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wellbody wingspan massager review

After countless reviews of different massage guns I've come to the opinion that they are pretty much all the same. Sure ... some have heating or cooling heads, better/worse quality materials that they are built from but they all pretty much do the same thing and have the same biggest weakness - they are impossible to use if you want to massage awkward areas like shoulders and back. Even calf muscles and triceps can be a challenge.. While we've reviewed a dozen or so massage guns over the past several years - nothing was like the WingSpan. While we've been let down in the past, this one promised to hit the right spot.

wingspan by golf bag

Key Takeaways

  • The WellBody WingSpan Massage Gun is designed to target hard-to-reach muscles with its lightweight and maneuverable design.
  • Unlike other massage guns, it's easy to hold and operate, due to its ergonomic design and lightweight nature.
  • It features three-speed operation, HeatBall™ technology, and WhisperDrive™ Anti-Vibe Brushless Motor for a customizable and quiet massage experience.
  • Despite potential risks associated with percussion massagers, the WellBody WingSpan offers benefits such as improved circulation and enhanced sports performance.

wellbody wingspan massaging shoulders

What I Hate About Other Massage Guns

In my experience with other massage guns, I've found them to be awkward to hold and excessively heavy. While they work fine for arms and legs, you'll likely need aid to reach your back and neck. This is where the importance of an ergonomic design becomes apparent. When the device isn't user-friendly, it can be a hassle to achieve targeted relief, particularly in those hard-to-reach areas.

The ideal massage gun should be a lightweight device, easy to maneuver, and not cause additional strain on your hand or arm. A heavy gadget can quickly become a burden, especially after prolonged use. If it isn't designed properly, the result is a tool ultimately fails in its designed purpose: to relieve tension. Instead, it creates stress and tighter muscles because of its unwieldy nature. That's pretty counterproductive, I think. Regardless that seems to be what the industry continues to produce. (until now)


Introducing The WellBody WingSpan

For fitness enthusiasts seeking to target hard-to-reach muscles, the WellBody WingSpan massage gun, with its three-speed operation and innovative HeatBall technology, could be the ideal choice for relieving painful muscles after a workout. It's not just about the raw performance - it's also about the experience and how easy it's unique design allows you to apply it to those hard to reach spots.

The anti-torsional grip guarantees a firm hold, while the WhisperDrive Anti-Vibe Brushless Motor operates quietly and hold it steady without fatiguing the your arm while holding it. The TwistLock Tip Attachment makes changing tips a breeze as wel and the all-aluminum powertrain as well as chassis feel high quality. Something that is designed to last even if it bangs around in your golf bag or a duffel in the back of your truck.

At only 455 grams, the WingSpan is lightweight (with the handle it is slightly heavier). It comes with three percussive tips: the HeatBall, Ball, and Beak, each designed to provide a unique massage experience. Ultimately, though, these are all pretty standard features on a massage gun priced just under $300.

Voltage System 10V System
Operation Speeds 3-Speed Operation
Weight (without handle) 455g
Weight (with handle) 680g
Stall Force 20 lbs
Noise Level 55-65 dB

These specifications provide a comprehensive overview of the WellBody WingSpan Massage

The biggest feature here is its unique design. Thankfully it's more than good enough in all those other categories too!


Best For: Fitness enthusiasts who want to target hard-to-reach muscles with a high-tech, quiet, and easy-to-use massage gun.


  • Features revolutionary HeatBall technology for an enhanced massage experience.
  • Comes with a WhisperDrive Anti-Vibe Brushless Motor for low-noise operation.
  • Lightweight and equipped with an anti-torsional grip for easy maneuverability.


  • While it is unique in its ability to reach those hard-to-reach spots, it can be a bit awkward applying strong pressure to large muscle groups that other percussion massagers are designed to attack, such as the quads.
  • For a premium device, it is disappointing that I still need to use a micro-USB charger vs a USB-C charger like I have for charging most other devices.

wellbody wingspan massage gun

Pros and Cons Of Using A Percussion Massager

When it comes to the advantages of using percussion massagers, they often are looked at as being somewhat of a mystical cure all device. The reality though is that they do offer all sorts of physical benefits, such as improved circulation, enhanced sports performance, and increased muscle mobility. However, it can also lead to damage if used improperly by applying too much pressure to the wrong areas for too long.

Despite this though, regular use can lead to injury prevention and pain relief - provided proper usage is followed. The recovery benefits are also significant, with lymphatic stimulation helping to speed up the body's natural healing process.

Enhances Muscle Recovery Can Be Overused
Helps in reducing muscle soreness and speeding up recovery time after workouts. Improper or excessive use can lead to muscle damage or worsen existing injuries.
Improves Blood Circulation Not Suitable for All Conditions
Increases blood flow to targeted areas, promoting healing and reducing recovery time. May not be appropriate for individuals with certain health conditions, such as varicose veins or acute injuries.
Reduces Stress and Tension Noise Level
Can relieve stress and tension by providing a deep tissue massage, promoting relaxation. Some models can be quite loud, which might be disruptive or unpleasant for sensitive individuals.
Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion Cost
Regular use can help improve flexibility and range of motion by loosening tight muscles and tendons. High-quality percussion massagers can be expensive, making them less accessible to some individuals.
Convenient and Easy to Use Requires Some Knowledge to Use Effectively
Portable and can be used at home, making it a convenient option for regular maintenance. Effective use requires an understanding of muscle groups and proper techniques to avoid injury.
Customizable Intensity and Speed Dependency
Many devices offer adjustable settings to cater to different needs and preferences. Over-reliance on the massager for relief can lead to neglect of underlying issues that require professional attention.

It's important to evaluate your specific needs and any health conditions, and, if in doubt, consult with a healthcare professional before use.  This is a tool that encourages a proactive approach to wellbeing, with the potential to reduce the need for professional massages and physiotherapy sessions. However, it can still be dangerous to your health if not used properly.

However, despite these benefits, there are also risks associated with incorrect usage. For instance, if not used correctly, it's possible to aggravate existing injuries or cause new ones. For this reason, precautions are necessary to ensure safe and effective use. Consulting a healthcare professional and gaining a thorough understanding of the device's operation is strongly recommended.

This Is Is Something Every Guy Should Have In His Gym Bag

To sum up, the WellBody WingSpan is a game-changer in the world of massage guns. Unless you have a friend willing to help you out by holding a traditional massage gun to those problem areas on your back and shoulders, this is a device that will help you loosen up as well as recover faster after heavy workouts, rounds of golf, basketball games etc. It offers a much more relaxing experience that can be therapeutic in ways that the others just never seemed to be.

Unlike other models, it delivers targeted relief exactly where I need it, making it a valuable addition to my self-care routine. Despite a few minor drawbacks, the benefits greatly outweigh the cons. The WingSpan has truly elevated my recovery and relaxation process, proving that not all percussion massagers are created equal. It hits the right spot, every time.

WellBody WingSpan is available on their website for $249.99.