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here are some men's health concerns that may be a bit embarrassing to talk about

Certain health problems can be embarrassing to talk about. We may avoid talking to our friends and family about them and may even be too embarrassed to see a doctor about them. However, in many cases, such health problems are commonplace. By realizing that these health problems aren’t unusual, it can become easier to open up about them and get the help that is needed. This post delves into a few examples of common health problems that many of us find embarrassing. 


Urinary incontinence is experienced by over 25 million Americans. This is when the bladder no longer functions properly causing embarrassing leaks. It’s a common problem for people over 50. Although more widespread in women, it can also affect a lot of men. Fortunately, options like Men's Liberty external catheter help give men back their mobility, freedom, and confidence.

Many lifestyle changes can help to reduce incontinence. Pads and catheters may be recommended for some people. In some cases, surgery may even be recommended. Seeing a doctor is important for finding the right form of treatment - it is particularly worth seeing a doctor if you experience severe incontinence. 

Erectile Dysfunction

52% of men experience ED at some point in their life. It is particularly common past the age of 40, although many younger men experience it too. 

ED is easily treated in many cases by taking medication such as viagra. Lifestyle changes can also make a difference. Of course such options don’t work for everyone. You should consider seeing a doctor if you have had no luck with over-the-counter medication - there are many other treatment options such as hormone replacement treatment that could be a solution.

Bad breath

One in four people are believed to suffer from bad breath (or halitosis as it’s medically known). This can be the result of various problems ranging from tooth decay to kidney problems.

You may be able to get rid of bad breath on your own by using products like mouthwash and mints. However, if you still seem to be getting bad breath, it could be worth seeing a doctor - there could be a problem that requires further treatment to solve.

Excessive Sweating

Do you find yourself getting unusually sweaty on a day-to-day basis? It may not be that unusual at all. 5% of the world’s population (365 million people) suffer from hyperhidrosis.

You may be able to control sweating using sweat pads or high-strength antiperspirants. Lifestyle changes can also help some people. If these treatment options don’t work, you should see a doctor as there are many other options such as prescription medication.

Sexually Transmitted Infections aka STDs and STIs

STIs are very common. 1 in 5 people in the US are believed to have a sexually transmitted infection (STI). This can include anything from thrush to chlamydia. 

It’s possible to still enjoy a sex life with an STI. Many STIs can be treated or simply protected against by using a condom. It’s worth getting regular tests if you’re having sex with multiple partners to make sure that you haven’t contracted an STI. A doctor will be able to recommend the right form of treatment.



Finally, while we all fart this is one of the most embarrassing health challenges that all men face. There is a normal release of gas, but depending on your diet as well as medical conditions that can make this a non-laughing matter. If you fart more than 20 times per day or have uncontrolable gas then you should seek medical attention.