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men's leather wallets

A classic leather wallet is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. With so many options available, it’s difficult to find the best balance of quality, style, and price without getting overwhelmed. Whether you’re looking for genuine leather, eco-friendly options, RFID protection, or superior style, there are options for you.

The most popular men's wallet is a leather bifold, while for women - not surprisingly, it is a zippered clutch purse. I think this speaks a lot about the differences between male and female fashion and, in particular, how most of our clothing is designed with ample pocket space compared to dresses and skirts that often have none at all. I was originally going to comment on women carrying purses for various stuff they carry with them. Still, frankly... I wish it was more socially acceptable for men to have murses. That's why I typically bring a "fanny pack" with me when I travel despite getting made fun of for it by more fashionable friends!


For what it's worth, I also fall outside of the category of men who carry leather bifold wallets too and instead have a zippered wallet that serves me well and can be closed up so coins don't fall out! 


At some point, though, I suppose we'll all look back at the idea of carrying a physical wallet as a retro throwback, the way wristwatches are, too, where even the most well-designed is still overshadowed by the pure convenience of the fact that our phones already do everything we need.

 According to Vonbaer.com, the type of wallet you choose should depend on your size preference, security requirements, and personal style.

Here are ten great choices for leather wallets and the number one pick for your new favorite brand. 

10. Fossil 

Fossil is a widely-loved accessory brand that offers wallets for men and women, as well as watches and bags. The brand is known for its timepieces, but the leather options are just as impressive. With an emphasis on vintage American style, Fossil creates affordable wallets that stand the test of time. From card cases to RFID wallets, Fossil has an extensive selection in both type and color. If you’re looking for a classic wallet that is available at a wide range of stores, this is a solid option. 

9. Levis

When most people think of Levis, they think of jeans, but Levis actually has a solid budget-friendly wallet collection that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a wallet that will hold everything you need while embodying traditional, masculine style, the brand’s tri-fold wallet options will be a great fit. The brand also offers wallets in gift boxes, making them convenient presents for birthdays or Father’s Day. 

8. Access Denied

If you’re looking for a vegan leather option, Access Denied offers money clips, slim wallets, bi-fold wallets, and tri-fold wallets with RFID protection. These wallets are very affordable, making them a great gift option for children or teenagers and your eco-friendly friend on a budget. If you’re looking for genuine leather, however, this brand is not for you. 

7. Bellroy

Compared to a few of the others on the list, Bellroy is a relatively new brand. But with over ten years of experience under its belt, this innovative company has invented designs with a modern twist on classic functionality. The brand’s Hide & Seek wallet packs a surprising amount of storage into a slim package, organizing cards, cash, coins, and business cards in a unique yet intuitive way. 

6. Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods is a brand based in Portland, Oregon, with a big focus on longevity. Offering bi-folds, cardholders, full-sized, and zip wallets, the brand’s moderate selection packs in more diversity than you would think. If you’re looking for a solid, authentic leather wallet that will last, Tanner Goods is a dependable choice. 

5. Allsaints

Most famous for its leather jackets, Allsaints has expanded its leather selection to wallets and bags as well. The brand’s designer caliber options are great if you’re fashion-forward, with a few modern, sleek designs from which to choose. The Havoc wallet takes inspiration from the brand’s biker-inspired jackets and incorporates the details and stitching to create a handsome modern wallet with a slightly tough edge. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive selection, look elsewhere, but the few options Allsaints offers are top-notch. 

4. Hugo Boss

The modest selection of wallets from Hugo Boss is excellent for men who are focused on business. Featuring Italian leather and metallic details, these wallets exude professionalism and class. The signature collection is the perfect marriage of elegance and tradition. The prices can be slightly higher than some of the other brands on the list but still more affordable than most high-end brands. 

3. Bosca

Featuring soft Nappa leather, Bosca wallets provide utility and style at a moderate price point. The brand also offers classic leather money clips if you’re looking for an even simpler option. Try the new croc-embossed wallet for a bold look with the convenience of an ID window or the weekend wallet to carry light while you hit the town. 

2. Tumi

Tumi offers a wide selection of wallets, and a solid reputation in the industry, so you can count on longevity from the products. Tumi is a famous luggage brand and offers backpacks, bags, and other accessories so you can coordinate your wallet with the rest of your closet when you travel. With everything from zip-around passport cases to money clips, you can be sure you’ll find what you’re looking for on the brand’s site. Tumi is also notorious for focusing on customer service, so you can be confident you will be taken care of if any issues arise. 

1. Buffalo Jackson

If you want handmade, top-notch quality, and a focus on durability, look no further than Buffalo Jackson. Buffalo Jackson combines high-quality leather with artisan craft, resulting in wallets that look great and last. The US-based brand offers bison leather wallets, a unique feature on this list. The brand also has excellent checkbook wallets, which can be more challenging to find. Buffalo Jackson contends on its site that the Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Bifold Wallet “might just outlast you.” With quality like this, it seems like a fair statement. 


There are loads of options when looking for men’s wallets, but not all brands reach the high standard of quality that these top picks have. If you have been living with a worn-out wallet or one that isn’t meeting all of your needs, you can find an affordable option that will last you for a long time without sacrificing style. Don’t let decision fatigue keep you from shopping. You can make your life easier by using this list to find the right wallet for you.