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building muscles by working out

One of the main reasons why people go to the gym is they want to put on some muscle. While their overall fitness will be the main area they’re focused on, muscle is one of the main ways it’s seen. Though this takes consistent time and effort, it doesn’t mean you can’t put on more muscle fast.

You could put it on faster than you’d think, especially when you’re willing to actually put the time and work into it. Some strategies take much longer than others, and you mightn’t want to wait that long to see some results.

By focusing on a few other strategies, you could see these results faster than you’d think. By adding them to your fitness regimen, you’ll have no problem building more and more muscle in time. You’ll even start seeing it relatively quickly.

Put On More Muscle Fast: 7 Top Strategies

1. Use Heavier Weights

One of the more obvious ways to put on more muscle fast is to train with heavier weights. The more weight you lift, the more it’ll impact your muscle growth. You don’t even need to lift these too much for them to have an impact. All you’d need is five to ten reps of a weight you find difficult.

In time, this gets much easier, and you can add more weight. The key is to make sure it stays difficult so you’ll end up putting on more and more muscle in the future. The more you do this during a workout, the more of an impact you’ll see.

2. Get More Protein

You’ll need more than a few things to fuel your muscle growth, with protein being one of the more notable. It’s responsible for helping your muscles recover and grow after you’ve finished your routine. It’s vital you get enough of this before, during, and after your exercise routine.

Certain foods, like chicken, are great for this, but you could also consider liquid protein. It lets you make sure you’re getting enough to put on the muscle you want to put on.

3. Don’t Overlook Light Weights

Heavier weights, as mentioned above, are essential when you’re trying to put on more muscle fast. They’re not the only ones you’ll need to lift, however. Sometimes, light weights can be one of the better recommended options. You’ll need to use these the right way, however.

Training until you’re close to muscle failure is recommended. It’ll bring your muscles to their limit, letting them take the full brunt of your routine. That encourages them to grow more so they can better handle the same routine in the future. The more you do this, the more you’ll see the results, and faster.

4. Eat Enough Calories

You’ll need to fuel your body when you’re trying to put on weight, and protein is far from the only thing you’ll need for this. As you’ll likely already know, calories are the main fuel source you have. They’re burned up as you exercise and let you keep on working out.

The more of these you get before or during a session, the more energy you’ll have as you exercise. While that doesn’t mean going overboard with your calories, it does mean making sure you have enough of them. Figure out how much you need and get it.

5. Don’t Always Train To Failure

Training to muscle failure is often seen as one of the more effective ways to put on more muscle. It puts your muscles under the most stress possible, but that doesn’t mean you should do it every time you exercise. If you’re lifting weights you can barely handle, training to failure can often do damage.

In most cases, volume matters much more than weight. You could see greater results lifting lighter weights for longer than you would getting heavy weights up only a few times. It’ll help you see greater results than you would’ve assumed.

6. Minimize Cardio

Cardio exercises don’t help you promote muscle growth. While they can be helpful with heart health and similar areas, they’re not going to help you put on any muscle. Instead, they’re an effective way of getting fitter, losing weight, and staying healthy. It can be a great area to focus on, but shouldn’t be your main focus.

If you want to put on more muscle fast, it’s worth minimizing your cardio exercises. Focus instead on exercises that actually help you build muscle. Weight training is the more notable of these, so it could be a better option compared to jogging and similar routines.

7. Drink Carbs During Workouts

Carbs are responsible for helping your muscles recover after you’ve exercised. While they’re not the only thing that helps with this, they’re one of the main parts of it. It’s naturally worth making sure you’re getting enough of these. You’ll think you should get these after your workout, but it might be best to start with them during the workout.

It’ll start your body on the recovery process much faster, and the carbs could even help you exercise more during the routine. While you naturally wouldn’t be able to eat these, liquid carbs are easy to get during a workout. Start with them during your routine, and keep with them immediately after the routine.

protein shakes can help build muscle

Put On More Muscle Fast: Wrapping Up

Trying to put on more muscle fast often risks taking away from the rest of your fitness routine or even injuring yourself. You wouldn’t want to go through either of these, but that doesn’t have to mean going through a lot of hassle or needing to wait to put on any muscle. Instead, it’s just a matter of using the right strategies.

With the right strategies, you’ll consistently put on muscle without risking hurting yourself. While you’ll still need to put the time and work into it, you should start seeing the results faster than you would’ve thought you would. If you want to build muscle, there’s no reason not to work them into your fitness routine.