Punta Gorda Florida Ultimate Mancation Guide

Englewood Beach in Punta Gorda Florida

The challenge with "undiscovered areas" is that well, you don't know how awesome it is till you go there. Then, once you do visit, there's almost a feeling that you should keep it secret so that it doesn't become more expensive, more crowded, and less awesome. That's how I felt when I visited Punta Gorda Florida last fall, but don't worry - I'm ready to share with you why it's is a perfect mancation destination for guys.

While Punta Gorda and the surrounding area has been well known as a fishing destination for more than a century, overall the area still has a small town feel with very friendly people. It's also easy to get to, including the Punta Gorda airport with many flights available on Allegiant as well as Fort Myers Airport about 30 minutes south of town providing regular service on all of the major airlines. 

fishing in englewood beach punta gorda florida mantripping copy

Fishing in Gasparilla Sound - Charlotte Harbor 

Charlotte Harbor and Gasparilla Sound is home to some of the best fishing in Florida. While it's no secret that the Gulf Coast of Florida is a great place to go fishing, the coastline here along the sound is incredibly natural still whereas other similar areas around the state are far more built up. 

Almost any time of year is a great time to go fishing here, but April - July is especially important for those seeking tarpon. Punta Gorda is the tarpon capital of Florida and you can catch these fishing - sometimes weighing more than 200 pounds and as long as 8 feet. Even better is that these aren't some game fish you need to chase an hour or two off-shore - they are right there in the harbor, less than 30 minutes from the dock. 

We loved working with Captain Jay of Silver Linings Charters and highly recommend him.

lock n key restaurant englewood beach florida fried fresh catch fish

Bars and Restaurants 

You Catch, They Cook ...

One of the most frustrating things for me when I go on trips is that I don't always have a grill to cook the fish I catch. So, it's important to me that a great mancation destination also have good places where you can bring your fresh catch and they can cook it for you.

Lock 'n Key Restaurant did a great job of this - offering a choice of blackened, grilled, or fried.

leroys southern kitchen fried chicken and southern favorites including the best greens I've had in a long time.oops - the fried chicken looked so good I couldn't contain myself to taste before photos!

Florida Craft Whiskey and Southern Food ...

What mancation or guys weekend would be complete without a great whiskey bar? Luckily Punta Gorda delivers here as well with Leroy's Southern Kitchen. If you are looking for whiskey cocktails and a great selection of whiskey ranging from classics like Michter's and Gentleman Jack to Florida craft whiskies including: Timber Creek, Bear Gully, Palm Ridge, and Kozuba.

After a few amazing cocktails (including a phenomenal smoked Manhattan!), the owner sat down and we chatted a bit. Not only does he have a passion for great food cocktails but he's also the catering chef for the Red Sox when they come down to Fort Myers each year for Spring Training!

mile post at tt tiki bar punta gorda florida

Tiki Drinks On The Bay ...

Don't worry - there's tiki bars here too if you want to feed your desire for fruity drinks and music. TT's Tiki Bar is located right downtown Punta Gorda between the two bridges and in addition to some great drinks is also a live music venue and has beach volleyball courts. Though if all you want to do is kick back in a chair and watch the sunset ... that's good too.

peace river seafood crabs

All You Can Eat Crabs (and a Fish Market) ...

While I'm always a fan of eating fish you catch, sometimes it's better to just buy your catch so there's enough to go around for everyone. Peace River Seafood is a perfect stop for either way your day may be going. We love their signature all-you-can-eat blue crabs, but if you are looking to grill some fish and shrimp this is the place to get your hookup too.

Don't miss their Gator Gumbo either!

alligator bay distillers dark rum

Distilleries and Breweries

Punta Gorda is home to two breweries - Fat Point Brewing (Punta Gorda's name translated literally from Spanish!) and Peace River Beer Company. It's also home to Alligator Bay Distillers, who has a variety of rums including one that received a Gold at the 2017 Miami Rum Festival.

riverwood golf club port charlotte florida


There are tons of great golf courses here including public as well as semi-private courses that allow guests. We spent some time on the Riverwood Golf Club and loved it.

 searching for shark teeth and birds englewood beach

Search for Shark's Teeth On the Beach ... or Just watch Birds and Dolphins

This stretch of Florida's Gulf Coast is known as the "Shark Teeth Capital" of Florida since there is a fairly large number of fossilized sharks teeth that wash up here. The reason is that there's a gradual drop off of the land under the water here that leads to an ancient river bottom known as the "boneyard" since it is a site where millions of years ago giant sharks known as Megalodons (as well as other animals) met their death. Because the beach has such a gentle slope, it's the perfect combination of factors to have these teeth wash up on shore for you to find.

Each person I spoke with had a different technique to find treasure here. Some have scoops with screens on them, others just walk and shuffle their feet, while others had small shovels looking for treasure below the surface.

shells on englewood beach florida

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything except tons of great shells. However, I did enjoy a great sunset, birds, and a pod of playful dolphins enjoy the water just like I was! 

Where To Stay In Punta Gorda and Englewood Beach, Florida

Different guys prefer different things when it comes to where to stay for a mancation or guys weekend getaway. On this trip, we stayed at the Four Points By Sheraton and it was a nice choice if you are looking for a corporate chain hotel that is in a great location.

rooftop deck at Punta Gorda Florida hotel Wyvern Hotel

However, a block away is the Wyvern Hotel that has a great rooftop bar that we didn't get a chance to check out. Ultimately though, if you are coming to Punta Gorda for a trip that will be revolving around fishing - I'd pick the Fisherman's Village Resort.

However, if you are looking for a beach experience, there are plenty of properties in Englewood beach ranging from beach-front hotels to vacation rentals.

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