Psycho Bunny Offers Big and Tall Polos For Men Who Want To Look Awesome

Psycho Bunny offers big men's fashion

There's two kinds of clothing companies that I primarily see - fashion and utility. Sometimes clothing is just something you have to wear and in that case, a polo and jeans is just fine. Other times you want to take things to the next level and not just look great but feel amazing too. Sadly most fashion brands that pitch us ignore the bigger men out there. Psycho Bunny however embraces big guys like me and I absolutely love their styles. They sent me two polos to check out and I'm thrilled to share about them with you guys.

With regard to the classic polo style, it reminds me a lot of a Manhattan cocktail. At the core, the recipe is simple and dependable. However, just like with Psycho Bunny - you can take things to a whole new level by giving it attitude by playing with different bourbons, different types of cherry etc. A simple "old man's drink" can suddenly become fun, hip, and delicious while still retaining that classic flavor that everyone loves.

james walking down street in psycho bunny polo

I really dig the brand because it has attitude - yet the clothes are approachable and good quality. There's different sort of feeling that you have while wearing something special that you wouldn't get with a cheaper product. It's that same feeling you get when wearing a nice suit ... except this is fun, colorful and comfortable. The shirt I'm wearing in the shots above is the Bramhall Polo in Knockout Pink that comes in sizes up to 5XL (though currently they only list it up to 3XLT).

psycho bunny grey polo

Most of their shirts come in at least 3XL but they also carry a few shirts that go up to 6XL and 5XLT such as this classic polo and this Alderley Polo in Heather Grey above.

For those of you looking for a Father's Day gift, how about doing a match-up with a polo for dad and son. Psycho Bunny has a few options here as well including:

mens wilton polo in seaport

Men's Wilton Polo - Seaport

For Dad

For Son

st luca polo fire

Men's St Lucia Polo - Fire

For Dad

For Son

coniston polo in navy mens copy

Men's Coniston Polo - Navy

For Dad

For Son


I really dig these guys. They've got some great product that is fun to wear and not boring or too crazy. You can find Psycho Bunny online as well as in select stores including Nordstroms and Bloomingdales.