Beginner tips to become a bodybuilder

While many people imagine bronzed God-like creatures oiled up and getting themselves in all different sorts of odd postures, there's more to being a bodybuilder. It's a way of life and indeed a lifestyle that while it might look silly to outsiders is taken seriously by those looking to achieve what they feel is the ideal masculine physique. If you are looking to get started as a bodybuilder, here are some tips to start off strong ...

Building muscle mass and seeing your body’s fat ratio fall is healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself weak, scrawny or looking nothing like a bodybuilder, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy taking up bodybuilding for fun and health reasons. Take a look at this beginner’s guide to bodybuilding.

Go Old School And Train Like The Bodybuilding Legends Did

While the latest machines with all their technological advancements are all the rage in gyms nowadays, you shouldn’t be using them if you want to build up muscle. There’s nothing better than going old school and doing reps using barbells and dumbells. These more modest bits of kit are ideal if you are looking to increase your capacity for lifting heavier weights. You can also start slow and build up in increments rather than tearing a muscle.

Rest Well And Let Your Body Repair Itself

It’s all too tempting when you discover a hobby that you love, to go all out and train every day. Don’t do this. You risk overworking your muscles, tearing your muscles, doing ligament damage or actually decreasing your muscle mass. Your muscles need time to rest. This also gives you the opportunity to reflect on your routine and change up any aspect of your regime. On your rest days, do a spot of cardio, some work on the treadmill or the rower, or simply chill out at home with a good protein shake or two.

Stretching is also crucial on your rest days, but many people make the mistake of thinking they only need to stretch before and after a workout. The thing is, weight training puts a lot of stress on your muscles and on your days off you may experience some pain, especially around the neck and shoulders. Your body is still getting used to movements like squats and a lot of weight is being taken by your upper back and shoulders, so it’s important that you look after those areas on rest days. There are some great neck stretches for pain, which will loosen the muscles and relieve the pain. Get into the habit of stretching on your rest days but if the pain persists, you may need to take longer rest periods. It is also worth checking your form to ensure that you are performing exercises safely.  

eating healthy is important for building muscle

Maintain A Proper Diet That Will Fuel Your Body and Build Muscle Definition

Never neglect the food that you are eating. To maximize your muscle mass, you should be filling your diet with protein-rich meals. Lean chicken and oily fish are great, as are steak and green veg. On your cardio days opt for a few more carbs to keep your diet healthy and varied. Don’t worry if it feels like you are giving in to a craving. You shouldn’t banish anything from your diet. If you find yourself eating a slice of cake, just work a little harder in the gym the next day.

Eating the rainbow is a great strategy to up your portions of fruit and veg. Try and get a variety of colors into your diet each day. Perhaps beetroot with your pasta salad for lunch, some broccoli and kale with your steak for dinner and some apples and bananas for snacks throughout the day. As well as being rich in iron, vegetables and fruit are also perfect to aid your intake of antioxidants

To give your muscle mass credentials a boost, consider supplements like laxogenin and others to aid your fat loss by reducing cortisol. Make sure to do your rearch before buying any supplements though. Ask a trusted friend in the gym what he uses and look for authentic reviews online.

You can also forgo a standard lunch, in favor of a protein shake, either homemade or shop-bought.

Go Gradual Becoming a Champion Bodybuilder Isn't Going To Happen Instantly

Don’t storm into the gym like a bull in a china shop and go for the heaviest weight that you can find. You’ll end up ripping your glute and being out of action for months. Increase your weights gradually and allow your muscle mass to build naturally. Bodybuilding isn’t all about lifting as much as you can. Consider your weight and body mass index and work with percentages.

Train each muscle group every week rather than trying to cover them all in three gym sessions. The easiest way to hone your weight technique is to take a like-minded pal to the gym and do some workouts together. This way, you’ll know if your arms are fully locked when doing clean and jerk, or whether you are using your legs in the most efficient way.

Talk With Your Doctor And Let Him Monitor Your Health

Becoming a bodybuilder is something that is going to change virtually everything about you from physical fitness to mental health. Make sure to let your doctor know what you are doing, supplements that you are considering and if you have any sudden aches and pains that don't go away quickly.

Change Up Your Lifestyle To Match Your Goals

While you’ll be eating a healthier diet, you also need to assess all other areas of your lifestyle. If your vice is smoking, it’s time to quit to help your muscles recover faster and increase your lung capacity. If you like a tipple every now and then, go teetotal for a while. Too much alcohol leads to fat build up in the body because of excess sugar. Hone your sleep pattern and look into taking a social media detox. Doing this will help you reevaluate your daily routine, banishing the unhealthy bits and welcoming in a whole new more positive way of living.

Bodybuilding can quickly become addictive. As you take your muscle measurements, see these increase week on week, feel your muscle build in mass, and find yourself lifting heavier weights, you will find your mojo to continue down this body building path. Who knows? You might even find yourself competing one day...