How to stay hydrated on a beach day.

We all know that it’s important to stay hydrated when working out – but sometimes you work hard and sweat when you are having fun too! It’s not just about hitting the gym or playing sports. While most of you are now heading into winter, it’s important to prep for vacation too! Beach days under the hot sun, body surfing, playing frisbee and other sports can cause stress on your body and I was reminded of this while in Hawaii earlier this month. Here’s how I stayed hydrated with BODYARMOR Sports Drink and so can you.

bodyarmor fruit punch and bag on beach

Drinking Water isn’t Always the Entire Answer to Hydration

I’d never dissuade someone from drinking water. That’s my go-to drink usually, but when your body is stressed and you’ve lost important electrolytes and other minerals through sweat it is important to get those back. That’s why a sports drink like BODYARMOR is important.

Monitor Your Urination Frequency and Replace that Fluid

That might sound silly but make sure to monitor how much you pee and make sure to replace that fluid with a combination of water and a sports drink that contains electrolytes and other minerals. If you don’t maintain the proper balance you’ll find muscle and mental fatigue will set in.

Avoid Ice Cold Drinks

This might sound counterintuitive but ice cold drinks actually constrict the blood vessels in the stomach causing the fluid absorption rate to be reduced. That being said – “cool fluids” can be absorbed faster so avoid that ice cold pina colada and grab something from your cooler instead.

how to stay hydrated on a hot beach day

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol Intake

Alcohol and Caffeine both function as a diuretic and may lead to dehydration. While that icy frozen drink might taste good and refreshing – it can’t help you if you are trying to stay hydrated.

Make Sure To Eat Healthy Snacks and Meals

Foods that are rich in minerals, electrolytes, and fluids can help you stay hydrated as well as replenish your body’s natural levels. For instance, look for snacks including: avocados, watermelon, fruits, and salads. Avoid that greasy burger and fries since the sodium found there will contribute to dehydration.