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kitchen dishes stink

A house that smells funky can be unpleasant to live in and embarrassing to invite friends and family members over to. So you undoubtedly want to get rid of any bad odors as soon as possible. But sometimes it can be difficult to work out just what’s causing the stench!

If you’ve noticed a funky aroma in your home, and you want to do something about it, but you aren’t sure what the source is, check out these common causes of bad smells around the house and do some investigating!



Animals, both alive and dead, can cause a huge stench in and around your home. From rat droppings to decomposing birds stuck in the chimney, pest smells can range from the sweet smell of decay to the musky stench of urine and poop. 

The good news is, if you do have a pest problem, there are likely to be other signs, from scratching noises to visible dropping that can alert you to the fact you might need to call pest control. So, you should be very quickly able to eliminate this source of bad smells from your list.


The trash can

The most obvious source of bad smells in the home is the trash can. If it hasn’t been emptied for a while it could be smelling up the place pretty good. Check that it is not overflowing or that it does not smell rank, and if it does, take the trach out, give it a rinse with water and baking soda and place a scented trash bag inside for a sweeter smelling home. 


The plumbing

If you notice a smell akin to sewage, then it’s a safe bet that your garbage disposal is blocked, or any of the pipes from your sinks and toilets are.

Normally, a drain snake will be all you need to move the source of the blockage along and get things running smoothly, and sweetly again, but if you aren’t confident, call in a plumber and let them do their thing.


Damp and mold

Dampness and mold cause the home to smell musky. If you notice a musky, almost veritably smell, then it might be a good idea to look for signs of dampness and/or mold, which includes wet patches on the walls and floors and visible mold spores.

A good dehumidifier will help to remove moisture from a home and dry out any samp patches, and mold can be removed using a water and bleach solution, which will probably also help with the damp smell too. 

Just remember that damp, in particular, can cause structural issues so if you notice any cracks in the walls or other signs of subsidence call in a contractor as soon as possible because the smell might just be the least of your problems, and the sooner you know, the faster you can sort it all out.


Dirty dishes

Clean, clean, clean ... dirty dishes can grow mold and bacteria as the food breakdowns and bacteria grows. It's gross, so clean up your stuff and don't leave it sitting around on your counters!

Now you know what could be causing the stink, it’s time to get rid of that smell and start enjoying your home again!