bowfishing tips for beginners

Bowfishing is appealing to those that are looking for a new challenge when it comes to fishing. Instead of sitting back and waiting for a fish to take a nibble of bait on your hook, it's a active sport. Quite literally it is hunting fish as they swim by, rather than just waiting for them to jump on your hook. If you are an experienced bowhunter, then you know how much fun it is to hunt fish using a bowfishing bow.

However, if you are new in this activity, then there are various amazing tips that you can use to hone your skills. If you are familiar with archery fundamentals, most people will find that handling a bowfishing bow is not too challenging.

Once you master the fundamentals of archery and understand how a bowfishing bow differs from the one you might use for hunting, then it's time to take your skills to the next level. For that, the requirement of gears will be changed, and it will also impact your techniques broadly.

This post is all about tips to fortify your skills of bowfishing and what tools will be most useful in the process.


Bow and Arrow

To catch more fish, the first thing you need is a sharp arrow and a bowfishing bow that is properly tuned. Most of the hunters will recommend you the same thing, especially if you are targeting a tight group. The tuning of the bow is of utmost importance.

You can practice the skills by shooting the bow on water. The aim is to see if the bow is splashing a lot of water while reaching the target or not. If the bow is going sideways, you must adjust the nocking point till it starts to work fine.

The bow that is going sideways or splashing a lot of water hampers the accuracy and kinetic energy. The arrow that you pick should also be made with highest-quality materials such as carbon and fiberglass.

In bowhunting, every minute counts. So, you better come prepared with the highest-grade equipment for the sport.

bowfishing bow

Reel & Light

As you purchase a bowfishing kit for beginners, you are likely to have old-fashion line spool or reel of bad quality. It can suffice by the time you are beginning. However, once you start to get indulged in the sport on a serious note, you should invest in quality equipment.

There are all kind of reels available in the market. However, the once secured with high-quality don’t break easily and you can also reel them quickly. The line also flies out of the reel faster.

Since these tournaments are held in the dark, the boats usually consist of halogen lights which enjoyed popularity for the longest time. However, better lighting options are now available in the market that you can use while bowfishing.

Shooting Practice

It takes years to excel in the skill of bowfishing. You don’t expect it to come to you overnight. You may have the best gears in the world for the sport but someone who doesn’t possess the skill, the equipment will be a total waste.

Learning how low to aim while bowfishing will need a lot of patience and practice. In the beginning, shooting the fish can be tricky. However, you can start practicing by aiming a bottle floating in the water.

You don’t just have to work on your aim but also the speed, especially if you are planning to participate in a tournament.

Find a Hot Spot

According to the professionals, you need to find a hot spot to catch fishes. For that, you can use a GPS device. This apparatus will help you find a place where there are fishes in abundance.

It is not wise to leave this device back at home while you are planning a bowfishing expedition for the day. If you know some secret spots where you usually find fish supply then go there to practice. This way, you don’t have to struggle or waste your time in the wrong spots.


All these tips that we have discussed above are incredibly beneficial for the beginners. Let me give you a quick follow up like you need to be prepared with the right equipment, always tune the bow and make sure that it is up for high performance.

Other than that, finding the right spot for bowfishing is also equally crucial. In the end, you need to practice a lot before thinking about playing tournaments. Just make sure to follow each of the tips to hone your skills and be better at bowfishing.