manitoba fly in fishing trips

So, you're contemplating a fly-in fishing trip to Manitoba? This vast province is home to a wide array of trophy fish like walleye, pike, bass, and trout that swimming in those pristine waters ... some have never even seen a human before. However, as you'd expect, there's more to a fishing trip like this than just dropping your lure in the water and waiting. To make this as epic as possible, it is essential to select the right lodge, best locations, hiring experienced guides, select the right amenities, and of course, make sure to check the local fishing regulations. When all that comes together though ... yeah you've got one heck of an awesome bucket list fishing adventure!

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Why Manitoba Is The Perfect Place For A Fishing Trip

Manitoba is the perfect place for a bucket list guys trip. With a diverse range of fishing opportunities and untouched wilderness you'll be able to step back in time before the virgin forests were turned into stripmalls and the ponds were surrounded by golf courses. This Canadian province spans all the way from the northern borders of North Dakota and Minnesota to Hudson Bay and Nunavut at the top. That's nearly 700,000 square kilometers of unspoiled lakes and streams to explore. This makes Manitoba one of the best places in all of North America to visit if you are looking for a unique guys getaway with pristine waters filled with species like walleye, pike, bass, and trout.

Manitoba Is A Fishing Paradise:

Manitoba, with its vast and varied landscapes, offers an exceptional destination for a fishing trip. Home to countless lakes and rivers, it's particularly famous for its abundant populations of walleye, northern pike, and lake trout. Destinations like Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, and the Winnipeg River are hotspots for anglers seeking trophy catches. The province's diverse ecosystems also support a rich variety of other species, including smallmouth bass and Arctic grayling, providing a fulfilling experience regardless of the fishing style. Manitoba's pristine wilderness settings, often accessible only by floatplane, add an adventurous element to the fishing journey. The best times to visit are late spring through early fall, when the weather is favorable and the fish are most active. Whether you're an experienced angler or a novice, Manitoba's waterways, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, promise a memorable fishing adventure.

What To Expect:

There's quite a diversity when it comes to what to expect when taking a float plane fishing trip to explore Manitoba's thousands of fishing spots. Typically though, your trip will start with a flight from an established airport such as Winnipeg and then drive or fly to a remote destination where there will be a lodge and or a collection of cabins for guests to stay in. In some cases there might be additional hops, for instance with Jackson's Lodge and Outposts, they have a float plane base in Lac Dub Bonnet and then fly to other lakes from there.

Sometimes, this is the destination, and you will spend the next few days fishing from shore or taking a boat with a guide to secluded spots. Other times, this lodge area will serve as a home base, and you will take a float plane ride to various other, even more remote fishing spots in the Manitoba wilderness.

For most men, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you will be fishing on lakes filled with fish that barely even know what a lure looks like since you very well could be the only anglers those trout, walleye, and northern pike have seen in years!

Explore Untouched Wilderness:

The untouched wilderness of Manitoba offers an immersive experience, providing a chance to reconnect with nature and yourself. Regardless of whether you're a seasoned angler or a newbie, the province's fly-in fishing lodges offer a combination of comfort, adventure, and world-class angling experiences.

Amidst the excitement of the catch, the tranquility of the pristine waters, and the camaraderie of fellow fishing enthusiasts, you'll find a sense of belonging in Manitoba.

Fish Will You Find In Manitoba's Lakes And Rivers

While Walleye and Northern Pike are the primary targets that most guests are looking to catch when they think about planning a fly-in fishing trip here. However, there are several other fish found in the pristine lakes and waterways of Manitoba.

Fish SpeciesCharacteristicsCommon Locations
Walleye Golden color with a white underside and a distinctive eye marking. Known for their excellent taste. Lakes and rivers throughout Manitoba, especially deep, clear waters.
Northern Pike Long, slender body with sharp teeth, known for aggressive strikes and strong fights. Weedy, shallow bays and slow-moving streams.
Lake Trout Prefers cold, deep lake environments. Known for its size and strength. In some of the more remote lakes it isn't unusual to found these monsters weighing up to 50 pounds! Northern deep lakes like those in Atikaki Provincial Park and near the Ontario border.
Smallmouth Bass Brown to bronze body with dark vertical bands. Valued for their spirited resistance when hooked. Rocky areas of clear lakes and rivers.
Arctic Grayling Distinguished by a large, sail-like dorsal fin and a preference for cold, fast-flowing rivers. These fish can reach more than 24" but are typically 14-18". Northern Manitoba, particularly in clear, cold streams.
Yellow Perch Bright yellow body with dark vertical stripes, small but popular among anglers for its taste. Found in a variety of habitats, including lakes and slow-flowing rivers.
Burbot The only freshwater cod, known for its distinctive appearance and preference for cold, deep waters during the day. Deep parts of lakes, often caught in winter.

These species represent some of the most common and sought-after catches in Manitoba's rich and diverse aquatic environments. Each species offers a unique fishing experience, from the challenging fight of a northern pike to the delicious reward of a freshly caught walleye.

Choosing the Right Lodge

Choosing the right lodge for your fly-in fishing trip in Manitoba involves considering several key factors to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience.


The location of the lodge is crucial as it should provide ample opportunities for fly-in fishing and wilderness exploration. Some lodges are located on smaller lakes that are a shorter trip while others are located on vast tracts of land far to the north of the province. As you would expect, these more remote outposts and fishing lodges tend to be more expensive and less frequently fished but you can't go wrong with any of these lakes. Manitoba's fishing has developed a legendary reputation for a reason!

What Are Your Needs And Level Of Comfort Desired?

It's beneficial to choose a lake lodge that matches your preferences and needs, making you feel like you're at home in the wilderness. A lodge with experienced guides can greatly enhance your trip by showing you the best fishing spots and assisting you in preparing traditional shore lunches.


The lodging and amenities provided by the lodge are equally important - comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, and necessary facilities can greatly enhance your stay. Customer service plays a significant role in your overall experience, so make sure it's top-notch. Additionally, for those who need to maintain contact with the outside world, some lodges and outposts such as some of those run by Gangler's do offer Satellite phone and free internet available onsite. For those of you who want to test their luck at more than just finding that trophy fish, they can also enjoy some time trying to win big with one of Canada's no deposit bonus casinos.

Conservation Practices

Furthermore, it's essential to assess the lodge's conservation practices. Choosing a lodge that supports catch-and-release policies shows a dedication to sustainable fishing, thus contributing to a healthier environment and improved fishing experiences for everyone.

Manitoba Fly-In Fishing Lodges To Consider For Your Guys Trip

There are dozens of choices when it comes to picking the perfect lodge for your fly in fishing trip in Manitoba. We can't possibly list all of them but here are a few that we think would be a great fit for your next guys trip to Canada.

Jackson's Lodge and Outposts

Booking a fly-in fishing trip at Jackson's Lodge in Manitoba means you're in for a premier wilderness adventure. The lodge offers a variety of packages, ensuring an all-inclusive experience with accommodations, round-trip shuttle transfers from Winnipeg, and flights to the outpost of your choice. The remote lakes, accessible only by floatplane, boast plentiful Northern Pike and Walleye, with opportunities to engage in catch and release of trophy fish. The outposts are equipped with comfortable cabins, complete kitchens, and boats for fishing. Guests enjoy the personal touch of a family-operated business, renowned for excellent hospitality and well-maintained facilities. The scenic flights over pristine landscapes add to the allure, making each trip memorable for both seasoned and casual anglers​.

Dunlop's Fly In Fishing Lodge

Dunlop's Lodge in Manitoba promises an incredible fly-in fishing trip adventure with some of the best trophy Northern pike and walleye fishing experiences available. Nestled on Lake Waskaiowaka, the lodge is accessible only by air and is located in the northern part of the province. This makes it a truly remote and serene destination. Anglers can expect thrilling encounters with large Northern pike, often exceeding 41 inches. Besides fishing, Dunlop's Lodge also offers bear hunts, adding an extra element of outdoor adventure for visitors. With its commitment to conservation and providing a top-notch fishing experience, this lodge is a great choice for those looking to immerse themselves in Canada's wild beauty​.

Dogskin Lake Lodge

A fly-in fishing trip at Dogskin Lake Lodge offers a premium outdoor experience deep in the protected Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park in Manitoba. Guests are treated to world-class fishing for trophy walleye and northern pike, with a high chance of catching Master Angler-sized fish due to the lodge's diligent fish management practices. Each day can start with a made-to-order breakfast, followed by a morning of fishing, where lunch is a freshly prepared shore meal of your catch. The accommodations are luxurious, with private cabins featuring modern amenities including bathrooms, living areas, and screened porches for enjoying the lake views. The all-inclusive packages simplify planning, covering essentials like meals, lodging, and roundtrip floatplane transport. The lodge's commitment to quality and guest experience makes it a standout choice for those seeking a secluded fishing adventure​

What To Expect For Costs

You probably figured it out already that this isn't going to be a cheap experience. Here are some sample prices (2024/2025) for trips so that you can get a better idea of what to expect ...

Maria Lake Mini Lodge -

4-Day Trip ($3,495 pp) 7-Day Trip ($4,295 pp) - includes round trip airfare from Winnipeg to the lodge as well as airfare from the lodge to the outpost, food, lodging, boats, and cooking service.

Cobham River Lodge - 

5-Night Trip (2 days fully guided, 3 days self guided, $3,295 pp for the American Plan) - includes round trip float plane service to Cobham River Lodge from Bissett, Manitoba, a 16-foot boat, 4-star accommodations with daily maid service, chef, private lake, and free wifi..

The Lodge At Little Duck - 

5-Day All Inclusive from Winnipeg - ($5.995) prices based on double occupancy, includes chef prepared meals and daily maid service including laundry if needed. A daily happy hour is served that includes house wine and appetizers. Fully guided packages include boat, fish finder, safety equipment, complimentary rods and reels to help guests catch all species of fish available.