Rose can cause wine stains just like red wine will but less intense.

Red wine is notorious for causing stains in clothing and fabric but the other day while sitting in a vineyard drinking a grenache of rose I began to wonder ... will rose cause a wine stain too?  Sadly, the answer is yes but it will be less noticeable than with a deep heavy red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or a Malbec. 

The folks over at Vino911 sent me a sample of their red wine stain remover that has now become a standard part of our travel kit when visiting wineries. It uses all-natural ingredients to break down and eliminate the stains and contains no artificial chemical solvents or perfumes.  It works great when we tested it. At less than $10, it's something that you guys should consider too, since who knows when you'll need it!  You can find it over on or buy it on Amazon.

Like many topics related to wine there is a bunch of cliche and a bit of mysticism too. For instance, everyone talks about "Red Wine Stains" but is this the only wine that will leave a stain? The answer unfortunately is no. Even white wine will leave a stain that results in discoloration and that means that obviously rose will as well. 

Why Does Wine Stain?

When it comes to answering why wine stains are so challenging the answer lies in the fact that there are multiple aspects of wine that make it conducive to leaving a stain. The first is that red wines (and by extension rose) contain anthocyanins, a red pigment found in grapes. Red wines generally also contain large amounts of tannins and even white and rose contain them too. Tannins come from the wood barrels as well as the stems, seeds, and skins of the grapes and can cause stains too. Additionally, wine is acidic and this can cause the liquid to eat through enamel in your teeth, finishes on your dishes, and even stain-resistant coatings on your clothing or other fabrics.

Yes, Rose Wine Will Stain Too

So, the simplest answer here is YES, rose (as well as white wine) can and will leave stains in clothing as well as other objects and it can be challenging to remove. However, there are a bunch of solutions for taking care of this problem. While many of these work well if taken care of quickly, we say that the easiest way to avoid stains is simply to be more careful with your wine. Mistakes will always happen but spilled wine is something that nobody likes to see ... even if the stain can be easily removed.