Bulletproof armored glass for your car can help protect you.

Bulletproof glass has always been more of a cautionary and reactionary investment; this means that its demand is mostly related to the situation, crime rate, violence, etc. The global bulletproof glass market is expected to reach $7.65 billion by 2022 which is a 13.6% increase from 2017.

Stemming from the need for protection, bulletproof glass for cars has been increasing in demand especially since the majority of people cannot expensive armored vehicles. If you live in a relatively peaceful area with not so much activity, like the country, the need for bulletproof glass may be little to none. Although, if you live in a bustling urban jungle with hundreds of thousands of people, you may never know when the next crime is committed or who’s going to be the next victim.

In such unpredictable places, it’s important to take caution against premeditated dangers, especially if you’re a person of interest for the general public.

Who Should Bulletproof Glass in Cars?

Anyone can use bulletproof glass in cars but some may need it more than others. If you’re one of the following, you should definitely consider the investment.

  • Politicians
  • High-Level Influencers
  • Top-Level Executives
  • Celebrities
  • Controversial Personalities (Journalists, private detectives, etc.)
  • People living in highly unsafe and volatile places

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Benefits of Using Bulletproof Glass in Cars

The benefits of bulletproof glass in vehicles go beyond the commonly recognized immunity to bullets.

Inconspicuous Protection

Bulletproof glass for cars has come a long way since it was first introduced. Today, most normal people will be unable to tell normal glass from basic bulletproof glass. This means that you and your passengers can have discreet protection for a relatively low cost. If anyone is to attack you, they will be unaware of the massive indestructible barrier between you and them. This will provide you critical moments to leave the dangerous situations, leading to increased survivability. This is especially useful if you’re a recognized individual who needs protection but don’t want to alienate your followers.

Safe Escort

Bulletproof glass for cars provides a safe and easier option for escorting high-profile personalities. For businesses especially, it can be portrayed as a sign of going above and beyond if you send a bulletproof car for your client. Furthermore, if you have to regularly drive through volatile areas, it ensures that you’re protected no matter what happens.

Stronger Glass

Bulletproof glass is effective because it is basically an alternating layers of glass and resin. This means that it’s sturdier than traditional glass. Thus, there is a lower probability of it shattering during minor accidents, when attacked with blunt objects, and various calibers of bullets. Even if you crack one layer you can get it replaced from several auto glass experts like SunTec Auto Glass of Gilbert. SunTec Auto Glass is an industry leader in auto glass installation and repair, providing expert Gilbert services to all kinds of vehicles, bulletproof or not.

Drawbacks of Using Bulletproof Glass in Cars

While hearing bulletproof glass, people assume that it’s unbreakable. That is not the case, it’s ‘bulletproof’ because it’s resistant to high-velocity impacts and while it is sturdier than traditional glass, that doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible. Although, that’s not the only drawback.

The Cost

One of the major drawbacks of bulletproof glass in cars is the cost itself. Bulletproof glass costs a hefty amount and installation is usually done by professionals that charge more for the specialized glass. You also need to mention it to your insurance company which increases your insurance costs. For a small vehicle, the cost of adding bulletproof glass can be as low as $5,000 for minimal protection. However, for larger vehicles such as full-sized SUVs, trucks, and even bus conversions, the cost can be exponentially higher. Prices here can be $15,000 or more, though that number does not include other armor protection such as platting to help mitigate explosive devices, spike strips, or other hazards. Likewise, for a more comprehensive level of protection your armored vehicle will want to add specialized tires and protection for the gas tank as well.

Limited Immunity

While bulletproof glass will protect you against an AK-47 bullet, it won’t do as good against repeated baseball bat impacts. Furthermore, bulletproof glass tends to come in standard sizes which means you can’t get it adjusted by a third-party as it will lose its integrity. The only way you can customize its size is by approaching the manufacturer directly (which is costly).

Additional Burdens

As bulletproof glass has multiple layers, it is thicker than traditional glass. This means that you may need to get your car doors modified. Furthermore, they’re much heavier which means that rolling them up and down requires greater force. This would call for installing additional expensive motors so the windows can be rolled properly.

Hidden Repairs

Bulletproof glass is repairable but when it is repaired, it loses integrity making it less effective in the long-run. For people looking to buy used bulletproof glass or cars, this can be an issue as it is near impossible to assess the integrity of the glass.

Additional Weight of Bulletproof Gas 

One of the biggest disadvantages of bulletproof glass, as well as adding armor and other protection to the vehicle is the weight. Many unskilled drivers have complained that the added weight causes difficulty in driving. Some have even complained about an uneven distribution of weight that affects driving especially for regular drivers. However, while the added weight will cause core driving dynamics to change this should be manageable with proper practice and training.  While the armored bulletproof glass can add a significant amount of weight to the vehicle, most vehicles in question are already heavy SUVs such as Chevy Tahoe or Cadillac Escalade and so it is generally very manageable inconvenience.

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Is Bulletproof Glass for Cars a Good Investment?

For the common man, bulletproof glass for cars is still not a good investment as the cons outweigh the pros. The probability of you needing bulletproof glass as a common citizen is extremely low, even if you live in unsafe neighborhoods. However, it can be very important for livery drivers and those who work in dangerous locations. Most people will never need a fully armored vehicle. Though the ability to add armored glass to your normal vehicle might be just the right solution to avoid your vehicle being broken into from "smash and grab" criminals.

If you come in the categories mentioned above and genuinely believe your life is at risk, you should definitely opt for bulletproof glass in your car.

All in all, bulletproof glass for cars is only a good investment if you genuinely need additional security otherwise, it’s just an added expense.