home robots

Ever since I was a kid watching The Jetsons on TV I dreamed of having a robot maid to clean, cook, and generally do whatever was needed. We're still a few years away from that unfortunately but we're getting much closer to having robots able to help with specific tasks around the house and that's pretty awesome. From vacuums to gutters to security drones I feel like we're on the cusp of some pretty cool stuff coming down the pipe. Don't worry though, the future is here now! These are a few of our favorite household robots that are available right now or will be in just a few months!

roidmi eve plus vacuum in use


We've had robot vacuums for a while now but the ROIDMI EVE Plus adds some features that takes it beyond just sweeping the floors. Specifically, one of the features we really like is that it will actually self empty and it has a very powerful motor to sweep up pretty much whatever it comes across on a variety of floor surfaces. While some folks might be unfamiliar with the brand, the robot vac market is maturing to the point where it is almost unnecessary  to pay more just for a recognizable name. After all, most of us are more concerned with having a clean floor than a brand name doing the work.

 husqvarna robot lawn automower

Husqvarna Automower

There's almost no reason to push or ride a machine around your yard to trim your lawn anymore. Products like the Husqvarna Automower are a great robot lawn mower option that can integrate into your smart home environment and work on a variety of terrains. It can even work in the rain so no more excuses for those of you with shaggy grass.

appbot riley home safety robot

Appbot Riley Home Safety Robot

Like most of you, I have several security cameras mounted in various places around the house to monitor the door, windows, my desk etc. However, short of installing an armada of cameras throughout the house, there are a bunch of spots that aren't covered. Appbot Riley though can maneuver around the house to go look for trouble. You can control it from your mobile device and it even supports facial recognition as well as has IR night vision so you can see in the dark.

bartesian cocktail robot

Bartesian Cocktail Robot

While most robots are designed to move around and do tasks but this one is made to sit on the bar and serve up whatever drinks you have it programmed to create. The Bartesian cocktail robot. It takes a capsule with the mixers and blends it with the right amount of your preferred spirit so there's no need to worry about your mixes going bad just sitting there in open bottles for those of you are light drinkers.



Hate to clean your grill after cooking up some delicious ribs and steaks on the grill? Yeah me too but if you don't ... you'll just have to do it ia few days later before starting your next meal. With Grillbot though, just place it on the grates after they cool down and come back in a few min to the sight of clean grill grates ready to go again as soon as you are.