Chicken Soup Science

Some people swear by holistic medicine and folk remedies and while I am typically skeptical, you have to admit that the knowledge of hundreds (or thousands) of generations must have some basis in fact. That's the case for chicken soup with regards to treating colds anyhow. With temperatures starting to drop and kids as well as the rest of us crammed inside we all need something to help our immune system get a boost. Besides even without any potential health it simply tastes great as a snack, part of the main meal, or even as the meal itself.


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How Does Chicken Soup Help With Colds?

Reduces Inflammation:

A scientific study by the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha  isolated white blood cells and neutrophills to see what the effect of chicken soup would be. The scientists found that the chicken soup actually helped to inhibit the cells from causing inflammation that in the case of a common cold results in symptoms such as coughing. While the original test was performed with a hand-crafted "Grandmother's Soup" the same scientists found that tests on supermarket brands including Progresso worked similarly.

Clears the Nose:

Drinking hot liquids helps clear the nose and this in turns allows you to breath better. Additionally, it works to potentially clear out any bad stuff contained in your nasal passages that might contribute to irritation or infection.

Placebo Effect:

Let's face it ... a lot of things in life are what you make of it. While there are some fundamental scientific benefits then chances are your body is going to respond positively. This placebo effect combined with the science is a great combo that can't be ignored.

At the end of the day, placebo or science - it almost doesn't matter ... a great chicken soup simply tastes great. Plus, since you are sick, why don't you treat yourself with something extra to snack on too :)

As Good as Chicken Soup is, Call a Doctor if You are Sick!

At the end of the day, a steaming hot bowl of soup is a delicious thing to enjoy and it's just that. Don't avoid a doctor just because you are planning to eat a lot of soup.