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Hello from James Hills, Editor & Publisher

I started ManTripping as a men's lifestyle blog that focused on travel in 2008 after working on consulting projects for several women's lifestyle and travel blogs. At the time, men's lifestyle blogs catered to college aged kids looking for pictures scantily clad ladies and promoting a men behaving badly type of lifestyle. That wasn't me and I wanted to develop a blog that reflected my lifestyle as a man who loves to travel, explore new places, taste new cocktails, and eat new foods with my best friends. Not one to back away from an opportunity or a challenge, I launched later that year.

For more than 9 years, ManTripping has been a leading male lifestyle blog and one of most respected blogs that covers a range of Men's Lifestyle and Travel topics. In 2014, my wife Heather (and our dog Niki Belle) joined the team, along with several other contributors. During this expansion, our focus areas increased to embrace a complete look at additional Men's Lifestyle topics including cars, gear, food, style, fitness, information for dads and sons, dog friendly travel, and of course -  "Romantic Getaways".

After all, if we leave the wife or girlfriend at home it's not going to be pretty when we get back!

Each month, through a combination of our blog and social channels, our men's lifestyle blog and travel content is seen more than a million times by people across the United States as well as internationally, with key countries including: Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and throughout Europe.

We also conduct travel industry research on men's travel trends through interviews with male bloggers, travel industry representatives, and surveys about travel trends.

Who is The ManTripping Audience?

Our target man is a Confident Explorer who hates being defined by labels. He's a hardworking man who doesn't want to deal with bullshit from anyone that tries to get in the way.

While he loves his truck and it might even have added some aftermarket parts and enjoys spending time cruising the open roads in a fast car - he also appreciates the technology powering  electric cars and urban mobility trends.

He seeks adventure wherever he goes. This includes Hunting, Fishing, Golf, and Mountain Biking friends as well as occasionally spending time to just be by himself. Despite his rugged masculine exterior appearance, he also enjoys a relaxing day on the beach looking for shells, pebbles, and maybe even a fossilized shark tooth. He can also be found spending the afternoon relaxing at the pool after a massage with a drink in hand watching a beautiful sunset.

During the week he works hard to provide for his family and country while making of plans for the weekend. He dreams of epic adventures such as visiting Montana to go hunting, a off road adventure in Baja, golfing in Scotland, or heading out on the water for a cruise vacation anywhere that a ship can take him. 

His passion for exploration and sense of duty to his community extends beyond himself. This means he is dedicated to providing a positive role model for other men and especially young ones so that they can thrive and be future positive contributors to society. This includes sharing wisdom, ideas, tips, and advice on subjects that all men should be familiar with, including: men's health, relationships, DIY advice for home and yard, car care, food, drinks, and technology.

While he knows what he likes when he sees it - he isn't opposed to finding new things to enjoy.

Our guys don't like labels or being categorized! 

These men can be found living anywhere in the country from the urban apartment dweller to the man struggling to survive in the the suburbs.

Men's Lifestyle Target Demographics:

Our Men's Lifestyle Blog Team Includes:

  • James Hills - Men's Lifestyle Blog Editor and Publisher
  • Steve Kinnard - Music and Entertainment
  • Patrick Vincler - Outdoor Extreme Sports 
  • Bill Breeding - Military and Technology 
  • Heather Hills - Entertainment and Romantic Getaways


Men's Lifestyle Bloggers Milwaukee Wisconsin - Brewers ParkManTripping and other Men's Lifestyle Bloggers visiting Milwaukee Wisconsin - Brewers Park

Social Media and Blog Reach:

Each month we also reach an average of 120,000 unique visitors searching for men's lifestyle content through as well. 

For an in-depth analysis of website stats and social reach, please visit my profile on Fohr.

Key Social Media Channels:

9,000+ people on

51,000+ on Twitter @ManTripping

20,000+ on Twitter @MenWhoBlog

10,000+ on Instagram @ManTripping

9,500+ on

530+ on

If you have exciting men's lifestyle blog information that you'd like to share and promote to our readers, please contact us today. We have a variety of sponsored content opportunities available at different budgets.

carnival sunshine mens lifestyle blogger mancationMen's lifestyle bloggers mancation on Carnival Sunshine organized by #MenWhoBlog

Helping Destinations and Brands Reach The Male Audience:

With more than 20 years of Internet marketing experience, we know how to put together influencer marketing programs to help brands reach and engage audiences. When combined with professional media credits with leading publications including Washington Post and social media leadership roles at top consumer brands including Sears, Kmart, Staples, ProFlowers, Shari's Berries, RedEnvelope, and Personal Creations we have a perfect match of skills to build influencer and content marketing programs that work. This is especially true regarding developing campaigns to engage men's lifestyle and dad bloggers. I can help you through Men Who Blog and our parent company, Flow Social Media if you need a large scale campaign or directly through this site if you just need a sponsored post to promote your campaign to our audience.


Men's Lifestyle Blogger Social Media Marketing Services:

  1. Twitter Parties
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Blogger Campaigns
  4. Men's Lifestyle Blog Fam Trips
  5. Social Media Coaching

Media Interviews and Speaking Engagements:

James Hills from Man Tripping is available for media interviews and background research for media and members of the press who are researching mancations, brocations, guys weekend, lads holidays, and travel industry trends in general.

He has a long history as an expert in the field, having worked with following media to help them promote mancations as well as Men's Travel in general.

If you would like to interview him or invite him to speak at an upcoming conference or event, please call: 630-779-9302 or email: [email protected]


Recent Speaking Engagements:

  • 2017 CES - "Exploring the Future of Smart Homes" at the Zmodo booth
  • 2016 Type A Parent - "Making the Jump from Dad Blogger to Men's Lifestyle Blogger"
  • 2015 IZEAfest - "Content Marketing"
  • 2014 San Diego Travel Fest - "How Bloggers Can Best Work with Brands"
  • 2014 Oregon Business Owners Association - "How to Leverage Social Media to Reach More Customers"
  • 2013 San Diego Travel Massive - "Leveraging Social Media to Promote your Blog"


National and Regional Press:

  • Reader's Digest
  • New York Times
  • NY Post
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Moneyish
  • CBS Marketwatch
  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Denver Post
  • WPRI-TV Providence
  • WIVB-TV Buffalo
  • WJR Detroit
  • WWJ-TV Detroit
  • KGO San Francisco
  • Fox News
  • ABC News 20/20
  • The Plain Dealer
  • WGN Chicago
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Chicago Sun Times
  • Seattle Times
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette
  • Twin Cities Pioneer Press
  • Let's RV
  • (Italian Newspaper)
  • Carol Roth
  • Design and Launch and Online Travel Business in a Week (book)
  • Hip Trip Adviser


Travel Industry Press:

  • Group Travel Leader
  • Travel Agent Central


Brand Ambassadorships:

As one of the leading men's lifestyle bloggers, we value relationships with brands and strive to build more than just short-term content, but rather long term relationships. This provides value to both the brand as well as our audience since we have an opportunity to tell their story and create deeper levels of connections over a period of weeks and months.


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