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Back Pain Can Hurt Intimacy

When it comes time for bed, every man dreads their lover telling them she ‘has a headache’. It may be a cliche, but we’ve all heard it at some stage. Instantly, the mood comes crashing down, and you know you’ll sleep unsatisfied for that night at least.

But, it’s not only women who kill the mood. Plenty of men also experience issues which put an abrupt end to proceedings. Remember when we spoke about premature ejaculation? And, that’s not the only risk. Another pressing health concern which gets in the way of intimacy is a bad back.

80% of Americans experience back pain at some stage, with men most liable to suffer pain which impacts performance. And, that applies to the bedroom, too. But, unlike a headache, a bad back doesn’t clear after one night. In fact, unchecked, your bad back could lead to a severe lack of intimacy. And, that can lead to frustration on both sides. But, to ensure the crick in your back doesn’t crack your relationship, consider taking the following action. 

Seek Treatment For Your Painful Back

Back pain is such a standard issue that many of us don’t even consider visiting a doctor. But, the best thing you can do to get past this hump is to seek medical help for your issue. While many back problems do clear up, you don’t have much time to play with. Not to mention that there’s no guarantee your problem will do the same. At the very least, a medical professional can point you in the direction of physical therapy services like those found at https://intermountainhealthcare.org. As well as easing your suffering, efforts like these show your partner you’re making an effort. And, when there’s trouble in the bedroom, that’s sometimes the best thing you can do.

Seek Aids to Ease your Pain

Even if you’re getting help, do what you can to ease your pain at home. That might mean buying specific aids which can at least help to reduce your pain. Over time, these additions could go a long way towards your recovery. Something like the back-pain mattresses suggested on mattress-guides.net should be your first port of call here. Then, consider investing in an ergonomic chair which helps to support your spine. You may even wish to invest in support bandages or strips which can help to reinforce the weak area.

Find Ways to Work Around the Issue

Instead of giving intimacy a blanket no during your recovery, it will also pay to find ways around the issue. This could mean doing things differently or finding an alternative way to install intimacy. As can be seen on sites like www.kendracunov.com, there are a whole load of ways to do this. What’s more, few of them are physical. Something as simple as talking before bed, or spending time kissing, can do more for your love life than you’d realize. And, when you’re unable to get close in any other way, methods like these could form the temporary backbone for your relationship.