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Wooden Versus Metal Wedding Bands For Men

wedding band for man

We are entering a great era for men who want to choose unique, good-looking wedding bands. While you can still pick traditional styles and materials, a new generation of designers have brought a raft of cool, contemporary alternatives to the table.

The question, then, is whether to opt for a classic metal wedding band, or take the plunge with a wooden alternative. Let’s weigh up the differences between the two so you can make an informed decision.

Hybrid Combos Are The Norm

The first thing to point out is that when talking about wooden wedding rings, most often this is not a product purely made from wood. Instead designers tend to combine wood varieties with a metallic framework to support them.

For example, tungsten and wood wedding bands are hot right now, and the marriage of these materials can be achieved in a number of decorative, eye-catching ways.

The wood may be layered around the outside of the ring, giving it a textured, natural look which is contrasted by the sheen of the metal. The wood may also be built into the ring’s interior, rather than its exterior, creating a juxtaposition that is hidden for most of the time, only to be revealed when the ring is removed.

In terms of the woods available, you will surely be impressed when you scour the market at the moment. From well-known woods like chestnut and pear to more exotic options like koa wood and padauk wood, you really are spoilt for choice.

These hybrid combinations of wood and metal are where the most cutting-edge design work is being done at the moment, and aside from the aesthetics, it’s worth mentioning that reinforcing wood with metal makes sense from the point of view of longevity.

If you want a wedding band that will last a lifetime and compliment the design of your partner’s band, then this is a sensible choice.

Metal Bands Are More Diverse Than Ever

Men who want wedding bands that stand out from the crowd are in luck, because you can still get metal bands without having to be forced down traditional design routes if you are not interested in them.

The choice of metals is much broader today than in the past, for example. Aside from the tungsten rings mentioned earlier, you can also opt for materials such as titanium, stainless steel and many more besides.

These metals tend to be tougher than the more old-school choices, which also means that they can take on eye-catching, masculine designs which break the mold and push new boundaries, rather than being back-to-basics and frankly boring.

There Are Even More Options To Consider

Another point to make about wooden versus metal wedding bands for men is that these are just a couple of the materials to compare when the time to choose a ring arrives.

For example, you can even find metal rings which are inlaid with antler, which might have a connection to you on a personal level, or might just tick all the boxes in terms of look and feel.

There Is No ‘right’ Answer

Ultimately the wedding band you choose needs to be right for you because it feels like the correct choice, so don’t try to adhere to any trend just because you feel like you should.

If you want to wear a vintage gold band that has been in the family for generations, go ahead. If you’d rather wear a wedding band which is both brand new and built to last, then whether it is wood, metal or a combination of the two, only you can make this decision.

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