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cloud storage dash cam

I feel like dash cams are a lot more popular in Europe and other parts of the world than they are here in the United States. However, as someone who loves gadgets, I've had the pleasure of testing out more than my share of different dash cam devices over the past decade or so. They've come a LONG way in those years and it's fun to see long time leaders like Garmin joined by newer competitors like Nexar, RedTiger, and dozens of smaller competitors who you've probably never heard of before. One of the most exciting segments of the industry though is the rise in dash cams that support cloud storage backup. 




When dashboard cameras were first established, SD cards were the primary and only storage option available. While these devices are handy for insurance and safety purposes, limited storage presents a massive problem for frequent users.

That means users must delete the older footage to create enough space for newer videos. This is the case when recorded and stored footage exceeds the capacity of the SD card. And what does it mean? A loss of potentially vital information.

The introduction of cloud storage to dashcams was a game changer in the industry. Dash cams’ popularity grew massively more than ever due to cloud storage capabilities. The best part is that dash cam providers didn’t do away with SD card storage.

They just included the cloud storage feature in their gadgets. Currently, users of dash cameras can view and share them anytime, anywhere. So, which brands and dash cams are leading in terms of local and cloud storage capabilities? Let’s take a look at three of the top products out there ...

nexar beam gps dash cam

Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam

Nexar is one of the giants of the electronics industry. Nexar’s Beam GPS Dash Cam has all the essentials. The brand is also known for its Nexar Pro models. But the Beam models sit on top of the list. Most of the Nexar dash cams support cloud storage, which is unlimited and free.

If you’re a beginner on a budget, Nexar Beam is the ideal option for you. It prioritizes storage over anything else, including video quality. For most users, the non-existent screen and 1080p recording are tolerable sacrifices in exchange for the excellent backup convenience. On the other hand, you can go all in with their flagship Nexar One Pro that offers live parking alerts and GPS tracking without needing to be connected to the app on your phone. (subscription to Nexar Connect is required)

cobra sc 400d dash cam

Cobra SC 400D

We've been using Cobra radar detectors for years and they have the leading network of user-generated data for speed traps and police activities so it isn't surprising that along with all the features you'd expect in a premium quality dash cam that features cloud storage capabilities that they'd also pack it with tons of other features. For instance, you'll get live police alerats, emergency mayday broadcasting, heads-up turn-by-turn navigation assistance, and a UHD 4K resolution  camera all packed into a compact dash cam.

blackvue dr970x smart dash cam

BlackVue DR970X-2CH

This is the United States version of one of the world's most popular LTE-connected dash cams. Not only does it have the features you'd expect from a cloud storage-enabled camera designed to monitor the road, but it also functions as a mobile hotspot with the optional LTE module!

garmin dash cam mini 2

Garmin Dash Mini 2

Garmin is also an industry giant. It offers a budget-friendly dash cam known as Garmin Dash Mini 2. It also has a range of essentials. Its tiny size is highly noticeable. This dash cam is small enough to consider if you are after a hidden vehicle camera. Its discreet design does not disrupt the view and aesthetics.

But this affects the capabilities of the camera. It captures footage at 1080p with full HD resolution. The camera’s video quality is usually clear during the day. Garmin’s Dash Cam Mini 2 supports commands and offers cloud storage via the Garmin Vault subscription.

Your driving conditions and frequency determine the choice of your cloud and local storage dash cam. These brands offer a wide range of dash cams that meet the needs of different drivers.

You'll have perfect options whether you're looking to store huge volumes of data or want clear footage at night or day. Even if you want a wider view or radars to sidestep tickets, you'll find a dash cam product for your vehicle and a unique use case.