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Advice from dad and important tips for men that you wish your dad had shared with you as a kid!
  • The Future of Continuing Medical Education (CME)

    In recent years, technology has grown at a tremendous rate, fundamentally altering how people acquire information, connect, and communicate in every sector. It’s worthy noting that Continuing Medical Education (CME) continues to put a strong emphasis on making sure that physicians, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners have the right tools they need to provide evidence-based, high-quality treatment. Unlike in-person sessions, digital platforms, which are not constrained by time and geography, can reach more healthcare providers instantly and offer on-demand, self-paced education.

  • Two-Player Card Games To Play On Your Next Guys Getaway

    Going out to bars, grilling steaks, touring distilleries, and hanging around the campfire are all great ideas for things to do on your next guys getaway but what about playing a card game other than poker? While this might not seem like the most masculine of pastimes, the reality is that for centuries men have been playing card games as a way to pass time, relax, and having something to do while discussing important topics. Now it's your turn to follow in these footsteps, so here's three different two-player card games that we think you'll like!

  • Why Don't Men Get To Wear Engagement Rings?

    For centuries, engagement rings have been a symbol of love and commitment for those about to take the plunge into marriage. But why don't men get to wear them? In this article, we'll explore what's behind this long-standing tradition and some of the alternatives that are becoming more popular with modern couples today.

  • Money-Saving Tips for Guys Getaways: Fly Affordably Despite High Airline Prices

    Plane tickets just keep getting more expensive and perks that you might have enjoyed as part of your loyalty program just aren't what they used to be either. As a former Platinum AAdvantage member, I've chosen to fly as little as possible the past few years and I'm sure some of your have noticed that I've sent friends off to cover events around the country instead of myself. Unfortunately though, traveling by plane is often the only choice available if you want to get together and go somewhere epic with your buddies. So, If you're planning a guys getaway and you want to save money while traveling, here are five tips that will help you save at the airport.

  • What You Need to Know Before Traveling To a Foreign Country

    Traveling to a foreign country can be tricky, particularly if you're going alone or it's your first time visiting that country. While the literal definition of traveling implies leaving one's country and traveling to foreign lands, traveling in this sense doesn't just mean 'north' or 'south' when speaking of foreign countries. It can be any place you don't know well enough, including the next town from where you live.

  • As An American We Take A Lot Of Things For Granted When Traveling

    Traveling a United States citizen is a privilege that I didn't fully appreciate until the past few years when the tables we turned and suddenly "I" had to fill out applications and pay fees to enter other countries. For most of my life it was simply enough to show my US passport and other countries simply welcomed us in. While it was a bit more difficult between US and Europe, transiting between Canada, Mexico, and the United States was almost always seamless. Then, in the past 15-20 years or so, things have started to change.

  • Five Ways to Stay Connected With Family And Friends While Travelling

    Staying connected with close friends during your travels can be difficult. Long distances, language barriers, and different time zones make it hard to keep in contact. Thankfully, there are some great tools and apps that make it easy to stay in touch and share your travel adventures! Here are seven ways to stay connected with friends when traveling.

  • How to Prepare for Medical Emergencies When You Travel

    As an experienced traveler, I know that medical emergencies happen - not an if, but a when. When we think about this topic, the image we see in our head is often one that includes medivac helicopters rescuing a stranded hiker with a broken leg or sitting in a remote hospital after contracting some exotic disease. The reality however, is often much less extreme but no less important to plan for.

  • 5 Things Financially Successful People Do Differently

    Money is an essential part of life and financial literacy is an important skill to have. Understanding these principles can help people make better decisions about their money, reach their financial goals, and even create wealth. It also provides insight into how the world economy works and how that affects personal finances. This article will expand on this topic a little as we explore some of the things that financially successful people do differently to most people.

  • Things To Do Before Leaving On A Long Vacation

    Quick weekend getaways are easy and so are week-long trips but when it comes to taking a long vacation such as a month-long retreat to Europe or an around-the-world cruise, things are a bit more complicated.

  • Is Two Really Better Than One? Pros and Cons of Getting a Second Dog

    When most people think about getting a second dog, the first thing that comes to mind is doubling the fun. But there are many other things to consider before making such a big decision. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of getting a second dog and help you make the best decision for your family.

  • Easy Tips for Improving Your Instagram Feed

    While TikTok has stolen much of the social media glory from Instagram, it still remains one of the most popular communication platforms. Here are some easy tips that you can use to improve the look of your feed.

  • Tips For Decorating Your Home Office

    A lot of people are working from home these days and if you do, you need to have your own office space in your house. This could be an office in your spare room or just a desk in the corner of your dining room – wherever you choose to work, it needs to be separated from your general living space. When working from home, you need a permanent workspace that you can go to in the morning and leave at the end of the day. To help you keep your office productive, it is important to decorate the area and make it a space you like to spend time in. You need a home office that is both functional and inspiring.

  • What You Need To Know Before Selecting Ammunition For Target Practice

    Competitive shooters fire thousands of rounds to hone their targeting skills. No matter the competition, practice is vital in a sport where precise aim is the only means to winning. In recent months ammunition has skyrocketed due to inflation, supply chain woes, and rising material costs. 

  • Marcus Notaro of Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Shares Tips On Aging Wine

    One of the most misunderstood aspects of enjoying fine wines is the concept of aging. To an extent, we all know that most wines need to be aged a certain amount of time before they are ready to drink - but beyond this, it almost seems to be the realm of magic and folklore. To help us all better understand the concept of cellaring wine, we had a chance to chat with Marcus Notaro, Head Winemaker of the legendary Stag's Leap Wine Cellars.

  • The Holidays Are Coming - Is Your Plumbing Ready?

    The holidays are fast approaching. Your home may be a place where your family will gather. Everything seems to be going well.

  • How Car Dealerships Use Psychology to Make You Buy

    When you walk onto a car dealership lot, you are immediately met with salespeople who are trying to get you into a new car. They use psychology to make you buy now instead of continuing to shop around. In this blog post, we will explore some of the ways that dealerships use psychology to influence your purchasing decisions. We will also provide tips on how to resist these tactics and buy the car that is right for you!

  • Ways You Can Stick To Your Budget During The Holidays

    For many of us, the festive period, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, tends to be the most expensive time of the year. We have gifts to buy, food and drinks to put money into, vacations to pay for, outfits to splurge on, and more.

  • Gender Won’t Affect Your Car Insurance Rate in California

    Many of you gentlemen have at one point or another made a snide comment about "women drivers" but did you know that statistically women are much safer drivers? This results in a gender disparity in terms of how much men page for auto insurance too. While this is probably a fair result based on our gender's propensity to be more aggressive - it is unfair to penalize the rest of us who are contentious drivers. Luckily that has ended in California.

  • 10 Ways to Make Your Guys Weekend Getaway More Affordable

    When it comes to guys weekend getaways, many men are often concerned about the cost. After all, who wants to blow their entire budget on a short trip? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your getaway more affordable without sacrificing any of the fun. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 tips for spending less and saving up for the larger expenses. So whether you're looking to save up for a bigger trip later on or just want to keep your costs down, these tips will help!