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chopping wood together

Dad and lad bonding is as old as time itself and can forge long-lasting relationships that can help your son with socialization and help you become a proud father. There are many things you can both do together, but from crafting to grilling, here are some of the most popular these days.

Car Projects

Have you got a lemon fixer-upper in the garage that your dad promised to restore with you? It’s a classic American tale and, indeed, one for car enthusiasts worldwide. A long-term project like this can help form a great bond between father and son while handing down some genuine skills he can use in life or as a career. Mustangs are among the best classic restoration jobs, and  2024 Mustang parts can be ordered with a call. But half the fun is finding parts for older cars.

Hand-Crafting Pretty Much Anything

Handy work is one of the greatest skills you can have because you can pass it down and make very good money from it. Additionally, time spent making something is fun and flies, so it hardly ever feels like work when you get better at it. Classic hand-crafting projects for father and son include bookcases for the family, outdoor installations like fire pits or BBQs, and even limited edition LEGO collections like the Star Wars Deathstar, which, yes, you can sell for money.

Dad and Lad Bonding with Video Games

One of the most popular pastimes today is video gaming, and there are video games for all levels, ages, and interests. Into fitness? Get the Ring Fit out for the Switch and compete against each other. Like Chess? Take a day off to play Civilization VI together and stay up all night for just one more move. Or how about taking each other on in furious fast-paced racing games like Need for Speed or Forza Horizon? Just be warned though, games can be pretty addictive.

Becoming Food and Grill Masters

Feeding your family is the greatest responsibility you have as a father, and it’s as old as the human race. Cooking with fire came later and accelerated the evolution process because of increased nutrient intake. Today, cooking is one of the most popular family activities. And just like you provide for your family, you can bond with your son over amazing food cooked on an open flame like our ancestors used to. Of course, you are held hostage by the weather for this.

Good Old Fashioned Sport

Not all men and boys are into sports, and that’s fine. But sport bonding is one of the strongest there is and can last a lifetime. Baseball, hockey, football; it doesn’t matter. Taking your son to his first game is a memory you will never forget, and if he enjoys it, it becomes something special between a dad and his lad. It also helps kids expand their social skills by meeting other kids of your friends and forging friendships that can last, and all because of your favorite team.


Fixer-upper car projects are among the strongest dad and lad bonding activities. Yet today, it might be likely your son will play video games as 3 billion others do. But if he enjoys getting out for some physical action, you can always take him to his first game of your favorite sports team.