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mezcal amaras

Mezcal Amarás is a perfect example of why I'm absolutely enthralled by this spirit! Alcohol has had a unique place in the history of man and the act of fermentation is probably as old as the act of grilling meat. Throughout it's history, our ancestors celebrated this magic liquid's ability to both open up a portal to experience a different plane of existence for religious and mystic purposes as well to frankly ... just feel good. While most spirits today are simply commercial and indeed industrial operations designed purely for commercial profit - there still exists a cadre of mezcaleros who keep their ancient traditions alive so that we can experience them ourselves.

One of the biggest parts of this is that while most mezcal uses espandin since it is cheaper to produce - others - like Mezcal Amarás have delved into the heritage of mezcal and cultivated other varietals to produce unique expressions that go beyond what you might expect if you only have experienced an industrial espandin mezcal.

Let's uncover the spirit and culture behind ancestral Mezcal, showing you why it's more than just a drink—it's a celebration of tradition.

Key Takeaways

  • Mezcal Amarás is committed to sustainability and community empowerment, advocating for initiatives that make mezcal the most sustainable and fair distillate in the world.
  • The brand has achieved carbon neutrality, reducing their carbon footprint and offsetting their environmental impact, while also preserving and respecting the land through organic or biological compost and a strict planting plan.
  • Mezcal Amarás production methods honor ancestral rituals, using traditional techniques such as pit-roasting agaves, crushing with a tahona stone, and double distillation in clay pots.
  • The brand offers a variety of mezcal options, including the Cupreata and Espadín & Tobalá Blend, each with their own complex flavor profiles, and also engages in careful aging processes to create exceptional taste.

About Mezcal Amarás

Mezcal Amarás is more than just a distillery. Instead, it is a complete organization with a brand that is deeply committed to sustainability and community empowerment. The distillery works diligently to balance the needs of the present with future generations, all while caring for the health of the planet.

As a mezcal lover, you'll appreciate the brand's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and offset their environmental impact and by their sustainable practices as they advocate for initiatives that make mezcal the most sustainable and fair distillate in the world.. They've even taken it a step further, becoming the first mezcal brand to achieve carbon neutrality. But that's not all.

Mezcal Amarás works passionately to preserve and respect the land, allowing the flavors of their mezcal varieties to shine through. They've made a name for themselves by organically or biologically using compost from their distillery and have a strict planting plan in place to preserve the agave species.

The brand's commitment to sustainability and community is an invitation for you to join them in celebrating life, one sip of mezcal at a time.

from seed to bottle

Cultivating Mezcal From Seed To The Cup

You're about to embark on a spirited journey where mezcal isn't just a drink, but the very essence of life itself.

As you delve deeper, you'll uncover the mystic traditions that honor the skill and expertise of the Mezcalero Masters, the custodians of ancestral mezcal production rituals.

Mezcal Is The Spirit Of Life

This mezcal embodies the harmonious relationship between natural elements and human craftsmanship.

Rooted in ancient traditions, you'll find a deep respect for the earth in every sip of this mezcal. Each drop carries the tale of sustainable agave farming, from the nurturing of seeds to the harvesting of mature piñas.

Mysticism That Honors Mezcalero Masters

As we dive into mysticism that honors Mezcalero Masters, it is important to honor and acknowledge their vital role in maintaining and celebrating this time-honored tradition. These masters harness ancestral knowledge, blending it with mezcalero rituals to create a spirit that's deeply rooted in mystical traditions.

They infuse each batch with unique flavors, demonstrating a profound understanding of the production process and a knack for creating complex, layered taste profiles.

Their work isn't just about flavors, it's about preserving a rich cultural heritage and sustaining communities by providing local jobs. Ultimately, they've made this mezcal more than a just another alcoholic drink - it's a testament to the power of Mexican tradition and an embodiment of a community's spirit.

The Ritual Of Ancestral Mezcal Production

As we travel deeper into the ritual of ancestral mezcal production, you'll discover a process steeped in tradition and respect for the earth. The significance of ritual becomes evident as you witness the careful layering of hand-harvested agave on river stones, creating an oven that imparts smoky flavors over several days.

The ancestral mezcal traditions continue as the cooked agave is chopped and ground into a paste, releasing its rich, earthy essence. This homage to the Mezcalero Masters' ancestors fosters a unique cultural connection that probably goes beyond what most guys care about. For me though, this essence and connection between men across generations is what makes the spirit special.

You'll realize that every sip of Casa Amarás mezcal is a toast to the earth and a nod to tradition. So, as you revel in the complexity of its flavors, remember, you're partaking in a ritual centuries old.

The Magic of Distilling

Stepping away from the ancestral rituals of mezcal production, let's explore the magic of distillation. This is where the true essence of mezcal comes alive, as fire, smoke, and unseen organisms breathe life into the different agave varieties, and create distinct flavor profiles that offer unique opportunities to appreciate the spirit.

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Purification Of The Spirit Energy

In the purification stage, the Master Mezcalero's keen eye and experience determine the exact moment when the spirit's essence is perfected. This energy purification process is more than just science - it's an art, a spiritual connection that transcends the physical realm.

You'll taste the difference in Mezcal Amarás, a robust spirit with layers of flavor that reveal its unique journey from agave to glass. Through the use of wood and fire, the Mezcalero deftly controls the temperature, ensuring a sustainable distillation process.

Awakening The Mezcal

The moment you put your cupito to your lips you will you'll feel an awakening. Your senses begin to unlock a world of flavors and aromas and a connections with years of ancestral heritage and wisdom. This awakening experience, known as 'Awakening The Mezcal', is deeply rooted in the mezcal production process.

To mazimize your experience, follow this path of tasting your mezcal:

  1. The first step is to appreciate the mezcal's color and clarity, which can vary from crystal clear to a light golden hue.
  2. Next, inhale the scent. You'll find notes of smoke, citrus, and earth, all products of the artisanal production process.
  3. Finally, take a sip. Let the mezcal wash over your palate and open your senses to the rich flavors of agave, the heart of mezcal.

These mezcal tasting techniques will deepen your connection to this ancestral spirit, bringing you closer to its origin and the community that cherishes it.

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Mezcal From More Than Just Espandin Agave

One thing that seperates these guys from the rest is the agave varietals that they use. Just like with wine grapes - and frankly the same with hops in beer and the grain used in vodka, mezcal produced from different types of agave will produce it's own distinct notes.

While espadin agave is by far the most common agave plant used in the production of mezcal - and one they use as well, other options available include the intriguing Cupreata and their blend of Espadin & Tobala.

I'm unabashedly focused on quality and unique experiences but I do appreciate and like to celebrate companies that are committed to sustainable and fair trade practices as well ... but the core product has to come first. Here, that's not a problem at all!

The Mezcal Amarás sustainability efforts are commendable, with a portion of each sale funding initiatives promoting social and environmental responsibility. Immerse yourself in this rich experience, where you're not just savoring a drink, but becoming part of a community dedicated to preserving tradition and the environment.

mezcal amaras espandin joven

Mezcal Amarás - Espandin

Amarás Espadín's unique flavor profile includes subtle notes of bergamot and cherry blossom, followed by a sweet hint of ripe mango. This Mezcal Amarás flavor profile is truly distinctive, showcasing the brand's commitment to fine craftsmanship.

Part of this dedication includes sustainability practices in their production process. The Mezcal Amarás sustainability approach ensures that for each agave plant used, ten are planted in return. This commitment to replenishing resources demonstrates their commitment to the environment.

The Mezcal Amarás aging process involves 8-year-old Espadín agave, bringing depth and complexity to the spirit. This careful aging process contributes to the rich and robust flavors that make Amarás Espadín mezcal so exceptional.

ma cupreata

Mezcal Amarás - Cupreata

Venturing beyond the familiar Espadin, you're now stepping into the wilder side of Mezcal with Amaras Cupreata. This mezcal is a tribute to the biodiversity of agave and a testament to Mezcal Amarás' innovations in Cupreata Agave conservation.

Crafted from 13-year-old Cupreata agave, the Cupreata Flavor Profile is a complex symphony that'll leave you enchanted. You're greeted with soft notes of pumpkin seeds, leather, and cocoa on the nose. As you take a sip, an intense, bright, and herbal medley of pepper and spices dances on your palate. The finish is refreshingly fresh, leaving a lingering spicy warmth.

Experience this journey through the forests of Guerrero, and discover there's truly more to mezcal than just Espadin. Welcome to the Amaras Cupreata experience.

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Mezcal Amarás - Espandin & Tobala

You're about to explore the unique blend of Espadín and Tobalá, a handmade drink from Oaxaca that's 70% Espadín and 30% Tobalá. The Mezcal Amarás production process, an artisan craft, uses natural fermentation and wild yeasts.

This blend brings forth a distinct Mezcal Amarás flavor profile, a symphony of fresh herbal and fruity notes, with a hint of white flowers. On the palate, you'll discover the earthy taste of damp soil and freshly cut grass, intertwined with tropical fruits.

Conclusion: Ancestral Mezcal Is A Way To Travel Virtually and Connect With The Experiences Of Different Cultures

So, you've seen that Mezcal Amarás different and one of the biggest divergences from other premium mezcals on the market is that they use more than just Espadin agave. Instead, they offer true agave spirit connoisseurs an opportunity to try a truly unique expression.  From seed to cup, Mezcal Amarás is a journey that honors ancestral ways and celebrates the spirit of a culture.

While we can't always travel to Mexico and walk through the agave fields, grabbing a bottle of premium mezcal like those varietals produced by Mezcal Amarás can bring us a virtual experience that is "almost" as good :)

So, here's to artisanal and ancestral mezcal, a true testament to the rich heritage of mezcal making.