Campfire Foods We Love

When you think about camping, you probably think about fresh air, campfires, and music but my guess is that you also are thinking about those tasty treats that you only get every so often. That's right, I'm talking about camping recipes and fire-cooked canned foods like Dinty Moore Beef Stew and Hormel Chili. On our recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park, we expanded on our favorites by adding a couple new ones ...

pot on fire

One of the fun things about camping is that the entire world is your kitchen. Whether you cook on a charcoal grill, over the campfire, or use a gas grill - it sort of opens your mind to new ideas.

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 So with that in mind, here's a couple recipes we tried and now we're ready to share with you guys!

bacon pancakes cooking

Bacon Pancakes

This recipe is simple - take the pancakes you would normally make on the griddle, then add a piece of cooked Farmer John bacon on top then flip it. 

Once the pancake is done, the bacon will act as a sort of handle and when you add maple syrup the combo of pancake, bacon, and maple will just blow your mind!

teriyaki spam

Hawaiian Sliders

SPAM is an incredible food that while often maligned is actually pretty flexible. You can have SPAM and eggs for breakfast, grilled SPAM for lunch, or even a SPAM masubi (on rice, wrapped in nori like a sushi roll). However, for the ultimate camp food treat, try SPAM Hawaiian Sliders ...

1. Grill slices of Teriyaki SPAM 

2. Lightly grill some King's Hawaiian rolls.

3. Place SPAM on the Hawaiian rolls and top with a ring of canned pineapple.

That's it! Super easy and delicious - plus it's healthy (pineapple is a fruit right?) :)

BTW I find that these cook best over a gas grill like the one Napoleon provided. since you can set the temperature and make sure that the SPAM cooks all the way and the buns just get a light toast - but neither burns.

camp kettle

No matter what you cook up, it's important to remember that camping is about bonding with your buddies and having a great time. I didn't really think about it till this trip, but Hormel has a bunch of iconic brands that simply go great with camping - even if you might not have them on a regular basis. That being said, since I got home I've discovered that my hunger for SPAM hasn't ended and I've explored other recipes including adding it to my ramen noodles as well as a substitute for bacon with my eggs.