a great location (at the laid back side of Geneva Lake), and they even have a resident Pit Boss, Matt Whiteford as well as all around great food, a fantastic man-friendly spa, and they even have a cigar lounge.(read our Abbey Report)

    If that wasn't enough reason to come up here, they are going to be holding a BBQ Weekend on May 22. I just had a pulled pork sandwich last week during my visit and let me tell you, it is worth the drive!

  • Windsor Red Bull Air Race 2010

    red-bull-air-race1The awesome Red Bull Air Race is coming back to Windsor this summer! The race will be held June 5 &6 as the 4th stop of the 8-race championship.

    Even better news is that the City of Windsor, Ontario has signed a 2-year agreement so it will be back in 2011 as well.

  • Michigan Microbrewery Summer Tours

    Wisconsin may be the land of beer, but Michiganders know something about suds too!

    The Michigan Brewers Guide now has an "Enthusiast" program that features VIP tours of some of the top breweries in the state including: The Livery (Benton Harbor), Saugatuck Brewing Company (Douglas), Founders Brewing Co. (Grand Rapids), Arcadia Brewing Co (Battle Creek), DarkHorse Brewing Co (Kalamazoo), and New Holland Brewing Tour (Holland).

  • Crystal Mountain Hosts Michigan Beer & Brat Festival

    Northern Michigan isn't just a winter playground and neither is Crystal Mountain. If you are looking for an excuse to make your way up north, this might be it. Beer from 50 different Michigan microbreweries, brats, golf, and of course Crystal Mountain's Alpine Slide.

    We had a chance to visit Crystal Mountain last summer and had a blast. While it might seem out of the way, it is an easy 5-hour drive from Detroit and Chicago.

  • Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort Dive Packages

    Just because it is getting warmer up north doesn't mean that you should forget about the Caribbean islands such as St. Maarten. Beaches, and casinos, diving, and warm tropical weather at the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort & Casino. They just announced two great dive packages that would make for a fantastic tropical mancation this year!

  • Sun Valley Celtic Faire and Scottish Heavy Events

    There is more to Scotland than just fine wiskey - these are some of the toughest men in the world too. If you think you have the stones to compete, Sun Valley, ID is throwing a Scottish and Celtic cultural event complete with the Sun Valley Strong Man Competition, Celtic music, dancing, vendors, and of course pub crawls.

    Events in the Strongman Competition will include: Caber Toss, Hammer Throw, Putting the Stone, and Sheaf Toss.

    Sounds like a great excuse to visit a great area! The Celtic Faire and Scottish Heavy Events will be held June 5th and 6th.


  • 5 Hotels where Kicking Back Like a True Bachelor is King

    These top five hotels seal the deal for a stag weekend that blends “mancation” with a perfect weekend “with the bros.”

  • Huck Finn's Jubilee in Victorville, CA

    As boys, I think it is safe to say that most of us probably dreamed about (or quite possibly acted out) adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. While there are several festivals in these guys' honor held along the Mississippi, if you are out west they are hard to come by. Well, now your wait is over!

    For the 34th year, Victorville, located in Southern California will be holding their Huck Finn's Jubilee June 18-20, 2010 at the Mojave Narrows Regional Park, Victorville, CA.

  • American Artist Magazine's Art Camp for Grownups!

    For the creative ones among our bunch, this Art Camp for Adults should be a blast. This is a great opportunity to explore our sensitive side while spending a weekend relaxing with the guys in a great hotel and spa in Dana Point, California.

    Just because your kids have fun at art camp doesn't mean you can get out there too. Remember guys, there is more to being a man than hunting, fishing, and golf!

  • Opry Country Classics Music Lovers Cruise

    Love country music and sailing the open seas while gorging on food, and smoking cigars while sipping bourbon at night? If so, the Grand Ol' Opry has a great opportunity for you coming up next January when they set sail with Charley Pride, Chris Young, Jeannie Seely, Jim Ed Brown with special guest Helen Cornelius aboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas.

  • Shedd Aquarium Hands-on Bahamas Adventure

    Thinking about heading to the Bahamas, but you want more from your next mancation than just hanging out drinking beer while laying in the sand? Shedd Aquarium has a great opportunity to learn some science while you have a blast. Their Conservation Adventure is a week of fun in the sun while you learn about biology and help with hands-on research, conservation activities, and more.
  • InterContinental Tampa Spring Training Package

    mt-newswireIn December I had the chance to visit the InterContinental Tampa and it was a great experience - PERFECT for a sports themed mancation.

    While it might be too last minute for most of you to plan a spring training adventure, if you live near Tampa you should check this great package out. Don't forget to check out Schula's Steak House too!

  • Grand Ole Opry - College Basketball Night

    mt-newswireWe had the chance to stay at the Grand Ole Opry last fall and let me tell you, Nashville is a blast!

    If you are looking for an excuse to get out of town for a few days and love basketball, BBQ, and fantastic music then you should check out this package.

  • Bike the Drive 2010 and Fairmont Chicago

    bike-the-drive-2010There are a few opportunities around the country to do good, visit a great city, and do something out of the ordinary. Chicago's Bike the Drive and Tour de Cure is one of those great events. As a participant the past few years it is also a lot of fun to ride on Lake Shore Drive with NO CARS!

    For those of you from out of town though it might be tricky to find a hotel that will accommodate bikes. The Active Transportation Alliance and Fairmont Chicago have come to your aid with a great hotel deal that even features a bike valet!

  • Help Welcome the River City Casino in St. Louis

    mt-newswireA casino opening is almost always a big event (after all they want to do whatever they can to attract you and your money!). Today's opening at the River City Casino in St. Louis looks to be no different.

    They are doing it St. Louis style, with Clydesdales, baseball stars, vintage cars, and what is being described as St. Louis' Largest Slot Pull.


  • Sun Valley Spring Break Packages

    mt-newswireLooking for a fun place to spend Spring Break and heading south and hanging out on a beach just isn't your style?

    Sun Valley has some cool opportunities for you.

  • Atlantic City Mancation Ideas

    atlantic-city-boardwalkFor those looking for a weekend of gambling, partying, and fun in the sun, look no further than Atlantic City. A closer alternative to Vegas for those on the East Coast; Atlantic City provides fine dining, great nightlife, beach and boardwalk, and of course lots of casinos.

    We had a chance to visit the Show Boat Casino a couple years ago, but Atlantic City has tons to offer guys looking for a great guys weekend since it is super close to NYC, Phillidelphia, and the Baltomore / Washington DC areas too.

    This, along with the Atlantic City airport makes it a great and easy to get to destination from virtually anywhere on the east coast.


  • James Bond Locations European Mancation

    mt-newswireWho hasn't at some time or another dreamed of being James Bond? Now you can do a tour of some of the sites from the Bond films as well as other movies including "The Bourne Identity" and even "Star War"!

    Oh yeah, this sounds like a fantastic way to see Europe and pretend to be a super secret spy at the same time.

  • Cowboys in Florida? Check out the Creek Ranch

    mt-newswireJust got word from the Creek Ranch in central Florida that they have just opened what sounds like a fantastic opportunity to play cowboy.

    Plus they have a bunch of other activities including 4x4 tours and it is only an hour away from the attractions in Orlando.


  • Best Romantic Destinations To Take Your Wife

    Ok, so we normally cover places to go just as guys. However, as any married man (or in a committed relationship) knows - if she isn't happy then you won't be either!

    That's why we put together this list of some fantastic romantic retreats that your wife will love.

  • Beer and Wine Festival in Helen, GA

    mt-newswireMissed the Oktoberfest in Helen, Georgia?

    Well their spring event - the White County Cork & Keg Festival is right around the corner, coming up April 10.

  • A Romantic Weekend at Tradewinds Island Resorts

    Tradewinds Island Resortsis actually two delightful resorts right next to each other on the beautiful white sands of St. Pete Beach. We stayed at the Sandpiper Resort, which is smaller, more romantic, and more geared towards adults. Though many of the amenities, restaurants, and bars were located in the Island Grand, we didn't feel like we were missing out on anything by being at the smaller of the two.

    After all, this is supposed to be a romantic vacation, so laid back, more private, and quieter are absolutely assets!

  • Key West Songwriters Festival Preps for 15th Year

    Another great reason to head down to Key West this spring! If you have never been to a songwriters event, it is a really cool experience since you'll be listening to the people who actually WROTE the music that you may recognize from well known artists.

    Plus, these guys often tend to introduce new songs, tell stories about what prompted them to write something, and in general have a good time.

  • Summer Vacation Planning on sends in the following press release. If you aren't familiar with they are a hotel review site that instead of relying on the public to write reviews, they have their own staff that actually checks each place out.

    The provide some great ideas including recommendations for the Best Bachelor Party Hotels in Vegas, and the best Hotels in Boston for sports fans.

  • Bud, Bill & Jim’s Italian Cooking School Adventure

    ca-camoneThis story was sent into us by Bud, Bill, and Jim who just came back from an Italian Vacation and a visit to the La Tavola Marche Cooking School. This is a perfect example of how you can always find time for a guys weekend or mini mancation - even exploring a part of the world with other couples.

  • Park City Utah - Mancation Highlights

    park-city-mancationThere are lots of great ski resort towns that offer a chance to rub elbows with celebrities, enjoy great steaks, drink a few locally brewed beers, and enjoy fantastic powder, but one in particular that stands out is Park City, Utah. Park City might be best known for the Park City Mountain Resort ski area, but the town also features two others - Deer Valley and The Canyons Resort.

    Combined, the three resorts plus downtown Park City offers a fantastic destination for your next ski mancation.


  • Squaw Valley - Ski, Party, and More!

    squaw-valleyLake Tahoe is one of my favorite ski destinations with some of the best places for skiing and other activities. If you are considering visiting the area, one resort that shouldn't be missed is Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Winter Olympic games.

    Today, Squaw still features some of the best skiing that Tahoe can offer, but also stands out as a fantastic spring skiing destination.

  • Tradewinds Resorts - Island Grand and Sandpiper


    In an age when Mexico and the Caribbean are just as accessible as Mexico, it is hard for Florida resorts to stand out.

    Luckily, Tradewinds's Sandpiper and Island Grand are in great condition, offer tons of great activities for guys including wave runners, a giant beach slide, a great beach, friendly staff, and it is close to tons of great local places including a cigar bar, Cuban restaurants, and beach bars.

  • Grandeur of the Seas Review

    grandeurGrandeur of the Seas is an older ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet of cruise ships, but it still packs a lot of great opportunities for guys looking for inexpensive mancation options.

    While there were the expected bars, nightclub, pools etc. what really impressed me was that Royal Caribbean is actively marketing their spa services to us guys! Heather from Chick Vacations was disappointed though because the special "men's package" was actually significantly cheaper than the individual services that she was offered off the menu.

  • A Branson Family Mancation

    Looking for a place to take your sons on a family vacation mancation? Branson might just be the place you are looking for - plenty of fun, family friendly activities, and it is surprisingly easy to get to as well.

  • St. Pete Beach Mancation Ideas Roundup

    tradewinds-mancationIf you haven't been here before, St. Pete Beach is located just south of Tampa and St. Petersburg and has a ton of great stuff for guys looking for a quick escape. While suprisingly winter is a slow time down here, I had a great time and would absolutely recomend that you consider it for your next guys weekend too!

    While sipping a Miami Vice at one of Tradewinds's several pool-side bars, I had a chance to chat with bartender Garrick Roe and some of the guys about their favorite places to go and things to do.

  • Grand Velas Suites and Spa Resort

    grand-vellas-poolLooking for the ultimate in luxury? How about a place with the largest spa in Riviera Maya, located close to some fantastic golf courses, crystal clear water that is perfect for scuba and snorkeling?

    Lets check out the Grand Velas for this and more!

  • Grand Ole Opry and Nashville Music Scene

    second-fiddleIf you are considering a visit to Nashville for your next guys weekend, there is a good chance that you are a country music fan. Make sure that the Grand Ole Opry is on your list of things to do!

    Man Tripping just got back from a tour of not just the current Grand Ole Opry House, but also the Ryman Auditorium (former home of the Opry), Bluebird Cafe, Country Music Hall of Fame, and we even recorded a song at the historic RCA Studio B where Elvis and tons of others have recorded songs.

  • Cruising the Seven Seas - thoughts on Men and Cruises

    equinox-celebrity-bowCruise ships offer a fantastic opportunity for men looking for anything from a basic lay back and enjoy the ride to the pinnacle of adventure travel excitement. Unfortunately it seems that this form of vacation has been ignored by many guys in favor of more land-based destinations such as all-inclusive resorts and places like Vegas.

    Today though, with the economy the way it is, there really isn't a better, more cost effective way to do a mancation or even an extended guys weekend with a 3-4 day cruise.

    Think of it, you have bars, transportation, casinos, food, entertainment, extreme sports, even fitness activities, and seminars like beer and wine tastings on board - and often at only $100 per day!

  • Don't forget about Your Wife!

    anniversaryWhile this is obviously a site for guys looking for mancation ideas, those of us who are married know it is also VERY important to not forget about your wife too!

    That's why I wanted to share that Gaylord Hotels has announced a very cool promotion to help you celebrate your anniversary this year. Essentially the promotion is a buy-one-get-one deal where you get a free second night at any of their properties with the first night at the normal price.

    Man Tripping is going down to Nashville and the Gaylord Opryland next week to check out that location, but they are also in Dallas, Orlando, and a brand new one in Washington, DC.

    The promotion is good through August 2010 and is good during the month of your anniversary, each location may have slightly different terms, but here is the link for the Gaylord OpryLand's Anniversary Package.

  • Oasis of the Seas - Ultimate Floating Mancation?

    aquatheater-oasisThings have changed a lot in the past 20 years since I first stepped onto a cruise ship and now with the December 2009 launch of Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas the industry is about to change again.

    Oasis of the Seas will be sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL starting in December 2009, with 5 and 7 day itineraries in the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

    So why does Oasis represent the Ultimate Floating Mancation?




    Some Facts about Oasis of the Seas:

    When it launches, Oasis of the Seas will be the largest cruise ship ever made, 220,000 Gross Tons. It will feature 16 decks, 17 bars, 2,700 staterooms, 37 cabin classes, and able to carry 5,700 guests at double occupancy.

    To put this in comparison, Titanic was only 46,000 tons and could carry 2,500 passengers!



    Dining Options

    Not looking for a stodgy dining experience sitting at a table with a bunch of people celebrating honeymoons or even worse - families on vacation? Well Oasis of the Seas has the most specialty restaurants on board of any other cruise ship.

    This includes Johnny Rockets, Seafood Shack, Boardwalk Bar, Sorrento's Pizzeria, Chops Grille (great steaks!), 150 Central Park - upscale dining, and an Italian trattoria, Giovanni's Table.

    That all being said however, Royal Carribbean does also feature wonderful food at the main dining room and also at the buffets as well. It is all up to you and how you want to spend your trip!


    Oasis will feature a wide variety of entertainment venues from Boleros - a Latin dance club, Blaze nightclub, Jazz on 4, Comedy Live featuring family friendly shows during the day and lake-night adult comedy in the evenings, the sing-along piano bar, Schooner Bar, and even the On Air Club featuring karaoke and "interactive music gaming".

    Of course, that's just the beginning as Oasis also features a casino with 27 table games, a poker room, an entire theater dedicated just to ice shows, a traditional theater with Broadway-style shows.

    Of course, that says nothing about the amazing sounding new AquaTheather that features acrobatics, synchronized swimming, light shows, and a fountain similar to what you might find at the Bellagio in Vegas.


    Most cruise ships are limited to either inside cabins, balconies, ocean view, or suites, on Oasis there will be 37 different categories of rooms!

    Since Oasis of the Seas features the central boardwalk, they actually offer balconies on the inside as well as ones facing the ocean directly. I am told that these inside balconies can all still view the ocean as well, but obviously you would see it through the ends of the ship instead of just by looking down at the water.

    For the budget conscious, Oasis still offers the traditional "no windows" inside cabins, but I am told that even these are among the largest afloat.

    Additionally, they are introducing a new suite type, Loft Suites that actually have two levels, 2,000 feet of space, and feature a "spa like" feel in the bathrooms. While this is probably not in the budget of most of you, it is nice to know that if you were planning a bachelor party that this might be a great option compared to getting an expensive suite in Vegas at the Palms or something like that.




    Among other "firsts" Oasis of the Seas will also feature the first bar at sea that is also actually an elevator!

    The Rising Tide bar will actually move up and down between three decks, including outside and inside the ship. Vegas has nothing on Oasis as far as this bar is concerned!

    Of course, there are other bars on board, 17 in total, including a Latin bar, champagne bar, pool bar, and others.

    Enjoy the Beach at Sea

    Despite the fact that you are in the middle of the Caribbean, surrounded by and visiting ports with fantastic beaches, you no longer need to get off the boat to experience the beach (sorta).

    While Oasis of the Seas features the first "beach pool" it is more of a zero-depth entry type pool styled like a beach than the sandy ones you will find on land. Even so, this means you can literally spend every day of your trip relaxing in the sun at the beach.

    sports-deck-oasisExtreme Sports at Sea

    If your idea of a great mancation is to go rock climbing, zip-line down the middle of a cruise ship, and then go surfing then this is your ship! While others have a rock wall, no-one else can boast of a zip line and certainly not one where you can fly over the heads of people below on the Boardwalk.

    Also, Oasis actually has two flow riders and is designed with plenty of spectator room so you can watch your buddies. There is even a Flow Rider bar where you can sit, sip a margarita, and watch others wipe-out and fall on their asses surf.

    Don't worry, if you aren't into extreme, there is a 9-hole mini-golf course on the sports deck too!


  • Bourbon Festival Mancation and Distillery Tours

    whisky-creekThe Bourbon Festival is held each year in Bardstown, KY and if you are looking for the ultimate mancation this destination comes pretty darn close. While flying to Louisville isn't quite as convenient as flights to New York or LA, Bardstown is located right in the heard of central Kentucky and is very close to some of the greatest distilleries in the world, including Maker's Mark and Jim Beam, and only an hour or so drive to all of the names you are familiar with. When you combine that close proximity of the Bourbon Trail with the activities of the Bourbon Festival itself and of course, the Southern Hospitality it makes for a great place to visit.

    This year we attended as guests of Beam Global Spirits to learn about bourbon, taste bourbon and to celebrate this magical drink that unfortunately too few people really understand - including myself prior to the trip.


  • Redneck Summer Games

    redneck-gamesOk, so the Olympics aren't coming back to the US for at least another 10 more years. That doesn't mean you have to be sad. Since 1996, radio station, Y-96 has been holding the Redneck Summer Games featuring internationally celebrated sports such as dumpster diving, hubcap hurl, and everyone's favorite the mudpit belly flop!

    Does this sound like fun?

    Then head on down to East Dublin, GA or read on for more information about this mancation worthy festival!


  • Rancho Buena Vista

    rancho-buena-vistaTo many Americans, the only Mexican resorts they think of are the overly commercialized parts of the Yucatan around Cozemel and Cancun, but shocking as it may seem, there is another side to Mexico. Rancho Buena Vista is located less than an hour north of Los Cabos airport and is situated right on the beach, originally founded as a fishing resort in 1952.

    Rancho Buena Vista represents a much classier side of Mexico, off the mainland and at the tip of Baja California, Los Cabos is surrounded by fantastic fishing, gorgeous water, white sandy beaches, great food, and wonderful Mexican beer. At Rancho Buena Vista, you will be surrounded by history as the resort has hosted such Hollywood celebrities as Bing Crosby, Desi Arnez, and even John Wayne.

  • Camping Trip at Green Lake Campground

    green-lake-campgroundGolf, beer, brats and campfires, can it get much better.  At Green Lake Camp Grounds in Green Lake Wisconsin you can enjoy all the fun of a great camping trip with a few extra benefits that make it an amazing time. 

    The camp sites are spacious with plenty of room to put up big tent, have a dinner table, a place to sit and room to put up a grill.  There are two truely outstanding golf courses right on the property that will challenge even the top golfers.  Finally, there are numerous other activites that guys of all ages can enjoy.


  • Legends Challenge at Hammock Beach and Runion Resorts

    legends-golfHammock Beach Resort and Reunion Resort in Florida sends news about their The Legends Challenge UNLIMITED golf package that is perfect for guys looking for a great golf mancation and a chance to qualify for the Legends Challenge golf tournament.

    This is a great opportunity for skilled and passionate golfers alike who are looking for a reason to check out these two great golf resorts.

    From Sept. 1, 2009, to March 31, 2010, Hammock Beach Resort and Reunion Resort offer this per person, per night inclusive, UNLIMITED golf package for about $200!




  • Top 10 Bed and Breakfast Inns for Men

    meadowlake-ranch-inn-and-dude-ranchWhen planning a mancation or guys weekend, bed and breakfast's typically don't fit into the plans because of the preconceptions and image of romantic weekend retreats comes to mind. B&B's however are much more diverse than what our wives and girlfriends have lead us to believe. Today bed and breakfast inns are more than just tea and frilly curtains.

    Also, as an added benefit to these locations you will usually have a fantastic home-cooked breakfast and great conversation where the inn keeper will be able to tell you the best places to go for deals, best fishing spots, best bike trails, and other local attractions that just don't make it into guide books or review websites.

    That's why we are proud to have worked with to bring you the Top 10 Bed and Breafast Inns for Men!

  • Art Of Manliness Tells us How to Cross the Ocean on a Freighter

    ride-a-freighterOne of our favorite sites, Art of Manliness has posted a fantastic piece detailing How to Cross the Ocean on a Freighter.

    This is something that I have thought about in the past, and heard about on different TV shows and such but had dismissed as something that was just myth.  Apparently it isn't and it looks like it could be a really cheap way to have a cool mancation.

    This great article outlines a bunch of the different myths and missconceptions about traveling the seas by freighter, including the fact that it isn't actually cheaper than flying somewhere. I guess that isn't so bad though since this would be your mancation, not just the transportation :)


  • Boo Y'all! Haunted Hotels in Savannah

    kehoe-house-nightAs the leaves up north start to turn shades of red and brown, down south the humidity is dropping and the weather is getting nice and cool again, so it is time to explore Savannah's ghostly past.

    Part of Savannah’s quirky and mysterious charm lies in her rich history. Often celebrated along with Savannah’s crowning accomplishments and historic beauty, come the tales and legends about the supernatural side of America’s Most Haunted City.

  • Maker's Mark Distillery Tour

    makers-mark-wagonLooking for a great excuse to visit Central Kentucky? Love to drink Bourbon? Maybe you should check out the Maker's Mark distillery, located in Loretto, KY!

    Even if you aren't a bourbon or even a whiskey fan, visiting Maker's Mark is a great historical tour back in time to experience how bourbon was made back in the good ol' days. This is because in addition to distilling some of the greatest bourbon in the world, the Samuels family has made a point to also focus on historical preservation to avoid turning the brand into an industrialized product.

  • South Dakota's Black Hills Buffalo Roundup

    buffalo-roundupFor generations the American cowboy has been an icon of manhood, and dude ranches are probably one of the greatest mancation destinations available. Instead of a typical cow roundup, the Buffalo Roundup features wranglers going after buffalo, huge animals that can grow almost 7 feet tall and nearly 1,000 pounds!

    This is about real men and while you can't participate in the roundup unless you have been certified as an experienced wrangler, it is a great opportunity to celebrate the wild west in a way that you can't imagine anywhere else in the country. The Buffalo Round is held every year in Custer State Park, located in the middle of South Dakota's Black Hills. This year's event starts September 26, with the roundup itself on Monday, Sept. 28, and features events ranging from arts festivals and historic reenactments to chili cook-offs and old-time fiddlers, all centered around the annual roundup of the park’s nearly 1,500 bison.

  • Interview with Emily from about Buffalo Roundup

    This interview is with Emily Currey from the State of South Dakota's Department of Tourism. We discuss the upcoming 2009 Buffalo Roundup. {enclose mantripping-buffalo-roundup.mp3}
  • AVANI Spa Presents Awesome Spa Package for Men

    santuary-suite-avani-spaOk men, going to the spa might not be the first thing on your list of "what to do" for your next guys weekend. However, after having experienced my first facial at that awesome AVANI Spa in Lake Geneva, I can tell you that it is really a nice experience. Don't worry though, you won't leave smelling like a girl or be placed in an evironment that is designed for women. Today, many spas have realized that men want to look and feel good too!

    The AVANI Spa, located at the Abbey Resort on Lake Geneva, WI, has gone one step further and even created an entire mens spa package - complete with a private bartender, plasma TV, private hot tub, and guy-friendly foods (mini-pizzas, mini-brats, mini-hot dogs, nachos, and even BBQ wings!)

  • A Woman's Perspective on Mancations

    The following is a guest article from Trisha Miller, a friend of Man Tripping, a travel writer and founder of Travel Writers Exchange. She explores one of the potential obstacles to even the best planned mancation - your wife, girlfriend, or significant other. Most importantly, this is an article with advice that you can share with your significant other on why mancations are actually a good thing for relationships.

    However, a mancation shouldn't be about getting away from your wife or girlfriend, it should be about taking time to unwind, de-stress, and celebrate those things that make us guys manly. Especially those things that our significant others might not embrace the same way we do - sweating, smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and telling rude stories around a campfire, or boasting about how you ALMOST made it to the green, but the sea gull was in they way.

  • Celebrating Samurai History with Esprit Tours in Japan

    himaji-castleHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Samurai?

    If so, this new tour in the Spring of next year (2010) might be of interest to you. Esprit Travel & Tours, specialists in tours which deeply immerse you into the heart of Japanese culture, is offering a new tour with a focus on the history and culture of the samurai. 

    The way of the samurai, known as bushido, has fascinated westerners for hundreds of years.  In this very special tour, you will travel through Japan focusing on the era of the samurai, with introductions to the castles, battlefields, customs and the mystique of the samurai.  Visits to a range of original, reconstructed and castle ruins offer a glimpse into the lifestyle of the ruling class of the samurai.

  • Visiting Pittsburgh? Check out the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance

    bill-eadieThe independent wrestling circuit is a sideshow of sorts, and one that can easily entertain fathers and sons, a group of guys or even adventurous daters.

    Countless “promotions” dot every state in the union. Some cater to a more “hardcore crowd” where fans are sometimes encouraged to bring their own trash can lids, stop signs and steel chairs for the athletes to use as weapons. Conversely, there are promotions that cater to a more family-friendly crowd, one that doesn't alienate crowds for the sake of shock, cussing and bloodletting.

  • Floating down the Lower Platte River

    canoe-platte-riverWhile many guys weekend activities involve high impact sports such as sky diving and water skiing or athletic activities such as biking or hiking, sometimes it is nice to just float down the river in a tube with a case of beer and your closest buds.

    While in Northern Michigan, we had a chance to do just that, tubing on the Lower Platte River.

    A few different companies offer trips down the river, but the two main ones seem to be Riverside and The Honor Trading Post, we chose the Trading Post because they were friendlier and slightly cheaper.

  • Even the Weather Welcomes Us to Northern Michigan!

    beulah-beach-smWell folks, we are here in chilly but gorgeous Northern Michigan- Beulah to be exact and we couldn't have been welcomed better than by emerging from the drizzle that we followed all the way from Chicago. Litterally the moment we passed by Mukeegan the clouds parted, the rain stopped and the sun started shining. By the time we got to Beulah where we are staying it was sunny with high level clouds that prepared the way for a great sun set over Crystal Lake.

    This is certainly a different land up here, the land is hilly and at least where we are, the dunes drop sharply into the lake area forming a panorama around Crystal Lake that reminds me something of the lakes in upstate New York - though on a much smaller scale.

  • Fly Fishing in North Carolina at the High Hampton Inn

    alex-bell-in-riverIf you have never been, fly fishing is as much an art form as it is a sport. While virtually anyone can stick a lure in the water and drag it behind the boat, fly fishing, IMO, requires even more understanding of your environment and brings you closer to nature - it is just you and the fish right there in the stream together.

    There are trails of all sorts in this wonderful country, but North Carolina has created the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. If you love fishing and you love being out in god's country then you must at some point in your life visit this area.

    One of the spots you should visit while in the area is the High Hampton Inn. Located in the heart of the new Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail, the High Hampton Inn now features their very own fly fishing school!  Being the only trail of its kind in the U.S., fishermen can experience peak fishing in an area with temperatures that are generally 15 degrees cooler than lower-lying regions because of the 3,600-foot elevation.

  • Boston Mancation at the InterContinental

    The Boston Intercontinental now has an awesome mancation package, humbly titled the "Ultimate Boston Man Vacation". The package starts at $749, but it truely is an awesome package!

    Starting with of course, one of the finest hotels in Boston, the package also includes deluxe accomodations for two, a "Power Breakfast" in Miel "Brasserie Provencale", a 30-min shave from "The Art of Shaving", a man-specific facial or massage at the SPA InterContinental, and a choice of one of their three fantastic excoursions - fishing, golfing, or sailing.

    For more information, visit their mancation package page.


  • Mancation Spotlight Destination Coos Bay Oregon

    coos-bay-oregonEvery so often, I come across a cool town that isn't flashy and at the top of your mancation radar but might make a great destination for a quick guys weekend. One such town is Coos Bay Oregon.

    Prior to a reader sending in the suggestion, I had never heard of the place but the name sounded funny and so I checked it out. What I found was that it has a lot of great stuff that would make a great guys weekend destination including fishing, boating, hiking, even some of the best sand boarding in the country.

  • What is a Mancation?

    Man Tripping began in early 2008 while my wife worked on building her women's travel website, Chick Vacations. While she build Chick Vacations, women's travel site focusing on budget travel ideas and exciting destinations in the United States - just for women, I began to get the travel writer bug as well! Quickly, I discovered that while there were hundreds of women's travel sites, nothing existed that was dedicated to promoting men's travel!

    Man Tripping was Born...

    Regardless of what you call it - Guys Weekend, Mancation, or a Boys Weekend, Man Tripping is the site to learn about new places to stay, explore things to do, discuss ideas, share stories, and maybe even meet other guys to join in on some awesome travel adventures for men.

    What is a Mancation?

    If you are reading this, then you probably already know what a mancation is and probably you have participated in at least one. Simply put, a Mancation is any excuse to get away from the real world, hang out with other men who enjoy the same things you do and have fun - without having to worry about your wife, girlfriends, or other female companions. It may involve drinking lots of cheap beer, expesive whisky, or sampling fine wines - or it can be dry. For the purposes of this site, we focus on a more mature interpretation of a mancation and only cover those aspects of being a man that would be safe to share with your wife - or your sons!

    How you chose to enjoy your time is totally up to you and doesn't have to fit into any specific genre, but here are some common types of mancations or guys weekends that we cover on this website.

    Mancation Ideas:

    Like I mentioned above, pretty much any opportunity to spend time with the guys and away from the women counts as a mancation. However, many mancations tend to fall into the following categories:

    Extreme Sports Mancations:

    Extreme Sports Mancations focus on doing extreme things, such as sky diving, whitewater rafting, bungie jumping, heli-skiing in the rockies, and other activities designed to generate the maximum adrenaline rush.

    Adventure Mancations:

    While extreme sports are certainly an adventure, Adventure Mancations are once-in-a-lifetime trips such as running with the bulls or attending the La Tomatina Festival, in Spain, rafting down the Amazon River, or participating in an archiolgy dig in Mexico.

    Metrosexual Mancations:

    Men don't have to be cavemen and adrenaline adicts, metrosexuals are another audience that the travel industry is generating packages for. Metrosexual Mancations usually involve fantastic spa treatments, fittings for a custom suite, and staying at a luxury hotel with room service.

    Outdoorsman and Leisure Mancations:

    Hunting, fishing, golf, hiking - all activities that combine a love of outdoors with a scaleable amount of leisure and luxury. For instance, your hiking excursion could be roughing it on the Applachian Trail, or exploring glaciers in the morning, then returning to a fantastic lodge like the Chateau Lake Louise for high tea in the afternoon. Outdoorsy mancations are perhaps the most popular type of men's travel - but most guys probbaly don't even consider it a mancation. It is just having a blast with buddies from college, guys from work, or just spending some quality time as father and son.

    Geek Mancations:

    This is absolutely an under-rated and under promoted aspect of men's travel but as a card-carrying geek I think it is important to include things like going to E3 to hang out and "research" the latest and greatest new video games, to Gen Con for 24-hour marathons of Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs, Comic-Con to see the latest and greatest new graphic novels, or Burning Man for, well... everything else.

    Tour Mancations:

    Tour Mancations are another very popular type of mancation. These typically take place over a number of years, or even just a few days. Examples of this could be a tour of all the Big 10 Football Stadiums, or attending an away game each year for your favorite sports team. Other examples include Brewery Tours, Wine Tours, or traveling the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. Often, the tour is just an excuse to go somewhere and the journey is as important as the destination.

    Cruise Mancation:

    Cruising is one of the most popular forms of travel and it is also one of the most affordable. Not suprisingly it can also make a great mancation. If you think that cruises are just for families, the newly married, and the nearly dead then you need to take a second look. Today's ships have TONS of awesome things for guys - including cigar bars, driving ranges, climbing walls and of course shore excursions and opportunities to explore nature

    Educational Mancation:

    Mancations can be educational too! This is a great opportunity to travel to Italy for a week of cooking classes, visit museums, or perhaps go to the Travel Channel Academy's Film School. After all, learning can be fun and it is a great excuse to go somewhere new!

    Giving Back Mancation:

    Typically mancations and guys weekends are selfish and oriented around "me time" or at least "us time", but being a man also means taking care of those less fortunate than yourself. Giving Back Mancations could involve traveling to New Orleans to help re-build houses for Habitat for Humanity, or maybe going to Africa to share your medical skills. Everyone has something they can do and this is a great opportunity to be a man, and doing good while traveling with the guys.

    Staycation Mancation - Explore your Own Back Yard!

    Finally, what if you can't afford to go to some exotic location or only have a few days and don't want to waste half of it traveling? A Staycation Mancation might be exactly what you need. This doesn't mean you have to stay in your home, it just means exploring your own back yard. Take your son downtown and treat him to something special that you remember from your childhood, or maybe rent a hotel room in the city and turn off the cell phones, stay up all night watching sports and drinking beer and enjoy not being nagged by the wife.

    Like everything in life, it is important to be creative. These ten types of mancations certainly aren't the only ones, so I look forward to your feedback and getting to know you better through sharing your mancation photos and stories in our community!


  • Playboy Mansion Summer Fling Party

    playboy-mansion-frontIf there is a single place in the world that it is safe to say that every guy has dreamed of visiting at least once, it has got to be the Playboy Mansion.

    Now is your chance with this awesome sounding Summer Fling Party.

    While the "Girls Next Door" are no longer there, there is plenty more to keep your eyes wandering including a tours led by Playmates, the Pool and Grotto, an Open Bar, and even special packages to make this the ultimate mancation.


  • Michael Jackson Memorial Travel Ideas

    michael-jackson-badAs most of you already know, Michael Jackson passed away yesterday, June 25, 2009. As someone who grew up in the 80's this man had a huge impact on me, as he did millions of others around the world. So I wanted to share a collection of potential pilgrimage destinations around the country that you can visit to celebrate and remember this great artist, the Elvis of our generation.

    The following Michael Jackson related locations don't have to be visited in any particular order and don't need to be visited this weekend, but are "must visit" locations for any true Michael Jackson fan.

    If you have any additions please contact me and I'll add it to the article.



  • Wild Dunes Resort has Everything for a Charleston Golf Mancation

    There are hundreds of great places to go for a golf mancation, especially along the South Carolina coast, but not many that offer virtually everything you could possibly want in the ultimate mancation or boys weekend. Luckily I was able to visit one earlier this spring! Wild Dunes Resort is located at the north end of Isle of Palms, South Carolina and the resort is certainly more than just another golf course.

  • Salt River Tubing - Arizona's Floating Picnic!

    Salt River Tubing is probably one of the most relaxing but fun macations you can take. Located in the beautiful Tonto National Forest near Mesa and a short drive from Phoenix you can spend the afternoon tubing down rapids in the lower Salt River.

  • Kramer Games - An Ultimate Sports Weekend for Men

    kramer-gamesHave you ever wanted to relive your past glory days when you were the stud athlete?

    The Kramer Games, a series of events all around the country might be your opportunity to shine. Don't worry if you weren't a jock in high school or college, this is an opportunity to compete against other normal guys and have fun.

    Of course, if you were a jock and kicked ass in basketball, baseball, or golf, this is your chance to show the world that you still got it!


  • Skydive Chicago an Illinois Skydiving Adventure

    Visiting Skydive Chicago was absolutely one of the best Mancations I have ever taken.

    If you are looking for a high adrenaline trip skydiving with Skydive Chicago is the place to go. Skydive Chicago is located just west of the city in Ottawa, IL. Not only is this Chicago's Premier Dropzone but as far as I am concerned, they are also the BEST! With a 220 acre mega resort, top notch skydive instructors, and a vast amount of non-skydiving activites this is an ideal trip for guys looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush!

  • Wildman Whitewater Ranch and Rock Climbing in Wisconsin

    You can go whitewater rafting in the midwest? ABSOLUTELY! At Wildman's Whitewater Ranch in Niagara, WI, you can spend the morning surfing the rapids, and the afternoon enjoying a challenging rock climb, or perhaps a competative game of paintball!

  • Ever Thought about Being a Whitewater Rafting Guide?

    I haven't had a chance to write stuff up yet about whitewater rafting, but certainly that is one of the great things to do for a guys weekend or mancation. A few years ago I had the opportunity to go rafting in Vermont and I had a blast. Whitewater rafting is a perfect opportunity for male bonding as it requires strength, ballence, wits, intelligence, and courage. Most of all, it requires teamwork and leadership or else your whole group is going to tip over or worse.

    At the end of the day you and the rest of the group can share stories, drink beer, light a camp fire, and cook some great steaks. What more could you want in a mancation adventure?

    So if going rafting is awesome, wouldn't being a whitewater rafting guide make the ultimate job?

    Art of Manliness decided to find out as part of their "So You Want my Job" series.

  • Carrol Valley Golf Resort a Guys Weekend Close to Home

    Are you looking for a place where guys can go to get away from all the stresses of home life - spouses, children, weekend projects etc? How about visiting a place not to far away, a place where you can sleep in, play a round of golf or two, take a nap, eat wings, drink beer and enjoy a night of poker or billiards, all while enjoying a big game on the TV.

    That's exactly what Carroll Valley Resort offers and it is located in the small Pennsylvania town of Carroll Valley, just outside of Gettysburg.

  • Windsor Red Bull Air Race

    red bull air race windsor ontario

    Click here for: 2010 Windsor Red Bull Air Race information.

    Last year the Red Bull Air Race was split between Detroit and Windsor but this year apparently the host is just Windsor, though of course you should be able to observe the air race from either side of the Detroit River.

    This year's event will be held June 13-14 and hopefully with lower gas prices it will be an even bigger success than last year, when nearly 750,000 people watched the air race.

    Unlike last year when the naming rights and air race festivities were split between the Detroit and Windsor sides of the river, this year will be entirely Canadian. This is in large party due to the Canadian tourism agency that funded the 3.2 million dollars to bring it back, while the city of Detroit has other concerns besides tourism. As a result, all of the official activities will be on the Canadian side, including the airport, viewing stands, and other events. That isn't nessisarily a bad thing though as the two cities are seperated only by the river and the city of Detroit will benefit greatly from the tourist traffic being drawn to the officially "Windsor Red Bull Air Race".

  • House of Blues Atlantic City

    wallflowers-hobIf you are a guy and you have never been to a House of Blues you must check this place out.

    There are House of Blues locations nationwide and if you aren’t a “blues” fan, don’t worry - there is a lot more than blues bands playing at these places. In many ways, House of Blues is a perfect destination for a guys weekend because they are unbelievably cool in that sort of magical way they are decorated where everything is just perfect from the lighting to the decorations on the wall.

    That’s why I was excited to be invited out to Atlantic City to check out the House of Blues inside the Showboat Casino last month.

  • Guys Weekend Staycation Ideas

    dreamarcadeoctane120With gas more than $4 per gallon here in Chicago, I unfortunately had to cut back on my some of my travel plans. Unfortunately my trip to Detroit this weekend to see the Red Bull Air Race is going to have to wait until next year (I hope they return, or better yet, come to Chicago instead!). However, it made me start to think about some great guys weekend / mancation ideas that might not even involve traveling.

    The term staycation has become a buzzword recently, mostly in reference to families cutting back on their family vacations … instead of packing everyone up and going to Florida the family will stay at home or near home and have a staycation instead.

    But what about us guys?

    What is the mancation equivalent of a staycation?

    Camping Trip with the Guys:

    So you may need a little bit of gas to drive to the campground, but for the most part, no matter where in the country you live there is probably a camp ground within an hour drive. Once at the camp ground, your gas guzzeling is over as you celebrate being a guy by hiking, fishing, boating, and generally enjoying the great outdoors.

    Bird Watching:

    Think of this as hunting with cameras and binoculars! Unlike hunting, there is no open or closed season, and there are great places to find beautiful and unique birds all around the country - even in urban areas.

    Help Build a Home:

    Since you are now starting to feel the pinch of high gas prices, imagine what it feels like to not be able to afford a home! There are projects all around the country, from Habitat for Humanity and other organizations.

    Buy Something Fun and Throw a Guys-only House Party:

    Instead of traveling at all, how about buying something cool for the home and throwing a party around it. This could be a new grill, home arcade machine, a margarita machine, kegerator, even an outdoor pool table. The money you could have lost on gas you can now enjoy for years to come. Just remember to buy something made in the USA where possible!

  • Red Bull Air Races San Diego

    red-bull-air-race-san-diegoYesterday I talked a bit about my trip to Detroit next month for the Detroit / Windsor Red Bull Air Race, but I didn’t mention much about the Red Bull Air Race in San Diego that is coming up in just a few short weeks, May 3-4.

    I watched the 2007 San Diego Air Race on tv and that was what got me hooked on this awesome sport in the first place.

    So if you are in the Southern Califormia and looking for an awesome guys weekend, you can’t get much better than watching the 2008 San Diego Red Bull Air Race and some of the most talented pilots in the world. After all, this is the worlds fastest motorsport (Formula One and NASCAR are just a bit slower).

  • Planning the Perfect Mancation

    e3-pics-004Are you sitting at home reading this blog, looking at all the super cool mancation ideas and wondering where to start or how to plan the perfect mancation?

    Don’t worry, these tips should help!

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