Tony Luke's is one of the top cheesesteak restaurants in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the birthplace of the cheesesteak, and where to find the best sandwich in town can be a contentious issue. For those looking for guidance, we've assembled a list of our favorite spots to get your hands on one of these iconic sandwiches.

If a cheesesteak is what you're after, Philadelphia offers a variety of different options for your next sandwich fix.

Here Are The Top 10 Cheesesteak Restaurants In Philadelphia:

1) Pat's King of Steaks

2) Dalessandro's Steaks and Hoagies

3) Geno's Steaks

4) Jim's Steaks

5) John's Roast Pork

6) Chubby's Cheesesteaks and Dogs

7) Steve's Prince of Steaks

8) Tony Luke's Cheesesteak Shop

9) Lombardi's Cheesesteaks

10) Joe's Steaks And Soda Shop

Let's Take A Look At Some Of Our Favorite Cheesesteak Restaurants In Philadelphia!

Everyone clearly will have their favorite cheesesteak and sometimes it is more about the tradition associated with one restaurant vs another, more than just who's tastes best. Whatever reason that you might have, it would be impossible to go wrong with any of these cheesesteak restaurants we've listed below.


Pat's King of Steaks

The first stop on our tour should come as no surprise: Pat's King of Steaks! Opened in 1930 by Pasquale "Pat" Olivieri, this South Philadelphia institution has been serving up steak sandwiches since day one. Legend has it that Pat invented his now-famous sandwich when he was running out of pork chops during World War II rationing; what resulted from his ingenuity was an instant hit with locals and visitors alike.


Genos Steaks

The West Philly Genos has been a mainstay on the Philadelphia cheesesteak scene since 1976. Flavors include "the Works," which is served with grilled onions, bell peppers and mushrooms; plus provolone cheese to top it all off.

One of our favorite things about this spot? The cash-only policy ensures quick service without the hassles of dealing with a bunch of credit card machines.

Genos' generous portions ensure that no matter which location you choose you are always going home satisfied! In addition, they also offer different types of flavored Cheez Whiz so there is something on the menu for everyone's taste buds. Geno's prices have stayed relatively stable since opening in 1976--adding just 50 cents over 40 years--which will make it easier to calculate your costs before indulging in this iconic Philly staple.


Jim's Steaks

Jim's is a newcomer to the Philadelphia cheesesteak scene, but they've made quite an impression in their short time as part of the community.

The Jim's Steaks team offers three different types of steak sandwiches: The Philly (traditional), The Works and Cheese Whiz on white bread with American cheese.

A little more expensive than some other spots, Jims' prices are still very reasonable--especially considering their proximity to Center City! They also offer gluten-free buns for those looking for that option. If you're into spicy food we recommend trying one of their jalapeƱo cheddar burgers; it'll make your taste buds tingle without any worries about breaking out in hives from quality ingredients.

We recommend trying the "The Works" sandwich on your first visit to Jim's Steaks--you'll thank us later!


Dalessandro's Steaks and Hoagies

Named after founder Joe Dalessandro, this South Philadelphia institution has been in the cheesesteak game since 1938.

One of the things we love most about Dalessandro's is that they offer a huge variety of sandwiches; you can mix and match your toppings to find something that suits you best! Whether it be provolone cheese or mozzarella as well as peppers, onions, mushrooms or barbecue sauce--you name it, Dales will have it ready for you.

A word of warning during peak hours though: these guys get pretty busy so make sure not to show up starving or the line will seem even longer!


John's Roast Pork

John's Roast Pork is the place to go if you're looking for something a little more offbeat in your sandwich. While the name implies they are a great spot for a roast pork sandwich, John's is also one of the top places for a great Philly cheesesteak.

This family-owned business from South Philly specializes in roast pork with provolone--a classic Philadelphia flavor that is often overlooked by tourists, but shouldn't be!

The signature item on John's menu (besides their amazingly tender roasted meat) are their hot "gutbusters." They offer two types: The Spicy Italian and the Hot Sausage. Both will make your mouth water as they come stuffed with pepperonis and cheese before baking until golden brown perfection.