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Advice from dad and important tips for men that you wish your dad had shared with you as a kid!
  • Top Tips to Prevent Common Personal Injuries and Accidents

    Do you have a fear of heights? Do you worry about slipping on the ice in your driveway, or running into someone while walking down the sidewalk? You should be aware that these are all common occurrences that can lead to injury. Check out this blog for some tips on how to prevent these personal injuries and accidents from happening.

  • Auto Insurance Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

     You may be making mistakes that are costing you money when it comes to car insurance. You could be paying too much, or you might not be getting the coverage you need. 

  • Tips To Avoid Wasting Your Summer

    It’s not hard to see why so many of us regard summer as our favorite time of year. The weather is consistently gorgeous, there are ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and travel conditions are optimal. Despite the stage being set for three months of first-rate fun, a fair number of us wind up feeling like we could have done more by the time fall rolls around. Anyone who’s tired of feeling a sense of regret at the end of the season should do everything in their power to make the most of summertime. So, if you’re looking to make this a summer to remember, put the following tips into practice.

  • The Benefits of a Home Equity Loan And How Homeowners Can Use Them

    Many homeowners know what they owe on their mortgage, but they aren't aware how that may be a huge benefit to them when they need money. A home equity loan, also known as a second mortgage, is a type of financing that can give you access to funds when you need them for home renovations, student loans or other large investments.

  • Tips For Planning the Perfect Beach Picnic Happy Hour

    Whether you live by the beach or are planning a vacation, there is nothing more enjoyable than sharing a picnic on the sand. Whether you want a fun outing with the entire family, or a romantic evening getaway with your sweetheart, it will require a little planning. Here are some things to consider as you make your plan to help you have the perfect beach picnic happy hour.

  • Things To Do Before Your Next Trip Abroad

    If you want to make sure that you are ready for your next trip abroad, there are many things that you are going to need to do first and foremost. It can actually be surprisingly hard to make sure that this is happening and you might find that you struggle to actually remember it all, but going abroad without feeling prepared is not something that you want to do either, so it’s best to bear these things in mind. As long as you have attended to the following, you are going to feel a lot better, and your trip will be completely stress-free.

  • 12 Days To Watch Out For Drunk Drivers

    Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents occur every single day. However, ther eare certain days of the year that are worse than others. These are holidays where drinking and revelry often coincide with challenging weather. However, even in perfect weather - drinking and driving don't mix. If you are planning to party then be responsible and use a designated driver or ride share services to help keep the roads safer. Even with these precautions though, it is essential that you be extra dilligent so you can lookout for signs that other drivers may be impaired.

  • Tips To Plan an Amazing Beercation in San Diego

    I'm guessing most of you guys love beer, I do too! Luckily, I've been blessed with numerous opportunities to visit some of the best beer cities in the country and in fact I live in San Diego - which is at the top of most lists of places for beer lovers to visit. However, these beercations are more than just hopping in the car and drinking. To make the most of your time and money it's important to plan ahead. This is your opportunity to try new things, expand your boundaries, and bond with your buddies around an awesome shared experience.

  • Tips And Advice To Help Your Improve Your Life At Home

    There isn't a family in the world that hasn't had the stress of the real world catch up with them. Indeed, these days, all of us are facing tremendous and constant burdens on our lives. Sadly, those challenges often bleed into our family life, leading to less quality time with each other. Thankfully, there are ways to address these very real issues. Here is a look at a few techniques – both major and minor - that can improve your family life. 

  • How I Learned to Understand, Appreciate And Love California Chardonnay

    Chardonnay is one of the most popular wine varietals around the world and in the United States, Chardonnay generally is the most popular choice for non-sparkling white wine (Moscato is the clear fav for white overall). For me though, I've never been a fan since the dominant style seems to be the iconic "Kendal Jackson" style that some simply refer to now as "California Chardonnay". It is iconic for being both buttery and a bit oaky with a medium balanced body. For me though, that just means you are sacrificing easy drinking for being able to truly enjoy the grapes. Recently though we had a chance to work with Center of Effort winery in Edna Valley, California who opened my eyes as to the diversity that Chardonnay grapes could provide. 

  • How To Keep Your Small Business Competitive

    Small businesses are a challenge because while most entrepreneurs fit in this category, it's a very awkward stage. Here in the middle, capital investments are needed to grow... but you don't quite have the scale to benefit from efficiencies. Let's take a look at tree trimming service for instance. At first glance, the tree trimming and woodcutting industry does not seem competitive, as many business owners have their eyes set on other matters. This creates a golden opportunity for many tree trimming services to make the most out of their opportunities simply by proving to be reliable and competent.

  • What To Consider Before Becoming An American Expat With Your Family

    You’ve always talked about moving abroad with your family, but until now you’ve never really felt like you were in a position to do so. Perhaps work was going too well, or you had family responsibilities, or it simply didn’t feel like the right time? Whatever the reasoning for holding off on moving abroad, if you’ve finally decided that the time has come to take the leap, you’re most likely feeling extremely excited and stressed. 

  • What You Should Consider Before Starting To Build a Room Addition On Your House

    The need to have extra space in the house is determined by the home owner's requirements and initial size. When making an addition to your house, having a reasonable budget, availability to the building materials, a reliable service provider, and space expansion is always necessary. Most people decide to add a room in their houses if they need a particular room to have a specific activity. For example, you can consider having a gym or a garage in your place. Is a room addition one of those home remodeling tips in mind? Below is what you should evaluate before you start.

  • Why You Should Hire a Professional Locksmith

    It is worth getting locksmith services because of the unpredictable situations that people can get themselves into. There are a lot of things that a person can get in reach at the time of need. This is why different professions work tirelessly to provide the best services to get them out of that weird situation. Few problems might be disturbing and weird at the same time. For example, you lose your house keys and your car keys in the middle of the night, what will you do? It is a complicated situation, and you will not be able to make the right decision for the scenario. You will be forced to hire a professional locksmith service provider. They are the only people who are going to solve the problem that you are facing. They will be required to unlock the house with their techniques or skills. After that, you can get advice from them on how you can access a duplicate of the house key and other essential house keys, respectively. Following are some of the benefits of having professional locksmith services. 

  • How To be a More Responsible Fisherman When You Travel

    I absolutely love fishing and some of my best and oldest memories involve sitting in a boat hoping to catch some fish. However, as much fun as it might be to simply sit there and be men while harvesting your dinner - it's essential that we are good stewards of this important natural resource. This is even more challenging when you travel to new areas where you might be less familiar with regulations and are ultimately farther away from your kitchen. However, here are some tips and advice that I've learned over the years to help men be more responsible fishermen when they travel.

  • How To Make Money Blogging or Being a Social Media Influencer

    One of the questions that I get asked regularly is how do you make money from your blog. Usually I simply chuckle and realize that there's a general misunderstanding that while I might be driving fancy cars, drinking expensive bottles of wine, and traveling to exotic places... most of that is paid for by other people. However, there are a handful of critical ways that I've learned to make enough money to pay for the things that I can't get for free. Let's take a look at how that works.

  • How To Protect Your Personal Safety In A Dangerous Conflict

    Dangerous conflicts are all around us. It can be as simple as protecting yourself while walking through a city at night or as aggressive and dangerous as traveling in a foreign country with risk of being kidnapped, shot, or worse. Whatever risks you are facing, there are certain core ways to respond to the conflict and manipulate it to your advantage.

  • Sobriety Has Significant Physical and Emotional Benefits

    Complete sobriety isn't something most of you are probably looking for but the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of sober living can't be denied. Despite this, we believe that consumption of alcohol or other substances in moderate amounts can be enjoyable as well as providing health benefits. Unfortunately, sometimes that consumption can turn into a challenge to control and that's something we should all be aware of.

  • You Can Have More Romance and Excitement into the Bedroom

    As a man who loves your wife or girlfriend, you might wonder if there are ways you can help her feel sexier and more confident. The answer is: of course! The fact that you want to help your significant other feel more comfortable and attractive is a massive step toward making it happen. Everyone can use some tips to create special sparks in the bedroom. 

  • What To Do When Things Go Wrong On You Vacation

    When you spend so much time and money to plan a vacation, you want everything to go just right while you’re away from home. The truth is, life still happens when you’re on vacation, which means things can still go wrong.