AOR Off Road Campers

If you are looking for a badass off-road camper trailer, you can't get much better than this. While we suppose that "any camper" can be an off road camper if you go slow enough and avoid anything challenging, these bad boys are designed to literally go anywhere.  Plus they are designed to still carry all your gear - including firewood storage, bike racks, even a hot outdoor shower.

Australian Off Road - off-road camper for overlanding

XGRiD Campers celebrating the arrival of the first Australian Off Road models, Sierra and Sierra ZR, available for purchase in the United States. The first two Australian-made campers have just made their way to America for the exclusive partnership with XGRiD Campers as the importer and U.S. retailer. While they are currently for sale only, we look forward to them (hopefully!) being added to the company's list of rental items soon.

xgrid campers introduces australian off road overlanding campers

Headquartered near Las Vegas Speedway, XGRiD Campers is devoted to helping customers experience the off-grid lifestyle. Through partnerships with the world’s leading overland camper manufacturers and an in-house team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, they help adventurers from all over the country find and build the right rig for their journey.

Australian Off Road - off-road camper for overlanding trips

With over 20 years of building the toughest off-road caravans in Australia, the AOR Sierra and Sierra ZR are the ideal campers for the off-grid lifestyle in the US. The 100% dust proof Sierra is known as a secure bunker and capable of handling the most aggressive terrain with its proprietary independent trailing arm suspension, a 41-degree departure angle, and the Cruisemaster DO35 articulating hitch. Designed to track behind the tow vehicle with ease, these Micro Campers can be pulled with most light trucks and Jeeps, coming in under 2000lbs dry.

aor sierra off road camper cooking

The AOR Sierra and Sierra ZR are built to stay off the grid longer with up to 52 gal of fresh water, up to 300Ah lithium battery bank, and the REDARC RedVision power management system. Add to that an unprecedented amount of storage, roof top racks capable of holding the largest tents on the market, firewood storage, bike racks, a 270-degree bat wing awning, and a hot outdoor shower, the family can live in comfort anywhere they call basecamp.

aor sierra off road camper

Loren Walker founded XGRiD Campers in 2020 after more than 23 years in corporate strategy, branding, and partnership development in software and platform technologies. After ripping up a traditionally built trailer on a backcountry trail, the avid outdoorsman and Western native became interested in off-road and overlanding campers and entered the industry to offer adventurers a single place where they can not only see, but also test, some of the best rigs on the market.

Australian Off Road - off-road camper for overlanding adventures

Overlanding is an adventure sector of the camping industry which has exploded here in the U.S. Australian made caravans have been industry-leading models and now the partnership XGRiD has forged with AOR marks the first 100% built Australian brand sold at the Las Vegas-based headquarters. XGRiD Campers focuses exclusively on the overlanding camper market, providing trailers and campers for sale and rent and assisting buyers with custom modifications and upgrades designed for the rigs they offer.

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