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RUX 70L gear bag

A good gear bag might not be the sexiest piece of gear in your collection but it is an invaluable "store it all" when you need toss stuff somewhere to keep it safe, dry, and easy to move it around. I have a handful of mission-specific rugged duffle bags for this but after using the RUK 70L for the past few months I'm actually thinking about ditching those bags and investing in more of these instead.

Alright, let's get straight into it. The RUX 70L is a beast of a gear bag! This thing can swallow up all your camping or sports gear and still have room for more. It's got a whopping 70L volume, and its dimensions are pretty generous too. But don't worry about overloading it - this tote can handle up to 50 lbs without breaking a sweat.

The materials used in its construction are top-notch. We're talking TPU coated waterproof nylon for the bag, compression molded PE foam base laminated with TPU coated Polyester for the base, and nylon webbing for the straps. Even the buckles and hooks are high quality - acetal and aluminum respectively.

Now let's talk dollars and cents. At $253.30 (discounted from $298), it might seem pricey at first glance but if you want a quality product, you've got to pay up. This is a massive upgrade from the canvas duffels I'd be using previously.

The weatherproof design ensures your gear stays safe and dry in all conditions – come rain or shine! Plus, it's built like a tank with field-repairable parts and even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Let's talk space, folks! The RUX 70L gear bag is seriously roomy. We're talking a whopping 70 liters of volume capacity - 15.7 x 19.5 x 13.8 inches. It's not too big that it becomes a hassle to lug around, but not too small that you can't fit in everything you need. They also have some smaller sized soft bags to complement this big daddy gear hauler though.

I've used this bag for various activities – moving tools and misc items between homes, road trips, even just storing behind my tailgate for the guy at Kroger to put my groceries in and it works perfectly. Other bags that I've used have tended to collect dust but the fabric here is easy to shake out and debris that might collect inside. Plus, with the "window" you can peak inside without needing to pop the lid.

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Weight and Load Limit of the RUX 70L Gear Bag

So, let's talk turkey about this RUX 70L weatherproof gear bag. When fully set up it is ready to go to store whatever is needed but it folds down easily (more so if you remove the corner stays). Realistally though, I think this is going to be something that I leave set up and hang in our storage locker, since the setup process was a big of a struggle. However, when folded flat for storage, it's light as a feather when empty. Weighing in at just 5.3 lbs or 2.4 kg to be exact. 

When set up though, this bad boy can handle some serious weight. It has an impressive load limit of 50 lbs.

As my new "go bag" for off-roading, that means plenty of space to store my big water jugs, snatch straps, radio, snacks, folding shovel, and various tools that I might need on the trail. Compared to my current canvas tote though, this isn't going to allow dust through the fabric and I can strap it into the bed to make extra room in the cab and not worry if we drive through some puddles.

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Materials used in its Construction

Let's talk about what this baby is made of, shall we? The RUX 70L gear bag is made up of a TPU coated waterproof nylon bag. This isn't your everyday nylon, folks. It's top-notch quality and it shows.

The compression molded PE foam base laminated with TPU coated Polyester gives the bag a sturdy foundation. It's like the bedrock to a skyscraper, providing support and stability. No more worrying about your stuff getting squished!

Now, let's move on to the straps. They're made from good ol' nylon webbing. Nylon is known for its strength and durability which means these straps aren't going to snap or fray anytime soon.

So why did they choose these specific materials? Simple - they wanted to build a tank! Not literally, but you get my drift right? These materials are all about durability and weather resistance.

The TPU coating on both the bag and base ensures that water doesn't seep in during those unexpected rain showers on your camping trip. Plus, it adds an extra layer of toughness to the already robust nylon and polyester components.

The compression molded PE foam base provides cushioning for your gear while also maintaining shape even when fully loaded up. Think of it as a comfy mattress for all your stuff!

And finally, the nylon webbing straps are built to handle heavy loads without breaking a sweat (or rather tearing). Whether you're hauling climbing equipment or camping supplies, these straps have got your back!

You can learn more about RUX on their website where they currently have a 15% holiday sale!