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Let's get one thing out of the way first - you will look rediculous wearing this thing and I think that's an important factor to consider for anyone who might be self concious in public - you should also practice with it at home first. Once you get comfortable though, I sorta wonder how I have ever traveled without it!

I'm sure the PR folks who sent this would have prefered a different introduction but of the three people in my home who tried it - Jim, Heather and I, only my tenacity for figuring out exactly how it was supposed to work allowed me to get to the point where it's promise was fully realized.

armbie black

Armbie is a weird little device. It initially reminded me of a tube top and but it's actually pretty cool for those like me who want to fully relax but don't want our arms to resk on your seatmate's leg when you doze off on the plane.

Essentially it works by wrapping around your arms and shoulders to hold them together. This allows your muscles to relax - leading to less fatigue and fewer headaches. You can also position your hands so that you can read a book while sitting in your seat too.

armbie 6 enhanced

According to the designers, Armbie is developed to tackle discomfort in the arm and shoulder, enhancing each trip you take. Armbie is there for you, be it during travels or as an extra support for health-related needs. With a variety of sizes on offer, Armbie accommodates a wide range of body types and requirements. While my body typically fits NOTHING - their biggest size did fit me (even though a bit tight).

One of the special details that I appreciated here was that it actually has a pocket built in so that while your arms are generally immobilized - you can still access your phone. This means you can play games or just flip through different playlists easily without needing to untangle yourself.

armbie navy with switch

All jokes aside, I really do like Armbie and with some practice I think it will be pretty easy to take off / put on quickly and with less of a commotion than it was for us trying to figure it out for the first time.

For the price of $29.95, and a 30-day risk-free guarantee, there's really nothing to lose from checking out Arbie for youreself. It also makes a great stocking stuffer or affordable gift idea for any frequent travelers in your life.