Bota Rita Margarita Box

A couple weeks ago I had the fortune of receiving a huge box of samples from Bota Box. The very generous folks there were determined to show me that boxed wine didn't have to be terrible. They were right but what blew me away was their latest creation, Bota 'Rita - a wine based margarita that comes in their signature bag-in-box packaging.

Ok, I SWEAR I haven't lost my mind or had one too many Bota 'Ritas ... but these are damned good. Bota 'Rita is the latest creation from Bota Box wines and this is ... wait for it ... a wine cocktail that honestly tastes like one of the better margaritas that I've ever had. Not only that but since it is in a box, there's no glass to worry about and that makes it the perfect addition to any Labor Day parties that you might be planning.

selection of bota box wines

For those who aren't familiar with the brand, Bota Box is one of the leading companies selling wines in a "bag-in-box" format. While you're probably familiar with some cheaper brands that pour absolutely crap wine into a box and sell it to people looking for a bulk value wine ... this isn't that. While it would be hard to say that their wines are premium, they are very good. While I generally prefer to drink wine in the $30-$50 price point, Bota Box's collection of wines are perfect for entertaining and casual consumption.

For instance, their Night Hawk Black "Bold Cabernet Sauvignon" is the equivalent to 4 bottles of wine. However, the retail price is only $20 for the box and I'd confidently say that their quality would be equivalent to at least a $10-15 bottle. Plus, the wine can stay fresh for up to 30 days since you aren't opening a bottle and letting air interact with the wine.

nighthawk black

Additionally, for picnics and hiking they also have two other paper box format packaging options that are also very good for the environment since square packaging ships more densely and there's less weight to the packaging compared to glass. This might not seem like a bit deal if the wine found inside wasn't also good. Luckily it is.

However, like I mentioned before, it was the Bota 'Rita product that really impressed me!

just add friends and ice

I've had more than my share of wine cocktails during my travels and usually you are left with the same feeling you get after having "diet pop" or "sugar free" cookies. It just isn't the same and you can taste it.

That isn't the case here though and I suspect the folks at Bota Box must have spent a TON OF TIME "researching" to get the formula just right.

A classic margarita has three things - Tequila, Agave, and Lime. Some people today call that a skinny margarita but that's just a real margarita without other stuff added to it to make it sweeter or spicier or whatever else they are trying to do.

Here too with Bota 'Rita, the margarita contains three things - Agave, Wine, and Lime and it shows.

pouring bota rita margarita

Similarly, they didn't cut corners with quality either and it uses 100% real agave. Not only does this make the taste more authentic but it also helps in terms of making it less "sugary" than most margarita mixes you might find in your grocery aisle.

My only complaint was that our box was too small. Unlike the 3 liter Bota Box wines, Bota 'Rita is only 1.5 liters. While this officially is good for as many as 10 drinks ... that's not how I pour :) While a typical margarita made with 80 Proof tequila is around 33% ABV, Bota 'Rita is still a 13.5% ABV drink so be responsible. You may be able to drink more but watch out and always be responsible any time you consume alcohol.

At a retail price of $15.99 this is WAY cheaper than any other margarita option that I've found at a quality that I truly enjoyed consuming. That makes the solution simple, always buy one more box than you think you'll need. If you don't need it that day ... just like the Bota Box wines, the Bota 'Rita will last for 30 days in the box!