home security tips

The United States National Safety Council in its “State of Safety” 2020 survey revealed alarming statistics. Residential burglaries have become the leading crime against property concern across the country based on this poll. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said that burglaries happen almost every 26 seconds in the country. This leads to more than 3,300 break-ins daily. 

With this disturbing scenario, you must prepare for the worst situations that can happen. Consider these vital tips that can protect your home, your life and those of your loved ones.

Protect Your Home With New Technologies

Despite the upsurge in house robberies, recent burglary statistics in the US figured out that there are no security products in 62% of homes. To resolve this issue, opt for advanced technologies in protecting your home. You have numerous options.

  • Look for smart locks using Bluetooth technology. You can have these locks connected to your mobile phones with Bluetooth and all automation systems.
  • Buy cutting-edge smart cameras that use Wi-Fi or wireless networking. With this platform, you can easily connect the cameras to your mobile phone. You can monitor your home, control locks and lights, and thermostat to save on electricity.
  • Install motion sensors on your doors and windows. These sensors can detect even the slightest movement and trigger alarm systems alerting family members of the presence of intruders.

Choose your Locks Wisely

In choosing the best locks system, go for durability, reliability, and convenience. Check all access points in your house to address all areas of vulnerability. If possible, purchase locks that provide secured digital or mechanical locking solutions.

Mechanical locks must secure doors by keeping them closed until the key triggers the deadbolt or padlock. Digital or biometric locks represent sophisticated systems allowing you to open doors remotely. You can have these mechanisms customized and integrated with CCTV cameras. Your choice will eventually depend on the need and budget for security systems.

Use Plants and Other Obstructions

Plants can both make your homes look beautiful and serve as a deterrent against thieves. Likewise, dense foliage and shrubs ensure privacy since these can screen your house from neighbors and passers-by. Houseplants with thorns such as cactus, palms, or even hanging plants and bromeliads perfectly stand out as anti-theft obstacles. You also have the option of constructing fences to discourage burglars. These must be sturdy, elevated, and have sharp points to prevent prowlers from climbing or jumping over. Ideally, enclosures should be fitted with latches or locking mechanisms.

Leave the Lights On

Always leave the lights on if you leave the house overnight or go on vacation for several days. You can easily set up timers, which will turn the light on for several rooms while you’re away. Mount bright outdoor lighting that will turn on and off automatically, so your neighbors will notice strangers casing your home at night. You can program the light switch timing device according to your desired schedule.

Never Let Thieves Know You are not Home

Intruders will always look for signs that nobody's inside the house. Burglars carefully plan their crimes to avoid getting caught. You can expect them to break in, when the home residents go to work or school during the day, or decide to leave for a longer period in the evening. Crooks spend a lot of time and effort in looking for the perfect victim, so, avoid helping them to accomplish their devious activities. You can even throw window shapes up and down to make it look like someone stayed at home. Regular movement inside helps to frighten potential intruders.

Curtains and Window Grills

Hang curtains on the basement and garage windows. These areas don’t need any sunlight. Putting up blinds or curtains will give you additional privacy and security. Support the other windows with steel bars or safety glass. Burglars will find it difficult to break in because tempered glass is four times stronger than its ordinary counterpart. Metal rods will also prevent anyone from squeezing in through small openings.

Know and Befriend your Neighbors

Making friends with your neighbors can turn out as your first line of defense against prowlers. Crime rates normally decrease in communities where neighbors watch each other's backs. You can easily notice a stranger by looking out for one another. Your neighbors can be among your assets in preventing break-ins, since these folks will warn you about suspicious activities.

Importance of Home Security Systems

At the end of the day, your best bet would be a state-of-the-art security system and realize the importance of security systems for your family.  You can select from different features, like outdoor motion detectors and alarms, exterior door and window sensors and security cameras. Just make sure to pick the reputable providers of these security systems. Each adult family member must know how to operate the mechanism to avoid causing inconvenience to other people. Teach your kids not to touch or play with the apparatus as well. Keep in mind that spending money on this necessity may help save your life someday.