how to safely store your guns

If you are a gun owner, you must take steps to ensure that your firearms are stored safely and securely. Accidents happen all the time, and if a child or another unauthorized person gains access to your guns, there could be tragic consequences. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for storing your firearms safely and securely at home.

Firearms Ownership Is A Right But Safe Handling Is Your Obligation

One of the most important things to remember when you are a gun owner is that firearms ownership is a right, but safe handling is your obligation. This means that you have the responsibility to ensure that when not in use, your guns are stored safely and securely in a gun cabinet or similar storage solution. There are many ways to do this, and we will discuss some of them below.

Proper Storage Of Your Guns Is About More Than Just Protecting Kids

Many gun owners don't consider the importance of proper storage of their guns. Whether they have a single firearm to defend their home from intruders or a collection of hunting rifles, safe storage is more important than many gun owners initially consider.

Why Proper Gun Storage Is Important

Protecting family members from a "moment of passion" - by ensuring that your guns are safely stored in a safe and or with trigger locks you can prevent an argument or fight from escalating into a moment of regret.

Safe storage means proper maintenance too - if you just leave your guns laying around then it is likely they will be exposed to dust, humidity and other environmental factors that could reduce their ability to operate safely as intended.

Helps to avoid accidents - let's face it, sometimes stuff just goes wrong when nobody intended to do something. For instance, if you are just leaving guns around the house or propped up in a closet somewhere they can fall over and break or if you have them loaded and someone knocks them over it could even accidentally discharge.

Yes ... protecting kids from their curiosity about your guns is important too - but it's not the only reason to practice safe gun storage in your home. However, this is obviously a major element to consider if you have children in the house. These young humans like to emulate parents and other adults and they don't fully understand the implications of pulling a trigger or that these are not toys that they can play with.

Ways To Safely Store Your Firearms At Home

There are many options when it comes to safe storage of your firearms at home. Which solution is best for your needs depends on a few different considerations. For instance, if you just have a single 9mm pistol then you probably don't need a gun safe. However, if you have a collection of expensive rifles that don't need to be displayed then a large gun safe might be exactly the right solution.

Gun Safe

A gun safe is the best solution for long-term, secure storage of your firearms. A quality gun safe will protect your guns from fire, water damage, and theft. When choosing a gun safe, make sure to select one that is properly rated for fire and water protection. You should also choose a gun safe that is large enough to accommodate all of your firearms as well as any future purchases.

Gun Cabinet

A gun cabinet is a good option for those who want to be able to display their firearms. Gun cabinets come in a variety of styles and can be made from wood, metal, or glass. When selecting a gun cabinet, make sure to choose one that is sturdy and lockable. You should also consider the material from which the cabinet is made. Wood cabinets are more susceptible to fire damage than metal cabinets, but metal cabinets are more likely to dent or scratch your firearms.

Gun Case

A gun case is a good option for those who want to be able to transport their firearms. However, it is also a good option for someone who might only use their guns seasonally for hunting or simply would prefer an extra layer of protection beyond trigger locks.

Gun cases come in a variety of sizes and can be made from soft or hard materials. When choosing a gun case, make sure to select one that is properly sized for your firearm and that has adequate padding to protect your gun. You should also consider the material from which the case is made. Hard cases offer more protection but are heavier and more difficult to transport than soft cases.

Trigger Locks

Trigger locks are a good option for those who want an extra layer of security for their firearms. Trigger locks attach to the trigger guard and prevent the gun from being fired. When choosing a trigger lock, make sure to select one that is made from durable materials and that cannot be easily removed by someone with basic tools.

Don't Forget About The Importance Of Gun Safety Education Too

While we try to help provide education to help our readers be safe and responsible gun owners, visit your local firearms dealer or range and sign up for educational classes offered by them. Even if classes aren't available immediately, the range officer will be able to help provide advice to help you make the right decision as to what storage system is right to keep your home safe.