pool cleaning tips to make cleaning easier and healthier

When you first dreamed of owning a swimming pool, it seemed easy to maintain - just throw in some chlorine and skim out any floating debris. Quickly though pool owners begin to realize that owning a swimming pool requires constant maintenance. Luckily though there are solutions that make it easier and healthier so that you can focus on enjoying it more.

9650 robotic pool cleaner from zodiac iqualink enabled

Consider Pool Automation Solutions

I'm a big fan of smart home technology and similar systems are now able to bring those conveniences to your pool too. The Aqualink system from Zodiac Pool Systems helps you keep track of all the parts of your pool. I've seen it used on everything from multi-million dollar resort-style pools to simple suburban neighborhood pools like you might have in your back yard and it works great. In the old days, you might have a floating thermometer in your spa and another in your pool to tell you the temperature but Aqualink monitors that for you all right through the iAqualink app on your iOS or Android device. Plus, it connects to all the other compatible elements of your pool such as filter pump, heater, and now even the cleaner. 

polaris9650iq robotic pool cleaner with iaqualink app

Earlier this year, Zodiac launched the Polaris 9650iQ Sport robotic pool cleaner which connects to your home Wi-Fi network and allows for real-time scheduling as well as programming and troubleshooting all from the iAqualink app. You can even steer it remotely from within the app and tell it when to climb the edge of the pool so you can empty the canister.

Not only does investing in pool automation and especially an automatic pool cleaner make things easier on you (no more pushing a pool vac around with a pole!), but it will keep things cleaner too. Since you can set the schedules automatically and you can monitor the efficiency it's less likely that you'll miss cleaning and it even tells you when the debris canister is full and ready to be emptied. 

Create a Checklist and Keep All Your Maintenance Gear Together

There are a lot of moving parts, but if you have a checklist of things that need to be done weekly and monthly then it makes things a lot easier. Likewise, if you keep all the right tools as well as gloves, lubricants, etc. all together you won't have to worry about running around the house looking for stuff. This means you can address any issues quickly and get back to sipping an ice-cold drink and floating around the pool.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Things to Check:

Water Levels - if the water level is too high or too low then skimmers and pumps might not work properly and it could cause damage.

PH Levels - make sure to check these levels regularly to ensure that the water is at the proper PH so that it inhibits algae growth but isn't toxic to your guests.

Visually Inspect Your Plumbing - look for cracks, noises, strange odors, unexpected vibrations, and of course water where it shouldn't be. These could all be signs of potential issues that you will want to address immediately.

scorpion in pool

Clean Your Filters and Check the Water for Debris Before Swimming - depending on where you live, sometimes snakes, lizards, mice, frogs and other animals can get stuck in the filters so beware when you open them. Additionally, you'll always want to keep it clear of any other debris that might have fallen into the pool such as leaves and twigs. If you live in a desert climate, you might want to be extra diligent to check the water since you never know what you might find. For instance, my friend in San Diego found that scorpion in his pool this week while floating around!

Skim the Top of Your Pool Before Entering - While automatic pool cleaners great job of taking care of the underwater parts of your pool, you will still need to skim the top to get rid of leaves and flower petals that might have blown in but not sunk to the bottom of the pool.

Visually Inspect Your Decking and Pool Surfaces - You'll want to make sure to keep and eye open for any cracks or discolorations in the tile or concrete as these may require attention.

Keep Any Yard Chemicals including Gas and Fertilizers Away from the Pool

Spills happen - especially when emptying a bag of fertilizer or even grass seed into a spreader or refilling your mower. Make sure to keep these activities well away from your pool since even a small spill can have a big impact if it gets into the water.

Make Sure to Keep Bird Feeders and Bird Baths Away from the Pool Area

Birds are pretty and it's always great to hear them singing on a warm sunny day. However, nitrates from bird droppings can act as fertilizer and food for algae, so keep bird feeders and birdbaths away from the pool area. Otherwise, the droppings can wreck the balance of your pool and make it less healthy to swim in, especially since the solution to that is often to add more chemicals to neutralize the algae bloom.