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Mom Was Bold

Happy Mothers Day Mom! Thank you for being bold in raising me and my sister, giving us opportunities and taking us on adventures across the country. I can't help but think that this helped me make the bold and sometimes risky person I am today. It's a sense of adventure that we both share and I want to say thank you ...

New York City

Excitement to Explore

From cross-country road trips to vacations with my grandparents in Canada and ski trips to some of the best places in the country, I got to travel a lot as a kid! For my mom, that often meant packing up the car with just my sister and I as my dad stayed at his job and traveling for days with just the kids. 

soccer oranges

Willing to Let Me Be Weird

Yeah, I was a dork growing up and I'm sure it would have been easier for her if I had been "normal". That just wasn't who I was and she allowed me to be my own self before being yourself was cool.

christmas in july

Breaking Conventions to Make My Life Better

My birthday is December 24th and so all my life people have expressed their condolences. I never felt that this was a bad thing though because my mom made the bold choice to hold "Christmas In July" half-birthday parties for me as a kid. Here she is dressed as Mrs Claus with Frosty celebrating a winter holiday in the California summer. That's bold!

Ultimately, these are only a few things that my mom did for me and realistically my dad had a big part in these things as well. However, these are the things that LISTERINE's #BringOutTheBold campaign is celebrating and what do you know - I've been a long-time fan of LISTERINE even before this campaign. I can't help but think that these bold things that my mom did while raising me helped to make me the bold man I am today. So, thanks mom and Happy Mother's Day!